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Amit Bhandekar @amit1640🔁 Modi is such a compassionate human being, this video brought tears to my eyes! Please watch!
MY EYES eyve @vausemanearp🔁 #ABHSubculture palette on my eyes and #AnastasiaBeverlyHills "Dead Roses" on the lips 🔪
MY EYES Sharon Zurcher @SharonZurcher🔁 TRUMP: Melania, my eyes burn when I look at it.

MELANIA: Now you know how I feel.

MY EYES Ethan @IWRFilms🔁 You were right @cal50 "my eyes hurt" is the search phrase of the day on here
MY EYES Michael Pagano @michaelpagano_🔁 What's the big deal about staring at the eclipse it can't be that baOH MY GOD MY EYES
MY EYESMY EYES Disco_cunt @choo2008🔁 admire my pictures i hurt my eyes for em
MY EYES Kyle @kjoravecz18🔁 "My eyes are the greatest. I have the greatest eyes."
MY EYES eli @mandingofan🔁 I can't believe how beautiful the eclipse was 😍 my eyes are burning 😩💀💯
MY EYES CodeWolf @CodeWolfMC🔁The most amazing thing I've ever seen with my own eyes. So glad we took this trip. @sarahmagsnomore
MY EYESMY EYESMY EYESMY EYES rick @mexi_chino🔁 twitter search "my eyes hurt."
9GAG @9GAG🔁I just rolled my eyes so hard I actually saw my brain.

It's dark in there.

La Bronze James @jackieaina🔁You ever be talking to your scale like he a dude? I stepped on, rolled my eyes and was like "I feel like you lying but ok" & walked off 😭
DURKIOworld 🤘🏽🔥💥 @lildurk🔁Only the family in my eyes 👀
Theresa 💙💜💗🌈 @TheresaWonders🔁Definitely snuck a few peeks at the eclipse and now my eyes hurt and I'm freaking out
Taji Ameen @RedAlurk🔁@jenkemmag my eyes!
kid event @Jason_McN🔁 My eyes hurt.
Shay Indradjaja @thesalshadilla🔁I watch naked pageant teens & solar eclipses with the BEST eyes just the best bc of my genes they are the best genes
a little princess @marybethbarone🔁damn these eclipse-watching photos r hurting my eyes cuz ur all ugly 😹
adventure @adve_nture🔁i haven't even stepped outside of my house and my eyes hurt.
Marc OG 💰 @DieselSantana🔁 Just from seeing it on snap my eyes are hurting 😭😭? ?😂
phoebs @phoebeklivesay🔁my eyes burnnnn
Adeel A Khan @adeelcrimson🔁I grew up watching my heroes play right before my eyes,now this generation will be able to do the same InshAllah
sierra lyle @sierra_lyle🔁The eclipse is awesome 😃😍👍🏻
No eclipse goggles no problem
(My eyes hurt a little though)
It's been a life changing moment
T.Beezy✨ @_4pheet🔁@MyTweets_Valid Waab bro my eyes hurt fr
dark.wave @FashionRealness🔁This lady just blessed my eyes. I just saw the mutha load
kara @kara_veee🔁 My eyes hurt lol oops
lil abs @Abbystewartttt🔁 Im not crying i'm sweating from my eyes
Javi @MostroJavi🔁My eyes...dame Florida sun 😂😂 #eclipse #eclipse2017 #solareclipse #solareclipse201 7
End Times Paradigm @endtimesalert🔁blackness with the naked eye. It got really dark outside too. We had about 90% totality today & it still hurt my eyes to look at it. Weird.
Rob 🐦 @philosophrob🔁My eyes hurt but I got to look at the sun and moon at the same time.
Brandon Doughan @BrandonDoughan🔁My eyes are the best eyes. Other people go blind but not me. The sun called and said, donald, your eyes are the best to ever stare at me
maddie ! @coolmadds🔁if my eyes can survive a 20 min drive in front of someone with those bright ass LED headlights they can survive a 2 sec glimpse at the sun
sebastian @BachanEC🔁 while yall were watching the eclipse i was keeping my eyes on the paper
Astroboy 🚀🚀 @smttywrbnjgrmn🔁Bro I might have looked at the eclipse a little and now my eyes itch I'm fucking blind 😭😭😭
Zlorg Zlendelbloff @Bsl123🔁Today I had the excuse of saying I stayed inside all day to protect my eyes
Thomas Kidd @540_sti🔁My sister after looking at the eclipse: "I'm not blind... I just have a fuzzy blue spot in my eyes"
🦋 @lovenayy_🔁even though i had the glasses my eyes hurt 😩
Jessie 🇰🇪 @JMKTV🔁Eyes don't have pain sensors so I think it's all in my head.
MacNcheeseP1z @Macncheesep1z🔁I looked at the eyes hurt.
🌻 @imnoturpal🔁@SagePadilla that bio was one long shit post i couldn't even believe my eyes
Bakie Goodman @BakieGoodman10🔁The Sun: 1
My Eyes: 0

Guess I should have seen that coming

powmaniia @Fallout4mania🔁i seen nothing it was so lame i was out at 2:44 and saw clouds. Looked to the sun and my eyes hurt too lol
Piano Man @YokaiPiano🔁@kusimir

u: goes outside to look at eclipse and potentially harm your eyes

me, an intellectual: watches vids of it on my computer screen

K-LA🤓 @CarollKayla🔁 Well my eyes hurt
crusty @cristycreme🔁 Everyone's so worried about burning their eyes from the solar eclipse.. My entire body is about to burn from this HEAT 😤
kola champagne @R5NAR5NA🔁i looked into the eclipse with no eye protection. only the melanin in my eyes.
grethan'sjawline😍⚡️ @joanna131345🔁 can someone just let me know when this eclipse is done so I can go outside without my eyes burning up
Alolan Pancake Fluff @MzFizzGH🔁 1. My Eyes Are On Fire
2. Moon, Bitch! (Get Out The Way)
3. Now You See Me, Now You Don't
Pablo @Lethal_Mind🔁No but for real my eyes burn
Ghost 👻 @__yellows🔁@Nadieeeeeeeee_ I couldn't believe my eyes. He just displayed the best fighting skills I've seen in the series and gets killed like dat? Smh
Nick Germele @nick_sawce6🔁Whatever this eclipse is I started at it for a little sec my eyes hurt
Kakyy. @Hrndz11_🔁I want to trust even with my eyes closed.
Riri @RiMarie_🔁My eyes really hurt 😩
Zoe Greenberg @zoegberg🔁I watched the eclipse and I'm just positive I burned my eyes and am going blind
Lelouch Vi Britannia @Lelouchvii_Zero🔁#aboutme My trademarks are his ebony hair, and violet eyes, which i inherited from my mother, and father respectively
🖤✨ @johaannaaa15🔁My puppies are starting to open their eyes 😭
NandoeeeTv @OGNandoe🔁One Retweet is a prayer for my eyes🙏🏽 after looking at the eclipse with broken glasses I see this black spot in my eyes
ChasingMYDreams @beautywithinsld🔁Y'all I think my eyes fucked up 😭😭😭
Olivia Hammill @Olivia_Hammill🔁@hunteratunc I DID TOO AND NOW MY EYES FEEL WEIRD.
LongLiveDerrick🕊💚 @Ogtyy__🔁 My eyes really fucked
Jodie Bailey @jodiebailey🔁My #eclipse experience: God showed off, funky light played with my eyes like a filter, crescent-shadowed ground, and @gbfishel made me cry.
Ari FN Gold @ELROYJETSONE🔁😩 Cuz you're everywhere to me
And when I close my eyes
It's you I see
Linda Carol Inmala💚 @LindaCInmala🔁 from Independence Mo my experiance for the eclipse w/my eyes couldnt c anything w/glasses
ethereal @arlyamour🔁this energy shift is doing a number on me physically! my eyes are extremely sensitive my head is pounding and my body feels suuuuper heavy
tater aut @autdawg🔁 this eclipse gon hurt my eyes frfr or just lowkey?
E 🌮 @RealEthanHolmes🔁"I will bigly look at the sun. Only very bad people don't look at the sun. Many people tell me disagree. OW MY EYES M Y VERY GOOD EYES!"
An Old Dusty Qrow... @Reverseakadaill🔁 i got my glasses for free from some random dude on the street. he mighta got me cuz my eyes are literally shaking
∞ @8ofpentacles🔁 so sorry my eyes burned through your soul i can't help it
raven ⛅️ @ravencastro_🔁Operator: 911 emergency how may I help you?

Moose: If I rubs sunblock in my eyes can I look at the eclipse?

lauryn zilles🌻 @lauryynzilless🔁my eyes have been hurting since it happened😂
e @ezra146🔁 i'm gonna look at the eclipse the way god intended me to 🙏😌 with my bare eyes
In faith I walk @tshepochiloane🔁207/2017. I have made a covenant with my eyes not to look at a girl with lustful eyes. Job 31:1
Daniel Steeh @DanSteeh🔁@gabrielacrowley Doubtful since your eyes are still working enough to read my tweets. Unless you're on that #braillelife
Xeno State @XenoStateOfMind🔁@Ali_The_Rainbow MY EYES BURN
Chris♌ @chrisdelgado0🔁@Lightmaria13 Then my beautiful eyes would be gone to waste🤦‍♂️😭
Fabe ™ @Fabio_LaFlare🔁 My eyes still hurt.
KillerGodzYT @KillerGodzYT🔁My eyes hurt
zariah👸🏽 @zceeeeee🔁Just from seeing it on snap my eyes are hurting 😭😭? ?😂
〰 @PimpZaddyKay🔁my eyes feel funny & now i have a headache ... should i be worried?
The Fake Criswell @FakeCriswell🔁No prediction today, my friends -- enjoy the #Eclipse2017 without burning out your eyes! Check back tomorrow
FirstAndMonday @firstandmonday🔁 Don't: Look Directly At It



MelbourneWils @stoic008🔁 I don't need an eclipse to go blind, I'll just ask my gf to calm down.
She'll scratch my eyes out.
Mark Anthony 🇵🇷😎 @guitarist67890🔁 7 billion ppl and i only got my eyes on you
˗ˏˋsamanthaˎˊ˗ @ravencycIe🔁hurt my eyes more than staring st the sun for 30 seconds
$imoney🥀 @simoneelit🔁to all my ex's... i hope you look @ the sun today and yo eyes burn off, love you 😘😘
🏳️‍🌈Panda💖 @amandapandafisc🔁I respect people. It's just how I was raised to be. Some people might not be deserving of that in my eyes, but who am I to pass judgement?
Eric Weiskott @ericweiskott🔁"The multitude rose slowly up and stared into the sky. I followed their eyes, as sure as guns, there was my eclipse beginning!"
belle @easedlover🔁get those pic of the eyes off my tl i'm triggered
Terry @ciooeezy🔁 I now have a headache & my eyes hurt for peeking at the sun for a sec
Tillerman @ProperCourse🔁@TPM Look, my eclipse is bigger and better than Obama's eclipse. Bigly. Oops - hope my eyes heel.
ap @coolasianmom🔁My eyes are already fucked up what do I have to lose 🤔
vane @uItsdaehwi🔁in conclusion my tl is full of dumbasses who looked up to the sky and now their eyes hurt


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