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#MWCA17 Faisal Dar @darravian🔁ZIN's Booth in #MWCA17, It was a wonderful show. Had a number of good meetings. Well managed Show!
#MWCA17 Harry Levinson @akubot🔁 The Internet of Things Is a Boon for B2B #IoT #MWCA17
#MWCA17 Mary Clark @ClarkMaryP🔁Dinner in North Beach with the some of the incredible team @GSMA that put on the first and very successful #MWCA17
MessageBird @messagebird🔁 We went inside the cloud today. #MWCA17 @messagebird #IoT
#MWCA17 Helen Wilde @HelenWilde1🔁 Helen Wilde Divisional President of North America @amdocs takes to the stage at #MWCA17 #GSMAW4T
Peter Hopwood @HopwoodMedia🔁We're lovin' the @4YFN_MWC stage. @GSMAEvents #MWCA17 #4YFN @OliverBrown4YFN @martafernjim
#MWCA17 KORE @KORE_Wireless🔁Thank you @GSMAEvents for this stellar #MWCA17 show. We’re looking forward to next year
GLOBALMICE | SEA™ @GLOBALMICEAsean🔁 Meet #PepperTheRobot at the North Exhibition Hall at MWC Americas! #MWCA17
#MWCA17 Jonel Mahinay @JonelMahinay🔁 That's a wrap on #MWCA17. Thank you for joining us! #OTMorpho
#MWCA17 Claudiu Tanasescu @claudiut🔁 The new #iPhoneX home button #LoL #Apple #MWCA17
#MWCA17#MWCA17#MWCA17#MWCA17 Veggie @Marsathmosphere🔁 Exploring the 5G intelligent video and VR @verizon #MWCA17 #24NotionMedia
#MWCA17#MWCA17#MWCA17#MWCA17 Francisco Alvarado @nicaensj🔁 Last day of #MWCA17 and I had a convo w/ a robot that knew my name
#MWCA17 Elena Waldhuber @waldhuber🔁 Send an unforgettable greeting home from #MWCA17 thanks to #CTIAmember @Nokia's OZO #VR camera!
#MWCA17 Mark Walker @walkermarka🔁 #5G will be even bigger for business than for consumers, says @Sprint CTO John Saw. #MWCA17
🎙 rUv @rUv🔁Talking to Jan Karlson @EricssonNA at #MWCA17 #ericssonlive #livecast #ruvtv
🎙 rUv @rUv🔁Catching up with @jasonh from @EricssonNA at #MWCA17 #ericssonlive 🎤 #ruvtv
🎙 rUv @rUv🔁The first meta #livecast with @evankirstel from #mwca17 #ruvtv
Batman & Robinson @DJRock93🔁 What is the number one thing you wish your cellphone still had? #MWCA17
Dan Conde @dconde_esg🔁 Rack Scale Design found in HDS 8000. Command Center manages 3rd party systems such as from and

Elena Waldhuber @waldhuber🔁What is pulse wave velocity? The team explains this revolutionary way to measure heart health at .
Elena Waldhuber @waldhuber🔁Thank you for a fantastic from all of us at ! Let’s keep up the conversations here:
Elena Waldhuber @waldhuber🔁And it's is a wrap! would like to thank you for taking part in . See you next year!
Market Buzz PR @marketbuzzPR🔁Watch a replay of our CEO Rajeev Suri's keynote "The Fourth Industrial Revolution" livestreamed from
Dan Conde @dconde_esg🔁Tired of choosing between WhatsApp, SMS, iMessage, etc.? Thanks to , maybe can be a default chat for all.
Neeraj Sharma @neerajlives🔁 Our global ambassador continues to shape ideas and lives--yesterday, at #MWCA17! ✨
Unna Hallikainen @unnna🔁 in three words: productive, engaging and inspiring. Founder Jyrki Hallikainen & CMO Herbert Chan at the event in
Live EU Debate @LiveEUDebate🔁Explore the opportunities for European scale-ups in the market at , up next
ZTE Corporation @ZTEPress🔁 Mobile Devices CEO says US-China cooperation leads world’s innovation trend
Blake Holland @dblakeholland🔁Check out our Red featured in ’s secure solution demo in the stand N.442!
Jonel Mahinay @JonelMahinay🔁On the last day of , stop by and learn about from our experts.
Janar Merilo @meriloj🔁Mobile World Congress Americas 2017📱🇺🇸 #mwca17 @ Moscone Nor th
GLOBALMICE | SEA™ @GLOBALMICEAsean🔁With nearing its close, CMO reflects on the inaugural 3-day Mobile World Congress Americas event @i_amthecode🔁And that’s all folks! Thank you to the team, our partners and attendees, for making it a great
Nicolas @nicurda🔁Great minds, & , discussing the paradigm shift in & impact to @ . Tell us more!
Giovanni Quarella @GioviQuarella🔁Angel David Garcia on how Nokia WING can help CSPs go-to-market quickly at the Connectivity panel
Marcelo Aleixo @Marcelo36Aleixo🔁Watch a replay of our CEO Rajeev Suri's keynote "The Fourth Industrial Revolution" livestreamed from
DevMode Strategies @DevModeio🔁Thanks to all who visited us at ! Here are some show highlights, see you next year in L.A.!
Marcelo Aleixo @Marcelo36Aleixo🔁Today! Join our Chris Stark on how to enhance fan engagement in the connected stadium at .
Marcelo Aleixo @Marcelo36Aleixo🔁Don't miss Angel David Garcia at on today's Connectivity panel at
Marcelo Aleixo @Marcelo36Aleixo🔁What is and what does it mean for you? Join our live from :
Evandro Baptista @EvandroBaptist6🔁We'll demo w enabled by Radio System’s at w & :
Claire @clairebotai🔁Key aspects of a ! MT
Ivy Sabangan @sabangan_ivy🔁💻📶HP and OT-Morpho demonstrate at how transforms experience on laptops
Pepe Agell @joseluisagell🔁 "You have to be where your market is" @marialegre on Europe vs Silicon Valley discussion #4fyn #MWCA17
Smita Pandey Mishra @smitapmishra🔁Our very own gave a talk at today discussing the future of AR and VR. What are you most excited about?
Darcy #SMCNZ17 @Mr_DarcyOyewole🔁Key aspects of a .
David Schatsky @dschatsky🔁7 factors that can help your company decide when to adopt virtual and workplace solutions.
ⱤƐᾉⱣℰℛ Øℱ ƮℌƐ βⱢƲΣ @ReaperOfTheBlue🔁From next-gen computational networks to e2e security & identity for , let's talk tech trends at !
MessageBird @messagebird🔁Need a break at the end of a busy week? Stop by 's booth and (literally) put your head up in the cloud.
ML @mlbuckley🔁Had the opportunity to chat with members of the team at and see SpotMini up close—dream come true!
Craig Jackowski @jackocr🔁Happening now! We're with showcasing tech milestones and use cases at !
Preston Padden @BoulderPreston🔁CTIA policy sessions at MWCA were amazing - first rate! #MWCA17
Betsi Brouse @betsibrouse🔁 is going to fundamentally transform the entire industry shares of at
MR_HIND @Mr_Hind404🔁 The latest The Nokia Tips Daily! #mwca17 #india
Nokia Tips @NokiaTips🔁The latest The Nokia Tips Daily! #mwca17 #india


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