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Christopher Steele @Tamecat1🔁 Our #MSNBCRecode chat is still going. Get your questions in now for @AriMelber and @karaswisher
Ari Melber @AriMelber🔁Our live chat has started and we're reading your replies... my big question today:


Ari Melber @AriMelber🔁I’m at Twitter HQ zomg and you can join our live chat now!... use #msnbcrecode pscp.tv
glenda oden @gm_oden🔁 Our #MSNBCRecode chat is still going. Get your questions in now for @AriMelber and @karaswisher
Recode @Recode🔁Thanks to everyone who joined our live chat with and 's ! You can keep following and using and we'll try to answer twitter.com more questions today. Also stay tuned for our intv w/ CEOs of Google & YouTube Friday.
James Mowdy | BrandStoryNow @JamesJetsOften🔁CU THERE! #MSNBCRECODE @voxmediainc @Recode @msnbc @AriMelber @ybca twitter.com
Maja Zecevic, PhD @maja_ze🔁I look forward to the Town Hall event today in with 's of and hosted by and
Imagine Pittsburgh @ImaginePgh🔁Since technology is disrupting every industry, is there a MUST HAVE skill that everyone in the workforce from entry-l twitter.com evel to CEOs needs to have?
Bridget McGraw 🗽 @McGrawBridget🔁 &
How might leapfrog humanity's struggles with and and build into the hardware & software from the get-go? twitter.com
Melayne Mills @melayne_mills🔁Thanks for all your great questions for and . We are now trending in San Francisco!
David Gouldin @dgouldin🔁Our own will be speaking with and today- tune in and ask questions with :
pressrelease @pressrelease🔁Ask your questions to Google and YouTube CEO and about the future of work and tech's responsibility. Use hashtag . twitter.com
Clara @claralabs🔁Our own will be speaking with and today- tune in and ask questions with : twitter.com
✡ JOCProject✡ @jewsofcolor🔁 can you ask the tech giants why they ignore hiring women of colour? I knew a few who had to move out of NorCal to st twitter.com art their business and now they are way more successful.
glenda oden @gm_oden🔁 ⚡️ “Kara Swisher and MSNBC's Ari Melber answered all your tech questions”

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Cathy Mockler @mocklart🔁 #MSNBCRecode I'm glad that Twitter has not removed Trump, his tweets tell us exactly who he is.
Trillium AT @TrilliumAT🔁@AriMelber Yes, Twitter should have kicked Donald Trump off. #MSNBCRecode


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