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~ bridge troll ~ @MargaretSanfor🔁 On third anniversary of Flight MH17 disaster, families unveil 'living memorial' #MH17 #Vijfhuizen
#MH17 Glomar-ꙮ-Lago @subverzo🔁 This is what @RT_com published in the wake of the #MH17 downing
#MH17 mary will #resist @nasty_woman2🔁 English translation of the powerful letter of families of #MH17 victims delivered to #Russia embassy
Ruth E. Forsyth @ruforsyth🔁 On third anniversary of Flight MH17 disaster, families unveil 'living memorial' #MH17 #Vijfhuizen
#MH17 GREAT QUOTES @jvraja007🔁Winston Churchill #Quotes #MH17
#MH17 dutchbelgianfan @cevankampen🔁 Families who lost loved ones are holding a silent vigil outside Russia embassy right now #MH17
#MH17#MH17 dutchbelgianfan @cevankampen🔁 #OTD in 2014, Malaysian #MH17 was shot down by a missile over Ukraine. 298 people died.
#MH17 dutchbelgianfan @cevankampen🔁 Australian Foreign Minister on #MH17 - 3 years since Putin's Regime committed this war crime atrocity
RFE/RL @RFERL🔁Here's what we know about the events of July 17, 2014, when #MH17 was shot down over Ukraine, killing 298 people:
Christopher Miller @ChristopherJM🔁Families of victims install bench & sit in front of Russian Embassy in Amsterdam "waiting for responsibility and fu ll clarity."
Christopher Miller @ChristopherJM🔁3 years on, no justice for victims and their families. My tick-tock of events (from 1st anniversary):
Dilan Kapıcı @DimaDilan🔁There is a recitation from you, an account on behalf of someone else. You complain? Thank you @Baz_U_Kevok #MH17
dutchbelgianfan @cevankampen🔁Shame on Russia once: for shooting down
Shame on Russia twice: for not owning up
Shame on Russia thrice: for lying through their teeth
FIF @Muhd_Fahmii🔁Today, in 2014, was shot down. Remembering the victims and their families. Sending all my love and thoughts to them. Al-Fatihah ❤️
Дмитрий @rasdmitriy1🔁3 years since was downed and Russia still cynically refuses to cooperate with the investigation. But everyone guilty will be punished.
Clarence @ClarenceJTan🔁Today it has been three years since the MH17 crash. My thoughts are with the family and loved ones. Lest we forget. #MH17 #remembrance
Koippari @Koippari61🔁Here's what we know about the events of July 17, 2014, when was shot down over Ukraine, killing 298 people:
Mykhailo Brodovych @MBrodovych🔁Thanks investigators like , it was known already 2 yrs ago was shot down by Russia's 53d brigade:

Valerii Lobach @v_lobach🔁Statement of the Foreign Minister of Ukraine on the 3rd Anniversary of
dutchbelgianfan @cevankampen🔁17.7.2014 Just can't imagine already 3 years! Prayers to the victims! Always in our memory! 🙏🙏
Gretchen Harwood @livegreenordie🔁3 years after the downing of Malaysia Airlines Flight , the families of the victims are still seeking justice.
Добрий Хімік @chemistry55555🔁The sad anniversary of tragedy.
We believe in impartiality of the Dutch justice&undertake all efforts to bring perpetrators to account
dutchbelgianfan @cevankampen🔁3 years on, no justice for victims and their families. My tick-tock of events (from 1st anniversary):
lennutrajektoor @lennutrajektoor🔁If U don't know yet the report on the Russian downing of ending 298 lives, U should read it now:
Koippari @Koippari61🔁3 years after Russia shot down the Netherlands fails to bring Putin to account plus it let Russia win an anti-Ukraine joke referendum.
WaterBluSky @MsMariaT🔁In moments like this I truly hate myself. It took 2 minutes to figure out they downed the civilian airliner.
Huberto Cumberdale @MorbidYoung🔁Russian Armed Forces TV - yes, the Armed Forces whose Buk missile downed MH17 - report on Netherlands memorial
ClipTrends @ClipTrends🔁 tragedy: 3 years on, questions remain -
lennutrajektoor @lennutrajektoor🔁My 2015 piece on how 's fakes and lies presented days after was shot down were exposed
Konan @Konan_ko🔁 Three Years After #MH17, One Step Closer to Justice (Op-ed):
NL Ambassador Rwanda @frederiquedeman🔁🌻🌻🌻In the presence of our King and Queen. We remember all those who perished. #MH17 #Vijfhuizen? ?🌻🌻
NL ambassador Latvia @PJLangenberg🔁Koenders: Grief for victims will always remain. The prosecution of suspects can count on broad int. support
Aurimas Taurantas @ATaurantas🔁As world remembers and honors victims of tragedy, those responsible must and will face justice. Their cynical patrons- too.
AVRELY @Rouslan5🔁 298 lives, stories, emotions and hopes.. #MH17 victims of the barbarian terror attack
Paul Kirby @paulkirbyuk🔁Very moving #MH17 ceremony - @annaholligan reports on the tears and sunflowers at Vijfhuizen three years on
olexander scherba @olex_scherba🔁In July 2014 I published photos from morning after . They clearly showed "bow-tie holes" in fuselage
Koippari @Koippari61🔁Despite the attention Bellingcat gets the rest of the online community investigating shouldn't be forgotten, so kudos to you all.
acotter @Avonan🔁If the perpetrators of can be tried in absentia, why can't the UK try Dmitri Kovtun and Andrei Lugovoy in absentia for Litvinenko?
Ruth E. Forsyth @ruforsyth🔁Interactive map of living memorial in Vijfhuizen. Click number to reveal victim's name & tree planted for them
Junebuggin @junebuggin🔁Remembering all those who lost their lives in the tragedy. AFP investigators still working on the case in the Netherlands and Ukraine.
Руслан @stepaniukruslan🔁 Exactly 3 years since the tragedy and crime that was the #MH17 shoot down. Some day there will be justice.
Diplomacy140 @Diplomacy140🔁 :Min Freeland on third anniversary of downing of Malaysian Airlines Flight
Kari Salmela @TheApilas🔁And here's how we caught the Russian Foreign Ministry plagiarising Livejournal for its evidence
Davey Gallagher @davetheinvictus🔁Russian backed rebels shot it down, with mobile phone footage of the commander doing his best to clear the wreckage of evidence. #MH17
Deus Abscondis @Deus_Abscondis🔁 A self ingratiating compliment coming from an established paid deceitful liar and propagandist, I don't accept
ABC News @abcnews🔁Trees, sunflowers line #MH17 memorial unveiled in #Amsterdam
Poppy Lamb @PoppyLamb4🔁Lest we forget. Today 3rd anniversary of downing of . 298 innocent souls lost their lives. My recollection
X Soviet @XSovietNews🔁If the perpetrators of #MH17 can be tried in absentia, why can't the UK try Dmitri Kovtun and Andrei Lugovoy in absentia for Litvinenko?
Alun Jones @theeaglecanfly🔁17 July 2014

Three years ago a Russian missile crew said "Buk you" to

17 July 2017

Russia still says "Buk you" to MH17 relatives

Gala Ryzhkova @gala_cha🔁Seems Russia's Nazi obsessed trolls, are SCARED of clicking on tweeted links showing the evidence.
Davey Gallagher @davetheinvictus🔁Shocking that no one has been held accountable over the shooting of #MH17.


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