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#MH17 fireqce @fireqce🔁 This. From the families of #MH17 victims' letter to the Russian people.
AndersFogh Rasmussen @AndersFoghR🔁The JIT is clear: and 298 innocent people on board were murdered by a Russian missile. Not to mention the 10,000+ pe twitter.com ople killed in the Donbas war fomented by Moscow. The West must not consider normalising relations until Russia changes its behaviour.
RFE/RL @RFERL🔁The Dutch team investigating concluded today that the Buk system came from Russia's 53rd Antiaircraft Missile Brigad twitter.com e. Here's their reconstruction of the shoot-down from last year.
#MH17 Andy ℬebut 📈⚛🃏📢🗽 @abebut🔁Russians posing with #MH17 wreckage
хороший @OН™ @1_11_B0SSdon🔁Here is another Video that shows Ukrainian BUK Systems in the so called ATO Zone on July 5, 2014 – have they been investigated by the on ?

Inga Skruzmane @skruzmane_inga🔁The Dutch team investigating concluded today that the Buk system came from Russia's 53rd Antiaircraft Missile Brigade. Here's their reconstruction of the shoot-down from last year.
Wilbert van der Zeijden @AllWilbert🔁The major new joint report by Bellingcat and The Insider on will be released at a press conference in The Hague on Friday May 25th. If you are a journalist and wish to attend please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for details. No embargoed versions are available.
Nick webber @Oxocubes99🔁My trolls will remind you that Russia got rid of that kind of BUK in the late 90s so we couldn't have shot down . So here's me at Russia's 102nd Military Base in Dec 2013 with a Russian BUK-M1 vehicle with 9M38(M1) missiles that only Ukraine has had since the 90s..
Mickey @MickeyOGin🔁I was in Ukraine when was shot down. Hundreds died. I saw the Russian fighters; saw them disrespect bodies splayed all over a field and delay removal. I saw the Russian intel folks and puppet govt they set up. Now we know a Russian launcher shot it down. No word form US?
Erling Plaethe @ErlingPlaethe🔁In all, shows seven 'fingerprint' details identifying the Buk missile system used to shoot down as being from the Russia's 53rd Anti-Aircraft Brigade based in Kursk. It searched through images of scores of similar Buk systems. No other shared these 'fingerprints.'
colredman#FU FBPE @colredman🔁Great job by the Joint Investigation Team of 🇺🇦 🇳🇱 🇲🇾 🇧🇪 🇦🇺 which presented today the evidence, that the flight with 298 passengers on board was downed by the BUK system of the 53rd Antiaircraft Missile brigade of the Armed Forces of Russian Federation.
Paolo Bernasconi @bernascon8paolo🔁An int'l team of investigators say they have “legal and convincing evidence which will stand in a courtroom” that the BUK system that shot down over eastern came from the 53rd anti-aircraft missile brigade based in Kursk, in western .
Elena Mikhailova @ElenaMikhailova🔁BREAKING NEWS!
Russian government was responsible for death of hundreds of innocent civilians on flight
Matthias Schatz @matthias_schatz🔁US intelligence has known the complete story of the shootdown of within days of the event. Why Obama didn't declassify it, showing Moscow was to blame, got no idea.

None of this is actually "news" to anyone familiar with the story or the RU MoD.

BOBDEGROOF™ @bobdegroof🔁The Dutch have accused Russia of shooting down . Here's a short history of the event as told by the sane & the trolls
iman @ImanZAbdullah🔁NEWS: _confirms_ (independently from ) that Buk which shot down belonged to the 53rd Anti-Aircraft Brigade of Russian Armed Forces based in Kursk.
Klyuchnik Alex @KlyuchnikAlex🔁Will you shot down something similar to or occupy something similar to to support Russian 'strong multilateralism' twitter.com in European security questions? As Churchil said, "You were given the choice between war and dishonour. You chose dishonour, and you will have war."
In The Peninsula @Inthepeninsula🔁'Not a single anti-aircraft missile system of the Russian Armed Forces has ever crossed the Russian-Ukrainian border' - MoD
Bruno @BrunoHamburg🔁 Yeahh right, the joint investigation by experts from a dozen countries is wrong,
the international tribunal got it twitter.com wrong,
the entire world has it wrong...
It is and the Kreml mob regime around Putin that are always right!
Get that in your head - LoL!
Caleb @_coolsince96🔁In conclusion, "confirmed that the Buk that shot down came from the 53rd Brigade of the Russian Armed Forces." Still many questions, including who ordered it to be deployed and used.
Charlotte Jones @charlottebazely🔁Russia owned the missile that shot down . We reported for in 2014 that the officer with the missile launcher spoke Russian with a Moscow accent. Here's the 2014 film
Here's the 2018 breaking news:
kek🇺🇦🇺🇲 @sfortunestyles🔁 is a state sponsor of terrorism. By paying for tickets, you invest into terrorism.
Eco System Down @EcoSystemDown🔁Flight MH17 blown up by missile owned by Russian brigade, investigators say. All 298 on board were killed. twitter.com
nicolas engelbach @nicolasengelbac🔁Big week for . Do you know the Kremlin’s seven different smokescreen stories about the downing of Malaysian Airways MH17?
De Pleuris @DePleuris🔁Still running around the fact this was a deliberate Russian act of war against peaceful nations. missile owned by Ru twitter.com ssian brigade, investigators say
Pulse 💥 @ExplosivePulse🔁
I wonder...
Whose "findings" did present today in their press conference:
their own or 's?

Does JIT have hard proofs or only echoed Bellingcat's social media posts & 'evidence'?

@lexself @alexself81🔁Dutch ambassador to UN on new evidence of Russian missille launched re probe on : will be raised tomorrow in Hague & next week in UNSC on mtg on Ukraine.
Pulse 💥 @ExplosivePulse🔁Lol , proud that his pro-Western agenda-driven propaganda is being used to further lies. Knowing who funds wretched , twitter.com any evidence they supply is null and void.
Donna Sexton @RanchDressingTN🔁. and and need to show common ground. New harsher sanctions.
America needs to wake up and realize djt is the puppet of a mass murderer. How much longer does this giant charade last?

It is sickening.

Trump Triumph @1HawkMama🔁This is a lie and they know it.

There is no evidence what so ever that this one pilot suicided, yet they agree it was meticulously planned, one would suggest - beyond military precision. Truth is always stranger than fiction.

myrob @myrobob🔁My statement after proved that a Buk, sophisticated weapon belonging to Russian Army, was used to shoot down civilian flight
Mark ⚓️ 🇦🇺 Shadow banned again @markc01Redux🔁You would think that the missile engine casing found at the site with a serial number showing it was made in Moscow in 1986 would end all questions, but Moscow will no doubt claim Ukraine had those missiles as well & the photos of it entering Ukraine from Russia were fakes
Sandra K Eckersley🔹 @SandraEckersley🔁He cares a great deal about global perception. That’s why he’s spent so much time & money covering up this fact. We twitter.com knew Russia shot down back in July 2014. Pictures of the missile launcher traveling were all over Twitter back then. Since then an elaborate media cover up.
Darth Putin @DarthPutinKGB🔁My trolls will remind you that Russia got rid of that kind of BUK in the late 90s so we couldn't have shot down . twitter.com So here's me at Russia's 102nd Military Base in Dec 2013 with a Russian BUK-M1 vehicle with 9M38(M1) missiles that only Ukraine has had since the 90s..
Toon de Laaf @Toon_de_Laaf🔁On July 17, 2014, I began working to uncover the truth about , alongside my colleagues. Today, the has confirmed what our work has shown for years: the 53rd Anti-Aircraft Brigade, based in Kursk, Russia, was responsible for the deaths of 298 civilians.
Luciano Martini @lucma66🔁Western “journalists” are getting dumber. Made during the Soviet Union & shipped to various soviet republics in other words (i.e. ).
rebecca mccoy @rebeccamccoyb1🔁It is good to remember that the downing of the in 2014 was part of a Russian war of aggression and that this aggression still CONTINUES today, four years later...
Oleh Herasymenko @OlehHerasymenko🔁The wheels of justice grind slowly but surely forward, those directly involved in downing will be brought to account for their actions. There must be no impunity for the murder of 298 innocent people.

In The Peninsula @Inthepeninsula🔁Western “journalists” are getting dumber. Made during the Soviet Union & shipped to various soviet republics in other twitter.com words (i.e. ).
Amr Serag @3Serag🔁Justice for . Four years on, they’ve confirmed the missile was indeed fired from Russia Armed Forces. I hope do us proud.
Stefan S. @stefan_steu🔁Bellingcat and The Insider is launching a major report on tomorrow at a press conference in The Hague, containing previously unreleased information. Registration details are here
Malinka🔸(Tanya P.) @Malinka1102🔁
I wonder...
Whose "findings" did present today in their press conference:
their own or 's?

Does JIT have hard proo twitter.com fs or only echoed Bellingcat's social media posts & 'evidence'?

fireqce @fireqce🔁 likely Kremlin responses:

Dismiss: the investigation's biased, and based on "social media" (sneer, sneer).

Distort: it proved the Russian unit didn't fire the missile.

Distract: Ukraine shells civilians!

Dismay: this will worsen relations.

Also, Russophobia.

Wiard Sterk 🇪🇺 @wiardsterk🔁Dutch PM Mark Rutte cut short India visit to return & discuss findings with ministers tomorrow. under immense pressure to adopt harder line on than he’s ever managed before


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