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#MFBA17 Lindsey Estill @hyerlab🔁What a wonderful experience! Let the planning begin. #MFBA17
@HyerHuskies @bookempathy @makerfaire @njwillia
#MFBA17#MFBA17#MFBA17#MFBA17 Strawbees @strawbees🔁Facilitating fun w/ @strawbees all weekend at #MakerFaire #MFBA17! #MakerEd
tinkertech @tinkertechkids🔁 Spot the drone! Racing spectacular @makerfaire #MFBA17 #makerfaire @aerialsports
#MFBA17 Christine @Strawbrypoptart🔁 I know @donttrythis loves panoramas here he is from back stage! #MFBA17
#MFBA17 Roy Bedford @Yakmiser🔁We just won another editor's choice award at #MFBA17 #MakerFaire
#MFBA17 RaspberryPi Japan @RaspberryPi_JP🔁 Meet Mycroft—the world’s first open source, @Raspberry_Pi-powered AI voice assistant. #MFBA17
#MFBA17 Wojtek M. @WojciechM🔁 A first look at the RISC-V-based Arduino Cinque, a @SiFiveInc R&D project. #MFBA17
#MFBA17 Manylabs @manylabs🔁Our @Raspberry_Pi photobooth was a big hit at #mfba17! Thanks for making it for the Manylabs booth @quilnib
#MFBA17#MFBA17#MFBA17#MFBA17 William Myrhang @wkmyrhang🔁.@Microsoft had a great #MakerFaire booth theme of Making & Coding #MFBA17 #MakeInventDo #makerfaire2017
#MFBA17 Dan Winckler @danwinckler🔁 Adam Savage @donttrythis at Noon today in the West Lot @makerfaire #MFBA17 #makerfaire
#MFBA17 Kelly W @kellyw48🔁 Nice shot of @ConanOBrien at the @BOSEbuild booth today @makerfaire #MFBA17 #makerfaire
#MFBA17 Ian Kluft @KO6YQ🔁My Garmin GPS watch says I walked 10 miles today at Maker Faire Bay Area 2017 @MakerFaire. #Maker #MFBA17
#MFBA17 0ok @0ok🔁 The MOnSter 6502 is a MOnStrous replica of the famous MOS 6502 microprocessor. #MFBA17
Keisuke KATO @k_kato🔁 Just some guy controlling a dino-bot with a hacked Nintendo Power Glove! #MFBA17
#MFBA17 Czr @CzrSaldarriaga🔁 Go hands-on with the Arduino LoRa Node and Gateway Shields at #MFBA17!
#MFBA17 Bob Clagett (ILTMS) @iliketomakestuf🔁Goodbye @makerfaire Thanks for being one of my favorite places in the whole world. #mfba17 #iltms #iliketomakestuff
#MFBA17 Fablab MECATRONIC @MECATRONIC_LAB🔁 Had our first visitor this morning at #MakerFaire. Good catching up with you, R2. #MFBA17
#MFBA17 Irvington Robotics @teambluescreens🔁Thanks for the ribbons #MFBA17! @makerfaire was a lot of fun!
#MFBA17 Fablab MECATRONIC @MECATRONIC_LAB🔁 Learn how the Arduino CTC 101 is redefining the classroom inside the @Intel booth. #MFBA17
#MFBA17 Fablab MECATRONIC @MECATRONIC_LAB🔁 .@Chris_Gammell is teaching us all how to quickly implement new hardware at #MakerFaire #mfba17
#MFBA17 Jemma westing @JJWesting🔁@eepybird please come to the UK soon! Really enjoyed your splashtastic soaking this afternoon at #MFBA17 !
#MFBA17 Arduino @arduino🔁Go hands-on with the Arduino LoRa Node and Gateway Shields at #MFBA17!
#MFBA17 Arduino @arduino🔁A first look at the RISC-V-based Arduino Cinque, a @SiFiveInc R&D project. #MFBA17
Intel @intel🔁Draw Bot is a powerful, programmable robot powered by . It’s also a mind reader.
Jaya Gautam @jayagautam🔁Young & from with a project at !
DIY Hacks (1o ₃ O)♥ @lekkerbec🔁 Interactive make magazine cover at the digikey MakerIO makerfaire booth
January Flowers..twr @Truckee711🔁Circuits made simple! Close the loop & light the city w/ Intel & , a low-cost, entry-level board
Nobody @Splittinglogs🔁A 12-ton, 16-ft Mech from could use extra eyes. streams system vitals to monitor
Mitchell Malpartida @mitchellmalpart🔁 :compete!
Poor ,kids picked him to da bone!
Thnx & you
Maker Faire @makerfaire🔁Thanks for coming, speaking, sharing and being part of great having you safe travels home
MalibuJack @aktivematrix🔁Xpider runs on : a small board w/ big features like Bluetooth & 6-axis accelerometer/gyro.
Patrick T Neenan @patrick5340🔁Draw Bot is a powerful, programmable robot powered by . It’s also a mind reader.
*chicken purr noise* @spacewolf11🔁Flashes are interactive LED eyelashes, perfect for the nightclub scene! Coming to !
Maker Faire @makerfaire🔁@vassallo So hard to choose, but those are all really good ones! #MFBA17 #makerfaire
Maker Faire @makerfaire🔁@KO6YQ wow expo hall! Impressive walking #MFBA17 #Makerfaire
riddle43 @riddle43🔁 Tapigami projects at Maker Faire Bay Area! #MFBA17
Maker Faire @makerfaire🔁The 12th Annual @makerfaire comes to a close. As Adam @donttrythis said today. There has never been a better time to be a #Maker. #MFBA17
Vivian Volz @vivianvolz🔁So, anyone know how many gs the drones pull when they make those tight turns in the race course? #MFBA17
NaNcy RaMs @ncyrams🔁I'm ready to give away a free Pioneer Kit. Finding where I'm hiding is your only hope!
Girl Scouts NorCal @GSNorCal🔁As comes to a close, 2 women who make it happen: & . Making the world a better place, 1 Maker Faire at a time.
Carlucio Junior @carluciojr🔁Teamwork! This drone & rover combo use , & to survey & map environments.
Roberth Ocampo @monanste🔁. was a blast! Keep making year-round with , , & !
Jen Bishop @JenBishop1🔁New designers are being given the tools to do everything from integrating electronics to exporting to Lego
ACS Informatique @acsinformatique🔁.makerfaire was a blast! Keep making year-round with , , & ! … …
Chris Espinosa @cdespinosa🔁And that’s a wrap for #MFBA17 !
Kelziah @KelziahatWork🔁.makerfaire was a blast! Keep making year-round with , , & ! …
Kaylor Gomez @southmanjr1🔁.makerfaire was a blast! Keep making year-round with , , & ! …
MTC Engineers! @MTC_CIED🔁"There is never a better time to be a maker!" The Maker Faire Sunday Sermon, delivered by .
KGA Specials Team @kgaspecials🔁Thanks for inspiring faculty and students.
Intel Software @IntelSoftware🔁. was a blast! Keep making year-round with , , & !
Piotr Esden-Tempski @esden🔁 Please join us for #bringahack tonight after @MakerFaire at @bjsrestaurants!
#makerfaire #mfba17
Manylabs @manylabs🔁Wrapping up at It's been great! Thanks for stopping by, everyone! Here's our raffle winner Cassandra from Los Gatos
Sarah Hodsdon @sarahndipitous🔁#thankyou for the second Editor's choice award. Beyond words, it means everything to us. #mfba17
#dremel #bosch
Pia Jacquier @JacquierPia🔁 Really hope you're not too busy to come by or night for a quick !
Intel @intel🔁. was a blast! Keep making year-round with , , & !
Christine @Strawbrypoptart🔁Sunday sermon from Adam Nothing ever goes as planned. And that is the plan.
camp STEM @campSTEM🔁#Make & shake! @stemi_edu on #Arduino101, an entry-level board w/features like a 6-axis accelerometer/gyro. #MFBA17
Minh-Kiet Callies @kietcallies🔁At made a new dress at Swap-o-Rama Rama. She calls it “White Canvas”, coloring it with stains as she goes along.
Eric ASSI @EricASSI_prof🔁Don't leave me hanging. One high five could win you an 101. You can even show them your prize next door.
OSH Park @oshpark🔁Please join us for #bringahack tonight after @makerfaire at BJ's in San Mateo starting at 6pm
#makerfaire #mfba17


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