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MEET DAY Patrize Jazminne 🌸 @PatrizeLascano🔁Second day. Meet jabee 😂


ELove @ELove3000🔁 Meet Biscuit - the robot dog who is on-call 24 hours a day in an elderly care home.
MEET DAY 🌹🌹🌹Cait🌹🌹🌹 @cait_hurd🔁 Great day today got to see @KatStuartMusic perform and meet @COLBYSBlTCH ahhhh
MEET DAY #MySJADay @MySJADay🔁 Lovely day at Brighton marathon and great to meet @hblondon finally! #mysjaday
MEET DAYMEET DAY TONY WILL NOT DIE @starkieyo🔁 This not the end. On a fine day we'll meet and i'll call your name again @JBJtwt787 #마지막이_아니야_JBJ
Tyler saladino @SaladinoTyler🔁I don't come on here cuz Twitter bullies smell like old shoes. But White Sox fans you' definitely don't. I love you a ll and wish I could meet every one of you and shake your hand or high five you. I hope to do so one day 🙏
BENCH/ @benchtm🔁The day we’ve all been waiting for has finally arrived 🔥 Are you ready to meet him? 👀
CNN @CNN🔁The Parkland students are vocal about including all young people who have been affected by gun violence. went to Bal timore to meet kids who face this fear every day.
batool_jk @Kimmery02🔁Let's find out how many plan to show up at on release day for Love Yourself Tear.

Comment with your location and possibly plan to meet your local ARMYs!

LunaDAmore 🦄 @LunaAmore14🔁Great day to bring non-perishables to the at !! Lots of awesome food trucks to choose from for lunch & meet your fa ve personalities !! Event goes on until 2PM today !!
Carlos Munoz @CRMunoz🔁Elementary school track meet is how I’m spending my day
Pradheep Sampath @PradSam🔁Amazon is making Prime faster & is already offering free same-day and 1-day shipping in 8000 cities. While most other e-commerce stores are still struggling to meet the free 2-day shipping expectation the standards for fast shipping are already changing again
❣Armaalian❣ @twinkle_1012🔁I would never forget the smile on your face that day I said hi and you said hi to me back.❤ A year of meeting My love, My inspiration, My idol & My everything 😭😍
20/4/2017 Meeting you for the first time was like finding my favorite song :')♥

11:11 Meet me soon👻

Deidre & Velkan @doliva9107🔁🐕 Meet Nick, Deere, and Rachel to day at Hollywood Feed in Richardson from 11:00 to 1:00! Then meet Scarlett and Riley at Three Dog Bakery in Alliance Town Center from 12:00 to 2:00. Meet Pepper (pictured) and Skyler at Petco in Addison from 1:00 to 3:00!
ɑՏҽҽl @AseelAbhar🔁 One day u will meet your fav mutuals and u will be real reality friends ❤☀
🐰토실이 @tomato72211🔁Just wanna say thank you to everyone who stayed and talked with me today~ You guys made my day! Hope we’ll meet again someday in the future!💕
SDFD @SDFD🔁7x a day someone in the U.S. dies in a home fire. It’s time to Sound the Alarm with . Join us in San Ysidro on Sat., May 5. Meet your SDFD firefighters and
Sign up now:
Nitara Singh @singh_nitara🔁The day I got to meet you guys was the most memorable day of my life .. and from that day u guys ve become such an integral part of my life ... love you both lots
Allen Kalkomey @bizcaddie🔁Softly call the muster,
Let comrade answer, “Here!”
Their spirits hover ‘round us:
As if to bring us cheer!
Mark them "present" in our hearts,
We’ll meet some other day.
There is no Death, but Life Eterne
For heroes such as they!
Barton Sports @BartonSports🔁 GameDay: The top-five nationally ranked M&W Track & Field teams in Norman, OK for final day of John Jacobs Invitatio nal. Cougars begin at 12pm, Meet info/live results/video links found going here
Joel Weckerly @CyFairJoel🔁It's a great day for some Water Polo. The WP teams held an intrasquad meet this morning in preparation for the JV Championship meet next weekend.
H0501™️ @llaamw🔁 Never forget that person that made you smile everyday because one day you all will meet again so never give up on what you love
Puls @Pulscom🔁Did you know people wait 3 months or longer to get a cracked screen fixed? Don't wait another day. We can fix it! Yo u won't even have to come to us. We'll meet you at the door! Use TWEET10 for 10% off! ^CR
Anke Dekkers-de Wit @Omadre🔁Safe travels dear Chris & Jenny. One day we all meet each other, isn’t that a great one for our bucket list!
Enjoy y our flight and a great start tomorrow 👭✈️in London 🇬🇧🌷
Zahradeeen Basheer! @zahradeeen🔁You confronted who? I unfollowed you for a comment remembered? If you want to get back at me for unfollowing you, keep it up. Till we meet on judgement day where you can explain all your accusations
James E. Rudder @jamesearlrudder🔁"Their spirits hover ‘round us as if to bring us cheer!
Mark them ‘present’ in our hearts.
We’ll meet some other day, there is no death, but life etern for our old friends such as they!"
Wendy @Wendy55129810🔁The sun rises and sets every day but my world has stopped. It will move only when we meet again. ✦✧Sweet dreams. My love... I miss you...♥☽✣
Lee Gloop @cannabislee🔁I'm as placid and even-tempered a person as you'd meet on a day's march but I didn't answer the door to the Tory canvassers this morning because I didn't trust myself not to go off on one. ☹
Snacks Giggaty @SGiggaty🔁TODAY IS THE DAY when ALL DREAMS lead to PARADISE ‼️‼️‼️💥💣💥‼️.. Meet us TODAY ‼️4.21.18 Paradis e…
Emilee Hamann @EmileeHamann🔁Happy birthday to the sweetest person you’ll ever meet. Thank you for absolutely everything kimmy, you’re the best. I hope you have an amazing day love💛😘
Love,LP @Lachellepruitt9🔁Want to meet when she comes to on Friday? Listen to Energy starting Monday for your chance to win your way in three times a day!
Chris Boleman @ctboleman🔁Softly call the muster,
Let comrade answer, “Here!”
Their spirits hover ‘round us:
As if to bring us cheer!
Mark them "present" in our hearts,
We’ll meet some other day.
There is no Death, but Life Eterne
For heroes such as they!
steven slack @socketman69🔁A great crowd has come to our information day to hear from researchers and meet others with the same condition. Fantastic to see such a big turnout
TN Equality Project @tnequality🔁 on the most exciting Record Store Day everrr tomorrow to see awesome bands, buy vinyl & vote in the May 1 election! Meet at the table for civic matchmaking, voter registration & a shuttle to take you to that day!

Beynon Sports @BeynonSports🔁 Another great day for a track meet in Long Beach!
S Heneghan @HeneghanSA🔁Meet our team from . Wear your KK blues tomorrow and come and cheer them on at the . Looks like it will be a lovely summery day for spectators but the runners will need all your support and encouragement to keep going!
Angie @AngieBerens🔁The good news about this is that I am going to meet some 4 day old kittens pretty soon 😍
Awadhesh Kumar @awadheshcpim🔁 Brinda Karat addresses the press meet on the 4th day of the Party Congress. Watch Live at:
CornerstoneXCTF @CornerstoneXCTF🔁T&F | wants everyone to know its MEET DAY!

is at for the Al Owens Classic

Follow them on Twitter and Instagram for updates!

Carrie Zihlman @CarrieZihlman🔁"Softly call the muster,
Let comrade answer, 'Here!'
Their spirits hover ‘round us:
As if to bring us cheer!
Mark them "present" in our hearts,
We’ll meet some other day.
There is no Death, but Life Eterne
For heroes such as they!"

-Dr. John Ashton, Class of 1906

Poa💖 @istormwithskin🔁Jungkook said that his condition was not that good in the third day fan meeting, so he is sad, in dancing, singing.. it was not best, he feels sorry to the ARMY who came to the fan meeting that’s why he is trying to do Vlive to meet ARMY. From Vlive just now 4/20
Kyle MacDonald @K_MacDonald29🔁Big day for . Home track meet going on now, baseball doubleheader starting at 2 and the spring game starting at 3. We'll have you covered on Region 8 Sports at 6 and 10
Tersoo Uhaa @CoachTUhaa🔁MEET DAY!
Time for the Georgia Tech Invitational in Atlanta - April 20-21!

ً @grandesleft🔁 noah fense but ariana loves us so much and we all will meet her one day and get noticed by her bye
Shahryar Naseem @SharyarNaseem🔁Wow, I had to look up bawse but think that’s the highest compliment possible! Lovely to meet you too and glad your flatmate was happy 😊 hope you had a great rest of the day! Xxx
juliana loves luke | RT PINNED @thepeachyhemmo🔁day two-
my soft bean💓 i’ve been loving you since i saw you at the one direction concert in ‘14. i had a blast even though i was like 10. i always think of you and i wish i could meet you someday❤️ you are my little penguin
Mapuang4 @mapuang4🔁 One day,, I can meet you #GOT7
Panda Arts @panda_arts🔁Meet the speakers of our event: Ottilia Ördög ()
Join us for a celebration of women who .
Tickets: £30. All money raised will support our program for European women.

Tom 🎮 @tgriffin91🔁@ObvItsAmy @Alec_Suttenwood Such a lovely day 😁 great to finally meet you both!
Julie Taylor @julieltaylor91🔁MEET DAY

➡️ Tom Botts Invitational

🕦 Fie ld Events (11:30 a.m.)
🕦 Track Events (1 p.m.)

Markiese @BryanMarkieseWy🔁Ever since you took the world with ‘levels’, You’ve gotten me through a lot in my life with your music. I’ve always h oped to meet you one day but I was too late. You will be missed dearly, you were an EDM GOD. R.I.P Avicii. 🙏🏾
elise @day_dreamer_108🔁Imagine having the chance to get an autograph from the ultimate sunshine aka Jung Hoseok but you're not grateful about it and act like you're disappointed because it's not from your bias.. Solo stans are disgusting and don't even deserve to meet BTS, you can't change my mind
GOT7Ahgase @JuniferLacsaya1🔁One day,, I can meet you #GOT7
Brittney Mayotte @WoodbineMayotte🔁Happy opening day! I caught up with earlier this week to discuss what’s ahead for the 2018 season for ..
أشلي أمينا @_MinaTrippy_🔁 Kehlani is one of the realest. Don't matter where she's at. I'm gonna meet her one day.
m @muvth🔁Never forget that person that made you smile everyday because one day you all will meet again so never give up on what you love
Simra Yasmin @SimraYasmin1🔁20 minutes from Shawn.. it bloody hurts knowing he's so damn close to me but genuinely it seems like he couldn't be f urther. I know for a fact that one day my time will come for me too meet him. One day it will happen, I will get to hug him and tell him how much he means to me.💙
Chidynma @ChyPlush🔁I barely get 4 hours sleep in a day because of work and many of our youths stress themselves so much to make ends mee t. please Sir don't even bother to come out in 2019 because we will show you that we are not
sdhorserace @sdhorserace🔁Happy Opening Day at in Toronto. The 63rd year of thoroughbred racing features a 133-day meet and kicks off with a t en race card featuring Canadien Horse of the Year, Pink Lloyd running in the $100K Jacques Cartier. It's race #8. First post is at 1 PM EDT
queerelsa @ericanilss🔁Patiently waiting for the day & meet & . There would be so much beauty, talent and wonderfulness in one room I'd j ust might (I definitely will) cry.
Fotini @Fotini78831037🔁 you are sooo talented you can't even imagine how we feel when we here your songs ! Your songs are so energetic and i t can make your mood ❤❤ and it can make you dance 🌎 wish I meet you one day until then keep going high !
anna met niall THANK YOU NIALL @happiestnjh🔁@irishbabenjh chris you literally deserve to meet him so much, i can’t wait until your day comes 💛
Sammii🦔💚🌧 @Sfabb94🔁GAME DAY! The Comets and Marlies open up their best-of-five series this afternoon in Toronto! Puck drops at 4pm!


nov @IgbtmiIIie🔁i was enchanted to meet you <3 — riding around in my cadillac, thinking bout the day that i first saw you. nothing c ompares to wha...
Utica Comets @UticaComets🔁GAME DAY! The Comets and Marlies open up their best-of-five series this afternoon in Toronto! Puck drops at 4pm!
m♡jisung @cafejungwoos🔁park jisung pls square up and meet me one day i want to fight you with my love for you please
Stephanie @harry_osity🔁That sweet little girl got to meet him during her day away from the hospital. I am so moved❤️
Kingrico @Rico_Karlberg🔁Wow Yeah today was my lucky day and thanks for the kind words. Haha we will for sure meet again its 1-1 now in total 😉 divas lost forever
AZell27 @azell27🔁Sunday is Bark in the Park Day presented by at the Baysox as we take on Akron at 1:35! Fans will have the chance to meet WBAL-TV's "Puppy with a Purpose", Camden and Jason Newton! Tickets:
Unabashed Reylo Trash @ajdunsmore🔁“She walks in beauty, like the night
Of cloudless climes and starry skies;
And all that’s best of dark and bright
Meet in her aspect and her eyes;
Thus mellowed to that tender light
Which heaven to gaudy day denies...."


#MySJADay @MySJADay🔁It was an amazing day last year great to meet all of our and colleagues, we almost forgot this picture of us existed! Hopefully we’ll meet you again this year
Lewis @indigopocks🔁One day to go!

and meet in the ring tomorrow night 👊

🕢 7.30pm
📺 BT Sport 1 HD and 4K UHD

re @asyifa139🔁❝ It was beautiful to meet you in bloom
You’re so precious to me
Don’t forget me, on a fine day
I’ll Call your name ❞

ㅡ Call Your Name

Marie Oakman @LukasWhitsett🔁 JH girls had a great day today at our home meet. 8th takes first, 7th 2nd. Many PRs tonight.
Fotini @Fotini78831037🔁 we love you! We will always stand by you! You don't know us...We leave in europe Greece so is veryy difficult come to see you guys but we want this sooo bad❤❤ love youuu I wish I meet you one day
Mountainview PTA @mvelementarypta🔁You are invited to attend our May PTA Association Meeting. We will meet in the library at 8:30 am on Tuesday morning.

On the agenda:

Spring Carnival
Spring Grams
Field Day

Bridgeland Media @BridgelandMedia🔁It's a great day for some Water Polo. The WP teams held an intrasquad meet this morning in preparation for the JV Ch ampionship meet next weekend.
Laurie Ringe @laurie_ringe🔁I’m currently pursuing my masters in Literacy. I had to choose an author to present to my cohort. I chose Dav. He is truly amazing. His books are a favorite in my second grade classroom and is story is completely inspiring. Hope to meet him one day!!
IAM Platform @InfoProNetwork🔁It’s an early Saturday with lots to do. Gonna try and squeeze in a little golf and then head up to for a meet up at 2. Hope to see you. Enjoy your day all! @thealarm🔁 i was overwhelmed to meet you for record store day. Hope the other gigs are as inspiring


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