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#MCGrad2017 Vincent J. Intondi @VincentIntondi🔁 Takoma Park/Silver Spring in the house! @montgomerycoll @DrPollard_MC #MCGrad2017
#MCGrad2017 Susan Cottle Madden @scmadden🔁 Need a quick way to sum up graduation day? This board does the trick. #MCGrad2017
#MCGrad2017 Jheanelle Wilkins @JheanelleW🔁 I am MC! Here's to #MCGrad2017 @montgomerycoll
Nancy Lineman @nlineman🔁Such a great vibe at graduation today! @DrPollard_MC @montgomerycoll #MCGrad2017
#MCGrad2017#MCGrad2017#MCGrad2017 Susan Cottle Madden @scmadden🔁 The energy cannot be contained. 🎓🎉 #MCgrad2017
MontgomeryCollegeTV @MCTVsocial🔁We love this clapperboard cap. #McGrad2017
#MCGrad2017 Tammy Peery @Profteaspoon🔁#McGrad2017 faculty ready to celebrate our students
Rose Garvin Aquilino @MC_RGA🔁 Pretty caps coming your way. #MCGrad2017
#MCGrad2017 Kelly Leonard @kellytleonard🔁Radical inclusion is at the fabric of @montgomerycoll @DrPollard_MC #MCGrad2017
#MCGrad2017 Montgomery College @montgomerycoll🔁We don't all start in the same place but we all deserve a chance says @DrPollard_MC at commencement #McGrad2017
#MCGrad2017#MCGrad2017#MCGrad2017#MCGrad2017 Seray🇸🇱 @RenegadeRayy🔁 Our #MCGrad2017 with their amazing #gradhats
#MCGrad2017 (((Rich Madaleno))) @RichMadaleno🔁 Ready for the procession, @DrPollard_MC w/ @RichMadaleno and @DelegateReznik. #MCgrad2017
#MCGrad2017 BDB😈 @Righteous_bre🔁 I am so proud of her 💗💗 #MCGrad2017
#MCGrad2017#MCGrad2017#MCGrad2017 Shinta H. Hernandez @ProfHernandez2🔁Faculty, staff, & administrators CANNOT contain the excitement @montgomerycoll. Best day of the year! #MCGrad2017
#MCGrad2017#MCGrad2017#MCGrad2017#MCGrad2017 Montgomery College @montgomerycoll🔁Our #MCGrad2017 with their amazing #gradhats
#MCGrad2017#MCGrad2017#MCGrad2017 Montgomery College @montgomerycoll🔁The energy cannot be contained. 🎓🎉 #MCgrad2017
Marcus Rosano @MC_MarcusPR🔁Thanks Delegate @JheanelleW! You're setting a fine example for our grads, our county, and Maryland. #MCGrad2017 twitter.com
Sara Ducey @SaraDucey1🔁 so happy to be graduating today! Thank you to my wonderful family for everything! 💕🎥
(((Rich Madaleno))) @RichMadaleno🔁 has a graduating class of over 3K students and 900 of those students are marching today.
Kelly Leonard @kellytleonard🔁Our shared humanity rests on compassion for others ... opportunity & dignity must be priorities @DrPollard_MC @montgomerycoll #MCgrad2017
Ju ✨ @juliakbranco🔁"Being educated should make you more vulnerable [...] I hope you understand the struggles of others" @DrPollard_MC at #MCGrad2017 ✨✨✨✨✨
Nawal Benmouna @NawalBenmouna🔁We don't all start in the same place but we all deserve a chance says at commencement
Rose Garvin Aquilino @MC_RGA🔁 We don't start in the same place, but we DO deserve the same chance @DrPollard_MC #MCGrad2017 @montgomerycoll
Ju ✨ @juliakbranco🔁Is the Raptor available today so graduates can take pics with him??? @montgomerycoll #MCGRAD2017
Kelly Leonard @kellytleonard🔁We don't start in the same place, but we DO deserve the same chance @DrPollard_MC #MCGrad2017 @montgomerycoll
Shebra Evans @ShebraEvans🔁@DrPollard_MC: If u r a #MCGrad2017, 1st gen grad, rec'd multi cert, bilingual or staff. Stand🆙 n say, "I am MC!"
Dani @danicisla7🔁 i missed my exam for this 🤦🏻‍♀️ @solmisla ❤❤ #MCGrad2017
Karla Silvestre @KarlaSilvestre6🔁New for grads and their families, the Rockville Campus gateway signs, kudos to MC facilities.
Rose Garvin Aquilino @MC_RGA🔁Today is the day and the time is now send congrats to 1-605-884-5486 now
Susan Cottle Madden @scmadden🔁Drs. Mike Chase and Antonio del Castillo from the Department of Biology at the Rockville Campus
Elysse Meredith @ElysseMeredith🔁MC graduation livestream making me misty-eyed. Continuously inspired by our amazing students. Couldn't work in a better place. #MCGrad2017


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