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#MAsnow Tracy Sullivan @tracysullivan🔁Two feet of precipitation later... #noreaster #masnow
#MAsnow#MAsnow Tyler Reardon @tman_me🔁A look at some of the destruction in Duxbury #Blizzard #MAsnow #DXFD @DXFD_PIO
#MAsnow TRUPATSFAN75 @PATSFANIVLYFE🔁 Can't spell snow without NO
Please No More Snow!!! #MAsnow #blizzard
#MAsnow#MAsnow Bruce Burrell @BruceBurrell10🔁 The morning after the #blizzard #MAsnow ☃️❄️☃️❄️
#MAsnow#MAsnow Duxbury Fire PIO @DXFD_PIO🔁 A look at some of the destruction in Duxbury #Blizzard #MAsnow #DXFD @DXFD_PIO
MEMA @MassEMA🔁Snow will begin after midnight w/ heavy snow & blizzard conditions on Tuesday. Potential for 1-3"/hr snowfall rates w twitter.com / high winds, expect near impossible travel conditions for Tues AM commute.
We are urging the public to stay off the roads.

Charlie Baker @MassGovernor🔁Due to the current weather forecast, Governor Charlie Baker has directed that non-emergency state employees, working twitter.com in Executive Branch agencies, should not report to their workplaces on Tuesday, March 13, 2018.
andrea lopes @andrealopes7391🔁Too many vehicles with too much on it, on the roads today! Please take the time for yourself and those around you to .

Don’t get it? Watch this tutorial from Trooper

Serenity how? @SerenityHow🔁A statement from   Check in on your neighbors, especially seniors + those with disabilities + medical conditions. Check in with for the latest road conditions.
MedfordHouse @Medfordhouse🔁As you dig out, take the ! Shovel out the nearest fire hydrant to your home or business.
Fire Fighters of MA @THE_PFFM🔁Don't forget those hydrants! Help us by shoveling a 3ft radius around the hydrant and a path to the street if it is safe to do so.
Duxbury Fire PIO @DXFD_PIO🔁Don't forget those hydrants! Help us by shoveling a 3ft radius around the hydrant and a path to the street if it is twitter.com safe to do so.
MEMA @MassEMA🔁As you dig out, take the ! Shovel out the nearest fire hydrant to your home or business. twitter.com
Mass.gov @MassGov🔁Protect you and your family from after the . Shovel away from exhaust vents around your home, and clear your vehicle's tailpipe before starting your car.

Mass211 @Mass_211🔁Salvation Army and Red Cross have established two service centers (Quincy and Peabody) to register those impacted by twitter.com the first coastal storm.
Christopher Breen @CharlestownONS🔁The great Colonial Prescott continues to protect his hill but from a different type of "storming of the hill"
Brenda @08balet80🔁Cruisers 827 & 1156 helping people on the mid Cape from crowding the plow. Please leave plenty of room for to clear the roads. ❄️
Mass. National Guard @TheNationsFirst🔁Shelters open on Cape: , &
& Southeast MA: , , , , ,

Call local public safety officials or 2-1-1 for shelter or warming center location and information.

Tom Melville @TomMelville🔁More clean up today. Thousands are still cold. While the sun is out -- a visual treat -- look up at the snow clingi twitter.com ng to the trees.
Tracy Sullivan @tracysullivan🔁According to my this took 30 minutes of “moderate activity.” What that doesn’t account for is the cursing, slipping twitter.com , shivering, and fantasy of moving farther south.
WATD-FM 🎙 @959watdfm🔁But unfortunately this is also what it looks like in many parts of town! This is Route 53 which is shut down completely at this time and will be for hours as crews work to repair it.
Brighton Main Streets @BrightonMainSts🔁Great photos #MAsnow #BrightonMA #WinterStormSkylar twitter.com
Ricardo @rdematos🔁*Update* DXFD has handled 72 calls in less than 12 hours. 68% of Duxbury remains without power. Call 911 for emergencies and 781-934-7159 for other storm needs.
UML Sustainability @SustainableUML🔁All this requiring innovative solutions to keep seedlings warm at the greenhouse. An insulation & polycarb sandwich twitter.com encouraging beets, broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, collards, kale & scallions to sprout. Fantastic!


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