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#maga Rev. Daniel Romann✝️ @DanRomann🔁 RT If you approve!!! #FirstLadyMelania #TrumpUSA #MAGA @FLOTUS
#maga Jane Fielding @readnthink90🔁 🚨🚨🚨Attn Maine voters!
Susan Collins is a RINO!
Start a recall now!
#maga#maga The Bucket Shop @TheBucketShopX🔁This is awesome. Makes me think of these two famous photos...

#MAGA #gunsense

#maga Tina is Catholic 🌹 @knowladgeispwr🔁 Thank you President Trump.. appreciate the retweet. We know you're draining the ample Swamp. #maga
#maga Publius @Listener603🔁 "Oh Lord...when it rains it pours"
Andrea Watson @3Panda3🔁 TY @POTUS for protecting the integrity of my vote. #RespectMyVote ✅

KS1 @krissshep1🔁 TY @POTUS for protecting the integrity of my vote. #RespectMyVote ✅

Donald Trump Jr. @DonaldJTrumpJr🔁NASDAQ hits another all time high. #maga
Harlan Z. Hill @Harlan🔁I voted for @realDonaldTrump because the ESTABLISHMENT in Washington was driving America off a cliff!

Retweet if you agree...

#MAGA 🇺🇸

Secretariat @sc08960854🔁Susan Rice abused the system and she did it for political purposes. She needs to be brought in and questioned!
DeplorableBob🇺🇸 @Balind8🔁. gives a quick recap about his day showcasing Made in America products! 🇺🇸
L H Couvillion @LHwandering🔁I can do alot more- ⚠️why isnt colltrlizng @ 20T he cld long term to +40T buy -20Tdeficit hve +20T to he hates? ?🇸
Don Pewtress @pewdrdad🔁Has been their Modus Operandi from beginning; to obstruct Trump's Agenda & thwart his plan to
Globalism vs Nationalism
Just Sayin😎
catjungle @catjungle🔁@bls9707 Dude, just put on your #MAGA hat and be free to be the right wing nut job you wanna be.
Gary DeSantis @GaryDeSantis🔁Trump's right! U.S. doesn't have much time to reverse the ship of state.Thank GOD #93% of supporters distrust . 🇺🇸
HAYDN R. SNAPE @HAYDNRSNAPE🔁Elon Musk Calls for Moon Base #Retweet #MAGA
Eagle Command1 @EagleCommand1🔁@netanyahu #POTUS45 will keep Israel safe. #MAGA
LucyPevensie Ex-GOP @LP6801🔁My God. DC Swamp now a Russian Organized Crime Swamp. This is crazily brazen, even for Trump.
margie Mckinstry @yomick88🔁Engineers are beginning their prep work for the Big, Beautiful Wall on our Southern border.
EaglePundit @RealEagleBites🔁BUSTED: Arrest made for . BUT BUT liberal CNN, NBC, Etc. SWORE NO VOTE FRAUD.
peter tydale @ptydale1001🔁VIDEO : Constitutional Attorney SHREDS Russia-Conspiracy Obsessed Dems via
conservate100% @tnpaw🔁We the voters will see how strong they are in the ...They flat out lied..We proved 2 Hillary we don't purposely Elect liars
Denise Adams @elevenstars🔁Look up the original source of the info: The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). Tired of winning? #MAGA #trump
AmeriGirl @AmeriGirlTN🔁 The Comey Memo plot thickens. Why didn't he say this earlier?
#comey #comeymemo #maga
⭐⭐TrumpNation🇺🇸 @ros_ke🔁Uh Oh! Former #UN Amb #SamanthaPower Emerges as Key Figure in Obama #UnmaskingScandal


Deplorable Bruce @CelticCoyote🔁Nice to see people praying over .💒

No doubt God CHOSE to be !

Sandra Van Oosten @spinningsandy🔁Hammer it out! tells senators: “Inaction is not an option” on health care. on FBN7p
🦋Liberty Bridge🦋 @bridgetknepper🔁President Trump jokes about baseball bat & the Press. "Are you ready?"

Terry Allison @tallison54🔁⚡️Who wants2enlighten her?

WaPo Reporter Suggests Trump Voters2Stupid2Understand Russia Probe via
We Are Many🛡 @koupdetat🔁@JulianAssange #MAGA, that's where!
Judi Scott @JudiScott73🔁 America, we Trump-started the economy! #MAGA
Build The Wall @LAMOONLYNN🔁@Letterlout @papaplg @cgpolicyanalyst Your delusional maybe you should worry about your country since your not American #MAGA
peter tydale @ptydale1001🔁Kamala Harris’ Explanation of the Dem "Message" is LAUGHABLY BAD! via


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