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#MAGA I love America @purplephun🔁 🚧We are only the Watchers 👉 #UNGA

Stop The Invasion #TravelBan 🇺🇸

#MAGA #BuildTheWall #RAISEAct

#MAGA diane holzapfel @woodenNY15🔁MT @COSIsKey: Help us take back America! Join us! #PJNET #COSProject #TCOT #WeDecide #MAGA
Vickie Huff @HuffVhuff57🔁 @POTUS speech to the UN. I liked it. #MAGA #Rocketman #UNsucks
#MAGA racosta @rosangacosta🔁 "Kim Jong-un" #RocketMan #UNGA #TheResistance #UniteBlue #MAGA #Trump #FoxNews #ImpeachTrump
#MAGA Nadine Meyer @nadimeyer🔁 THIS CAN'T BE REAL... CAN IT?
#CNN #FakeNews #JimAcosta
#MAGA #TuesdayThoughts
Lou Dobbs @LouDobbs🔁U.N. Finished? - : We move to voluntary contributions, and if the UN doesn't accept that, then we withdraw.
Casper Dean @PencesAngryEyes🔁Let's do it their way.

When they all fall sick, can't cover their own 172K in payments for cancer treatments, just w alk away.

my ass

j @J45553957J🔁@RealJamesWoods #DeportThemAll #tcot #ccot #maga #1A #2A #nodreamers #nodaca #BuildTheWall #bansharia #noislam NO MORE FREE RIDE 4 criminals
🇺🇸🎙A.D. WHITMAN @AD_WHITMAN🔁The greatest in the United States Constitution is its first three beautiful words. They are: “We the people.”
Rufus Flinchum @RufusFlinchum🔁Great UN Speech by On North Korea: 'Rocket Man Is On A Suicide Mission'
Lori Fitzgerald🇺🇸 @LoriLFitzgerald🔁*Our President is the most awesome man. Nothing boring or criminal about D J Trump! All American MAN for We the People of All Races!😇#MAGA
pierce d'art @piercedart🔁The best speech any has delivered & I am so proud of Full Speech🇺🇸

Sammi @sammi_hammers🔁MT :
We need to be #1. Please sign the Petition!
Duval Carn @DuvalCarn🔁It was an amazing speech. Go crawl back to whence forth you came and take your American apologist attitude with you.

America First.

David Lewis @lewisbama🔁Absolutely thrilled to have Dr. , & the Coalition in Montgomery on Thursday!
justplainangry @Llamamama85🔁 If you have worked more than 25 years, you have paid into Medicaid. wants to take it away from you. Call your Senator, NOW!
AZ-NO-Amnesty-Don @azrider0🔁Dear thank you for getting through to for us. We thought we lost him to please say HI
jason merle williams @jasonmerle🔁Hey keep up those donations for trump's re-election!!

Billionaire trump REALLY needs your help paying his legal fees for

Jerad @JeradS1htmi🔁Thank you our for your support and love. We appreciate you and 🇺🇸💋👏🏻
Average Joe Politics @AvJoePolitics🔁 The apology tour is over! #MAGA
Robert @robertjackma🔁Caption----Just trying to learn from the white boy is all
Zuzz The Deplorable @ZuzzBuzzman🔁 Was just being nice... Should have said it as it is... Was an embarrassment to the USA 🇺🇸We WILL
Thomas McGee @summedic🔁 Seems Pelosi Dreamers more like nightmare. Given an inch now demanding a mile. Time 4 illegal parents to take home.
Israel & USA forever @IsraelUSAforevr🔁 opens its first joint military base with the on its territory.
Smart move.
Barbara Langan @zeus4ever🔁Yawn.....and the beat goers on. ...We will NEVER get tired of winning!!! #MAGA
Dani Pereira @weblollipop1🔁We are getting rid of RINO's not adding to the heard...Go hug your garbage man Mitt...
Marielle Lilou @MarielleLilou🔁THE LAST 24 HOURS "WINNING" LIST

🇺🇸🎙A.D. WHITMAN @AD_WHITMAN🔁🔽They don't want Trump's nationalist, populous agenda to be implemented.

It's obvious as night follows day.

Jose Enriquez @972_834🔁Completely unfit ..
teenager language, more than a Clown than
Rod Silliphant @RodSilliphant🔁 drops '' again in 😂🤣 cracks me up every time I hear it. 🇺🇸
Beth Carson @4katzBeth🔁Trump's UN speech
NoKo is on a suicide mission for himself & for his regime.-

Magda Aguila @AquilineMagda🔁 Let us measure success by how many get off government benefits, not enroll for them


ユウS@TRANS-AM! @snakeV555B🔁Wherever socialism or communism is adopted, it delivers anguish, devastation & failure!



KrissyWilson #SSDir @greysanatomy112🔁Their leader is FAILURE Hillary. Obama and Hillary INCITING a war and making U.S. a 3rdWorld by bringing in THEIR ? ?🇸💯
BIG JOHNSON @TRUTHnoBSpleaseYou are suffering from some serious BUTTHU🔁 Accept the fact that TRUMP is "your" President and he will be until 2024!
David A. Clarke, Jr. @SheriffClarke🔁Our President brought his A-Game to the UN today. The world saw today what we get to see EVERYDAY. REAL LEADERSHIP.
Paul Gavin @realpaulgavin🔁@Amy_Siskind @sarajeanparker You've been saying this & most of us are listening. Too bad #MAGA refuse to acknowledge what is happening.
Danny for Trump @libertyraven🔁🔥BREAKING: SHE'S READY

lschalk @RetiredPitBoss🔁So, you missed part where NK threatened to destroy the USA? No, I think you're just a complete fool and a traitor to your country.

linda=Deplorable @pinnie99🔁President tells countries to put their people 1st, just like he’s putting Americans 1st!


Karl @AkaThisSob🔁The right will soon implode if we do not find a way to deal with all the personality issues within the party.
Ski74 @ajbrzski🔁😂 Dem Reps. Luis Gutierrez, Raul Grijalva & Adriano Espaillat were arrested protesting outside Trump Tower.

Concerned Citizen @dfwcitizen🔁.@Acosta Your bias should disqualify you from being a reporter. You're an embarrassment to your profession. SMH. @CNN #maga @realDonaldTrump
real Savage🇺🇸 @Rhondeezie🔁🎥"ROGUE regimes represented in this [] body not only support TERRORISTS but also THREATEN other Nations."

Dano @danecloud1🔁"Begin with the wisdom...

Our SUCCESS depends on a coalition of STRONG & INDEPENDENT Nations." -

Kimberly Guilfoyle @KimberleGufoyle🔁Build the wall! #maga
Kathleen M. Mays @KMcMays🔁I ❤ THIS SPEECH!
Triratna NYC @TrlratnaNYC🔁 At UN, Trump threatens to 'totally destroy' of North Korea #TCOT #MAGA
Paul Witkowski @PauWitkowski🔁 @realDonaldTrump President Trump is the most RESPECTED US President of the 21st Century on the World Stage! #MAGA
Zed the Scourge @zardozrocks🔁Did you make that yourself? It's not very good. I didn't make -- DON CHUMP DID.
Article V @USARebelSway🔁 Trump is VINDICATED! Obama Feds Wiretapped Campaign! #RT #Trump45 #ObamaLegacy #tcot #P2 #MAGA
Ina Carol Cross @Iccross64ina🔁 @cvpayne It will go down as an instant classic! #MAGA
Jaded Ind Voter 🐸 @JoanneSLopezC🔁I wear a T-Shirt with this on it...what do you think of this? Because what you think matter to this American.
Liz 🦋🌸🦋 @busylizzie48🔁 Security can never be to strong protecting the American people! #maga🇺? ?
DeplorablePoppinator @tea0704🔁Are you ready for Senator Roy Moore?

Alabama, America is counting on you!


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