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#LupusPFDD#LupusPFDD#LupusPFDD Carly by Nature @SynceNerd_Carli🔁 #LupusPFDD strong testimonies from the patient experts. @richard_schmitz
#LupusPFDD The Lupus Rainbow @thelupusrainbow🔁 #lupuspfdd ...yes..we are a community..thanks for sharing ur pain and ur gains with Lupus 💜💜💜
#LupusPFDD The Lupus Rainbow @thelupusrainbow🔁 for Urgency💜💜💜 better lupus
#LupusPFDD The Lupus Rainbow @thelupusrainbow🔁 are still alive..let's fight for those who have lost their lives to lupus
#LupusPFDD The Lupus Rainbow @thelupusrainbow🔁 lupus is 😪 thanks for
#LupusPFDD#LupusPFDD Katie Bloom @ktjazzy13🔁 Some quotes from today's #lupuspfdd meeting.
#LupusPFDD Sandi Frear @SandiFrear🔁 You're inspiring @RenTheArts to those living w/ #lupus ! #lupusPFDD
#LupusPFDD Sandi Frear @SandiFrear🔁 "Hugs are contagious, #lupus is not" says @LAlupusLady Amanda. Hugs to all!!! #lupusPFDD
#LupusPFDD#LupusPFDD Hannah de Groot @gnarlishbananas🔁 Lupus Panelist Share Themes That Resonate: #lupuspfdd
#LupusPFDD Aly 🌷 @InfiniteLuv4Sel🔁 "Lupus is invisible." #lupuspfdd
#LupusPFDD Lupus Research @LupusResearch🔁"Lupus is invisible." #lupuspfdd
GSK US @GSKUS🔁We’re learning first-hand from patients what it’s like to live with lupus by sponsoring @ Lupus: Patient Voices today
Lupus Fdn of America @LupusOrg🔁FDA's Pujita Vaidya says meeting is just the beginning and they're looking forward to advancing drug dev process.
Vaishali Waghela @WaghelaVaishali🔁We’re learning first-hand from patients what it’s like to live with lupus by sponsoring @ Lupus: Patient Voices today
Lupus Foundation NE @LupusNE🔁What would you like to see in future lupus treatments? Tune in to the meeting to hear some responses:
👑Selena👑 @SoleeImsandt🔁One shares her own acronym she lives by: "DLLW - Don't Let Lupus Win!"
Wtom @ilahvazndramas🔁One lupus patient relates her fatigue to an old cellphone battery: never really feeling fully charged.
Volsicle @Volsicle🔁 "I never knew something like dryness could change your life like this" - Shannon, Lupus patient #lupuspfdd
Volsicle @Volsicle🔁Thank you for giving a voice to lupus today for development of lupus meds
Volsicle @Volsicle🔁. opens w/ stirring remarks abt living w/ . "Thank you to my fellow warriors. Lupus ends with us!"
Hannah de Groot @gnarlishbananas🔁 What do we want from future treatments? WE WANT TO BE ABLE TO LIVE OUR LIVES WITHOUT FEAR #LupusPFDD
Judy Costello @judycostello🔁This meeting w is making me hopeful that our voices are FINALLY getting heard. Inspired by the stories!
Caring For Lupus @CaringForLupus🔁 @Lupus_Chat founder: @TiffanyAndLupus #LupusPFDD #LupusChat ⤵
#LupusChat @Lupus_Chat🔁 Patient experience #LupusPFDD #LupusChat ⤵
#LupusChat @Lupus_Chat🔁What an amazing event!! 💜✋💜
Thank you for coordinating & making the meeting possible

Hannah de Groot @gnarlishbananas🔁My sister Erin was 1 of the 6. Dx at 19 & died at 34. We need to do better. Thankful for meeting & the 100s of pts sharing 2day
Volsicle @Volsicle🔁The may have come to an end, but it's a new beginning for us. TY to all those living w/ & those who made today possible!
Volsicle @Volsicle🔁The best fit would be something that improves our quality of life - the voice of the patient.
Volsicle @Volsicle🔁Kuddos for the meeting. Gain insights to help improve treatment at
Good Cents @GoodCentsTMD🔁 Laura says I would give anything to run and play with my sons but lupus has stolen that from me. #lupuspfdd
Jenni Sorokin @jennbee766🔁Another lupus patient shares: "Lupus makes you into a warrior." Share if you agree! 💪
HealthiVibe @HealthiVibe🔁 Purpose of the PFDD initiative: Help identify areas of unmet needs in the patient population. #lupuspfdd @US_FDA
Monique @MiscMo🔁 need treatments that won't take away our dreams....children..quality of life
Ayide Borges @ayide🔁 "Don't let Lupus win" #LupusPFDD
PrettylilLupusgirl @Sheronce🔁 #Lupuspfdd lots of #African-American women sharing #Lupus👍🏽 great to hear your voices
Five A in Service @FiveAInService🔁 Addy shares that she awaits a kidney transplant and unsure what benefit new treatments will have for her. #lupuspfdd
Beth Engelman @momonashoe🔁 Adding some #LupusStyle to our #LupusPFDD Meeting table.
Caring For Lupus @CaringForLupus🔁What an amazing event!! 💜✋💜
Thank you for coordinating & making the meeting possible
Louise Masin Sattler @LouiseASL🔁Shared at Meeting "Open Comment" needs to support drugs that impact whole health, relieve pain & improve QOL
Kimberly George @kimberlyanngeo🔁Do you want to share your story the wants to hear from the community. Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. this week.
411 Voices Media @411Voices🔁 Time of #lupusPFDD or all day?
Tiffany | 티파니 마리 @TiffanyAndLupus🔁Thank you to everyone who participated in the meeting today! We are honored to be part of this opportunity.
MarlaJan- Luck Fupus @marlajan🔁 I wanted to be there, too! But nice to participate from my couch (bed at times, lol)
Michele @michele_seiter🔁 @cnnbrk #LupusPFDD thank you..thank you..thank you. Thank you..Lupies need medical coverage..our survival...💜💜💜💜💜
Caring For Lupus @CaringForLupus🔁Eye opening day at listening to countless . Such a strong community that we are thrilled to work w/2
The Lupus Rainbow @thelupusrainbow🔁K..hope u watching live feed.. ..It's so helpful to hear others stories and best practices💜💜💜💜
The Lupus Rainbow @thelupusrainbow🔁 What? Women with lupus need these critical ur Senators..why stop needed services? Wow
Volsicle @Volsicle🔁 "Many therapies are band-aids... never treating the true root of the problem" @KathleenArntsen #LupusPFDD #luckfupus #lupus
Sandi Frear @SandiFrear🔁Patient perspectives to treatments 4 : Downsides? Ideals? What influences your decisions?
Anita Robben @arobben75🔁 Audience member diagnosed 36 yrs ago wants a new drug that doesn't negatively effect every organ in the body. #lupuspfdd
Louise Masin Sattler @LouiseASL🔁We're all ready for the meeting! Be a part of the meeting by watching the live stream tomorrow at 10am:
Louise Masin Sattler @LouiseASL🔁 @LouiseASL all day East Coast timing. #LupusPFDD
Aurinia Pharma @AuriniaPharma🔁Eye opening day at #LupusPFDD listening to countless #LupusWarriors. Such a strong community that we are thrilled to work w/2 #fightlupus
The Lupus Rainbow @thelupusrainbow🔁 Just had the most amazing experience with my fellow lupus warriors! #LUPUSPFDD
Catherine M Frazier @Catherinefraz37🔁500+ patients share experiences with us to advise on meds development
Carly by Nature @SynceNerd_Carli🔁@mitsubishi_love You did so great today! Thank you for sharing your experiences with us. #Lupuspfdd #LupusChat
Carly by Nature @SynceNerd_Carli🔁 FDA's Dr. Nikolov - Today history was made and is the beginning of a dialogue for future conversations. #lupuspfdd
Carly by Nature @SynceNerd_Carli🔁 🍋💜.
Although I couldn't be at the conference in DC, my…
Tiffany | 티파니 마리 @TiffanyAndLupus🔁So very true, thanks for sharing Kim! #LupusPFDD
lisabeth iglesias @LIsabethIglesia🔁's own sharing her experience as a caregiver for her 10 year daughter with Lupus.
Kelly @kclifton06🔁The meeting will be streamed LIVE online tomorrow. Click here to join us and follow along:


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