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lovren LFC Report @LFC_Fanly🔁Mohamed Salah 7/10, Dejan Lovren 1/10 in Liverpool's heavy loss at Spurs #LFC fanly.link
lovrenlovren Jordan Kerr @07jordie🔁 Who's a better defender?

RT - 80 year old Dickie Borthwick

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lovrenlovren Circle 87 @Circle_87🔁 Who's a better defender?

RT - Tommy the donkey

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lovren Adio Olawale @moratahitRTW🔁 Dejan Lovren did not fare well in our Liverpool player ratings... es.pn
lovrenlovren Ali Imran @Ali_Imranz🔁 Who is the worse defender?

RT for Lovren
Like for Lindelöf

Jon Weeks @Jonweeks5🔁 Dejan Lovren earns £100k a week.... let that sink in for a moment 😂😂😂
lovren Daily Fantasy Soccer @TheFantasyFooti🔁Klopp slams Lovren: I would have stopped Kane getting the ball! zpr.io
lovrenlovren Martin Garrett @ickygarrett77🔁 Who's a better defender?

Rt - This Turnip

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lovren adesina @i_hate_shanalee🔁 Who would you rather have in defence?

RT - Mighty Red
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b @haashim_mcfc🔁 Dejan Lovren makes ANOTHER mistake...
Liverpool FC @LFC🔁31: A first substitution for the Reds.

↩ Lovren
🔛 Oxlade-Chamberlain

[2-1] #LFC

lovren bet365 @bet365🔁Who would you rather have in defence?

RT - Mighty Red
❤️ - Dejan Lovren

Paul Hayward @_PaulHayward🔁Here at Wembley, Jurgen Klopp will need a big speech at half-time. But it will probably go over Dejan Lovren's head.
Mr. Manda @mistermanda🔁Defence cont: Don’t be fooled. Matip is just about as shit as Lovren.

I’m not going to bother mentioning Klavan today. No energy.

Manjari @stevieg0008🔁 There were people in the away end today genuinely celebrating Lovren’s substitution like it was a goal.
Dee @Muhdfaidhi_🔁This is Dejan Lovren and he's a professional footballer earning £100,000 a week.

Anything is possible people!

Sameer Anjum @LeoEmSam🔁 Very harsh from Jurgen Klopp to bring Dejan Lovren off when he was so close to a hat-trick of assists.
Ben Sloan @BenSloan85🔁We will continue to concede stupid goals as klavan is not better than Lovren, also there is no cover in front of the defence
Vic @vicyunng🔁 Just don't play Lovren anymore
Mit @Mitmali🔁 Lovren: "I want to be more powerful and to show to everyone that I’m one of the best defenders in the Premier League."
#LovrenAndCanOut @ffsWijnaIdum🔁My stats from @_tweetails_. Favourite words: 'lovren' and 'fucking'. Average word length: 3.71. Intelligence rating: Village idiot.
Desmond @Tirant_taurus🔁If lovren STARTS another game at Liverpool a commission of inquiry on the nudes he has on klopp should be set up immediately & investigate
Danny O Leary @dannyoleary200🔁The last time we saw someone making a mistake as bad as Dejan Lovren is when one of our staff served a 17 year old and we got closed#TOTLIV
Nigel Coady @IrishRed11🔁Not really, gave away goals l8ke a charity. Lovren hauled off after 30 mins. If he ever plays for us again, he will b twitter.com e extremely lucky.
liverpool @LFC_liverpool8🔁Can't defend a throw in.
Nor when their keeper has ball.
Nor a free kick.
Nor a corner.

Liverpool's problems go beyond Lovren/individuals.

The Banshee Pub @BansheeBoston🔁 Replace Lovren now. It’s like playing 11v10. Whoever you put on cannot be any worse.
DREAM CHASER 🚀🚀 @HypeKing5🔁 Liverpool needs a striker, 2 defenders & a goal keeper

but first of all they shld get rid of Dejan Lovren


Unorthodox @iamrichard_rich🔁 Lindelof was gonna be crowned clown of the weekend but Liverpool saw a title they could actually win & played Lovren😂
Josh @Josh_Bell19🔁I asked Lovren if he was injured. He said Yes. I said I thought so because you weren't playing very well. He said Not now James. I said Ok.
Mihir Haria-Shah @MihirHS215🔁I'm sure you're aware of that re Lovren, having him seen him today actually at the stadium, I realised how awful he i twitter.com s
O's @Ola_RisingStar🔁If you are struggling with life, just remember Dejan Lovren is a professional footballer on £100,000 a week.

Anything is possible.

Andrew Lewis @KAL_EL773🔁Lovren was never the answer! But sakho was far better than what we now have! Klopp should of kept him until he could twitter.com replace with better!
Sameer Anjum @LeoEmSam🔁 Liverpool

How can you achieve anything if even your name is giving you an 'L'.

LFC for LIFE @mrwedwards🔁Lovren has always been prone to mistakes, Klopp seems to know that. Not quite sure why he didn’t go for someone other twitter.com than VVD in summer
Chris Giba @cpg05🔁@GreatestInBA @jsgiba @MikeNowin @SpursOfficial @kobebryant No team that has Dejan Lovren and Mignolet starting is a good team
Dān @RF9Firmino🔁@OxladeScreamer Lovren should be -10 at least
Donovan. @RiNzLeR07🔁If you are struggling with life, just remember Dejan Lovren is a professional footballer on £100,000 a week.

Anything is possible. 👍

Nicky Hall @NickyHall3🔁Lovren isn't even on the pitch and I still feel the urge to blame him for that goal.

That's how much I fucking hate the prick, honestly.

Connor Foulkes @ConnorFoulkes1🔁 Lindelöf:
“I just made the worst defensive mistake of the weekend.”

“Hold my beer.”


Antony Mamvura @AntonyMamvura🔁lovren and migs must be deported today by British Immigration and be given life bans
Mark Bolar @McBolar🔁 Who decided it was VVD or nobody this summer? That was a far bigger blunder than all of Lovren's put together.
Fernando @FernandooMarcel🔁@LFC back side of the team is horrible, fix this.
matip and lovren,mignolet,sell this players !!!
DOTMAN. @junior_dotun🔁Liverpool have now conceded 1000 Premier League goals.

Unconfirmed reports Dejan Lovren was at fault for 999 of them!

Ross McNaughton @RossMcNaughton8🔁 If today doesn’t spark the end of Lovren as a regular starter for us then nothing will
Pай @AnfieldAn🔁Lovren must leave because our fanbase is toxic and it's not right for him. He must not be treated like we treat him. twitter.com
Uwais Ashraf @Uwais_Ashraf17🔁Mignolet and Lovren have been making the same mistakes for the past 3 years. Klopp needs to fix up rt
Jake Turner @thearguablepear🔁Lovren's a well paid professional footballer. Henderson plays for Liverpool & England. Never give up, kids - literally anything's possible.
Ben Sloan @BenSloan85🔁Lovren is going to be replaced in the starting lineup by Klavan
Mihir Haria-Shah @MihirHS215🔁@HijGF @DeadStockGrimeT Yeah I guess but surely he should have had alternative targets to them as well? Lovren is absolutely dreadful btw
Slimane 🇫🇷🇩🇿 @SlimDz78🔁 We won’t get anywhere with Lovren in our defence. Same story every fucking week.
Liverpool News @NewsLiverpool🔁Klopp claims he’d have done better job than Lovren… IN HIS TRAINERS liverpoolfcnews.net
Michael Akor @_ASSMA_🔁 @Only_Yaro Lovren the salesman 😂. They go beat that guy for locker room o 😂
fabulous diqzy 🔴LFC @diqzyl🔁Painful but am glad Klopp have no further excuse to shade Lovren's incompetency....we lost today because of Klopp's belief in Lovren 👎🏿
Danny Taylor @DannyTaylor12🔁Arlass Lovren getting the hook when he was on his hat trick
YASHIM. @Junior_mafiia🔁Anybody showing sympathy to Lovren.. you need to take a hard look at the mirror lol totally deserved & Mignolet is also due that treatment
Ainsley @ainsleymgm🔁 Liverpool concede 2 goals: Replace Lovren with Chamberlain, concede 2 again. 😂😂😂😂
Osarétin @ManuelAda_🔁Lindelof was going to be crowned "Clown of the weekend" but Liverpool saw a title they could actually win and played Lovren😂
Liverpool FC News @LivEchoLFC🔁#LFC analysis -

Insanity 🤪
Lovren nightmare 😪
Game management ☹️
The big occasion Reds ? liverpoolecho.co.uk ?

Lonewolf @Kilamarim🔁Lovren suberb today for Spurs..Matip was a free transfer but Liverpool still payed too much for him..Mignolet,he makes Hart look worldclass😅
Cazador 🗡 @babat___🔁Lovren disabled comments on his Instagram 😂. He’s lucky
Daniel @danielhashem1🔁I don't believe Lovren is on a 100000pounds per week while salah and mane are less🙄🙄
adam @AdamAzhar__🔁 *as useless as. Apologies, the brain had a Dejan Lovren moment there...
Its A Funny Old Game @thefunnyoldgame🔁Salah 7/10, Lovren 1/10 vs. Spurs - Salah 7/10, Lovren 1/10 vs. Spurs... tinyurl.com #iafog
Walter Patrick May @WalterPMay🔁@empireofthekop It seems he realises now he can't trust Matip and Lovren no more... Both of them needs to go! Take Action NOW- long overdue
Jake 🐐 @OxladeScreamer🔁@RF9Firmino Lovren made not even amateur mistakes and cost us 2 goals


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