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Lovren Nakaz @SpecialisteF00T🔁 Retweet if you're a better football player than Dejan Lovren.
Ian Wright @IanWright0🔁Lovren must have secrets on Klopp😳
Lovren AK @PrometheusX1Z🔁 Lovren when i die
LovrenLovren Jean Marc Monsé @JeanMarcMons🔁 Who's the bigger donkey?

RT for Cahill

Like for Lovren

This Is Anfield @thisisanfield🔁You've seen that game before; LFC dominate, Lovren makes key mistake, don't finish chances, concede another sloppy goal.
Anfield HQ @AnfieldHQ🔁📋 The XI last time out in the @ChampionsLeague...


Craig Kent @Craigeth1🔁Should have just stood up and cleared the ball instead of falling over like a mong, Can is reprehensible yes but Lovr en needs shooting
Louise Stainton @LouiseStaintonU🔁Jurgen Klopp refuses to blame Dejan Lovren after his mistake in Liverpool’s draw with Sevilla
Jan Hughes @jan68bella8🔁 Lovren must have secrets on Klopp😳
Peter Butler @peter_butler_🔁 How does Dejan Lovren start for Liverpool Football Club?
Jim Hope 1867 @SheffieldGrad🔁Another defensive masterclass by Lovren. Utterly woeful effort following a more than promising start by .
Poor Scouser Tommy @tomSEFO🔁Bad result tonight.. Can, Henderson, Lovren, Matip were absolutely terrible tonight. Gomez unlucky. Salah & Mané though. 🔥
Fuoriclasse ⭐️⭐️⭐️ @royaleneal🔁 New £20m man Dejan Lovren can be defensive leader LFC have lacked' - James Pearce

ISOOBA ABDULHAKIIM @IAbdulhakiim🔁@IbekweChigozie @LFC No plan B now for lovren until clayne comes back and then Gomez to center back that's all
Lusie Seth @lusi_seth🔁How on earth did is Lovren a Liverpool player? That scum ought to be playing cricket..
wayne tancock @WTancock🔁 Lovren though. The guy can't defend.
Soham Warde @DeadlyWhenDrunk🔁 If you rate Lovren you should be entitled to disability benefits
Sean Doherty @seandoherty_20🔁This is Dejan Lovren and he's a professional footballer earning £100,000 a week.


Frederick Christon @joellblankson🔁Life as a Liverpool fan.

Smile this week

Frown the next week

All because of Lovren....

TheMoanyOne @TheMoanyOne🔁@UpTheReds93 How? Can fucked the challenge, Lovren fucked the clearance and Moreno was making sure no one came in behind him.
Olé @Ole_LFC🔁He just watched the guy score the first. Should have been goal side of him. No defence of him or Lovren for that goal .
MuhammadDaffaFirdaus @dfrds_M🔁 Lovren at his very best. He was a joke tonight
Yxng Migz @YxngMigz🔁 It's like Lovren has klopp's nudes or something. I am shocked he's Liverpool's starting centre back.
Jim Hope 1867 @SheffieldGrad🔁 Liverpool will never go far as long as Lovren is their centre back. How they never signed a decent defender, i'll never know.
A P @playziam🔁 Impossible to succeed when lovren is playing
Can't even kick a ball that's coming straight at him along the ground
Hybrid. @floydmoola🔁 Lovren or Klavan, there's no escape we're In deep shit either way
H I @the_mr_hackeem🔁 @AnfieldHQ klopp should have signed a better CB, lovren is absolute shit, sakho was always better!!!
Turbonious @GreatTurbonian🔁@G_S_ELITE hahah i dont know but i threw that shit in the trash along with Dejan lovren
Vic Sawyers @vicsawyers🔁@DavidHickman87 @Eathen_1892 Hyypia is better than Lovren now
jonny knows @JonnyOrourke86🔁@EARS_80 @L4SCOUSER @blonderach31 Honestly ste dunno how much more of lovren i can take 😂😂😂😂😂
Abdul Ghafar @ghafar27wb🔁What winds me up is that we've let Sakho go who is ten times the defender Lovren is. I'll say this every week as there's always an issue.
PICK POSTS @PickPosts🔁Jurgen Klopp refuses to blame Dejan Lovren after his mistake in Liverpool’s draw with Sevilla
JURGEN KLOPPITE @AJNo9🔁Does Dejan Lovren actually think he's a good player?
Mike Kelly @MJKbarca42🔁@BoringMilner A simpler one would be "Lovren, have you a right foot?" Oh
Ty ✌🏾️ @Tyrone_PT🔁100% our CB's get exposed because we don't have an out and out DM. Then you're relying on Lovren. I used to defend hi m, can't now. Dog shit!
THE WHITE WOLF @BerkayShady🔁 Retweet if you're a better defender than Dejan Lovren
Patrick Foy @PatrickFoy66🔁 Retweet if you're a better defender than Dejan Lovren
Mark Mclean @markjmclean🔁Lovren didn't kick the fucking ball. Thats what we pay him for. He fucking missed it ! He missed the ball!!!!!!!
Josh @freddybedford🔁Typical Liverpool, Lovren stealing a living, switched off whilst ahead for the second goal, not finishing our dinner
G @NkuliMahlangu🔁@GiftSama for playing a high pressing game you need quick center backs for cover in bad situations
Lovren & Karius are terrible defenders
Ben Armfield @bparmfield🔁@LFC Imagine Keita and Van Dijk instead of Can and Lovren and that first goal doesn't happen.
Alfio Rezika @alfiorezika🔁hope lovren get a shitemare about him molested by bigfoots every night till next week.
M-Z-A @MZA_LFC🔁It's as if Lovren was Casper the ghost how the ball just went through him, it's school boy errors costing us #LFC
Andy Matthews @AndyMatthews94🔁Dejan Lovren. Total bombscare 💣Time after time he's at fault. What we'd do to have a leader like @DanielAgger or @Carra23 in their day.
Danny Halpin @dannylfc16🔁Lovren and hendo are fucking donkeys! Made a mistake not going for an alternative centre back 👎🏻
Mr. Sato @Selasi_boi🔁Maybe trying to sort Lovren out? There's no hope for him tbh. He's just not good enough.
Safaa Gerrard❤ @safou2a84🔁Lovren w hendo kaweris
LiverPaul @pc_74🔁 Lovren is starting to become a swear word
tom @TomKennedy___🔁Watch: 'New £20m man Dejan Lovren can be defensive leader LFC have lacked' - James Pearce
Reece @ChalkonBoots🔁My ratings are:

Karius 5
Gomez 6
Matip 6
Lovren 3
Moreno 8
Wijnaldum 6
Henderson 6
Can 7
Salah 7
Mane 6
Firmino 6

Su Nioj @EpilefZo🔁And our defensive side? Oh it's very weak, for a moment I have forget. It's your fucking job to fix it, don't die wi th the bullshit Lovren
Play Fcking Football @Cout10inho🔁@JamesPearceEcho @MelissaReddy_ @_pauljoyce any yous have it in ya to question Klopp not buying Cbs in presser & Lovren errors costing us
AdeKunle @TheKunle🔁 My nan would've cleared that cross and she died 3 years ago. I'm very disappointed with Dejan Lovren
Aaron🤘 @LFCAaron_🔁Getting hate for calling Lovren an immigrant >>>>>
Michael French @Frenchy4488🔁I still think it's worth giving Gomez a shot at Lovren's place... he's a big guy & I'd wager he'd do fine at CB and c ertainly no worse
sam 🇬🇧🇧🇷 @ForzaWoodburn🔁@AsensioEN I agree, but you can't excuse Lovren
Owen King @OwenKingg19🔁 Henderson and Lovren absolutely absymal. Supposed to be two leading figures in this team. Not good enough, and never will be.
Oli @OliBurrows🔁@PhilBlundell Do you believe Matip and Lovren with Klavan filling in has the potential to win a league in this system?
A.Omot @JEEVES_omot🔁@Keny_Show He thinks he is master ginger. Wants to ginger

Matip to Nesta
Klavan to cannavaro
Lovren to chellini.

samantha @samijayne1🔁Foto story on tonight's action:
Photo #1 0-1
Photo #2 1-1
Photo #3 2-1
Photo #4 🙈😩👋
Wtf Lovren? Why was he even on the pitch???
Thulani Zikhali @ThulaniZikhali4🔁@thisisanfield Rest lovren till we can sell him
Henderson is a farmer period, not a captain
Paul Fitzgerald @fitz11p🔁 Lovren is dog shit , it's scary.
whitey bulger @winkell🔁@thisisanfield @HenryJackson87 Moreno was just as bad as Lovren
Karl Matchett @karlmatchett🔁@okabandai what? lovren or klavan? why don’t you play mignolet cb? there’s literally nothing else to do at this point. chance missed.
Brad.. @BradFrancis20🔁Very true, matip is half decent, good on the ball but lovren is not champions league at all, save him for the league cup with old Ragnar! 😂
Sadio Manérvé 🔥 @HugoooLvP14🔁 Terrible mistake from Lovren at the near post. A gift for Sevilla
Adam JFT96 YNWA @AdnPaiLaynLFC🔁It is and it dont even look like he does any defensive coaching was quick to dump Sakho when hes better than Lovren/K lavan
Heavy Metal Football @brutalpool🔁Can't even get angry at Lovren anymore. Always been shite

More angry at Klopp for not replacing not to mention extending his contract

Jim @JlMGreen🔁As bad as Lovren is. Blame the man who keeps starting him and hasn't bothered replacing him. He's had FOUR fucking windows to do so.
wayne tancock @WTancock🔁Dejan Lovren is not even bottom half Premier League standard.
He is atrocious. There are dozens, and I mean dozens better than him in the PL
Paul Sibley @Sibley23🔁What do you think he should be doing out of interest?tell lovren not to miss the ball?days of ranting and raving capt ains are over
The Liverpool Way @TheLiverpoolLab🔁@MideAyoo Okay who would you play instead of Lovren? Saying our manager doesn't know anything is very idiotic of you
Eathen.. @Eathen_1892🔁New £20m man Dejan Lovren can be defensive leader LFC have lacked' - James Pearce

Tobi David @mayuismayuis🔁Still wondering y we sold mama sarko and kept lovren. Truly lovren as a secret on JK😯😯😯😯😯
James #JFT96 @TikkaMohSalah🔁 We're going fucking nowhere as long as Lovren is our CB
🐂 @RoryMarrow🔁Why can't we play Gomez at centre back. I don't care if he makes just as many mistakes as Lovren at least he can learn from them
TheBoyWhoCriedWolf @MideAyoo🔁compare it with the top 6,We had this convo before. Hendo,Lovren,Wiji, should not be starters in a club aiming to challenge
John O Sullivan @Corballyred🔁@Rilovic I'm sorry but personnel is a serious issue as well, Lovren and Klavan are amongst the worst defenders I've ever seen at the club
Jayfoulkes @jayfoulkes78🔁Sakho was wrong for what he done, he's better than both Klavan, Lovren though, sells him last day, with no replaceme nt, head scratcher.
mark robinson @robbo32🔁Lovren can't even do the basics right,facking wooden one!!!!
FredFlunk @fredflunk🔁@smurphy2022 add lovren & horrenderson to that shitshow


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