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AndreiBibire @BibiSez🔁 Bale talking to his mates about Lovren, Van Dijk and Karius..
Lovren Brendan Dauth @daaauth🔁 Lovren along with our whole back four were incredible today, I hope they come back stronger
wicki_23 @JacobKulwicki🔁 Bale talking to his mates about Lovren, Van Dijk and Karius..
Jordan @Jordan_thomas69🔁 Bale talking to his mates about Lovren, Van Dijk and Karius..
James Pearce @JamesPearceEcho🔁Dejan Lovren doesn't deserve to be on the losing side tonight. He's been immense.
DaveOCKOP @DaveOCKOP🔁Robertson was totalling fearless, Mane took the game to Real, Lovren was out of this world. Numerous last ditch chall twitter.com enges to prevent goals. A warrior tonight.
Liverpool FC @LFC🔁55: Lovren rises to meet a corner in dominating fashion, enabling Mane to prod home from close range. Get in there, R twitter.com eds! 🔴


Rikki Singh @rikki1502🔁Can i just say, for all the stick Dejan Lovren has had, he had the game of his life out there tonight and didn't deserve to be on the losing side. Robertson outstanding as well.....
kush @Red_Jedreamer🔁 Dejan Lovren doesn't deserve to be on the losing side tonight. He's been immense.
Capone @UNeedMeInYoLife🔁It means very little, but Dejan Lovren was absolutely terrific tonight. We questioned whether he'd sink or swim under the pressure of the occasion but he rose to the challenge. He, Virgil van Dijk, Alexander-Arnold and Andy Robertson were all terrific.
SECHABA @CSOUL_SA🔁So after dealing with PSG, Juventus, Bayern Munich, loosing just once. It is now a Liverpool captained by Henderson with Lovren that wants to remove Madrid.
Nah. I laugh in different languages.

Michael 🇦🇷 @MagicalMessl🔁I've been praising Lovren for months mate. I've said that if he irons out his odd lapses or concentration then he's a brilliant defender, and he's done that. I also haven't said I want Karius to be sold, and I've ALSO stated I've wanted Alisson this whole time.
Michael 🇦🇷 @MagicalMessl🔁 Dejan Lovren proved tonight that he 100% deserves to be at Liverpool Football Club.
พี่โยขายทัวร์ @soyoso🔁Devastating. It's one thing to lose but to leave so many regrets behind us just makes it that much more painful. Mane, Robertson and Lovren the best for Liverpool.
Tarun🇺🇦 @Dare2Firmino🔁"He's gone" was said about
- Firmino in his first season
- Lallana in his early days
- Coutinho shortly after he a twitter.com rrived
- Lovren when he was subbed off at 30'
- Trent after one bad game
Fatlum Rexhepi @FatlumX🔁People should realize that this generation of Real Madrid is probably the best team in the history of the game. You r twitter.com eally expected Milner, Henderson, Lovren and Karius to stop them? Lol
YouFekir @YouFekir🔁Lovren played well today he absolutely loves the club started to build a decent partnership with van dijk seems like twitter.com a big player in the changing room aswell
Virgil Van Gogh @Murphy_LFC77🔁Robertson was totalling fearless, Mane took the game to Real, Lovren was out of this world. Numerous last ditch challenges to prevent goals. A warrior tonight.
Gary @Gaz_Lfc96🔁Shoutout to Dejan Lovren, the man who has been a constant scapegoat for us has had a good season (after a shaky start) and has been immense
Olafur H. Tomasson @Olafur_Tomasson🔁You might however be proving you can't be relied upon in these kind of situations. We look at Lovren for example; who twitter.com gets abuse, big criticism and makes some mistakes but he delivered his there. He proved you can count on him - Karius didn't.
Padge mc laughlin @LaughlinPadge🔁@toobanlad Not a hope lad. Alexander Lovren karius Henderson. All woeful players
‏ً @Connor00i🔁Player Ratings:

Karius - 3
Trent - 9
Lovren - 9
VVD - 8
Robbo - 7.5
Hendo - 7
Gini - 8.5
Milner - 8
Salah - 7
Firmin twitter.com o - 7
Mane - 9

Lallana - 7
Can - 6

Gavin Rowell @gavin_rowell🔁I think we should go big for de ligt. Lovren would be a good backup option. Other than that, I think it’s fine since twitter.com we are getting Keita
صحماوي عماني 💙❤️ @TUS9j2wDQ7QICS4🔁Very fortunate to be adding another award in my first season playing with this great group of players! Lovren did you vote for me?
Tarun🇺🇦 @Dare2Firmino🔁And I'm of the opinion Klopp doesn't base players off single performances.

Everyone said Lovren played his last ga twitter.com me against Spurs, but he just dropped a world class performance in a champions league final.


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