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Daniel-San ^_^ @BIGGSTRIGG🔁 "I'm the best thang that ever happened to you." #loveafterlockup
WE tv @WEtv🔁It’s #FunFactFriday! How much do you know about the #LoveAfterLockup cast?
WE tv @WEtv🔁He can do no wrong in @AndreaTheMormon's eyes. #LoveAfterLockup
#LoveAfterLockup Black Boy Magic✊ @WOODYMC84🔁This Hoe gotta whole ass attitude for a late ass, tired ass wedding for these... BISH PLEASE!!! #LoveAfterLockup
king crissle @crissles🔁Not ashamed that all I'm doing tonight is drinking rum and watching the season finale of #LoveAfterLockup.
Nef Nef @Princess_Nef🔁Dom seems traumatized from being in jail and lost his voice. As if he was “taken advantage of” and sworn to secreacy #LoveAfterLockup
Amy @Amy_Dana83🔁#LoveAfterLockup Andrea is a mental health therapist?!? 🤔 She needs to get some mental health therapy herself #whatintheworld
♐️🌊🌊🌊♐️ @GlamSquad09🔁Amen Andrea, you’re a HORRIBLE MOM! #LoveAfterLockup
Nef Nef @Princess_Nef🔁Lamar hella wrong for letting this lie about being able to go to Utah go on for so long! U was locked up for 18 years twitter.com and still can’t do right!
Nef Nef @Princess_Nef🔁I’m still not buying this Mormon shit with Andrea! I’m getting a “I’m a woman scorned and did something to be exhiled twitter.com from my family so I went to Utah where no one knows my past.” Vibe from her
♐️🌊🌊🌊♐️ @GlamSquad09🔁So Andrea strong arming this dude into marry her? #LoveAfterLockup
♐️🌊🌊🌊♐️ @GlamSquad09🔁How do U NOT know that drugs and a cellphone are contraband???#LoveAfterLockup
Clinton Allen @ClintonJTDFCP🔁I will say I'm glad to see Alla bouncing back and getting her shit together. She's looking good. Her and Jake are the twitter.com only couple with sense well to a degree at least
MichelleNicole @mnicci1🔁Johnna needs a nose job. It’s much too big for her face, and her felon is not all that good looking. twitter.com
Shay the Scammer @SheCantBe_Shay🔁I know Andrea can afford to put better hair in her and her daughter head 😕 #LoveAfterLockup
God Warrior @_stillManic_🔁LOVE AFTER LOCKUP : recap of ANDREA the Mormon fuckery So Far! Ep.1-3 youtu.be via twitter.com
♐️🌊🌊🌊♐️ @GlamSquad09🔁Season finale? It’s just getting CRAZY! 😫#LoveAfterLockup
Black Boy Magic✊ @WOODYMC84🔁I hate Andrea with a strong ass passion. #LoveAfterLockup
MichelleNicole @mnicci1🔁I seriously don’t understand these women. Why would anyone want to marry an ex-con?#LoveAfterLockUp
Clinton Allen @ClintonJTDFCP🔁Johnna needs to be slapped for her foolishness bugging the shit out of Garrett about marrying her. Now he's wanting t twitter.com o do it go through with it but she's coming with more bullshit because it's not how SHE wanted it. Have seats girl several Hartgrove seats
Clinton Allen @ClintonJTDFCP🔁Then you've got Angela whose just as tragic holding on to something but don't know when she's gonna get it. #LoveAfterLockup
Clinton Allen @ClintonJTDFCP🔁Watching this season finale & baby Scott is just tragic and sad I can't believe he's putting himself on the back bu twitter.com rner waiting for someone whose about to get 8-12 more years.
Tambi Lynn @pleasure_ryland🔁Omg andreas Mormon friends meeting Lamar’s friends and family has to be the most uncomfortable part of this show. twitter.com
Shaniqua Kelly @KeLLyCaKe🔁 😲
Andrea is the most selfish person, the ignorance amazing!!! I don't understand. How can you put your own needs before your kids.
Amy @Amy_Dana83🔁 😲
Andrea is the most selfish person, the ignorance amazing!!! I don't understand. How can you put your own needs b twitter.com efore your kids.
Shaniqua Kelly @KeLLyCaKe🔁 I wonder what happened to Dom in prison? Mary doesnt seem to really care as long as shes married. #LoveAfterLockup
Shaniqua Kelly @KeLLyCaKe🔁 The cougar with Tony is a hot mess. I think she's seriously getting finessed by him. #LoveAfterLockup
Shaniqua Kelly @KeLLyCaKe🔁 Alla is stressed bc all the pressure James puts on her. He needs to chill out. #LoveAfterLockup
Shaniqua Kelly @KeLLyCaKe🔁 If anyone gets shot? Really Andrea? I can't see how Lamar isn't offended by all her dumb ass comments #LoveAfterLockup
Shaniqua Kelly @KeLLyCaKe🔁Andrea took all that time to get ready and she still looked a mess and if I was her guest I would have left...4 hours twitter.com past?! That’s ridiculous
Jeni 🇵🇷 @jenininja_🔁I’ve read that Alla and Lizzie were in the same prison. Lizzie recently got busted for having heroin/meth. What if A twitter.com lla never stopped using and Lizzie was her dealer in prison
Cjoy @OceanJoy00🔁oh Johanna that’s the smartest decision you’ve made so far! Good girl. We all like the real you. #LoveAfterLockup
❤ ONLY ShaeShae_Lane @Shae_shaelane🔁 I need a reunion episode of #LoveAfterLockup.


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