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#Louisville Trendsmap Louisville @TMLouisville🔁'polygraph' & 'pitinos' are now trending in #Louisville

#Louisville Louisville Cardinals @spot_lou🔁Tom Jurich’s attorney releases 42-page letter to UofL Board of Trustees #L1C4 #louisville
#Louisville Trendsmap Louisville @TMLouisville🔁FBI, @fbi is now trending in #Louisville

#Louisville Trendsmap Louisville @TMLouisville🔁Chris Otts, @christopherotts is now trending in #Louisville

#Louisville Spalding University @SpaldingU🔁Fall is in the air. We hope everyone has a great Monday! #SpaldingU #spaldinguniversity #louisville #fall
#Louisville Trendsmap Louisville @TMLouisville🔁'dawkins' is now trending in #Louisville

#Louisville Jim Cornette @TheJimCornette🔁35 years ago today, my 1st appearance in the #Louisville Gardens
Ryan Bartow @RyanBartow🔁Top 6 Scoring Offenses Nationally in Total Points

1 #Oregon
2 #SMU
3 #OklahomaState
4 #Alabama
5 #Louisville
6 #USF

wave3news @wave3news🔁: 1 person was killed in a motorcycle crash on Hurstbourne Parkway about one hour ago:
Phillip M. Bailey @phillipmbailey🔁BREAKING: #UofL athletics association board fires Rick Pitino. Unanimously. Hit @courierjournal for more. #Louisville #L1C4 #Cards
ken lisa cantrell @kenlisacantrell🔁1972 The Interns vs Johnny Walker & Tojo Yamamoto! 45 years ago tonight in !
Phillip Wahlstrom @GovernorPhilW🔁On Oct. 10, Rick Pitino's hired investigators also spoke with Brian Bowen's mother.
Phillip M. Bailey @phillipmbailey🔁Rick Pitino told James Gatto (arrested in investigation) that he wanted them designed by Kanye West.
ken lisa cantrell @kenlisacantrell🔁1984 Jimmy Valiant & Randy Savage vs Ric Rude & King Kong Bundy w/ Jimmy Hart! 33 years ago tonight in !
ken lisa cantrell @kenlisacantrell🔁1979 Sonny King & Ricky Morton vs Terry Gordy & Michael Hayes! 38 years ago tonight in !
Michael Thacker @MThackerRealtor🔁Longed for a on the River? You can have one, all price points!
Louisville Palace @LvillePalace🔁! If you wanna see some insanely talented musicians, be at the Mercury Wednesday night! This show will be incredible… Info below!
EzeeEP @Ezee_EP🔁@GoCards @LvilleSprtsLive Is any High School Athlete, playing in any sport, worth losing your job. #Louisville
Robin Byrd @RobinByrd3🔁@SInow @McCannSportsLaw If I'm #Louisville, I would pay Rick Pitino and tell him goodbye. It's not in their interests to drag this out.
Lynn @LynnDgollar🔁 If there's better pizza in #Louisville than Sicilian on 4th Street, please point me there.
Market Hardware, Inc @markethardware🔁@the_nalp Headed to #Louisville this Thursday for the #NALPLANDSCAPES show? Be sure to schedule a #WebMarketing consultation with us! #NALP
Matt Downs @CoachDowns34🔁Fall is in the air. We hope everyone has a great Monday!
Jody Demling @jdemling🔁From Steve Pence's presentation to the ULAA board, here is Rick Pitino's affidavit.
Louisville A-List @LouisvilleAlist🔁[HOW TO] - Easy steps on how claim your nominee page: ttps://" target="_blank">

Reece Worman @aworm8🔁When Brian Bowen committed to , Dawkins told Pitino that " guys" were hating his decision.
Rebecca @BeckyDeplorable🔁JUST IN: Rick Pitino's attorney Steve Pence enters the closed session.
Rebecca @BeckyDeplorable🔁JUST IN: Pence is out... holding a press conference outside. Handing out documents to reporters.
TMJ-SDF Pharm. Jobs @tmj_sdf_pharm🔁Can you recommend anyone for this #job in #Louisville, KY? #Pharmaceutical #Hiring #CareerArc
Louisville A-List @LouisvilleAlist🔁REMINDER: we accept nominations until the last voting period. Follow these easy steps on how to make a nomination:

502 Geek Guy @Its502geekguy🔁LouTechEvents: Thursday after next is the DerbyPy - meetup. Don't miss it: …
Speed Art Museum @SpeedArtMuseum🔁 .@thefervor plays After Hours at @SpeedArtMuseum this Friday, 10/20. #Louisville
LosMonitosLanguageCo @experienceLM🔁Looking for some ? Join one of our group classes! Now offering and more:
Louisville KY @LouisvilleUSA🔁Heaven Hill expands distillery, making it the largest single bourbon distillery in the world
Will Clark @WClark840WHAS🔁From Steve Pence's presentation to the ULAA board, here is Rick Pitino's affidavit.


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