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Louisiana Angie Hall Wood @all3gs🔁 New Orleans, Louisiana
My Mixtapez @mymixtapez🔁⚠️ DOCUMENTARY ⚠️

Our Louisiana Documentary with the most slept on artists drops this week ..... Do you think they a twitter.com re up next?

Louisiana kamyria @mfbennn🔁 Randomly met Miss Louisiana today ⚜️
Louisiana Mamdouh Aidarous @MamdouhBA🔁Annual Training & Conferance Vibration Institute New Orleans Louisiana 07/17-20/2018
Michael Jones @AH_Michael🔁Today the rest of is off to Louisiana to film the first episode of Season One of Achievement Haunter! I would have l twitter.com oved to be there but and the gang will do me proud and I get to spend time at home with little Riss. Bag us a ghost, boys!
Ethan Brown @ethanbrown72🔁DA of DeSoto Parish, Louisiana took in $340,000 in "excessive and unreasonable" fees from traffic ticket diversion p twitter.com rogram.
La. Sec. of State @Louisiana_sos🔁Howard Kearney has qualified for U.S. Representative, District 1.
LEC INC @LEC_Inc🔁We’re having a great time at the 2018 Louisiana Rural Water Conference! Come see us in booth #53. twitter.com
Alexis @_alexiselaine_🔁 The gator going the wrong way means Louisiana has six more weeks of summer twitter.com
La. Sec. of State @Louisiana_sos🔁Renee Fontenot Free has qualified for Secretary of State.
YoDevyy😈👻 @Hammercy_Coca🔁Louisiana Mosquitoes Roll ya Sleeve up Before they Bite ya Arm
SeLassie-Bey ⚖💡 @WeNeverLass🔁Washo/Washa/Chawasha/Washitaw Almuuricans. Original inhabitants of Louisiana. Descendants of the Mound Builders, who birthed the Blackfoot, Nez Perce, Osage, Seminole, and various other tribes within the region.
NeePlus1 @NeePlus1🔁I love New Orleans but I feel like if u from here u need to get out to see what life really bout. Louisiana kinda dead end
La. Sec. of State @Louisiana_sos🔁Paula Brown has qualified for 4th Circuit Court of Appeal.
Judith Johnson/p.s...I made the soup! @judy3birds🔁🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

Whistle-blowers Say They Were Run Out Of VA Hospital In Jennings, Louisiana


La. Sec. of State @Louisiana_sos🔁AG Crowe has qualified for Secretary of State.
Momomiya aizawa @MomomiyaAizawa🔁With a growing network of primary care providers and specialists, we’re raising the bar on what a health plan can do for you.

LEC INC @LEC_Inc🔁We’re having our”selfie” a great time at the 2018 Louisiana Rural Water Conference! Come see us in booth #53. twitter.com
Kadyrion Lannister @INeedja_Kadeeja🔁A volunteer reporter was sued by the mayor of a town in Louisiana for asking to see spending records. This isn't how the public records law is supposed to work.
By cc
Natchitoches Weather @Natchitoche_WX🔁🌡️24-hr climate data end at 8:00 AM CDT today, July 18, 2018:
High ... 96.1° | Low ...78.2° | 8:00 AM ....81.4° | twitter.com 24 - Rainfall ...0.00"
City of , Louisiana official NWS, NCDC, NOAA climate site data
NWS MMTS data readings.

L E X ✨ @lexismagic21🔁 Why is that whenever an artist plans a tour, they all skip Louisiana 👎🏻👎🏻
Scott Rabalais @RabalaisAdv🔁Miss. State has a Louisiana-heavy schedule in 2018;
Sept. 15: #ULLafayette
Oct. 20: at #LSU
Nov. 3: #LouisianaTech
Rachel Merrill @Ohhhaeee🔁My catholic high school was named after a child abuser. When everyone found out, one student said “oh he just raped b twitter.com oys, it’s not murder. What’s the big deal?”
Welcome to the land of violent misogyny, aka Catholic Louisiana
Sr. Mela Perez Prado @SrMelaPerezPra2🔁My painting "Justice For All" hangs inside the Department of Justice Building in Louisiana. The origin of the laws in America are Judeo-Christian. Justice for everyone, including the unborn child and all American citizens.
LEC INC @LEC_Inc🔁We’re having our”selfie” a great time at the 2018 Louisiana Rural Water Conference! Come see us in booth #53. twitter.com
KuroSteve @kurostevekun🔁I highly recommend Japan Jukebox, a weekly broadcast by Louisiana based radio station KRVS about new Japanese indie m twitter.com usic! Also available as a podcast via iTunes, Overcast or any other decent podcast app.
American Road Mag @AmericanRoadMag🔁 amroad.net Foodie vacation: Natchitoches offers true Louisiana cuisine whether Cajun or Creole!
rtmk1_42317 @rtmk1_42317🔁Iran secret access and Louisiana with
Marcel Winston @54era🔁 Louisiana lingo is a whole nother launguage and hard to explain to those who dont know
R6 Preparedness @femaregion6cpo🔁Region 6 is proud of our returning National Youth Preparedness Council member Naomi Winston, representing , Louisiana. She will be serving as co-chair this upcoming year.
Rick Sprowl @RickSneaky🔁Two Whistle-Blowers Say They Were Run Out Of VA Hospital In Jennings, Louisiana dailycaller.com via @dailycaller
Oak Tree Half & 5K @OakTreeRace🔁Pleased to welcome our FIRST EVER Louisiana runner, Megan, to the Oak Tree! 39 states have been represented to-date! twitter.com
Cajun Gold @GoldCajun🔁@RepClayHiggins @SteveScalise @ICEgov Thanks guys. Louisiana and America appreciate the work y’all are doing for our nation!
Dennis_of_NOLA @Dennis_of_NOLA🔁Black defendant: Confederate statue at Louisiana courthouse shows 'oppression,' 'racial intolerance' via theadvocate.com
James Green @J_Green_505🔁In Louisiana all excavation near the remains stops & the coroner is called in. A forensic anthropologist's is usually twitter.com called to the scene to determine whether it is modern or prehistoric. It is considered a crime scene until an anthropologist declares it historic or prehistoric.
La. Sec. of State @Louisiana_sos🔁Justin Dewitt has qualified for U.S. Representative, 6th District.
Shreveport Bossier @sbctb🔁If you love Louisiana food, give a follow. They know the gastronomic treasures of the Bayou State like no one else a twitter.com nd can definitely show you how to and .
LDRA @louisiana_dra🔁July is one of the rainiest months and some storms can drop multiple inches of rain quickly. Get preparedness tips a twitter.com nd learn how to be ready for rain:
Benny Baca Jr. @IIBennyII🔁History you will never hear in colleges. 1st African American governor of Louisiana Republican 1872. First democratic governor of color was Douglas Wilder 1990.
R. Lamartiniere, MD @rlamartini🔁@dreamr9876 Here in Louisiana goes back to 2008.
Taylor Venable @tay_venable🔁Unless you’re from your Louisiana. We done did dat. twitter.com
HirePower Personnel @HPPStaffing🔁New job opportunity! We are hiring a Quality Lab Technician for assignment in Geismar, Louisiana twitter.com
SHOTTA @ChazDaGreat🔁If this happened in Louisiana somebody would’ve been dead by the end of the night twitter.com
Martin A. Cody @RealMartinCody🔁@SenJohnKennedy You are an utter embarrassment to the great people of Louisiana and the @GOP. Stand up, LEAD or be voted out.
Andy Shain @AndyShain🔁. announces that Louisiana will headline his annual Faith and Freedom BBQ in Anderson next month. Former congressman twitter.com was just elected presdident and heads group trying to oust "RINOs" in La. state legislture
Facts B @brymerri🔁Only in Louisiana ⚰️ twitter.com
La. Sec. of State @Louisiana_sos🔁Craig Greene has qualified by proxy for Public Service Commissioner, District 2.
Ben Carlisle @BCarlisle37🔁 Is Louisiana Tech a top three defensive unit in Conference USA headed into 2018? latech.rivals.com
Bill Kays @RebootBill🔁Two Whistle-Blowers Say They Were Run Out Of VA Hospital In Jennings, Louisiana via twitter.com
Ricky Tan 💂🏾 @yajt_crisco14🔁 When the timing is right I’m getting TF out of Louisiana ‼️‼️
La. Sec. of State @Louisiana_sos🔁Sharon Marchman has qualified for 2nd Circuit Court of Appeal.
Moseedoates @Moseedoates🔁Fear not, Louisiana Prepper. Her critics, whom you call trolls, feed & water Dana Loesch's insatiable ego, are the l twitter.com ifeblood of her brand. Without them, she has no platform, radio show, or fame. Nothing.

Condolences, dear Prepper, but you are just fawning white noise.

Bert Greer @Bert_MUSB🔁@K2G8 I was a husky lad. Hopefully you don’t have LSU great Herman Johnson coming out. Biggest baby in Louisiana history. 15 whole pounds
La. Sec. of State @Louisiana_sos🔁Follow us as we live tweet candidate sign ups and stream comments!
Victor Asal @Victor_Asal🔁Judge denies Louisiana College's motion to dismiss a discrimination case based on antisemitism - President Rick Brewe twitter.com r said he did not want to hire Bonadona because of his "Jewish blood,"

Leah Terry, NBCT @LeahTerry2🔁Empowered leaders representing education communities across the country; Louisiana, Florida, Nevada, and Alabama
Emerson Slain NOW!!! @EmersonSlain🔁In an effort to show that I'm about equal opportunity let's talk about Clayton Louisiana today around
10: 30 A. M.
Nedra👸🏽 @_GingerSnapss🔁I gotta network outside Louisiana, too much going on in this state
Mr.President @BeauxTieSwag🔁 @Imktj2 @jalon0203 I’ll be in Louisiana for this👏? twitter.com ?
La. Sec. of State @Louisiana_sos🔁The doors are officially open! #Qualifying2018 #GeauxVote
Houma, Louisiana @Houma_Louisiana🔁Houma LA Wed Jul 18th AM Forecast: TODAY Thunder Storms Hi 90 TONIGHT Chance Of T-Storm Lo 79
BleedTechBlue @BleedTechBlue🔁Is Louisiana Tech a top three defensive unit in Conference USA headed into 2018? latech.rivals.com
Vanessa Holloway @iamvholloway🔁Louisiana artist creating bronze of Missouri lawyer, politician who co-authored 13th Amendment outlawing slavery - H twitter.com erald-Whig via
DJSzuba @DJSzuba1🔁Unfortunately named Louisiana senator naively drinks the punch while the world decides American exceptionalism is out twitter.com to lunch.
Little Mary Sunshine ☀️🇺🇸✝️ @KY_SunshineGirl🔁@BertCr @secupp Haha, I remember now. From Louisiana.
Debbie Henne @DebbieHenne🔁Let’s explore! Let’s ride the Mississippi! Wait. What? We have to pay the French? Sing the story of the Louisiana Pur twitter.com chase in LOUISIANA, JOIN OUR COUNTRY.
Not of this dystopia @LouHuppke🔁 Kennedy (R.- LOUISIANA) says we need to wait and see if Vlad messes in our mid-terms.



Anybody working on that? Washington, talking to you.. YOOHOO..

trish @irishheart1960🔁Louisiana:
Rep. Steve Scalise (R) $23,850
Sen. John Kennedy (R) $9,900
Sen. Bill Cassidy (R) $9,450
Rep. Garret Graves (R) $6,000
Rep. Clay Higgins (R) $3,500
Rep. Ralph Abraham (R) $2,000
Rep. Mike Johnson (R) $2,000

Ascension Parish Library @myAPLibrary🔁✅ 30 ➕performances/workshops this summer reaching over 5000 kids in Louisiana👊 🙏to


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