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Lopetegui NewsInTheWorld @_AllTheNews_🔁Spanish FA was right to fire Lopetegui corneey.com
Lopetegui Chris @christsj101🔁 Fernando Hierro To Manage Spain in World Cup After Lopetegui’s Dismissal tsj101sports.com
Lopetegui Chris @christsj101🔁 Fernando Hierro To Manage Spain in World Cup After Lopetegui’s Dismissal tsj101sports.com
Lopetegui wuraola🌹 @_wuraola_🔁 Pique summons spirit of Michigan '89 amid Spain's Lopetegui fiasco
Lopetegui Bahtiar Yulianto @BahtiarYulianto🔁 BREAKING: Julen Lopetegui has been sacked by Spain just two days before their opening World Cup game.
Lopetegui FRANCE 24 @FRANCE24🔁Spain turmoil as coach Lopetegui fired on eve of World Cup france24.com
Lopetegui Nãif 🎗 @NaifFCB_🔁Lopetegui sacked right before the world cup to join Roberto watching the Spanish team from home

Karma is a bitch 😂😂

Aminah✨ @amiinoohh🔁 Julen Lopetegui's World Cup 2018...
A.Akkor 🇸🇦 @AbdulazizAkkor🔁 Juan Lopetegui, Russia 2018 Highlights
Lopetegui ルイスマツゥ @LewisMathu🔁 International managers to be sacked without losing a game:

- Julen Lopetegui
- Sam Allardyce

Lopetegui RNN @rnn_media🔁Spain turmoil as coach Lopetegui fired on eve of World Cup kremlinpost.com
Lopetegui Celph Titled @AAbdulface🔁 Spain sacking Lopetegui so he can't spend a month whispering in De Gea's head about Real Madrid.
Lopetegui Bayu Poppin @wutang_ng🔁 BREAKING: @SeFutbol sack head coach Julen Lopetegui. #SSN
Lopetegui Sky Sports News @SkySportsNews🔁BREAKING: Real Madrid appoint Spain manager Julen Lopetegui as new head coach. #SSN
#CHAMP13NS 🇺🇸🇬🇧 @realmadriden🔁Official Announcement: Julen Lopetegui will be the coach after the celebration of the 2018 World Cup.


Gary Lineker @GaryLineker🔁El Grande Sam Allardyco is favourite to take over from Lopetegui.
Mr. Radford @MrARadford🔁 Lopetegui: The reign with Spain stays mainly on the plane.
Sukarno sen @SenSukarno🔁Spanish fans in Madrid are in shock after Spain dramatically sacked coach Julen Lopetegui and appointed the Spanish federation's sporting director Fernando Hierro just two days before the team's opening match at the
SimplySublime @365Footyguide🔁 Lopetegui sacked by Spain. This is just incredible.
Dupri Clothing @Iamdupri🔁Mourinho, Conte, Guardiola, Rio Ferdinand, Harry Kane, Unai Emery & Zlatan react to the news that Spain head coach Julen Lopetegui has been sacked on the eve of the World Cup! 🇪🇸

5hâłïd @KhalidAlmarjib1🔁Can’t believe what happened with Lopetegui and the RFEF. Stupidness at its finest on both sides. The former should’ve informed the latter prior signing the deal on his new future job. And It’s laughable how the federation handled it. You have a WC to play!
Sam @AfricanNigerian🔁Julen Lopetegui's record at Spain:

20 games
14 wins
6 draws
0 losses
61 goals
13 conceded

Crazy stuff.

Gareth Bale fan account @False10EN🔁Martial wants out. Lopetegui in a Madrid. All signs pointing to @DuncanCastles dropping a Gareth Bale announcement masterclass
Colin O'Brien 🌐 @ColliOBrien🔁@SerieAFFC @DovSchiavone because he's waiting for it to go tits up for Lopetegui. Smart.
Pandu Eka Saputra @Pandu_23🔁Madrid and Lopetegui will be the ones to blame if Spain fail in the World Cup. Even if one player scores a hat-trick on his own goal. The narrative has been set.
shan @otreezysimmons🔁 Antony Martial’s agent trying ruin everyone’s evening like we’re Lopetegui and he’s the Spanish FA. Go for a siesta, pal.
⚡️AHMED⚡ @castro_ahmed🔁Dealing with my Demons 💀👻😈🤖👽 twitter.com
Nikhil @Nikilled🔁Lopetegui or Hierro ? I think Messi has shown everyone how good he is, For me, He will be a better choice for the position of Spain's NT manager - Xavi
Paul @paulnarh4🔁Löw [Germany coach]: “I was surprised (Lopetegui’s dismissal), it was out of the blue. I’ve no idea about the background of the Spanish FA’s decision. It’s totally unusual, if not a bombshell. Let’s not beat around the bush; it’ll lead to difficulties and unrest.” [goal]
edibi @visualizing29🔁 For the story that keeps on giving. Lopetegui to be presented tomorrow as Madrid boss. twitter.com
j. @amrlrzuan🔁Gracias and congratulations to Germany and Brazil on reaching the final. Sacking Lopetegui was totally the correct decision. That was sarcasm btw. Proper pissed off.
World News @Mundo40SNews🔁Spanish Football Team Sacks Head Coach Lopetegui Day Before World Cup sputniknews.com
haidhar n. @haidhor_🔁BREAKING: Spain manager Julen Lopetegui has been sacked just two days before their first World Cup game
Frank Corleone @frank_chesquis🔁Sacking Julen Lopetegui is honestly the most stupid decision. What's wrong if he reached an agreement to coach a club? It didn't prevent van Gaal from beating Spain 5-1 in 2014 or Conte 2-0 in 2016. Even Barça players didn't want him getting sacked. The timing is just awful.
Eni @enissimeri🔁The Spanish FA's first announcement stated 'they were in contact with Real Madrid at all times during their talks with Lopetegui' and also 'congratulating Julen' on his new appointment... Both of which they edited & removed 17 minutes later.


Alan M @AM1689🔁The Spanish FA President who’s just sacked Julen Lopetegui is the former defender Luis Rubiales

Mind blown🤯

StevCoN™ @ayodeji_steven🔁Can we say Spanish national team coach is a saboteur or what, you sign a contract with the national team to stay on the job till 2022 yet you agree to take the Madrid job just almost immediately with days to the kick off of the world cup. Julen Lopetegui what kind of man are u?
Play boi @nazeer_Ado🔁⏲ Five minutes ⏲

It was repeated over and over by Rubiales.

Timing was the trigger for Lopetegui's sacking.

And unleashing crisis in Krasnodar.


Maisha C @MsMaishaC🔁Live footage of how Lopetegui was sacked by the Spanish FA. But don’t worry, he’s fine. He landed on a giant cushion with a Real Madrid logo in it.
Alan Collins Rosell 🎗 @alancollinspdb🔁The moment Lopetegui signed for Real Madrid (before he was sacked) the Spanish media were alreasy setting it up as th twitter.com e reason their world cup campaign would have faltered
UtchayAbugu @utchayabugu🔁The guys shit for church my bro- insubordination + tapping..too much to be swept under. Moreso, the FA chairman had twitter.com a campaign promise to keep. Lopetegui should have known better. He's not the 1st coach to be appointed a club manager on or during a major tournament.
Jem @CemS_10🔁Real Madrid’s choice of Manager is absolutely shocking! Clearly no one wanted to follow Zidane. Can’t see Ronaldo or Bale staying under Lopetegui... I mean who on Earth is he 😂 One job with Porto and won nothing.
International Hoe 👑 @Tochikamaru🔁Spanish Football Federation removed their 1st announcement about Lopetegui signing for Real Madrid from their official website:

It said: "The RFEF has been at all times in contact with Real Madrid and the negotiations of our coach with his future team,"

Azrie Jasmi @azriejasmi🔁 Thank you @SeFutbol for sacking Julen Lopetegui. Can't risk having a Real Madrid manager be with David De Gea for a month.
Tunji Herbert @koko_herbert🔁One man's sacking...

Is another club's saving.

will not have to pay Lopetegui's €2m release clause.


DM FOR JERSEYS @Dayo_Mufc🔁Manchester United bribed Spain's FA to sack Julen Lopetegui so he won't spend a month convincing De Gea to come to Real Madrid
Amsyar.A.Z @amsyarzhaki🔁WATCH: Spain have sacked head coach Julen Lopetegui after he was named as Real Madrid's next manager yesterday. 🇪🇸🏆
Amsyar.A.Z @amsyarzhaki🔁Spanish FA “forced” into sacking Lopetegui when he agreed to join after without informing them.
Reverend Stephen Outis @AOStephenVII🔁I hope the price Lopetegui paid today for taking that Real Madrid job is worth it at the end of the day.
Peter W @soccerjudo94🔁Just so we're all on the same page, Zidane's departure has lead to:
- Florentino poaching AND announcing Lopetegui right before the WC
- Madrid's new coach being a man who has very publicly stated that Messi is the GOAT
- A Catalan coaching the Spanish national team

Josh Webb-Thomson 🐝🦈🏆🏆 @FightOnTwist🔁Gerard Piqué was obviously referencing the time Michigan fired Bill Frieder and replaced him with Steve Fisher and st twitter.com ill won the NCAA title. Parallel here is that Julen Lopetegui was fired/hired at Real Madrid just days before the start of the World Cup
Michael Wight @michaelwight🔁My Spanish wife’s view of the Lopetegui farrago: Spain will now win the World Cup because she’s heard of Hierro and had no idea who Lopetegui was. And she might well be right.
Legolas @Jairo_Cule🔁Not much has been said about Lopetegui. Himself. The Madrid job must now provoke odd emotions in him, probably even a touch of bitterness. It can't feel the same any more. Must wonder what he's done. What he has lost is huge. And all so avoidable.
ogiamien osafona @OgiamienO🔁 What a hard lesson to learn by Lopetegui
Messi❤ Girl @MHK01010🔁Barcelona influence on Spain has always been positive: as in playing style, Barca players scoring all goals in WC winning side, Barca players main players in the Euro winning sides....meanwhile Real Madrid & Lopetegui behavior are on the cusp of screwing Spains World cup chances
Aivaras Katutis @Aivaras77🔁People are crazy that Real Madrid announced Lopetegui before the World Cup started. I don't get it - how we could we twitter.com be without a manager a month and make some big desicions in the transfer windows? It's impossible at his level. It was a right decision from club's position.
Congress @HentaiPtmx🔁'We have no time to dwell on Lopetegui sacking', says Spain replacement Hierro: Spain have "no time to dwell" on the twitter.com sacking of coach Julen Lopetegui, says temporary replacement Fernando Hierro.
David Cartlidge @davidjaca🔁@ewwclams Timing. And he was the man that backed Lopetegui, gave him a new deal.
•King Salessie• @The_Uplifted🔁Pique telling the Spanish FA president about rumours in the Spain dressing room that Lopetegui had agreed a deal with Real Madrid.
Rut Upadhyaya @RutUpadhyaya🔁Sacking Lopetegui leaves the national team headless and confused just before the start of the

Keeping Lopetegui leaves the national team leaderless and confused just before the start of the

Russell Hammant @Buster_5265🔁 Anger and ethics at heart of Spain’s decision to sack Julen Lopetegui | @sidlowe theguardian.com
K13 @KrezzyPrince🔁25 Nov 2016: Julen Lopetegui voted for Leo Messi for FIFA The Best Award

30 Nov, 2017: Julen Lopetegui: "Messi is the greatest player in history."

Jaime Ibarra Becerra @JaIbarraB🔁Must sound weird coming from a Barça fan but the only one to blame for the all the Spain fiasco is Lopetegui. An ethi twitter.com cal professional does not do what he did, period. RM and the Spanish FA are just looking after their interests, can't blame them.
I AM darniee!!™ @itz_darnie🔁Julen Lopetegui will be presented tomorrow as Real Madrid’s new coach at the Santiago Bernabeu. The event will start at 19:00 CET. [cope]
Baya @Stark_York🔁Rubiales, who was voted as the president of the Spanish FA last month, was heard saying to Lopetegui this morning, “I renewed your contract for 2 more years even though I knew you did not vote for me.” []
Sammy BOURGEOIS @DejaBourge🔁 @DejaBourge @spain They should keep Lopetegui, who cares if he’s going to RM after the WC.
IG: IAM_OGUNDIRAN @Ogundiran🔁President of Spanish FA actually thinking of replacing Lopetegui before the World Cup starts. He renewed his contract 2 months ago only for him to find a deal with Madrid 2 days before the start of the World Cup. Whole dynamics have changed for them. Advantage Messi & Argentina.
! @cslfc🔁Even Lopetegui thought it was batshit that he'd get the Real Madrid job. Mendes pulls his strings and gets him the job a few days before the World Cup starts, throwing Spain into disarray.

A M A Z I N G .

I ship Will and Simon★[Team💯] @gr8_m8_ir8🔁@LoughreyMUFC @AJ3 @Itani Lopetegui just outdid Big Sam
! @cslfc🔁oh god it's even better, Lopetegui's agent and key part in his Real Madrid move is Jorge Mendes, and Spain just happen to play Portugal on Friday. I LOVE THIS GAME
SYeD SarMaD³³ 💜 @MistrrJoker🔁Julen Lopetegui’s first official club match will be a European Cup Final against Diego Simeone’s Atlético, welcome to Real Madrid boss.
Dante Zuñiga @dantezuniga9🔁BREAKING: Spain announce they have fired Julen Lopetegui two days before the team's first game at the FIFA World Cup.
ADAMS HUSEIN @AdamsHusein111🔁Löw [Germany coach]: “I was surprised (Lopetegui’s dismissal), it was out of the blue. I’ve no idea about the backgro twitter.com und of the Spanish FA’s decision. It’s totally unusual, if not a bombshell. Let’s not beat around the bush; it’ll lead to difficulties and unrest.” [goal]
Tom Ó Cadhla @tomcadhla🔁 Marca up in arms because Julen Lopetegui has said he'll only talk to the Fermanagh papers.
Damiii @itz_Asedami🔁Lopetegui on his way back to Spain: "I'm very sad, we have a magnificent team - let's hope we can win the World Cup"
Natasya @natasyamazing🔁Rubiales [president of Spanish FA]: “Yesterday I spoke with Florentino. We didn’t argue, I just made him see how things are. He could’ve talked to me and said, “Hey Luis, we want Lopetegui. How do we proceed?” [cadena ser]
Fathur Maulana Ibenz @fathuribenz🔁This Lopetegui situation just shows how much anti-madridismo there is in Spain. From the media to the Spanish Football Federation.


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