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FloWrestling @FloWrestling🔁Nathan Tomasello preparing for his showdown with Ethan Lizak tonight. #SharkNato
Lizak Josh Overstreet🤼‍♂️ @joverstreet1🔁 125 lbs | Tomasello vs Lizak
FloWrestling @FloWrestling🔁Nathan Tomasello-Ethan Lizak isn't the only ranked showdown tonight.

Take a look at the other fire matches going dow n tonight in Columbus.

Michael J. Wright II @MW2_47🔁 Nathan Tomasello techs NCAA Runner up Ethan Lizak 👀😱🔥🔥🔥🔥
Frank Castle @randallflag19🔁Anyone actually surprised Lizak broke like that?
The Quoter @WrestlingQuoter🔁All the while CP looks like a genius. I mean, NATO’s title in the moment was riddled with questions (could he have be aten Gilman?). But now, he returns a 3x AA, techs Lizak after a winter break where Suriano looked well within range of other 25s. Big question is Cruz vs. NATO.
sockobuw @sockobuw🔁@SuprStud84 @beck_diggity @WrestlingQuoter I'm not willing to count lee out. Lizak not a title contender, but could play spoiler for someone
Stallion Wrestling @wrestlesfd🔁End of period two | Tomasello dominates period two, even putting LIzak on his back for four nearfall points. Bucks crushin' it 13-2 with a riding time advantage of 1:10. Nate will begin on bottom.

The Quoter @WrestlingQuoter🔁I meant more from a story-plot perspective. Cruz taking out Gilman last year (and Lizak on the other side) signaled to me a new-wave of 125, but NATO returns as a 2-class juggernaut potentially spoiling the party for the new guys.
sockobuw @sockobuw🔁@beck_diggity @WrestlingQuoter If lizak keeps dropping matches I wouldn't want to be the guy getting him Thursday night
Jack @sindlingrrrrrr🔁@FloWrestling @wrestlingbucks @CCometwrestling thought you said lizak was gonna win????
Mason Beckman @beck_diggity🔁I’m not convinced that Lizak or Lee could string together 3-4 straight wins against elites guys right now. I stand by my statement.
sockobuw @sockobuw🔁@beck_diggity @WrestlingQuoter None of those guys want to see Lizak in the rd of 16 or semi. Too early to count lee out
Seth Petarra @SethPetar🔁@ToddGardner88 Not really, Tomasello is just on another level. Lizak is still good.
The General Lee @ToddGardner88🔁@beck_diggity Lizak is just a danger. He isn't that good. Finalist last year or not.
The General Lee @ToddGardner88🔁@SethPetar Just shows how bad Lizak is. Way over rated.
Jimmy Butler for MVP @imightbekd🔁Dominated the match and escaped when Ethan Lizak (Minnesota) took top! Impressive win for Nathan Tomasello (Ohio State)!
Alex Steen @AlexSteenTOM🔁@TPA_87 I think you'll see Lizak take top in every match from here on out unless he is tied going to the 3rd.
Alex Steen @AlexSteenTOM🔁The getting out part I disagree with because the list of those who have even stayed off their back against Lizak is pretty short. Still, I do agree Picc has the advantage on his feet. Just can't make a mistake. The Fix finish on Fausz was the blueprint for how to take him down.
Tyler @TPA_87🔁@AlexSteenTOM The interesting thing to me is if Lizak would ever consider choosing top on Picc in certain situations.


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