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Liza Europétrole @Europetrole🔁ExxonMobil Advances Liza Phase 1 Development
piposvky @piposvky🔁 How will Charles react to Liza's secret?

Tweet us your guesses. @PeterHermann #HeKnows #YoungerTV

LizaLiza лизи @SAMONINA_LIZA🔁 Barcelone ,🇪🇸
piposvky @piposvky🔁 Liza trying to see = all of us trying to see. 😂 #YoungerTV
Katty~ @katia_liza🔁 yall seeing him stare up and down like... that?
LizaLizaLiza LizQuen SoberanoGil❤SOBERANO-GIL @liza_quen_13🔁 I found the person I never want to stop making memories with.


Liza Thought Catalog @ThoughtCatalog🔁Every single day.

#YoungerTV @YoungerTV🔁RETWEET if you're ready to find out Charles' reaction to Liza's secret.

An all-new episode begins at 10/9c on .

Natasha Negovanlis @natvanlis🔁SURPRISE! A terrible Liza Minnelli impersonator who reviews wine on the Internet is maybe the role I was born to play ? Catch in San Francisco at this Friday! I’ll be there... but sadly not in this costume.
BelleDisney @BelleDisney1🔁Grabe ung facial expression ni Quen when he said it and after he said it - seryoso sya talaga. Medyo emotional pa. Who wouldn't love him for Liza. Thank you for this throwback fam.

Betty❤TS13 @NewRomantic1989🔁After David and Liza broke up, I thought love does not exist. But this video from the tour got my hopes up again! you have to see this!!!! ❤❤❤. Congratulations to guys! ❤
Liza Farol @farol_liza🔁Congrats to our 4 winners 🎉

So, are you going to be or a ? Let us know within 5 minutes, or we'll draw someone else!

fer (busy for college) @ilysbDK🔁Sharing with everyone the full music video of and for TVC.

Share it guys! :)

Good Vibes sing along with Kisses and Liza via

Renn @rennrb40🔁Liza Soberano
• Beautiful face
• Talented actress
• Major asset to

- Direk Joey, 2015

William Lancaster @haybobee🔁I’m sorry to see the hate-filled, bitter man that Robert DeNiro has turned into. He was such a great actor. He came to my house on several occasions yrs ago while doing a film with Liza Minnelli in Hyd. Always seemed nice then. Now, not so much!
GandaNgBagani @BaganiNg🔁For Direk Joey Lamangan to say that Liza s now unreachable bec of Darna jst shows that Liza has become a most prized actor of ABS CBN. Siguro impossible na ipahiram si Liza sa ibang movie producers or make a film outside Star Cinema.

Laëtitia @lchatelard04🔁SURPRISE! A terrible Liza Minnelli impersonator who reviews wine on the Internet is maybe the role I was born to play? Catch in San Francisco at this Friday! I’ll be there... but sadly not in this costume.
VitalghRadio @kwame106🔁Liza - A brand new life
Mr. Showtime @080672🔁Ang seious ng mukha ni Quen,hindi half meant,apparently true sia,he doesnt want to lose Liza
vnv @virnsky🔁 Simple reasons to love Liza
21 Grey T-shirts @21greytshirt🔁10 Heiresses of Iconic Showbiz Titles

Kathryn - Superstar
Nadine - Star for All Seasons
Liza - Megastar
Maine - Queen of All Media
Jane O. - Grand Slam Queen
Julia B. - Optimum Star
Julia M. - Diamond Star
Maymay - Comedy Queen
Janella - Pop Superstar
Kisses - Primetime Queen

🐾Jessa🐾 @jessa_jessag🔁Basta ako as a Solid L, support lang k Liza, kahit ano ang away & issues within LQs FGs. I acknowledge and thank LQ FGs' support for Liza. But I will always give Liza the benefit of the doubt in any issue that may be raised against her by any individual or FG. That's love.
Pandora Taylor @arodnapsbox🔁Oh seriously @YoungerTV please tell me Charles and Liza will be on the same page next week, I’m dying over here

Dinnesmorales @dinnesmorales🔁Throwback Wednesday number three...

I miss Serena and Tenten. I still feel tenten’s longing & pain. Ramdam Ko. Especially when Serena looked at him without recognition. For me this is the serye where liza really came out - acting-wise and beauty wise

c l @narrdaa🔁Kudos to her trainers and action director .
Also for direk for pushing her limits.
I also like it more coz she's tall and long-limbed. Liza Soberano is so ready for .

Renn @rennrb40🔁 Love, love this funny and sweet girl on TV, Liza Soberano.


Domileo Espejo @asiasdomi🔁Direk Erik Matti: "We’ve had several look tests already in terms of makeup, costumes for the superhero and for the normal Narda costume."
kera @ImsoinsaneeKera🔁@lizzzako your Liza On Demand comes out on my birthday 😎 frickin sweet
LQ💕 @kiaramia70🔁Same

Liza is beautiful, good actress and a nice person. My reasons for stanning.
Simple. Uncomplicated

Sinead @ssinead_🔁I liked a @YouTube video Liza On Demand - Official Trailer
Dinnesmorales @dinnesmorales🔁Thru her action scenes in Bagani, Liza is giving us a peek of how shes gonna be like in her Darna movie. So excited for this.


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