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Lions Katie Fortenberry @KTfort1🔁 We 👏 see 👏 you 👏 @Nate13Burleson

#AmericasHeartbeat | #DetroitVsEverybody

Avery @averygrondin🔁 This is the SEC Offensive Player of the Year! #OnePride

🎥 @AyeyoKEJO highlights

Jeff Glynn @coach_glynn9🔁 This is the SEC Offensive Player of the Year! #OnePride

🎥 @AyeyoKEJO highlights

LionsLions DEKU @JamelleBennett🔁 omg Nate Burleson wore the Lions jacket from Beverly Hills Cop
Lions Roberto Borges @roberto_borges1🔁 With the 20th pick in the 2018 #NFLDraft, the #Lions select C Frank Ragnow! #OnePride
Lions NFL @NFL🔁With the #20 overall pick in the 2018 #NFLDraft, the @Lions select #FrankRagnow (@KNARFWONGAR)!


NFL @NFL🔁With the #43 overall pick in the 2018 , the select RB Kerryon Johnson ()!


Jared Davidson @Jared59Davidson🔁Bruh... the Lions add @KNARFWONGAR and @AyeyoKEJO is going to be insane for years to come....
MorningGlory @Glorious_Morn🔁@BrentLeoSmith I've been hearing male lions roaring on the dam cam. Could it be the BBoys, or those uninvited Avocas?
Mary Bagby Steadman @landtitle2🔁@Todkispolish @KyleParmley @BCS_Lions I thought I heard 1:00 Pm??
Taylor Anastasia @TrappinTaylor🔁@SacManSpin I’m off the street with the big White House and the lions in front
Kyle Tierney @Detroits_MVP_🔁@mohurstjr Would have KILLED to see you in the D @Lions
Jim Bob Quinn Patricia @rob_dejonge🔁@Lions_2786 @TracyWalkerIII Do sho my guy!
Simon Manning @smanning2129🔁 Just realized this means @AyeyoKEJO will never put on a Auburn uniform ever again. Guess We’re Lions fans now
DLB @DetLionBlood🔁Do the right thing, @Lions.
Leloo💚💕 @yaskos03🔁I just know they gave a great record!! My husband is the Lions fan, but I cheer him on!! I’m s Dallas Cowboys girl a ll the way!!!!
#OnePride @Lions_2786🔁@mgdmd1 I figured we would have drafted a D line player by now
Anna Marie Sutton @coopernurse1🔁Greetings Safari Peeps!! Fingers & toes crossed that we get to see the lions that have been roaring for us lately!! W ould be great to see hyenas too!! All set to see what bush adventures are in store for us this morning! Let's roll!!! 😊
Simon Manning @smanning2129🔁 LISTENING TO TEE GRIZZLY ALL NIGHT!!!! LIONS BABY!!!
Insider @anu141🔁There can be no covenants between men and lions, wolves and lambs can never be of one mind, but hate each other out and out. - Homer
Patrick John Vickery @p_vickery🔁@RobertIrwin That is so cool Robert I just love lions 🦁 do you think you guys will ever get any in the zoo
Anderson Mangueira @AndersonBelo_🔁Campaign Lions Campina Grande save us problems all universe collision small universes more universe great infinities rising imagining to change ways of how she act giving impassioned chords without velocities created her journeys nonmaginarios times that they do after divinity
Stephen Gray @BIGBLUEBALDO🔁He was to busy calling into to buy her a gift but he got her a bigly card with lions tigers and bears. He was so ov erwhelmed with his job that he was having a meltdown on TV. He is a F**KING MORON PERIOD.
Ben Bruex @Buffy619🔁 Lions are drafting DB Tracy Walker.
Anthony Hildebrand @biganthony81🔁 Walker on being selected by Lions in 3rd round. “I’m definitely honored they picked me and they won’t regret it.
Kyle B @K3hreeB🔁6th round unneeded safety with Mo Hurst left on the board.. ok lions.
Kerry Maggard @KerryMaggard🔁The select with the 82nd pick in the third round!


Queen Harvest @QueenHarvest🔁@goodgodwin @AyeyoKEJO I’m a big lions fan now
JWK @J_Ku1p3r🔁Lions are really gonna get Mo as an undrafted free agent bc of a nonsensical heart issue that’s he’s played thru his whole life. Let’s go
Phil Eaton @PhilTweaton🔁 Hey Lions! Make sure you follow our College & Career Center @LifeBeyondLCHS
Celyca @AmamiTops🔁i love u so much u are so beautiful i would rip the stars from the sky for ur smile i would walk into the lions mouth for the illusion of you
Michael Doherty @mgdmd1🔁Starting to worry that Patricia is a little too sure of himself. Perhaps thinks his scheme is that good. Would like D Line help personally
Tim Hall @TimHall5569🔁This is the fight the passion I want to see from the Republican party we are lions not sheep
Leloo💚💕 @yaskos03🔁 @yaskos03 @Lions Uhmmm, War Eagle?
#OnePride @Lions_2786🔁@rob_dejonge @TracyWalkerIII Thank you
florence @Florencemaries🔁183 days for Boracay to recover/ & 183 beautiful beaches to discover. I’m so proud of my young team Bot Vidanes & Irish Bautista. Their work was judged 2nd place in the recent Young Lions competition. But the Dept. of Tourism saw it as a winner!
Mary Bagby Steadman @landtitle2🔁Playoff final: 3, Calera 1

Briarwood staves off elimination and forces a game 3 tomorrow at 1 p.m. The Lions scored one run in the first and two in the fourth to pull off the win. Hudson Hartsfield, Eli Steadman, Wesley Helms and Bryce Perrien all had hits in the win.

Sue Koehler @koehlers617🔁•Jacob slept over stones
•Elijah slept under a juniper tree
•Daniel slept in a lions’ den
•Jonah slept in a ship
•Peter slept in a prison
•Eutychus slept on a window sill
•Jesus slept during a storm

So no matter your situation,
you can take a nap today 😜😴

Fantasy Sports @FantasySP🔁Tracy Walker / Lions selected Louisiana-Lafayette DB Tracy Walker with the #NFL #
Zsasz Zsasz @williemackinV🔁@AUChase_ @DGarraston @PFF @Lions I don’t know how but y’all cheated that game lol
isabelle Simonet @isa_simonet🔁SIGNING SCHEDULE: Duet Books, Booth 208
10 am:
1:30 pm:
We'll have a limited number of copies of RUNNING WITH LIONS available at our booth. Buy early at Booth 208 to secure a copy when we release them at 1:30!
Toowoomba Region @toowoombaregion🔁 Hear triple Brisbane Lions AFL flag winner & Gold Coast Suns Head of Development Shaun Hart speak at the May 15 Mayo ral Prayer Breakfast at Rumours from 6am. Proceeds to be donated to Toowoomba Community Care Transport.
Tis @yorkiefights🔁I hope who have no interior defensive line regret passing in him long time. A safety from Lou Laff? Silly. And I’m a Sparty fan.
Ethical Hacktivist @BhaskarMukherj1🔁While most of India's talent used to head to US for a better life.
Now they move to Bengaluru in search of a better life.

Goes to show how much development has occurred in Karnataka, that it solved India's brain drain problem.

BGibson6 @blainegibson6🔁Headed to the NFL! Louisiana’s Tracy Walker selected by the Detroit Lions in the 3rd Round of the 2018 Draft.
#OnePride @Lions_2786🔁@reeber93 @mgdmd1 Let's hope


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