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Sir Aaron Carter💂🏾 @ydaak🔁@MLS take 3 against Liga MX. Let's finish the fight in the second leg MLS!! #CCLfever
Seattle Sounders FC @SoundersFC🔁Leg 1 of 2018 CONCACAF Champions League quarterfinals....

MLS vs. Liga MX: 3-0-0

Congrats, and ! Let's do it aga in next week, yeah?

Liga MX Maxi Rodriguez @FutbolIntellect🔁This, on Liga MX and NBA ratings, is amazing.
Liga MX JorkPes @jorkpes🔁 MexaPower Patch Liga MX #PES2018 #PS4 - by TeamDanyPES ➡️
(((Ian Hest))) @IanHest🔁NY Red Bulls 2-0 win at Tijuana tonight is the best MLS vs Liga MX result in the history of the . In fact, it's only the 3rd time an MLS team has won away at a Liga MX side in the competition (2011-12 Dallas 1-0 @ UNAM, 2011-12 Seattle 1-0 @ Monterrey)
Gerardo Ladriere @GeraLad🔁 MLS 2, Liga MX 0...
Ant_Knee @PicoDe_Gallo🔁Good morning. It's quite telling that an MLS team winning (not an aggregate win, mind you) over a mid-table Liga MX side in a QF stage is THIS massively important.

Keep that in mind when you want to compare both leagues in any respect.

ATL Chris @atlfalcon89🔁 FT Seattle 1:0 Chivas. Just the first leg, but all 3 MLS teams have leads against Liga MX teams heading into the return legs.
Rhys @RhysK_AFC🔁MLS clubs are 3-0 against Liga MX clubs in the past 24 hours. The injection of allocation money is showing on the field.
“But Liga MX is bett...”
Jeremiah Oshan @JeremiahOshan🔁Before this round of CCL, MLS teams faced Liga MX sides 74 times since 2008 and won only 12. Going 3 for 3 in first legs is an incredible achievement. But on average Liga MX sides have beaten MLS sides by 2 goals at home. This is why for me only RBNY are favored to go through.
Lewis Jones @Superlewis08🔁I liked a @YouTube video How The S**t Does Liga MX's Promotion/Relegation Work??
Delta Force @SF_DeltaForce🔁Leg 1 of 2018 CONCACAF Champions League quarterfinals....

MLS vs. Liga MX: 3-0-0

Congrats, and ! Let's do it again next week, yeah?

Delta Force @SF_DeltaForce🔁 If current trends hold no @MLS team will lose to a Liga MX team ever again.
Keaton Köch [SDMN] @BobDole520🔁Well, to be frank, the biggest issue with go90 is outside of us MLS/Liga MX diehards/fans, no one really knows about go90. Less exposure for the tourney isn't good. Also, broadccast was delayed about 25 seconds compared to the Univision broadcast today.
Ryan @Utz14🔁Chivas' fans may have been annoying tonight but can we all agree fuck that fan who brought a laser pointer into the s tadium? This isn't Liga MX where they hand them out to you as swag at the entrances. I'm glad he got booted from the game.
Lil Hat-Trick @MexicanSoccer9🔁For Sounders fans in the mood for optimism, here are Chivas' home results since lifting the Liga MX trophy in May 2017. That's 5 wins in 20 matches (including that random friendly loss).
L e s l y ✨ @_xoxlesly🔁Tijuana got their ass handed to them at home, Tigres couldn’t beat Toronto, trash Chivas lost to Seattle, & America the only one that is rightfully representing Liga MX. Hay niveles señores. Arriba el América 🦅💙💛
Soccer 'Murica @SoccerMurca🔁I know some will complain if clubs do anything but win in , but the bottom line is that for all three clubs in start -of-season form to win a first leg vs. Liga MX clubs in midseason form is HUGE, period.
Benue Reports @benue_reporters🔁

It’s only halftime,...

foot_futbol @foot_futbol2🔁Disappointed that Gignac isn't starting. Tuca Ferretti saying yesterday that he'd prefer to win Liga MX over . Talking to fans in Monterrey on last couple of visits, fans seem desperate for a title, especially because have 3
Ozzie @El_Oso310🔁@coco7__ Smh, all Liga mx teams did bad expect for America
Jorge Mendoza @JorgeMendoza🔁Homegrowns in CCL:

-3 start, 5 play for NYRB
-Osorio scores absurd winner for TFC
-Bwana looks dangerous, Wingo subs on for him and promptly delivers gorgeous assist on winner

There's only one star in the bunch (Adams), but the Homegrowns are making a difference vs. Liga MX.

New Sports Updates @newsprtsupdates🔁MLS teams sweep Liga MX sides in CCL quarterfinal first legs: Read More
1800-LoverBoy @horchatapapi🔁 When you say "Big 4" when talking about sports in the US, I hope you mean the NFL, NBA, MLB and Liga MX.
Richard Slate @RichSlate🔁FULL-TIME! The Seattle Sounders beat Chivas 1-0 to make it three wins in three tries for teams against Liga MX in CONCACAF Champions League first legs.
Wendy C Harnarine @wharnarine🔁In all honesty Tom, I wanted Tuca to lose his shit and get ejected in typical Liga MX fashion-was looking forward to it!
ClassyFooty @zafootballfan🔁 MLS teams took two wins over Liga MX sides in #CCL play Wednesday

World Soccer News @W0RLDSOCCERNEWS🔁MLS teams sweep Liga MX sides in CCL quarterfinal first legs: Read More
Donato Garcia @DonatoGarcia12🔁 Almeyda setting himself up for a post Liga MX career in @MLS #CCL
Luke Rage @timothy_dee🔁MLS teams just won 3 consecutive matches against Liga MX sides in CCL quarterfinals. And it’s still gonna be Tigres v Xolos in the final.
Ismael Ayala ⚽ @fishboi14🔁These MLS teams are making results happen vs Liga MX teams who are in mid season form 🤨
Victor Araiza @victoraraiza🔁Almeyda setting himself up for a post Liga MX career in @MLS #CCL
erika rivas @savirakire🔁. delves into how MLS sides are turning the tide against Liga MX's giants in the : creating depth, through homegrowns and TAM.
Haiti News Network - HNN @HaitiNewsNet🔁MLS has banner day in CCL but must get results next week to keep flag flying high - Toronto FC and the Seattle Sounde rs topped their Liga MX visitors but have work to do to make the semifinals of the tournament @footy90com🔁🔥 Football News:

#teams #sweep #liga
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ian @the16thdoc🔁@RobUsry It's not fair because the Liga MX teams are in midseason form/fitness so..... hey wait a minute
Rob Usry @RobUsry🔁Anyone know how MLS is doing against Liga MX in the CCL quarters?
f chateaubriand @ciscokid50🔁The fans next to me said if MLS games were as “fast” as this one they would have more interest. Gotta say this played like a Liga MX game and was vastly more entertaining than many (most?) mls games I’ve attended in last couple of years.
David @DSARuns4Fun🔁 MLS teams took two wins over Liga MX sides in #CCL play Wednesday

biscotti bowman @AMLRook🔁Tigres got cold (literally) and stopped playing. They even left warm ups prior to the game a few minutes early. Best team in Liga MX? We'll see.
Seattle News 360 @SeattleNews360🔁Seattle Sounders Beat Chivas To Complete MLS First Leg Sweep Of Liga MX In The CONCACAF Champions League
SC101 @SoccerCleats101🔁I mean it is only the first leg, but all 3 MLS teams winning against Liga MX teams in the same round of games is pretty impressive! 👏
Jonathan Galvan @jonathangal_09🔁@JakWMac @Ferrari_CF_AME @SoundersFC @Chivas dosent matter MLS teams wont go to the club world cup its always Liga MX


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