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#Letters2Kids CeeLee @CeeLeeMusic🔁Pick the right role models.


Queen Joaquin @queen_joaquin🔁 I see you. You matter. You are loved. #Letters2Kids
LA VERNE🎵🎶🎸😍🌹🍒 @LaVerne90748971🔁 I see you. You matter. You are loved. #Letters2Kids
Talia Caldwell @ESOTERICTalia🔁 I see you. You matter. You are loved. #Letters2Kids
Julie Plec @julieplec🔁If you've been taught to hate by your parents, you have a lot less to un-learn than they do. Start now. Be the change. #Letters2Kids
Michael Skolnik @MichaelSkolnik🔁Every day...

Remind a young person that you love them unconditionally.

Remind a young person that you believe in them.


Russell Simmons @UncleRUSH🔁As young people begin their school year, please write to give them HOPE and share our LOVE! They need and deserve ou r support!
J.peter @cielocasa2🔁 We pledge our support to each and every young person in and outside of school. Your safety matters. #Letters2Kids
Kandi Ranson @KandiRanson🔁Love URself first Rock UR own lyrics Paint UR own pictures Trust URself Be honest Give kindness Give hope Be good example #Letters2Kids
(((woke immigran✝))) @AnnPicknie🔁#Letters2Kids This too shall pass, the things you face now isn't the sum total of who you are - stop taking yourself so Seriously ❤️
Carrie Rose @eatnapdrink🔁 You are beautiful. You are hope. You are bright. You are the future. #Letters2Kids
joey o' @JoeJoeWitty🔁Don't f' it up for everyone, jerkoffs #Letters2Kids
joey o' @JoeJoeWitty🔁Never trust anyone over 30 #Letters2Kids
4animals @cherylc41🔁 #Letters2Kids Keep speaking out about taking care of our planet. Be the Lorax: Speak for the trees
Brooklyn Crown👑 @crown_brooklyn🔁Dreams really do come true. Bad things don't last forever. Practice makes perfect. You can be whatever you want to be in life #Letters2Kids
حنان الفايز @il7anan🔁 Love yourself first. Exude everything that makes you, you. #Letters2Kids
Wanjiru Njendu @wanjirunjendu🔁 Don't be in a rush to grow up. Be patient with life's lessons and take your time becoming who you're meant to be 🌹
Wanjiru Njendu @wanjirunjendu🔁"Children are not a distraction from more important work. They are the most important work." CS Lewis
Wanjiru Njendu @wanjirunjendu🔁 @MichaelSkolnik Concentrate on being good not right. #Letters2Kids
Wanjiru Njendu @wanjirunjendu🔁 It's ok to be afraid. Trust in yourself. Have courage to feel your fear and do it anyway. This is freedom. #Letters2Kids
Wanjiru Njendu @wanjirunjendu🔁 @AmericasPromise Dear young people,

Your voice matters.
You matter.


Wanjiru Njendu @wanjirunjendu🔁As young people begin their school year, please write to give them HOPE and share our LOVE! They need and deserve our support!
Wanjiru Njendu @wanjirunjendu🔁 #Letters2Kids Dont ever let anyone tell you who you are. You SHOW them who you are.
Wanjiru Njendu @wanjirunjendu🔁"We are all living on a gigantic, flying rock... trying to learn how to fly...
Everyone Can Fly."

Wanjiru Njendu @wanjirunjendu🔁Who has some encouraging words for the young people of our nation? Let’s go!

Use the hashtag and I will RETWEET my favorites!

edu4kidz @edu4kidz🔁 Strive to do better than us!


Nami Thompson @nami_knows🔁We trust you. #Letters2Kids
Daryl Reddick Jr @LancelotAvianR2🔁Don't fill your parents shoes.
Walk this world barefoot.
Free of their hand-me-downs.


Emi Kayserilioglu @eminations🔁Be humble, remain inquisitive & fear nothing. #Letters2Kids
David Lance @DavidLance3🔁#Letters2Kids Dear good young people

We're sorry we failed you.

You can "leave early" while you still can

We deserve it

Michael Payne @IndyMikePayne🔁 You give me hope. Thank you. #Letters2Kids
David Lance @DavidLance3🔁 nah not all young people are smart. All I can say is soz to the good young people out there & you deserved better
Jason Winston George @JasonWGeorge🔁Act like it all depends on you
Pray like it all depends on God

#RandomActsOfKindness 2 others R gifts 2 Urself

Be U
Do U

Nola Darling @AGalvezStJoint🔁#Letters2Kids There's no such thing as weird--everyone has tribe. Find yours. Be kind to everyone. Practice good manners. Stay curious.
Michael Greenan @michael_greenan🔁 Some of the most important and best things you'll ever do will never be seen by people. Do them anyway.
Cayce Newton @Cayce333🔁#Letters2Kids Dear Kiddo, The world is a rainbow of unique and beautiful individuals. It's okay to be different. Just be you. 🌈
Briaaanluckybala @Kisumu_lastborn🔁 Every saying you hear is true. Work hard/play hard, be kind, and most importantly, fight for what's right. #Letters2Kids
Natacha Pizzini @nat_pizza🔁Your mental health is more important than other people. Get rid of toxic ppl in your life. Even if that means your parents. 💕 #Letters2Kids
Briaaanluckybala @Kisumu_lastborn🔁 Know that Each Young Person has something that is Unique Only to Them. Don't let anyone try to Silence that part of you!
Briaaanluckybala @Kisumu_lastborn🔁 Follow your own heart, be your own person, but please learn from your parent's mistakes so that you can soar even higher
James P Smith @JamesPSmith_🔁We pledge our support to each and every young person in and outside of school. Your safety matters. #Letters2Kids
Dale Messinger @DaleMessinger🔁You don't need take part in religion just because your parents do. It's your choice, and it's okay to not believe in any gods.
Skin Care By Tracie @TracieWilkes🔁you.


#Letters2Kids (2/2)

Skin Care By Tracie @TracieWilkes🔁in them.

#Letters2Kids (2/2)

merlinswigart @merlinswigart🔁I will always keep u safe & out of harms way, my baby love! Follow along @ cc
A. R. MacGregor @armacgregor🔁#Letters2Kids It is completely ok to feel things and feel them greatly. Don't let people belittle your process. Dreams take time, patience.
Pam Stucky @pamstucky🔁@MichaelSkolnik I can't help but think many adults could use some of these #Letters2Kids too.
linda salcfas @linmaur🔁 Shine YOUR light! #Letters2Kids
Robyne Young @YoungRobyne🔁#Letters2Kids always do your best. Be proud o who you are. Help those that need it, but save 4 retirement. And know you are loved very much!
Victoria Brush @Jessicacastle81🔁You don't know what you can do until you try. So give it a go! You might be happily surprised! #Letters2Kids
Gale Hansen @Montagsdayjob🔁 You bring your own weather to the picnic. #Letters2Kids
Karen Wilson @akamzzdub🔁"Always use your knowledge, passion & love to build bridges, not walls"
Karen Wilson @akamzzdub🔁 Don't be afraid to make mistakes but also when you do make a mistake LEARN from it. #Letters2Kids
Karen Wilson @akamzzdub🔁Your generation will be the positive change we all wish to see in the world. #Letters2Kids
Kristene @sweetmelissakp🔁Don't be afraid to make mistakes but also when you do make a mistake LEARN from it. #Letters2Kids
Allene #Resist @leomitts89🔁#Letters2Kids If it sounds to good to be true it is. #FakeNews.
conye @ClownNamedConye🔁 Pursue your dreams young people and help other young people do the same. #Letters2Kids #Squad


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