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Letterman Fowler Ann Barb @illfindmyownwa5🔁 Eight things we learned from David Letterman's interview with Barack Obama rol.st
CNN @CNN🔁Former President Obama explains "what the Russians exploited" in new interview with David Letterman twitter.com
The New Yorker @NewYorker🔁On the première episode of David Letterman’s Netflix series, Barack Obama shows off his quick wit, his playfulness, a twitter.com nd his ease and pleasure at delivering a good joke:
ωαɳ∂α ɱα૨เε @Us_Five🔁 Watching Obama with Letterman is making me sad
Esquire @esquire🔁Letterman's interview with Barack Obama is required viewing this weekend esqr.co
Sir Max of the Well @earnmallee🔁Just saw the Letterman interview with Obama. If I live to be 1000 I will never understand how we went from this intelligent, witty, compassionate man to the human shithole we have now.
Rhonda Elliott @relliott2213🔁Obama to Letterman: No Sense of ‘Relief’ After Turning Presidency Over to Trump via thebea.st
Anthony ImperatoMAGA @AnthonyImperat3🔁The same networks that can't find 30 seconds to discuss Obama going soft on Hezbollah drug-running to get an Iran deal CAN find time to have a thrill up their leg that Obama talked about his dance moves on David Letterman’s new Netflix show.
sharonmrh @Lymisharon🔁Thank you for running the 2009 clip of “the late, great ” on David Letterman talking abt the rising star, . Caught me by surprise. Whew!
Sam Ikomi @samikomi🔁Dear ,
In the event you want a lesson on HOW TO ACT LIKE A REAL PRESIDENT, turn on and watch on Letterman's new show.
Renae Jones @JonesRj1964🔁 Just watched @BarackObama on the Dave Letterman Netflix special.

Sir, you are SO missed

PatriotChicks @PatriotChicks🔁For whatever reason, I’ve begun watching Letterman interview Obama on Netflix. Beyond politics, it’s still remarkable to me how self important Obama is and how he viewed the presidency. Very paternalistic. Very condescending. As though we viewed him as the compass for our lives.
Beth Shadday @BethShadday🔁Obama w/ Letterman: “We are living in completely different information universes. If you watch Fox News, you are living on a different planet.”

Trump seems even more deranged, disgusting, despicable in contrast w/intelligence and grace of Obama.

Dawny Halliday @Dawny_Zimbler🔁WATCH: Letterman lands Obama for the first episode of his new Netflix show. Read more: reut.rs
Lesley Grrrr @Buncombian🔁My husband and I watched the Letterman Obama interview on last night and it brought back a sense of sanity and norma twitter.com lcy to our day. I highly recommend it.
Viggo @viggo45🔁Watched that #Letterman thing with #Obama on #Netflix. 😍Remember when you respected and looked up to the person in charge? 😢
Ali McGuire @__DragonWings__🔁 please vet your guest like who should be arrested for Treason>
April Miller @AprilMillerPO🔁David Letterman gets it. #experiencesnotstuff #fogoisland

#Repost @cbcnl with @get_repost
😱We know, we... fb.me

PhenomenalWoman @1nePhenomenalMe🔁Btw, as part of the Obama ep, Letterman walks across the Edmund Pettus Bridge with and talks about the civil rights movement. The timing of this was not accidental. Props to Letterman for it.
memento libertas @mementolibertas🔁Do yourself a favor and watch David Letterman interview President Obama on .

In a world that seems to be lacking intelligent and rational discourse at the moment, this will remind you it still exists.

Sonya @salydew🔁Sometimes it’s nice to go with the flow. David Letterman discussed his travels with former President Barack Obama, including a recent trip to Fogo Island where he went on an iceberg tour.
Saint Chester @StChester🔁Brings back balance to the Force, and makes me feel all fuzzy, ....and prevents me mining my few years old repeat twitter.com repeat DVR recordings of .
Raj Nayak @rajcheerfull🔁 As David Letterman’s first Netflix guest, Barack Obama warns against the ‘bubble’ of social media tcrn.ch
Ali McGuire @__DragonWings__🔁Did David Letterman ask Obama about Hezbollah-Obama-Iran Scandal,Opiad-Heroin Crisis,DOJ Scandal,Clinton-Haiti Pay For Play,etc
Guang-hye @matterthematter🔁 Did you watch David Letterman interview Obama on Netflix? Please vote and retweet.
livedave @livedave🔁Dave! rollingstone.com
(((Scott Flax))) @sjflax🔁I watched this and teared up. This is what you expect a president to sound like. Thank you twitter.com
Nannyd8007 @nannyd8007🔁8 Things We Learned From David Letterman's Interview With Barack Obama rol.st via @RollingStone
thestoicathlete @thestoicathlete🔁Just watched on David Letterman’s new Netflix show. How did we go from this intelligent, thoughtful, eloquent man to twitter.com the current dotard shithole
Wiley Bass @wbass55🔁Just watched Letterman interview Obama. The monologue gave me a chill because i never thought I'd see & hear another one. But seeing those two men together was like seeing something from the last century. It's unbelievable how far we've fallen in one year.
Mr. Jim Boyd @Boyd1948James🔁U.S.'s biggest challenge is country does not share the same set of facts, former Pres. Obama says in inaugural episode of David Letterman’s Netflix show.
Hannes Schaller @JS0779🔁I’m watching ‘My Next Guest’ w Letterman interviewing Barack Obama & I just wanna cry. I didn’t realize how much I missed calm intelligence & compassion in our leaders until I listened to him speak again. Man, we’ve taken such a huge step back.
JFilipone @JimJimbo54🔁I am glad that Obama is no longer President & that Hillary Clinton wasn’t elected to double down on his agenda.
Obama was the result of white guilt & affirmative action.

The Jews said never again to another Holocaust

Please America, say never again to another Obama


JL PASCHALL @bradford5445🔁So Was David Letterman Fired Or What? or Who Cares !! dcdr.me via @decider
Mr. Jim Boyd @Boyd1948James🔁 Obama to Letterman: No sense of "relief" after turning presidency over to Trump thebea.st
W.D. Steeves @wdsteeves🔁Watching Obama on Letterman and it makes me feel like, if the White House were an egg carton, Obama is a dozen eggs and this current guy is a ball of shit.
Claire Hughes @clairehughes91🔁On the première episode of David Letterman’s Netflix series, Barack Obama shows off his quick wit, his playfulness, and his ease and pleasure at delivering a good joke:
DarkMatter&Dinosaurs @Oleksandr_ZA🔁“My Next Guest Needs No Introduction With David Letterman” is so inspiring, simple and clear in views and his impac twitter.com t on global life
Dana M. Carter @horticarter34🔁And his intellect. Obama, like both (actually, all three) Clintons has a towering intellect. Democrats have always been guided by erudition and excellence which makes the tragedy of Trump and Trumpism all the more devastating. (Letterman)
Eleanor Joyce Walton @EleanorjwaltonG#WORLDHEALTHMEDICALALE🔁 Obama on Malia's college move-in day: 'I was basically useless' google.com
SandraD @SDP2727🔁 Letterman's interview with Barack Obama is required viewing this weekend esqr.co
ToddHellsKitch @ToddHellsKitch🔁Oh, sorry -- Netflix. Letterman has a new interview series called My Next Guest Needs No Introduction. (So glad to have him back.)
Amit Paranjape @aparanjape🔁As David Letterman’s first Netflix guest, Barack Obama warns against the ‘bubble’ of social media tcrn.ch
pj kenobi @melpj6🔁Just watched a real President with real accomplishments and real intellect interviewed by David Letterman on Netflix. Five minutes in, the tears were welling up in my eyes. Don't let any son of a bitch ever tell you that your vote doesn't matter. And do not remain silent.
Linda M Stockstill @Mysize411🔁Former President Obama explains "what the Russians exploited" in new interview with David Letterman cnn.it
Brad Wietersen @ImBradMan🔁I watched , a real president, on Letterman tonight and for a moment I forgot that we now have a shithole in the WH. I miss the days of feeling safe and secure in his country and having faith in my government. Trump has destroyed this country.
Steven Jennings @1964Trucker🔁I liked a @YouTube video youtu.be The Band Perry - Fat Bottomed Girls (Live On Letterman)
Donald Cain @Donaldcain16🔁Caught Obama on Letterman. Hasn’t changed. Still lecturing the people like he did for his eight years. At least he d twitter.com idn’t call Trump supporters deplorables, only said that they live on another planet.
Austin @adwoakyerew_🔁David Letterman asked Obama about running again because people are STUPID and he said "If it weren't for the Constitution it'd be Michelle" and people cheered. Because my president knows people are stupid he clarified....
Arlene Edmonds @AEWriter🔁Barack Obama Is in His Element on David Letterman’s New Netflix Series newyorker.com
Dr. DEPLORABLE Eagle @Sick62Tired🔁I hope Letterman asked Obama how he feels about black unemployment being at an all-time low? Blacks suffered dearly under Obama, they made less money, owned fewer homes, and used more food stamps.
Fowler Ann Barb @illfindmyownwa5🔁Watching the new Letterman interview with . I'm a conservative, but man, do I ever miss having a normal dude with normal faults as president.


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