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#LetsGoBucs Connie Pan @panlikepeter🔁A day of watching the @Pirates is always a good day. 💛⚾️🖤 #LetsGoBucs
#LetsGoBucs Steve Giglio @stevegiglio🔁@Pirates lost, but meanwhile here in Florida. #LetsGoBucs
#LetsGoBucs#LetsGoBucs#LetsGoBucs Frank Wilson @frankrwilson🔁What luck! 3 work trips in Chi., Den., and SF same as @Pirates #LetsGoBucs
#LetsGoBucs Joe Pittsburgh @mazerbrewski🔁 A day of watching the @Pirates is always a good day. 💛⚾️🖤 #LetsGoBucs
#LetsGoBucs Joe Levine @mlbjoe33🔁 Here's our lineup for today.

📺 @ATTSportsNetPIT
📻 @937theFan & the PRN


#LetsGoBucs Joe Levine @mlbjoe33🔁 We are underway at AT&T Park. #LetsGoBucs
#LetsGoBucs Lisa Fabean @LisaFabean4🔁 What is wrong with this picture? 😳. The game I'm watching is 2-2...😂 #LetsGoBucs #Pirates
#LetsGoBucs Lisa Fabean @LisaFabean4🔁 RT " #Pirates #BUCN Your Pittsburgh Pirates! #LetsGoBucs " #SportsRoadhouse
#LetsGoBucs Lisa Fabean @LisaFabean4🔁 #Pirates lineup for tonight's battle with the Brewers #LetsGoBucs!!!!!
#LetsGoBucs Lisa Fabean @LisaFabean4🔁 Today, #Pirates P Trevor Williams earned his 1st career @MLB hit
#LetsGoBucs 412 Sports @412_PITsports🔁It was at This Moment Marte Knew...
#LetsGoBucs North Shore Nine @NorthShoreNine🔁 We got ourselves a #Snapchat 😧

Go ahead and add us, or nah!

#LetsGoBucs #Pirates

#LetsGoBucs Pirates @Pirates🔁Here's our lineup for tonight.

📺 @ATTSportsNetPIT
📻 @937theFan & the PRN


#LetsGoBucs Pirates @Pirates🔁Here's our lineup for today.

📺 @ATTSportsNetPIT
📻 @937theFan & the PRN


Pirates @Pirates🔁Hitters hit!

@A_Fraz12 with a rope to right and an RBI double plates Jaso to get us all tied at 1!


E. Nist @ALBuccoFan🔁@ATTSportsNetPIT Perfect. That's what I thought. Thank you! #LetsGoBucs #LetsGoPens
Molly McHugh @mssmo11y🔁@J_Luppp congratulations Jordan! 🎉 Welcome and #LetsGoBucs ⚾️
CONTINENTAL AGENCY @BookContinental🔁 coming tues thru sat it's incredible beauty xxx star WOW! A must see show great girls food sportsbar
Lisa Fabean @LisaFabean4🔁RT " Here's our lineup for today. 📺 📻 & the PRN …"
Lisa Fabean @LisaFabean4🔁RT " That's a scoreless frame for Watson and we'll take a one run lead to the stretch. …"
Lisa Fabean @LisaFabean4🔁 win again...just 3 under .500 and just 6 back in race.

Oh, and 's back tomorrow

North Shore Nine @NorthShoreNine🔁Blocked by DK? Part of the ? Get your shirts here and get an additional 15% off right now!

North Shore Nine @NorthShoreNine🔁Episode 60:
Pirates run/deadline
joins to talk Rivero tweet & choose game ticket winner

G @G_dellin11🔁@pinakk12 @JRSox305 @Catfish293 the @Pirates during the dark ages had these type of nights all the time! #stillloveem #LetsGoBucs
Amy @ajb1031🔁Everyone has a rough day at work once in a while. Baseball players are no different. I'm tired of the bashing. #LetsGoBucs #ThisIsMyCrew
Jen Bailie @burghseyewife🔁Sunny as everything in San Francisco. #LetsGoBucs
Sports Foodie @TheSportsFoodie🔁One of the best ballparks get some awesome new food upgrades for 2017


Mitch Killingworth @mitchkworth🔁Hitters hit!

with a rope to right and an RBI double plates Jaso to get us all tied at 1!

Sir Ken Tucky @Sir_Ken_Tucky🔁Tony Watson strikes again..#letsgobucs
We R The Champ, Yinz @pstgame🔁 Seriously, Let's go. What the he'll is this crap. Don't get swept by San Francisco. San Francisco sucks.
Charles Sherrange @Shoescatanddad🔁@MeLlamoTrevor You guys need to storm into San Diego like Aegon! #LetsgoBucs #GoT
Randy from CT @rlrasmu🔁Disappointing road trip. So far. #letsgobucs
Lisa Fabean @LisaFabean4🔁Pirates & signing autos tomorrow!!! Call 724-895-3672 to order!
Joe Pittsburgh @mazerbrewski🔁Tough way to lose a game, but gear up for the weekend #LetsGoBucs
David W. Dulabon @DavidDulabonESQ🔁#Bucs now need to sweep the #Padres to salvage this misrerable road trip. #LetsGoBucs #Pirates #MLBTradeDeadline
Scott Chamberlain @TheBuccosFan🔁#Buccos fall to Giants 2-1. Off day tomorrow then 3 in SD. #LetsGoBucs
pittsburghpirateguru @harvardplayer🔁Another wasted effort by Williams who pitched a gem of a ball game #LetsGoBucs #Pirates
Lauren Hebrank @laurenhebrank🔁I could really hear Wehner's Pittsburghese just now.... "ahhrrnn throne" 😁😁
Nick Angelo @GO4NickAngelo🔁Can we trade Tony Watson for another pierogi? @Pirates #LetsGoBucs #CheeseChester
Steve Giglio @stevegiglio🔁Based on that double play .... Not our day. Clearly. #LetsGoBucs
Jeff @ShawnSigh🔁Marte brain fartay! #LetsGoBucs
Dan Milliron @DJMilliron🔁Our defense is a true liability #LetsGoBucs
Dan Milliron @DJMilliron🔁Our outfield defense Osuna last nite Marte today is no longer a strength #LetsGoBucs
Shannon Gregory @tnbuccofan🔁On the bright side of things... Jeff samardjiza is out of the game.. #LetsGoBucs
Marcus Cleaver @marcuscleaver🔁Marte was high. #LetsGoBucs
Steve 〽 @thesteveblock🔁I'm not impressed with Marte lately, like at all #LetsGoBucs
Steve Giglio @stevegiglio🔁What a disaster! #LetsGoBucs
Yancy Yeater @BossAwesome🔁Love Adam Frazier. #LetsGoBucs
We R The Champ, Yinz @pstgame🔁Has there ever been a good play at the plate vs the Braves? #LetsGoBucs
PittsburghPirates UK @Pirates_UK🔁Tied after 5. Was very pleased to see us get out of that jam. #letsgobucs
PiratesAverage @TorturedBucFan🔁Whew! #LetsGoBucs
Stu Somers @ssomers55🔁You mean the Hunter Pence is 0 for 2 against the best Magic playing professional athlete ? That Hunter Pence?
Shannon Gregory @tnbuccofan🔁@panlikepeter @Pirates You guys were made famous by @gbrowniepoints and @ATTSportsNetPIT ! Enjoy the game and #LetsGoBucs
Shannon Gregory @tnbuccofan🔁Pitchers dual in San Fran. @MeLlamoTrevor with almost identical numbers thru 3 innings with Jeff Samardzija #LetsGoBucs
Matt Harkins @MattyIcePGH🔁.@BriBucs (8-25) are 12 GB of 1st in Division #LetsGoBucs #MLBTradeDeadline #RookieBall
Matt Harkins @MattyIcePGH🔁.@wv_power (46-51 Overall, 16-15 in 2nd Half) are 3 GB of 1st in Division #LetsGoBucs #MLBTradeDeadline #LowAPlayoffPush
Matt Harkins @MattyIcePGH🔁.@The_Marauders (57-41 Overall, 20-11 in 2nd Half) are in 1st place in their division #LetsGoBucs #MLBTradeDeadline #HighAPlayoffPush
Kenneth Mihalik @HoldBackTheNite🔁#LetsGoBucs The club went 24-30 the first third of the season & the rotation's ERA was 4.43. In the 26-21 record since, the ERA's been 4.62.


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