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Lester Top Fantasy Plays @TopFantasyPlays🔁Here's a big fuck you to Jon Lester haha
Lester Cristy Bodnar @pookoo_2000🔁 Watch Joe Maddon discuss the struggles of lefty Jon Lester.
Lester Chantal Ulicny, OCT @MrsUatASU🔁Meet Ms. Shepherd (UofO on left)Ms. Flude (UofO middle) &Glen (Lester B Pearson HS). They are my partners this year!
LesterLesterLesterLester bread @Ramennudesl🔁 'Attempted photoshoot in front of a bush' - Phil Lester 2017
LesterLesterLester Emeril Lester @emeril_lester🔁 Blessed to receive my first offer from Central Methodist University #GoEagles
Lester Lester @lester_n_🔁 My team to play Leicester on Saturday.
Lester Manuel Orellana @neo_lester🔁 🌲🍃🌿LOSE WHAT NEEDS TO BE LOST TO FIND WHAT NEEDS TO BE FOUND🌿🍃🌲
LesterLesterLesterLester anima @yourfangirlbud🔁 YES THE RUMORS ARE TRUE I WOULD ABSOLUTELY DIE FOR PHIL LESTER
Lester Lester @lester_n_🔁 Please reply
Lester Lester @lester_n_🔁 The smirk says it all
LesterLesterLesterLester Phil Lester @AmazingPhil🔁'Attempted photoshoot in front of a bush' - Phil Lester 2017
Big Cat @BarstoolBigCat🔁I'm not nervous about Lester starting in the playoffs in 2 weeks, I say to myself as I whimper softly
Dusty Juhl @DustyJuhl🔁Since coming off the DL, Jon Lester has made 4 September starts vs. non-contenders and given up 27 hits and 12 walks in 21.1 innings.
Jasmine † @jaschristine🔁@jakewe93 Truuuuu but Lester also sucks so... 😂
Mari Hernandez @mjrun155🔁 Earlier: Jon Lester’s Lefty/Righty Splits This Year Are a Lot Bigger Than You May Have Realized
dale rammien @DO_ramm🔁I like Lester; when he’s on he’s on. However, I don’t know how one becomes a major league pitcher without ability to throw to first base!
Rob Homa @rch_1973🔁He's not making a very good case to be on the postseason roster. Arrieta, Hendricks, Quintana for sure. Lackey & Les ter a tossup at best.
Jason Walek @JasonWalek🔁@WaddleandSilvy Does Lester get a start in the playoffs? How?
Huey Touchet II @h_touchet🔁My English professor looks like Lester off of GTA and it’s fucking weird
Michael Termini Sr @forpar4🔁@ESPNChiCubs Lester is a guy who beat cancer. He’s not a quitter.
Lester @lester_n_🔁Once upon a time Mk fucking dons were destroying us 4-0 under Lvg soo good to see some decent football once again credit to jose mourinho ✌️
William Morgan @Morgan30W🔁@ChrisRose do the Cubs start Lester in a playoff series? They potentially have 5 other options
Case @C_B_M_43🔁Fucking Lester #BALF
Lester @lester_n_🔁Forget trafficking cocaine. Is it time we gave Pablo Escobar credit for growing the Colombian economy?
Jason Walek @JasonWalek🔁@ZehImmortalOmen @thekapman Wow... the same Lester who allowed 10 runs to the Reds and Pirates?
lester lammy johnson @lammy360🔁Thanks Jerome Hubbard ..... we have been friends WAY before FB existed .... peace & blessings to you & family...
PAN!C @deguz_lester🔁Everything I do is bitter sweet
lester_sion30 @lester_sion30🔁good morning
Belt @BeltWieldinDad🔁Couldn't have just taken this bum lamet out after 5 before he did his best Lester impression?
JP @SdBWorking🔁Lester's Vests. Josh's Jaunty pocket squares. Keith's keratin and build it up blow dryer. Andy's Candy jewelry line. Dennis Duds all brown.
Lester @lester_n_🔁 get a job bitch
Jason Walek @JasonWalek🔁@TevynStewart @dougschmittee @thekapman How does Lester start a game in the playoffs? He's been bad all season
Karl Kling @CoachKling🔁Arrieta coming off DL, Lester & Quintana dreadfully inconsistent, Lackey volatile. Only Hendricks do I believe in at the moment. @cubs
Sue Johnston @artemisue🔁@Wellington_NZ @justin_lester @justin_lester @VFStevenson Agree!
Spencer Rogerson @SpencerRogerson🔁@BarstoolBigCat He better nut up in the playoffs and get back to 2016 Lester
Lester @lester_n_🔁 *when you detect the redolence of cannabis in the troposphere at a festivity.
Bill Helton @7colonel7🔁Bourjos1/4,1R,1RBI, Puello 0/3,1BB,1R...CUBS JAY 2/3,1RBI, Freeman 1/2,1R, LP Lester 11-8...RAYS ATT 24238 71%F.
Kathy Carroll @kathycarrollTN🔁❤️
"Anything done for the convenience of adults at the expense of a child is the definition of immoral."--Lester Laminack
Sharonica Nakiyaa💋 @KiyaaJ_🔁Lmao Lester say he gone have some planned so I can't wait to see this 🤗😭
Emeril Lester @emeril_lester🔁 Blackout game tomorrow⚫️🔵, come out & witness the T^🐻
Karl Kling @CoachKling🔁Thank you Adam Frazier of the @Pirates for essentially bailing out the dreadful performance of Jon Lester today and the @cubs. Magic # is 8.
Nine-Banded Books @NineBandedBooks🔁 is the antihero of the darkest comedy ever... I broke every rule in the book and I'm still alive.
Owen Potucek @owen_pot🔁@bobgassel @thekapman Lester won us a WS
Hope Keen @hopekeen1🔁Kelly Nicole Lester this is you except the word burrito.
Cristy Bodnar @pookoo_2000🔁 Vids of Maddon and Lester are up. See/hear for yourself what they had to say
Edgar Rivera @tbbuccaneers02🔁9/20/17 MLB scores: Rays 8 Cubs 1. Winning pitcher: TB: B. Snell. Losing pitcher: CHC: J. Lester.
Lefty M Collins @lefty_collins🔁@ESPNChiCubs After tonight Lester is clearly our number three behind Arietta and Hendricks and barely ahead of Quintana. Velocity ??
Empowered Health @GPPCP_1🔁Nigel Lester from speaks on using location data to plan services conference
IVÁN CHAVÉZ @ivanchavez7u7🔁%22Adam+Frazier%22,%22Jon+Lester%22,%22Robbie+Ray%22,%22Shania+Twain%22,%23AYTO,%23ChannelZero,%23Greenleaf,%23Salvation,%23SouthPark21,%23T
Sean McDermott @SeanMcDermott14🔁 #Cubs Maddon on Lester: "It was very unfamiliar stuff-wise, command-wise, just an unfamiliar night from Jon"
Cristy Bodnar @pookoo_2000🔁Watch Jon Lester discuss his struggles after falling to the Rays on Wednesday.
Cristy Bodnar @pookoo_2000🔁 Jon Lester, asked if he can put his finger on his struggles: “If I could it wouldn’t happen.”
Sean McDermott @SeanMcDermott14🔁 #Cubs Maddon on Lester: "I don't have any reason to give you other than he had a tough night and I don't know why"
terry southers @pharaohtrunner🔁i think lester is our worst starting pitcher right now...i feel much more confident with montgomery and even lackey and that is pushing it
Bob Gassel @bobgassel🔁@owen_pot @thekapman Right now, yeah over Lester...that might change by end of season though
Cristy Bodnar @pookoo_2000🔁 Lester says he feels fine. Not sure why he's struggling. Will post vids of him and Maddon
Ferguson @tioy11🔁@Shep670 Hendricks
Arrieta and Lester at home.
Cristy Bodnar @pookoo_2000🔁 Maddon: “Since he’s come back (from the DL) he’s had some wins but none of them have necessarily been Jon Lester sharp."
crawly's cub kingdom @crawlyscubs🔁According to recent trends and season long ones, Jon Lester's velocity on his fastball has not changed much at all. Very little
Cristy Bodnar @pookoo_2000🔁Cubs say bullpen sessions have been good and even pointed out pregame today for Lester, he was sharp in the pen...just not in-game.
MLB News Bot @MLBNewsBot🔁Lester struggles as #Cubs' Central push slowed #MLB
ang(st)elina @snazzsivan🔁i just. dan and phil. daniel howell and phil lester. i support this.
Nick J @NJJ86🔁 @NJJ86 Dear baseball gods, make sure Lester and Jake are healthy. Love always Nick&Illy
Nick J @NJJ86🔁@_illyy__ Let us also pray Jon Lester never has another outing like tonight the rest of this baseball season
Stephen Letizia @StephenLetizia🔁So uhhhh does John Lester make the postseason rotation? #cubs
Fratcher Bot @FratcherBot🔁Lester Holt Begins Debate By Reminding Audience These The way greed
Winning Scotty B @BallantineScott🔁I remember that- who did that interview again? Was it Lester Holy who corrected him? I forget- because I generally ignored all thing Obama
Cristy Bodnar @pookoo_2000🔁Jon Lester: "You’re going to have ups and downs. I feel fine. There’s no lingering effects from anything. There’s nothing physically wrong.”
Cristy Bodnar @pookoo_2000🔁Jon Lester: “You got to take the good with the bad. We’ll make an adjustment and figure it out. The good thing is it’s not physical."
Val Tsoutsouris @ValTsports🔁This is telling coming from Maddon. Lester's arm looked dead. No late "zip." BTW, Rays are last in AL in runs scored.
Illy @_illyy__🔁@NJJ86 Dear baseball gods, make sure Lester and Jake are healthy. Love always Nick&Illy
L.Z @FLY_LESTER🔁 JusticeForKevinHeart😂😂
Skek Tek @SkekTek🔁Wow. #Lester can't throw to 1st. Can't throw to 3rd. Can't throw to home plate. #YouHadOneJob... PITCHING.
Emeril Lester @emeril_lester🔁 Tomorrow is GAME DAY!!! make sure you wear black tomorrow for our BLACK OUT GAME! 🐻⚫️⚫️
Bret @Broker1414🔁@Shep670 Hendricks - Arrieta - Q - Lester
PAN!C @deguz_lester🔁Hurricane 🔥🤘
Traci Houpapa @TraciHoupapa🔁@AklCouncil @justin_lester @Wellington_NZ @BlackFerns @phil_goff @NZRugby Good work Teresa! #winners


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