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Lena DunhamLena DunhamLena Dunham . @padmesempire🔁 i regret to inform you that Lena Dunham is at it again
Kayleigh Donaldson @Ceilidhann🔁Tessa can't say it so I will: Lena Dunham's so called contributions are worthless. She's a rape apologist who has no twitter.com right to latch herself into and the disgusting way she treated Aurora Perrineau should never be forgotten. I'm done with her getting chance after chance.
Kayleigh Donaldson @Ceilidhann🔁Lena Dunham apparently turned up for a Time's Up photo-op without having contributed to the cause. Tessa Thompson was twitter.com having none of it.

Sophie Ellman-Golan @EgSophie🔁Tessa Thompson should not have had to apologize for speaking out and speaking the truth. Lena Dunham doesn't deserve twitter.com credit for work she didn't do, and she certainly hasn't earned anything close to this apology from a Black woman who actually did the work.
Jon Ivar Ulveseth @JoniUlv🔁Watching Tessa Thompson have to apologize to Lena Dunham is the last straw for me. I am going to tell you all something I have kept in and tried to talk myself out of sharing. But i am done allowing white women to intimidate woc who speak up.
Debbie @_DebbieMonroe🔁Tessa Thompson did not owe Lena Dunham not nere an apology. If Lena wasn’t involved, she wasn’t involved. That’s it. Lena is a known abuser and has made it clear that she cares nothing about Black women victims. No apology was owed that anti-Black, pseudo-feminist coward.
Charlie Brigden @moviedrone🔁 Lena Dunham Apologizes For Misunderstanding The Time's Up Movement By Arriving At The Golden Globes In Blackface
anabea @amysrntiago🔁Lena Dunham allegedly turned up for a   photo-op without having contributed to the cause. Tessa Thompson was having none of it and called her out with absolute class!
rise and redefine @pixeltori🔁If you think Tessa Thompson owed Lena Dunham an apology, gather your receipts showing that you demanded Lena apologize to Aurora Perrineau. Otherwise
Alyssia Haze @unicorn_bowtie🔁Im sorry they made you do this. Lena Dunham is a rape apologist, who has done nothing to help anyone. Effective change cant be addressed unless you call out everybody who supports abusers.
Sarah Cleary @SarahClearyy🔁i get it, lena dunham is annoying, but imagine if all the best breakup songs were written by your ex
🌹 @HOSEOKEITH🔁lena dunham literally confessed to sexually abusing her little sister, she’s continually problematic & always makes up shitty apologies then does the same thing again. she shouldn’t have had a place in the movement to begin with. she’s the direct opposite of the women we support.
#SAVE DIRK GENTLY @nikclarksbelamy🔁tessa thompson calling out lena dunham for only showing up for the times up photo op legitimately added 20 years onto my life. in fact i might just live forever now it’s a real possibility.
WakeUpEurope @StandTallEurope🔁 He finally found out he was dating Lena Dunham twitter.com
Renaissance Villain @jaztazj🔁Lena Dunham apparently turned up for a Time's Up photo-op without having contributed to the cause. Tessa Thompson was having none of it.

Sam C. @CederlundMusic🔁Tired of hearing about Lena Dunham
#SAVE DIRK GENTLY @nikclarksbelamy🔁Tessa Thompson should not have had to apologize for speaking out and speaking the truth. Lena Dunham doesn't deserve credit for work she didn't do, and she certainly hasn't earned anything close to this apology from a Black woman who actually did the work.
WinterSoldiersButt @CottonCandyCas🔁wait excuse me but WHAT THE FUCK WHY WOULD TESSA THOMPSON HAVE TO APOLOGIZE TO LENA DUNHAM idc if she shit on her FAC twitter.com E that piece of trash doesn't deserve anything
Nikki A. @babeequeensings🔁Lena Dunham is ACTUALLY that chick who shows up after the group project is done and tries to take credit for the work.

I am WEAK! 😂

⬛️ @pls_b_nice_2_me🔁Lena Dunham navigates public relations the way a lady in the first 8 seconds of an infomercial navigates properly straining pasta
Pickle @ThePettyPerson🔁 Lena Dunham Apologizes For Ghostwriting Logan Paul's Apology
jay cray @twinkerbelle420🔁My only dream in life is to one day cuck Lena Dunham. Whom knows the jewish rocker dude she just split from?
louisa @Iouisa_🔁I’ve barely heard of Jack Antonoff but there’s loads of praise for him for breaking up with Lena Dunham like he’s a g twitter.com reat guy and as if he hasn’t spent years with her being racist etc.
Nikki A. @babeequeensings🔁...So you mean to tell me we're making BW grovel to Lena Dunham for no reason but Do-Nothing-ham gets escape giving Aurora Perrineau an apology even though she has historically shone a BLATANT disregard for the bodies, thoughts, feelings, safety, and autonomy of Black people?
Erika Jasmin @erikajasminnn🔁 Good morning. And fuck Lena Dunham.
gook bitch @aureobaby🔁You did nothing wrong. That this is now about her leaves me frustrated once again that the Lena Dunham's of the world will always be centered and victims and essentially detailing the conversation and monopolizing the focus. I'm tired. Where's the apology from her?
Nikki A. @babeequeensings🔁 .@TessaThompson_x not here for Lena Dunham’s little games 😂

Colleen Mostly Stable H @ColleenHolt20🔁Satan must be happy that three of his top pupils (Joe Arpaio, Steve Bannon, and Lena Dunham) all trended today on Twitter.
Ignacio Gallup-Diaz @igallupd🔁Ughhhh In SOOOO TIRED of white media making Black women as the angry, bad person & forced to apologize to a white woman.

Especially Lena Dunham. She’s problematic AF & doesn’t support Black women. Fuck her. You did NOTHING WRONG, Tessa!

Seana Lyn @SeanaLyn🔁MEDIA: Oh ho ho Lena Dunham has done it again! How will you defend your fav this time, feminists???

FEMINISM: she’s not our -

MEDIA: President of Feminism Lena Dunham Menstruates on American Flag

rivy🎠 @flamesonmyskin🔁 Jack Antonoff after splitting up with Lena Dunham twitter.com
Sh@r¡ @Sharipep🔁 Lena Dunham is actually the worst.
#SAVE DIRK GENTLY @nikclarksbelamy🔁Lena Dunham admits to molesting her sister. Defends a rapists. Yet a black woman has to apologize for rightfully calling her out. This is white feminism at it's worse.
Fledgeling Feminist @fledgelingfem🔁Bottom line: Tessa was spot on and it’s bullshit that she had to apologize.

And I’m saying “had to” because it’s likely her publicist/agent/whatever said “you need to apologize…. because Lena Dunham.”

Hayley @hayl_satan🔁@antijournalism google.com here's another source
Ian (☞ಠヮಠ☞) ❄️ @ianthesaltyboi🔁lena dunham can go to hell
BeyonceFukdMe @BeyonceFukdMe🔁Girl don't apologize to filth like Lena Dunham, who is a self-professed rapist! twitter.com
Fledgeling Feminist @fledgelingfem🔁That Tessa Thompson had to apologize to Lena Dunham is precisely the sort of thing I was tweeting about yesterday.
szspagna @szspagna🔁Because they have grabbed the foundation of economic class>all and thrown it to the wolves in favor of placing racial twitter.com and gender categories as > factors to outcome. Have to pretend that Will Smith’s son or Lena Dunham are suffering compared to a lower middle class white kid.
Maurice Dekatt @Dekatt23🔁Lena Dunham will 'always' wear Jack Antonoff ring gift
🌺📝 aphobe lister 📝🌺 @maya_feymur🔁deets on the tessa thompson thing? my doctor has forbidden me to google anything relating to lena dunham so you have to just tell me
Erin Donovan @goodyerin🔁“Lena was not anywhere present in our group during the countless hours of work for the last two months," the actress said
Lady Voldemort @LadyVoldemort16🔁Lena Dunham Apologizes From Her New Vineyard In Napa For Abandoning A Four-Year Old Child She Adopted Because Of 'Challenging Behavior And Aggression That Could Not Be Treated With Training Or Medication


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