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Lena DunhamLena DunhamLena Dunham Pocahontas of Emperor @dreamfalltiger🔁 Lena Dunham: women don't lie about rape, unless they're accusing my friend
Zachary Fox @zackfox🔁lena dunham the type to get a yeast infection on purpose
Lena Dunham Yin & Juice Yoga @yinandjuiceyoga🔁 me, every time Lena Dunham speaks
Lena Dunham Justine @jarielle90🔁 ICYMI, Lena Dunham is cancelled. betches.co
New York Magazine @NYMag🔁Lena Dunham frequently says bafflingly ignorant things for which she has issued several apologies. Here are her great twitter.com est hits
Entertainment Weekly @EW🔁Writer leaves Lena Dunham's Lenny Letter citing 'hipster racism' share.ew.com
S S Haque @SS_Haque🔁My statement on why I will no longer write for , and the behavior I witnessed firsthand from 's friends.

It is time for women of color--black women in particular--to divest from Lena Dunham.

Menthol Moose @sneakypetehill🔁 Does Lena Dunham even have fans?!?!
D.Va @BreakingBadison🔁When it comes to the latest Lena Dunham apology tour, her failed advocacy exposes the real problem: She’s only advocating for herself
FacePaulm 🤦‍♂️ Revere🌹 @yaboyfacepaulm🔁 old enough to remember Vice pushing Hipster Racism as a #brand before Lena Dunham even hit puberty
chili mango @dapisdope🔁Lena Dunham been a yt feminist terrorist tho. You know her well because you played her close. A lot of you did. You’re not revealing anything the rest of us didn’t already know about her. GIRLS been trash, she been a hipster racist, she been a violent yt woman. Cálmate yo
kat ♡ @katvercetti🔁Lena Dunham is that girl in high school who thinks no one likes her because she’s “different” and “people just don’t get her humor”, but really she is just a narcissistic, pretentious piece of shit who smells like damp clothes and gentrification.
jada ella🎄 @urfaverodriguez🔁 No one can issue an apology like Lena Dunham because it comes from years of practice thecut.io
The Swarm which devours Nazis who should be banned @PhilodoxPils🔁Proposal someone make a preemptive article for the next time Lena Dunham does something awful title it "Feminists hav twitter.com e always hated Lena Dunham stop suggesting otherwise." before someone does a "Why are feminists dropping Lena Dunham" article.
JayJay_Ready @UBoomBox🔁I liked a @YouTube video youtu.be Why Feminists Are Disowning Lena Dunham Now and The Roy Moore Tax Reform "Problem"
Katie S @katiemenn🔁 Perspective: The hypocrisy of Lena Dunham wapo.st via @thelilynews
M @thevilwong🔁When Lena Dunham and her brand of racist white feminists say, "Believe all women" they actually mean "Believe all white women."
Phil Wheatley @philski68🔁 Good morning to everyone except Lena Dunham.
WhatsApp Ricky @noachstyler🔁The truth hurts, my friend. You’ve presented me with a pedo, a racist and Lena Dunham who may well be all of the abo twitter.com ve. The pickings were slim and mama, I picked.
maddi.jpg @MBongard123🔁To summarize, Lena Dunham is not only a sexual predator, but also a racist. Every time she "messes up" she writes a letter and everyone forgives.
precipitation of Bradypus Torquatus @RainOfSloths🔁"Lena Dunham seems to be more damaging to her causes than beneficial. Democrats should try and convince Lena Dunham to become pro-Trump."

Misa alv @DJMooka917🔁Im so glad people are finally realizing how much of a waste of space lena dunham is. A bunch more people on my hit list but good start
aw shes ugly @drshaunmurphy🔁 Lena Dunham is one of them that tweets “damn. Rip Charles Manson. :/“
Dennis R. Upkins @drupkins🔁Lena Dunham accused of 'hipster racism' after she initially defended 'Girls' writer fb.me
Marina @wonderbumble🔁Lenny Letter writer releases statement on divesting from Lena Dunham and her 'well-known racism' on.mash.to
Princess Of Life @MegNrdyFreakx3🔁Btw Wes, so you know what you and Lena Dunham have in common ( Well beside the true fact that no one like to be aroun twitter.com d you two) You decide to throws friend under bus just because all you care about is yourself and no one else. So fuck you Wes to hell and back 🖕
AMBER 👑 @queenamber95🔁Hipster racist : The term usually applies to a racist joke or statement where the declarant believes that "irony" or otherwise general well-meaning excuses or mitigates the racism.

king k 💎 @madaboutperkins🔁Lena Dunham is one of them that tweets “damn. Rip Charles Manson. :/“
Levi Gratton @LeviGratton🔁Why Feminists Are Disowning Lena Dunham Now and The Roy Moore Tax Reform... youtu.be via @YouTube
black venus @purple_pastry🔁i will always love the show Girls for what it did for me in my personal life and how Lena inspired me to aspire to o twitter.com ne day creating a piece i could have on hbo or wherever but goodness, I am done with Lena Dunham.
John J @2016JohnJ🔁andddddddd WE'RE LIVE! Let's talk about why feminists everywhere are disowning Lena Dunham, the Roy Moore tax reform" problem" and more...
JOEL CHRISTIAN @EMPOWER42🔁Powerful statement. Your courage in calling out Lena Dunham is an inspiration to many women, particularly women of color.

"She cannot have our words if she cannot respect us."

🦋rannray🦋 @rannray🔁Lena Dunham Is Cancelled fb.me
Silverwizard @HippyWizard🔁2015: Why feminists suddenly reject Lena Dunham
2016: Why feminists suddenly reject Lena Dunham
2017: Why feminists suddenly reject Lena Dunham

I wonder what the future will bring.

erin ashley @ewinashley🔁Lena Dunham doesn't believe her white male friend raped her black female costar? Color me shocked. Almost like white feminism is really only about uplifting and supporting white women as they pursue their ultimate capitalistic goals of sharing the role with men as oppressors.
Andrika @Seraphim_queen🔁Of course they fucking are. Lena Dunham and her ilk are perfect examples of opportunist white feminism. She doesn't exactly have a stellar record in confronting those within her circle. And citing false rape accusations in his defense? Disgusting.
Beth Beardsley @et_beards🔁it's time for every human ever to divest from Lena Dunham. She's a disgusting piece of trash. twitter.com
Wotshaking @wotshaking🔁Is Ludicrous Lena Dunham the World’s Worst Feminist? whatshaking.com
John @Swipesalot🔁Lena Dunham stuck between throwing her friend under the bus or being seen as a racist and a gender traitor. Almost as though wokeness is an unsustainable ideology.
the poison's in too deep, wrapped around the spine @groleomustdie🔁Lmao Philip DeFranco, if you think feminists hating Lena Dunham is something new you haven't been paying attention.
jack j charles @jackcharlt🔁While I'm all for Lena Dunham's gross coterie of upper west side hipster 1% a-holes being called out. I also think
"Fuck zinzi clemmons" a house cat who bailed after all this time now lena's credibility has hit its lowest. We all knew - was just never credible from outsiders
Freda Fanning @FanningFives🔁'It's time for women of color...to divest from Lena Dunham'

Writer pens a powerful statement on why she's stepping away from

C. V. @GrayscaleTurtle🔁Michael Rapaport going in on Lena Dunham about Hipster Racism and Hipster Elitism is giving me life rn
ajua bliss @juasnua🔁black women cannot ‘divest’ from lena dunham when we were never invested in her in the first place. do not project the mental gymnastics you endured for the sake of career progression on all of us. thank you & stay blessed.
Prishita @Prishita_MA🔁Lena Dunham is such a joke - god forbid anyone actually thinks she represents modern-day feminists oh lawd. smh.
Darkness Gouki @TheGreatGouki🔁So, after being an admitted pedophile, and siding with a rapist (and a ton of other things such as racism), can we a twitter.com ll agree that Lena Dunham is a terrible person now?
Tim Neal @TimJohnNeal🔁The lesson for all of us in Lena Dunham's hypocritical response to a rape allegation smh.com.au via @DailyLifeAU
C @misschini🔁 Let’s stop letting Lena Dunham speak for our generation. It’s a wrap, sweetie.


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