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Lebron Abiradama S. #5 @S_Abira25🔁 It's your own fault, LeBron.
Lebron Manchester United ❤️ @qwekuh🔁 Shaq says LeBron James is a combination of Kobe, MJ, Magic, and Shaq himself:
Lebron  JuiceMan @JuiceMan3x🔁Kobe X Lebron
Lebron Joe @JoeWhi_🔁 NBA fans discussing basketball before "Jordan vs LeBron" comes up and after it comes up:
RADRIC DAVIS @TEVO_SPRITE🔁 So Bill Laimbeer says "I'll take LeBron James" over Michael Jordan. No idea why 🤔
Bleacher Report @BleacherReport🔁LeBron passes MJ for most postseason points in NBA history.
Bleacher Report @BleacherReport🔁LeBron's son, Bronny, saw these kids playing basketball outside and decided to join (via zcoffey12/Instagram)
nick wright @getnickwright🔁Man, these old Celtics stay salty that LeBron ended all of their careers prematurely in Game 6 in 2012.
Sean Cohen @TheRogerCohen🔁 "Now introducing #24 LeBron James Jr."

Damn bro who son is that?

Eazy© @Wayne_Gee28🔁That's your opinion but to anyone with basketball knowledge lebron has more to prove if he wants to be better than hi m. He even knows it
Gary Ganguay @GaryGanguay🔁@FeitsBarstool @KFCBarstool @katienolan This is almost more offensive than him whiteknighting Lebron this past week. Almost
Randi Wilkinson @RandiWilkinso13🔁Like father, like son: 12-year-old LeBron James Jr. throws down posterizing dunk
Poogz @Playboy_Poogz🔁 Shaq says LeBron James is a mixture of himself, Michael Jordan, and Magic Johnson.
SenjutsuSage @SenninSage🔁Okay fair enough on Wade, but Wade was still a monster when Lebron first joined up. That's why he joined him in the f irst place.
Chris Mitchell @3chrismitchell🔁 I think it's hilarious when people say MJ faced off duty fire fighters and Lebron is facing players like KD and Steph 😂
Kai @_Uchiha_kai🔁If Lebron get 7 rings and 7 finals MVPs he's the undisputed GOAT.
CHRIS REQUA @requa22🔁Lebron is 32. At 32 MJ averaged:

30.4 PPG
50 FG%
43 3P%
72 wins
All-defensive 1st team
Scoring champ

Mitchell Clark @captainmc21🔁LeBron's son, Bronny, saw these kids playing basketball outside and decided to join (via zcoffey12/Instagram)
Lissette Mercado @Hispanishfly🔁 LeBron James is better than Kevin Durant. More important, LeBron believes he's better than Durant on the Finals stage.
Eddy_from_Hogwarts @Texas_Mexican_🔁LeBron and Wade mocked Dirk Nowitzki for being sick during the 2011 NBA Finals only to blow their 2-1 lead and lose the next 3 games..
Micah Lebron @Micah_Lebron🔁@Fluffy_mangos I got us tickets for Island of Adventure on Sat. I don't wanna hear non of that hermit shit, I will drive down and drag you.
J.L @Jaeonthebird🔁@BigCoogiDraco Ok, it's still a super team no matter what. Plus Jordan wasn't playing other super teams. Lebron is
Ace Chavèz💎🌹 @AdrienBo7🔁@chris_wattson Ahlie a man like LeBron didn't go through the bad boys or have a flu game. MJ retired and came back and won more!
Ms. Kitty Katty @piggye66🔁Remember this: Spurs lost to Heat/LeBron 2013. 2014 Spurs beat Heat/LeBron. 2015 Cavs/Lebron lost to GS. 2016 Cavs/Ky rie beat GS. 2017 GS.
Mel @TateIII_🔁Lebron is better than Kobe
#Bringtonyback @Almightyloh🔁"Lebron doesn't have that killer mentality"
While scoring nearly the same amount of points, lebron still has the abil ity to play defense.
headlinesWIKI @headlinesWIKI🔁Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe react to LeBron James' shocking performance in loss to the Celtics | FOX Sports
ju @ayeeju_🔁 As much as I dislike Lebron, I respect him and he will be better than MJ by the end of his career💯
Burt Macklin @IFeelLikeBron🔁 LeBron is so overrated, if you take away his accomplishments and stats then the dude has nothing.
Sir Edward Nygma™ @siredwardnygma🔁 We are really about to watch Lebron vs Kd. Curry vs kyrie. Love vs draymond. Klay vs jr. Swooooooooooo I CANT WAIT
2️⃣3️⃣CAVS20172️⃣🏆 @Efrm1001🔁If the end like this, Lebron becomes official GOAT and Twitter implodes on itself forming a black hole


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