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jt @jordan_torrens🔁 LeBron learned REAL quick 💀 PT 2
LeBron Ali @AliAlialwani05🔁 Kyrie trade drama has motivated LeBron, Cavs (per @RicBucher)
luc lavanant @cool_hand_Luc🔁 JR Smith: "aye LeBron why Kyrie moving so slow?"

LeBron: "that's D Rose dawg"

D-mac🙅🏾‍♂️ @dappeters11🔁 Kyrie Irving complaining about playing with LeBron is the definition of #FirstWorldProblems
LeBronLeBron Bleacher Report @BleacherReport🔁Looks like someone unfollowed LeBron…👀
Bleacher Report @BleacherReport🔁LeBron invested less than $1M in Blaze Pizza in 2012, now his share is worth upwards of $25M, per
Adrian Wojnarowski @wojespn🔁Derrick Rose has communicated with LeBron James through the process that led him to the Cavaliers, league sources tell ESPN.
Deiondre Targaryen @Igetnopussyy🔁"No matter what I have to say it is nothing compared to what's coming once I return ..."

— on LeBron

July 31 on 👀!

Ed Lova @edlova31🔁Every member of Team Banana Boat (LeBron James, Chris Paul, Dwyane Wade and Carmelo Anthony) can hit unrestricted free agency next summer. 👀
Skylar Wasson @skylar_wasson🔁Kyrie Irving thinks the Earth is flat and doesn't want to play with Lebron. I wonder who was taking his finals for him at Duke?
Dereck @D_Steele2352🔁@ColinCowherd doesn't understand that Lebron can leave next year and then Kyrie is stuck with that old roster that Lebron wanted
0 More Wins! Champs! @BBrilliant22🔁@SLAMonline @tommedvedich LeBron' s dad looks Good! Happy Bday brotha
Scout's Digest @ScoutDigest🔁@Juubers Wolves only do this to compete w/ GSW, correct? If Kyrie/LeBron/Love can't beat them, why can Kyrie/Butler/Towns?
Sam Ingro @SamIngro🔁 Love is going to outlast both Kyrie and LeBron in Cleveland and that's the most perfect ending to this era ever.
CaBrón James @Mafioso973🔁I think Kyrie is the one beefing with LeBron. LeBron just mad because breakups are hard.
Andrew ♡ @AndrewCDelRio🔁I'm just tired of them making everything about Lebron. It's becoming ridiculous. The criticism on Kyrie is also too harsh.
Brandon McGuire @adtrfan18🔁 List of players who've put up 27/6 since 2013:
October 8th ❄️ @JDino_1🔁From “the next LeBron” to ghost of the NBA

Where in the world is O.J. Mayo? ➡️

Josh Hill @jdavhill🔁If Kyrie drops 'Name Me King' to troll LeBron, how can we not? (via @jeremylambert88)


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