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Lebanon Wael Abdel Samad @WaelAsamad🔁 Good morning from Bsharre 🇱🇧
#LEBANON #لبنان
Photo by Ribal Bsaibes
Lebanon ghena. @ghenajamal_🔁 Important hotlines and numbers in Lebanon. Please RT!
Lebanon ᗩbdulmajed ᗩlqahtani @majed_q77🔁I have 1 new followers from Lebanon last week. See tweepsmap.com
Lebanon Qatar Tribune @Qatar_Tribune🔁Tillerson warns against 'proxy war' in Lebanon || goo.gl
Lebanon 3.141592653589793 @babaklm2🔁 Nasrallah: #SaudiArabia afraid of facing #Iran, wants to take revenge on #Lebanon's Hezbollah
Lebanon 3.141592653589793 @babaklm2🔁 Nasrallah: @General_Aoun is managing country wisely, all groups must cooperate with him
Abdullah Benzine @abenzin33🔁 Nasrallah the pig contradicts himself denying Hezbollah wants to or even controls Lebanon
Lebanon 3.141592653589793 @babaklm2🔁 Nasrallah: #SaudiArabia behind Israel's war on #Lebanon in 2006
Lebanon 3.141592653589793 @babaklm2🔁 Nasrallah: #SaudiArabia has asked #Israel to attack #Lebanon


Lebanon 3.141592653589793 @babaklm2🔁 Nasrallah: #SaudiArabia is trying to impose its will on different parts of #Lebanon’s government
iSiyasah @iSiyasah🔁 Nasrallah the pig contradicts himself denying Hezbollah wants to or even controls Lebanon
3.141592653589793 @babaklm2🔁 French President’s surprise visit to #SaudiArabia over #Lebanon crisis
The Associated Press @AP🔁BREAKING: Saudi Arabia orders its citizens out of Lebanon 'immediately'
Ali H. Soufan @Ali_H_Soufan🔁Incredible: It increasingly looks like Lebanon's PM was forced to resign and is being held against his will by Saudi twitter.com Arabia.
The Associated Press @AP🔁BREAKING: Lebanon's Hezbollah leader says prime minister was forced to resign by Saudi Arabia, is held there against his will.
TRT World @trtworld🔁Just when things are looking up for Lebanon's economy, PM Hariri’s resignation threatens to send it down again trtworld.com
M.B. Yimam @BilalAlHabashi🔁Lebanon PM Hariri is neither a free man nor a hostage in KSA ; as per usual in today's Middle East he's somewhere in between with Saudis able to impose maximum pressure on him as a Saudi citizen .. and to use him as a Lebanese politician in the fight against Iran and Hizbollah
(((Ana Gomes, MEP))) @AnaGomesMEP🔁EXPLOSIVE MUST READ!!

When Hariri’s jet touched down at Riyadh, the first thing he saw was a group of Saudi policemen surrounding the plane. They confiscated his mobile phone and those of his bodyguards.

Thus was Lebanon’s prime minister silenced.

3.141592653589793 @babaklm2🔁Lebanon president voices concern over situation in ptv.io
Travis Mcfee @mcfee8683🔁Saudi-Iranian conflict overshadows Lebanon after PM resignation, but war unlikely: analysts xhne.ws
javier de lucas @xdelucas🔁 Israel's leadership talks up another war with Hezbollah in Lebanon | Peter Beaumont trib.al
Laurie Ray @jah_loza🔁Iran taking Saudi rhetoric, actions seriously almon.co via @AlMonitor
M. @MennaSuleiman🔁Someone needs to write a detailed article to break down this whole Saudi/Lebanon insanity. I don't want WWIII to come while I'm still trying to make sense of it all
محمدالعبدالله الشبوي @alshabwwy1🔁How everything from Yemen to Saudi Arabia to Iran to Lebanon to Israel is interconnected -- and why that's hardly a good omen. Our analysts from around the region explain.
Phil Bevis @PhilB6vis🔁Israel's leadership talks up
another war with Hezbollah
in Lebanon
11/11/17 Peter Beaumont | Grn
Info @TheRedTherapist🔁Israel's leadership talks up another war with Hezbollah in Lebanon | Peter Beaumont theguardian.com
ward @Wardelrabe3🔁 God save Lebanon instagram.com
Kafiر @ShiaHeaux🔁You say that as if Israel isn't trying its hardest to start a war with Lebanon and Iran. Shut your stupid ass up twitter.com
Shuja Ali @shujaali🔁Who actually listens to this guy??

BBC News - Lebanon Hariri crisis: Tillerson warns against Saudi-Iran proxy war bbc.com

Steve Sayers @SteveSayersOne🔁The Saudi-Israeli alliance against Iran, subject of this week’s Spectator cover story, is also sketched out in this article
3.141592653589793 @babaklm2🔁Nasrallah: has started to openly and directly interfere in ’s internal affairs
Lorraine Sorrentini @LorraineSorren1🔁Case of Missing Lebanese Prime Minister Stirs Middle East Tensions. google.com
Times News Blog @timesnewsblog🔁Lebanese PM's fate in doubt amid Saudi-Lebanon escalation … twitter.com
Azrael Bexter @azrael_bexter🔁French President Makes Surprise Visit to Saudi Arabia prescient.info
Nad!a F. A♭-S 🇸🇦 @NadiaBintFahad🔁Hezbollah, the 'party of god', is implicated in the murder of innocent Syrians, in drug trafficking and in killing Lebanon's finest politicians and journalists.

They are terrorists of the highest order, and their presence in the parliament and government of Lebanon is a scandal.

Israpundit @Israpundit🔁US joins calls for return of Lebanon’s PM from Saudi Arabia goo.gl Saad Hariri’s fate still uncle
Dave is the Daviest Dave that ever Daved @Sharkydave44🔁Lebanon did really well considering they are all mainly semi-professional players. Including their 5/8.
Carole Craig @adistantpeople🔁My latest: Newly leaked Israeli diplomatic cables supporting Saudi Arabia's efforts to destabilise Lebanon suggest Netanyahu is becoming the unlikely leader of the Sunni Muslim world
Nick.noW @rabs_aka🔁Good News: The resentment of Saudi Barbaria in Lebanon, across all communities, is helping the country come back to the Eastern Mediterranean & its Phoenician/Greco-Roman heritage, away from the Middle East.
لانا @LanaShahinn🔁I get your point, and as I said it depends on your personal level of Arabic skills. But just for your information Le twitter.com banon and Lebanese people are one of the best if not the best people at using Arabic language & translation and anything related to dubbing and writing, so yeah
Henry Beal @Henry_Beal🔁It was British Palestine a nation formed in 1920. The British gave part of the nation to the Jewish inhabitants to fo twitter.com rm their own state. Why is Israel a beacon of Democracy and prosperity in the middle East whilst Syria the Lebanon and Egypt suffer internal strife and war.
Justin. @AlexisMyDrug🔁 Australia's first team stat padding against Lebanon's third string team. No shame
3.141592653589793 @babaklm2🔁Nasrallah: We condemn 's humiliating treatment of Lebanese prime minister

Kafiر @ShiaHeaux🔁You say that as if Israel isn't trying its hardest to start a war with Lebanon and Iran. Shut your stupid ass up twitter.com
Matthieu Auzanneau @OIL_MEN🔁Hassan Nasrallah, Hezbollah leader: "The Saudis asked Israel to attack Lebanon" nyti.ms dingue.
Greg Mc @gjmcdona🔁 lucky lebanon are still a semi final team, moses would be wanting to leave to go to another country who was going to twitter.com play finals footy.
Liz Goldenberg @newstruthliz🔁. Chief warns against powers using as a venue for after unexpectedly . twitter.com
3.141592653589793 @babaklm2🔁 Nasrallah: #SaadHariri must be allowed to return to his country as soon as possible
JTheTRUTH @TheRealJMarshal🔁When I said no team poses a threat for kangaroos I meant it...See your life Lebanon, you getting kilt 😂 22-0 Go You #KANGAROOS #RLWC2017
mchartouny @mchartouny1🔁Can’t findd any lobby it’s been a week can’t join Europe servers i can only join lobbies from my country I live in Le twitter.com banon
3.141592653589793 @babaklm2🔁 Nasrallah: We recognize current Lebanese govt., will continue to cooperate with it
#Lebanon #BreakingNews
Joseph Crabtree @JCrabtreeSport🔁Even if that try sees Australia kick on, Lebanon have put in a credible performance and could be competitive in the quarters #AUSvLEB
J.R. @dragons2194🔁@teemz_k No worries..Australia just scored again 22-0..Lebanon are playing two players short...two players HIA
Scipion de Salm @ScipiondeSalm🔁It looks like Saudi Arabia removed Lebanon's prime minister — and it may be the first m.. ~ via Business Insider
Sifa @SifaProducts🔁 BREAKING: Saudi Arabia orders its citizens out of Lebanon 'immediately'
Peter Khayat @peter_khayat🔁Prime minister's disappearance has rare unifying effect on Lebanon latimes.com
Tony Tannous @TonyTannousTRBA🔁Lebanon completely worn out. Superb defensive effort against a relentless kick-early keep the pressure on, intensity twitter.com high game plan. Doing amazing to be where they are against this
3.141592653589793 @babaklm2🔁 has openly declared war on with Hariri house arrest: Nasrallah ptv.io
Skyhawk_313 @Skyhawk313🔁 BREAKING: Saudi Arabia has declared war on Lebanon and Hezbollah, says Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah - @haaretzcom
tom allison @tallison46🔁 Grand Mufti stresses importance of brotherly relations with ara.tv
3.141592653589793 @babaklm2🔁UN chief sounds alarm about ‘devastating consequences’ of - conflict ptv.io
Caesar's Ramblings @Caesar__🔁After Tonga upset NZ this afternoon, the Aussies are making it look easy against Lebanon. (And… instagram.com
محمدالعبدالله الشبوي @alshabwwy1🔁 Saudi regime fuels further instability in the Middle East -Syria, Yemen, Bahrain, Qatar, Egypt, Iraq and now Lebanon
Razan❤Dubai❤Pfanz @RazanMWJ🔁 Am I the only one disgusted to go out, due to the latest events hitting Lebanon?
God save our beautiful country 🇱🇧
Those Red Mancs @thoseredmancs🔁You know it's bad in Lebanon when a fully fledged basketball club asks you to send donations through an SMS
Mr. Iwan Suhaimi @iwan_suhaimi🔁MALAYSIA UNDER N. VINGADA

Lost 1-2 to Lebanon
Lost 1-2 to Syria
Lost 0-1 to Myanmar
Drew 1-1 with HK
Lost 0-2 to HK
Lost 1-4 to North Korea

Tarek Khatib @tareke1113🔁@d_e_mol @maytham956 Lebanon is one big mountain
xanananana @hananiexox🔁 I’m praying that war doesn’t actually break out in Lebanon. May all the innocent souls be protected
Mike @mike092013🔁"The Prime Minister of Lebanon has apparently been taken hostage in Saudi Arabia. He went there on a state visit and the next his people saw of him was blinking into a camera like a hostage. It's not Hotel California it's Hotel Saudi Arabia you can check out but you can't leave."
Smael Bouaici @SmaelBouaici🔁Still by far the most underrated of the wild stories of the moment: Saudi Arabia is holding the Lebanese prime minister hostage
Heather Rawls @rawls_heather🔁BREAKING: Saudi Arabia has declared war on Lebanon and Hezbollah, says... by via haaretz.com.convey.pro
Batoul @httpxidc🔁Lebanon is no longer a sovereign state, it’s Hezbollah Republic. twitter.com
محمدالعبدالله الشبوي @alshabwwy1🔁MBS has only two bombs to destabilise Lebanon
-Israeli bombs
-activate terrorism using old friends of Saudis, namely Sectarian jihadis
Nasser Massud @MassudNasser🔁 #Lebanon’s Crisis on Verge of Inevitable Confrontation aawsat.com
Enjoin good. @MahfuzIbrahim2🔁 today: I have information that says offered billions of dollars in exchange for bombing and . Also Saudi incitement played a major role in 2006 war against Hezbollah
BORN AGAIN AfroCon @kdlewis04🔁 Hezbollah Leader Says Saudi Arabia Has Declared War On Lebanon | Zero Hedge zerohedge.com
🌜BitterArabGirl🌛 @tanyasharif🔁 I feel everyone is worried about the situation in Lebanon except us. twitter.com
نشرة القاهرة‎ @cairowire🔁 FM to 'intensify consultations' during six countries tour amid regional tension english.ahram.org.eg
✱ The Canaanitte @JoyKanaan🔁 L makeup artists in Lebanon ma eloun fiya
Don't @ me
Bobby Ghosh @ghoshworld🔁 The Latest: Lebanon's Justice Minister asks the country's prosecutor general to probe 'libelous' Saudis. apne.ws
Esther @greenpyjamas🔁 Forbes names Lebanon as 'greatest' country for food and wine fb.me


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