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Brendan @BArsenault5🔁 the @buffalobills account deciding whether to wish lesean mccoy a happy birthday today
LiL Advil @nickcaf54🔁 When LeSean McCoy’s ex GF enters Buffalo.
wilXAN @wilsonbirch🔁 the @buffalobills account deciding whether to wish lesean mccoy a happy birthday today
LeSean McCoy NFL World @NFLWrld🔁LeSean McCoy's Ex-Girlfriend's 911 Call Released goo.gl
SportsCenter @SportsCenter🔁The former girlfriend of LeSean McCoy told police she believed McCoy might have "set her up" for a home invasion that twitter.com sent her to the hospital after being beaten and robbed of jewelry.

Mike Petchenik @MPetchenikWSB🔁Lawyer for LeSean McCoy's ex-girlfriend told me today Delicia Cordon has never accused McCoy of domestic violence and twitter.com she can't speak to what Cordon's friend posted on Instagram earlier this week.
Mike Garafolo @MikeGarafolo🔁Milton (GA) police released reports today on three times they were called to LeSean McCoy’s residence. None involved twitter.com physical violence. This one from last July indicates McCoy was “concerned that Cordon may try to either take things or make false accusations about him.”
Robert Littal @BSO🔁LeSean McCoy’s Ex-Girlfriend Delicia Cordon Won’t Co-Sign Her Friend’s IG Accusation That McCoy Abused Delicia, His S twitter.com on & Dog (Photos)
CBS Evening News @CBSEveningNews🔁Newly released 911 calls reveal LeSean McCoy's ex-girlfriend told police she suspected the NFL star was involved in h twitter.com er brutal beating
Savion @OfficialSavion🔁You would be very hard pressed to listen to this 911 call and think Delicia Cordon had anything to do with her attack, which means we are doing to only 2 potential scenarios
Dan @DanLtcR🔁Everything we know about the allegations against LeSean McCoy a.msn.com
Kyle @K_Masterman🔁If LeSean McCoy does in fact turn out to be innocent I expect everyone to apologize to him... Terrorizing the man & assuming everything before facts came out, calling him an abuser of his ex & his son & his dog with 0 evidence...
Mark @RDSKN71🔁BREAKING: The Dallas Cowboys acquire LeSean McCoy after hearing about his domestic violence allegations.
Hank S. ENOUGH PC BS @StAnIsHr🔁'My face is demolished': LeSean McCoy's ex-girlfriend blames the NFL star for bloody jewelry raid on her home in frantic 911 call for help
CaughtOn @SomeonesCamera🔁This Marcus Hayes-LeSean McCoy story is like watching a Celtics-Lakers game and being unable to decide who you hate more
Daniel O'Connell @DanielOConnell8🔁Sports front July 12: EXTRA PAINFUL on Phils loss in 10; on LeSean McCoy; on Eagles; Also,
Harris Mia @HarrisMia_Eagls🔁Police were called to LeSean McCoy’s Home multiple times but no physical abuse reported by police

McCoy told police he was concerned ex-girlfriend would make false accusations about him

Karren Ericson @KarrenEricson🔁Newly released 911 calls reveal LeSean McCoy's ex-girlfriend told police she suspected the star was involved in her brutal beating.
Jawz @JaworskiRich🔁LeSean McCoy’s been slandered all because his ex said: “I think it had something to do with my ex-boyfriend”.

Last year he said he was afraid to evict her as he thought she would make “false accusations”.

It’s amazing how fast social media can destroy someone without any proof.

Matthew Cunningham @CunningMatthew1🔁If LeSean McCoy domestically abused that girl, he should 100% go to jail. But if it turns out he didn’t do it, the a twitter.com ccuser should 100% face similar jail time. Shouldn’t be able to ruin people’s careers through false accusations.
Michael Henning @Henning215🔁The Bills have shown interest in setting up a workout with former Chargers and former University at Buffalo RB Branden Oliver, a source said, but nothing has been set up yet. Their interest in Oliver predates LeSean McCoy story this week.
johnwintertweet @johnwintertweet🔁This Marcus Hayes-LeSean McCoy story is like watching a Celtics-Lakers game and being unable to decide who you hate m twitter.com ore
JW @Joephace🔁This 911 call doesn't sound very convincing...
"LeSean McCoy's ex-girlfriend claims 'he set me up' " sports.yahoo.com via @YahooSports
Rebecca Simon @LOVINGUSA🔁LeSean ’s ex-girlfriend Delicia Cordon’s 911 call after she was brutally beaten in her Georgia home & her son kidnapp twitter.com ed. She claims McCoy set up the brutal attack.
Gabriel Schray @schrayguy🔁With LeSean McCoy in potential trouble, the #Bills have shown interest in former #Chargers RB Branden Oliver, per mikerodak.


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