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Layton savannah @saariel_🔁 Today is the day please go out to @culvers on 61 & Layton and have a meal
Layton Rachel Layton @rach_layton🔁 Retweet this to win tickets to see @machinegunkelly tomorrow night!
#mgk #Birmingham
Layton Brooke @Brooke_Layton🔁 Thankful iOS 11 included the perfect feature for when your friends says they don't wanna drink
Layton srh lytñ @Sarah_Layton🔁@naoko_tamura I have a problem
Layton Mike Millar @MikeMillarPR🔁David Layton reading from #TheDictator today at #EhList series @torontolibrary City Hall Branch @HarperCollinsCa
Hannah @_Hannah_layton🔁 Someone just did something wrong and one of these dogs looks pretty guilty...
Layton POLITICO Pro @POLITICOPro🔁Don't miss @Woellert's interview with @FreddieMac CEO Don Layton:
Layton First Congregational @fcucc🔁Primo Congo Weekly: Marge Layton Memorial Service, This Sunday, and More...
Duana Brashear @duanabrashear🔁 Mrs. Layton spins the birthday wheel! Duty coverage coming her way!! #TeamAult
Layton DJBUSHBABY @djbushbaby🔁#Np: Echo | Lindy Layton | #NostalgicThursdays

@Jude_Mugabi what's the final verdict or should I ask @beewol ?

Ronnie Layton @com_layton🔁 Bitches - A Gangbang PMV ft. Adriana Chechik 🍸🎵🎶
Layton Rudra @ChampionDracul🔁You can do it guys ~ Signed: The Layton Mafia Head #laytonworld
Layton @legendsnation🔁Daniel Silvestri Earns Second Win in @SouthsideSpeed Season Finale | ( Story by @JustTEN_2 )
Nintendo Life @nintendolife🔁Preview: Solving the Puzzle of Layton's Mystery Journey: Katrielle and the Millionaires' ...
Charlie Angus NDP @CharlieAngusNDP🔁Strong endorsement in Ottawa Life today "Angus is the best choice & the true heir to the Layton legacy" #ndp #ndpldr
Nintendo of America @NintendoAmerica🔁Get fancy with an exclusive outfit in LAYTON’S MYSTERY JOURNEY: Katrielle and the Millionaires’ Conspiracy coming to Nintendo on 10/6.
BudSmokinPandaz @layton_harley🔁"I couldn't even call her my girl, thats my fucking best friend, i could share with her my darkest fears"
Nathan Owen @nathyowen83🔁@layton_andy Keep out of it you 😡
Kristi cook @Baseballmomma34🔁Have a little boy named Layton at the game tonight in Atlanta! All he wants is to meet this man! He's waited last nig ht and beforethe game
HarperitesBGone @HarperiteBGone🔁Strong endorsement in Ottawa Life today "Angus is the best choice & the true heir to the Layton legacy"

Semmens Fuels @semmensfuels🔁Robinson Reed Layton Shortlisted for Hattrick of Awards | Robinson Reed Layton
hanski 💘 @henkimeedio🔁reasons to be excited for next month:
- halloween!
- in/ktober!!
- lady layton!!!
VOFN Anambra @VOFNAnambra🔁 Singh's unique bid to inherit the aura of Jack Layton and...
Rod the sewer 🐀 @rodmk74🔁. asks if a bad thing has ever happened to your good family.
Jason Baryluk @JasonBaryluk🔁Strong endorsement in Ottawa Life today "Angus is the best choice & the true heir to the Layton legacy" #ndp #ndpldr
Kristi cook @Baseballmomma34🔁 My little boy Layton is in ATL tonight watching you guys. Just wants to meet Bryce!Tonight's his last night Make it happen please
Kristi cook @Baseballmomma34🔁 Your biggest fan is in Atlanta tonight!! His name is Layton! Tonight is his last night and all he wants is to meet you please
Juan Herrera @Jc_HerreraQ🔁Encyclopedia of -Alex Layton QC & Albert Dinelli chp co-authors. 1st RT wins free copy!
Mónica @MoniEyesclosed🔁Teaser trailer for Ethan Adler's Guide to Homicide starring Harrison Osterfield and Lesley Layton. Coming Late 2017
Matthew Dominguez @MatthewP_Inc🔁@UDOTTRAFFIC the person/team who is responsible for Hill and Mainstreet in Layton should be brought before a grand jury for treason.
srh lytñ @Sarah_Layton🔁 If only society treated one another other how college students treat each other on discussion post replies...
Ben Layton @Layton_2045🔁Selling out a home game and then the home fans buying tickets in the away end is the most Leeds thing ever 😂

Love it 👊🏻

iNews880 @iNews880🔁. asks if a bad thing has ever happened to your good family. f="" target="_blank">
Ronnie Layton @com_layton🔁RT Sexy 😜
Great Love Quotes @BestDailyLove🔁We love in another�s soul whatever of ourselves we can deposit in it; the greater the deposit; the greater the love. Irving Layton
Martijn//TypicalDark @MartijnDoet🔁@NietRickBroers Layton did it ^^
Dark Music Rocker @tobycar04089791🔁I liked a @YouTube video Puzzle Battle Theme (Extended) - Professor Layton and the Unwound Future
Devin Layton @layton_devin🔁This better not be true
Rebecca Carlton @RebeccaCarlton🔁What do I click 30 times? Can't figure this one out.
🌟WONDER LION🌟 @Lionel_Layton🔁@UK_Dawg Sorry to hear about all this, at least it's clear what the issue is. :/
EnterpriseRentACar @enterprisecares🔁Thanks for sharing! It’s nice to hear about your great experience with Garrett at our Layton branch. We’ll be sur...
S A V @SavannahSisk🔁Got mine ❤️❤️❤️❤️ @eric_layton
Kie @Kiellne🔁Finally finished all the Katrielle Layton online riddles! Ranked #797 in the world (for now). Was solving puzzles for the last 3 months!
ZARC ATTARC @makichanamazing🔁The plan for my new game "Spark Brushel: Ace Journalist" is sort of like an investigations game meets lady layton, without the puzzles!
스파위추 • /(ㅇㅅㅇ)/彡 @pawichdt🔁[You solved all 50 puzzles!] A total of 5205 people in the world got all the riddles right! #laytonworld
layton @layton_25🔁 Did you love somebody today & if not what are you waiting for❓
Kie @Kiellne🔁It's over!;
[You solved all 50 puzzles!] A total of 5951 people in the world got all the riddles right! #laytonworld
Rachel Layton @rach_layton🔁@JamesArthur23 are you attending any of the mgk tour? Xx
Layton Powell @Layton_Powell🔁@hmmpowell Oh I’ve got some in me. It’s just usually the parts that people misconstrue as me being a b word when I’m just being real😂
Rachel Layton @rach_layton🔁Imagine being backstage with @machinegunkelly 😍😍 my life would be compleate 😍
pkVortex @pkVortex🔁[You solved all 50 puzzles!] A total of 1686 people in the world got all the riddles right! #laytonworld
🌟WONDER LION🌟 @Lionel_Layton🔁@ThatBritRhino Agreed! >_>
Rachel Layton @rach_layton🔁@YFNLUCCI is always winning in my eyes
🌟WONDER LION🌟 @Lionel_Layton🔁@BigSpanishLycan Yes, please!
Rachel Layton @rach_layton🔁Atlanta's Chosen One is a top-tier artist! He does this for everyone who got it out the mud! Here is some "Thug Motivation" 🔥😤🔥
*looks at* @FierceGlomps🔁This is probably a timely reminder I shouldn't buy Lady Layton… was thinking about buying just because of Katrielle
rogue_matt @mattshackleton_🔁omg, like tow days ago lucy moon liekd my post and today daniel j layton liked another of mine. omg, i love youtube c reators. ayyyyyyy :) :)
Rachel Layton @rach_layton🔁@KeyshiaKaoir is absolute gold!😍
Mr. Moore (LayLay) @moore_layton🔁Word of the wise, if you're messing around with a girl. Be careful, when ur over and done with fuckin, she just my try and fuck you over.
Sisilia @siseal🔁[You solved all 50 puzzles!] A total of 5915 people in the world got all the riddles right! #laytonworld
Rio Kamishiro @rio_enbot🔁Of course, it was you all along....Professor Layton!
Sisilia @siseal🔁*CORRECT!* You were number 5915 in the world to solve this puzzle. #laytonworld
river rapids @stickerbucc🔁u kno what, i AM nostalgic for prof layton but the puzzle music STILL makes me anxious and doubtful 🙃all those times not getting the puzzle
John Blackwell @JohnBla46387646🔁Our director Ruth Layton wins the Chiron Award for outstanding services to the veterinary profession!
Rachel Layton @rach_layton🔁@steeevo_ Ment to be getting one up by the valley too x
Estella Winters @STELLAAAAWinter🔁 "Hat Speech": @TheEmeryLayton promo for @Union_Battle #CoupDeGrace (vs @YoyoBanzai):
Spicy Adult @layton_victoria🔁@g33katheart You got it!
Spicy Adult @layton_victoria🔁Ever look around during lecture and see people doing the weirdest things?
Government Jobs UT @PublicSectorUT🔁1925 North Fort Lane, Layton Water Maintenance Operator II (Internal Applicants Only) @GovernmentJobs
kp @g33katheart🔁@layton_victoria do both
Spicy Adult @layton_victoria🔁I just witnessed a guy down 3 energy drinks in an hour and 15 minute lecture. I don't know whether to applaud him or to pray for him
The Layton Fan Club @LaytonClub🔁#ADuckWalksIntoABar and you know what this reminds Layton of...?
Cole layton @Layton_Cole32🔁@EAHelp I can't get onto the web app
yuriofucker96@MOVIE @accipitrines🔁[You solved all 50 puzzles!] A total of 5848 people in the world got all the riddles right! #laytonworld
Rachel Layton @rach_layton🔁Get your ticket to meet in Birmingham on his book tour next month before it's too late!
GetConstructionJobs @GetConstrucJobs🔁Construction: Become a Satellite TV Technician/Installer - #Layton , UT ( Get Construction Jobs
Caleb Doebereiner @CalebDoebs🔁@KA_52098 @TS_Layton You are the grunter @KA_52098 silly
Lauren Kennedy @ellekay47🔁Gotta commend Aaron Wherry for his Hova reference in this one
Luxen @RadiantPin🔁—..but maybe after Miss No-fee... wait.. oh no.. but Layton.. and then there... but above.. ummmmmmmmmm... little Mis s Dot... uh.”
Chance Knaust @CKnasty_11🔁 Enjoy. @kingtrev66 @Layton_Hartloff
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