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Lawrence cyrus @4mycyrus🔁 Oxfam's deputy chief executive resigns over sex scandal in Haiti
Lawrence Wine Dork @wine_dork🔁 .@Lawrence: Trump has never condemned domestic violence
Ben Hunt @Ben_Hunt_14🔁matthew lawrence nude hotgirl teeeeen
alex @Lawrence_Hidden🔁 fkin on the stairs "part 1"

♥️ ♥️ for locals!!

Joy Reid @JoyAnnReid🔁Oof. Here's the Michael Cohen piece just referenced. Opening line: "John Kelly is the perfect Donald Trump staffer — he’s a bad person who is bad at his job." via
Lawrence O'Donnell @Lawrence🔁So Trump is for “due process” for men who beat women. And he hopes White House wife beater has a great career. But should be locked up without due process for ... ?
BBC Breaking News @BBCBreaking🔁Penny Lawrence resigns as Deputy Chief Executive of Oxfam saying she takes "full responsibility" for behaviour of sta ff in Chad & Haiti at the time when she was programme director
Lawrence Snetman @lsnetman🔁Oof. Here's the Michael Cohen piece just referenced. Opening line: "John Kelly is the perfect Donald Trump staffer — he’s a bad person who is bad at his job." via
Lawrence Public Lib @lawrencelibrary🔁Love this year's Read Across Lawrence pick, Wonder? Check out these other titles! #RAL2018
eddie @eddiepolllard🔁Here Lies Lawrence, The Best Pop Star the World Never Really Knew via @Noiseymusic
4_commonsense @AnneNC🔁This is an example, among many, of what considers "the best" people.
Obviously, Trump has problems with understandin g decency, boundaries, and what is illegal. Only the lowest scum traffics teens.
Ron Joseph @Questar1959Ron🔁Never underestimate the Trumpsters’ contempt for the intelligence of ordinary Americans. Rarely have people so stupid thought they were so much smarter than the voters who elected them.
Leslie's Care Packages @Vi2015UK🔁Hi Leslie, I have forwarded your kind words on to the store via email. Thank you very much for bringing this to our attention :) Lawrence
Amanda Cook @arcookmusic🔁Larry and Arlene Dunn have done it again with another outstanding 5Q to about Cycles of my Being, a song cycle by and Terrance Hayes.
jason trask @jsntrsk🔁For Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Nearly 100, the Beat Goes On
Jonny @whoisJonny🔁 Iskra Lawrence flaunts her bountiful cleavage at NYFW 👀 @DailyMailCeleb
IamJedi @IamJedi88🔁And the actual cry from old Tarzan films appears in Octopussy if I'm not mistaken ...and obviously before this perio d Moonraker quotes Close Encounters Third Kind Theme and Spy Who Loved me used Lawrence of Arabia
Jill I Dippman @jillyid🔁@Lawrence Now can we see Doll hands' tax returns?
Erick Angeles @eangels1064🔁As I lay my head down each night, nothing calms me and bolsters my spirit of resistance against this dumpster fire of an administration than watching and .

Thank you for being constant sources of straightforward sanity amidst this daily stream of insanity.

Phunkshun @phunkshun🔁@PatrickJ3214388 @VICE @Lawrence Give it time and they will try.
🌊❄Snowflake Stace❄🌊 @Hoping2HelpMom🔁They suffer from Dunning Kruger syndrome. Stupid people's superiority complex.
A Nurse @rnfrizz🔁 John Kelly is a real POS
bds_eagles @bds_eagles🔁Girls D1-2 Subdistrict 🏀 tonight on

6 pm - vs. Lawrence-Nelson

7:45 - vs.

Also streaming at .

TweetyBird7846 @Hyungtu764🔁Is it honest to give eloquent monologues about abused women when you are so abusive to the people who work in your pr oduction team? I knew you were too good to be true. Hypocrite.
erin 🌹🌸 @eerinchristie🔁@chase_lawrence see u very soon, pal!!
Kevin Williams @wxbywilliams🔁Thick ice 'catastrophic' for Magdalen Islands grey seal hunters
"Sealers on the Magdalen Islands are worried next month's hunt for harp seal, pictured here, will be just as bad as it was for grey seal because of thick ice cover on the Gulf of St. Lawrence"
hadley wilkins @hadleywakefield🔁 I sit down with @Docker's @endophage to discuss @CloudNativeFdn projects #notary and #TUF.
Matty's Paradigm @matty_lawrence🔁You’re bluffing.
Jacqueline Hines @JacquelineHine1🔁 And No1 responded 2? abt derelict nonSANCTIONaction ofTrump‼️
Jerry R. Gayle @razorback349r🔁@VICE @Lawrence I FERVENTLY agree and support all the above in their present form.
godfathertime @bubbacav85🔁Still waiting on your correction.
Mitchel Lichtman @mitchellichtman🔁You couldn’t make this stuff up. But I’m guessing Trump is more angry at Wray for telling the truth than he is at John Kelly for telling a lie.
Be Honest @ReggyVanLefty🔁@Lawrence A fucking stain on the #USMC and my good friends serving.
Matty's Paradigm @matty_lawrence🔁It’s called evolution. Here’s how it works: there were two horses (a Biblical “kind”) on Noah’s ark. Now there are at least 7 species in genus Equus. Each species is a niche-specific sub set of the original genetic variability.
Chloe Lawrence💓 @lawrence_chloe1🔁 Fresh trim, stud earrings& Grey tracksuit = we boutta be pregnant
Se Dice Bisonte, No Buffalo Fund @scootermcdoog🔁Gee, i wonder how Trump came up with THOSE names...
Carol Ringwald @ringwac🔁When PUBLIC SERVANTS lie REPEATEDLY --- they should be fired & & John Kelly -- LIE REPEATEDLY
Jen n Juice @jhiggywitit🔁I feel I'm stating the obvious that she wouldn't have been silenced had she been a he.
Josh Stanley🏀🦄 @joshstanley001🔁Sub-Region Tuesday; East Lawrence @ Hanceville, Mars Hill @ St. Bernard, Colbert Heights @ Holly Pond, Mae Jemison @ Fairview, Cullman @ Pinson Valley, Good Hope @ Deshler. Tip times are 7:00. The Hanceville game will be on WKUL-FM (92.1). Tune in & good luck to all teams.
Grandstand Glassware @eGrandstand🔁Life just got better in Lawrence. #KScraftber #MOcraftbeer #LFK #KCMO
carry @ilgalkag🔁Friendly Exes! Gwyneth Paltrow, Chris Martin Party With Dakota Johnson, Jennifer Lawrence and Brad Falchuk
Michelle Wilbert @MEverettWilbert🔁We're tick tocking on his resignation but the fact remains that the person who needs to resign is the person at the t op of the pyramid. Trump is the fish rotting from the head--everyone else is collateral damage on a ship of fools.
Viva La BAM. @BoomPowBAM🔁JUST ANNOUNCED: Martin Lawrence () is headed out on the LIT AF Tour and bringing lots of friends with him. Check out all dates below and your local venue listing for full ticketing details.
kyle @Based_Lamar🔁Fuck Moco police and fuck their Lawrence Fishburn lookin ass bitch prosecutor
Tené & her Hubby! @CLE_SHONUFF🔁@Lawrence @JuddApatow This comment is so American-esque! LMBO (but yeah, what he said, LOL)! So looking fwd to this!
Courtney Nickerson @SavageBeauty747🔁How about “due process” for the Dreamers who have been living in America all their lives since childhood. How about “due process” for those people ICE arrests without a warrant.
The Bigotbasher @thebigotbasher🔁Small wonder 45 loves him: liar, racist, how many more other virtues...?
MEDIA MADE MUSIC XM @San_Lawrence🔁Wale - Running Rebels Ft. Meek Mil #nowplaying #listenlive
Lawrence Bury @lawrence_bury🔁Thanks for updating my app automatically now I feel violated and haven’t got a clue how to look at people’s stories 😭
Mark Riley @MarkRiley20🔁I liked a @YouTube video RED SPАRROW Official Trailer (2018) Jennifer Lawrence Movie HD
roller61 @roller611🔁@Lawrence @seanhannity @BillOReilly .... thoughts??
Lidia @Liddez_30🔁@AriMelber @JoyAnnReid @maddow @Lawrence. They are ALL lying right now!!!!!! Trump doesn’t believe Russians are involved. They are LIARS!!
Amy Rovin @MomRovin🔁@realDonaldTrump I ❤️ your @fbi pick
Deep State Seahawk @word_34🔁Why is sharing a "social" kiss with Hope Hicks in the WH press briefing room. Unprofessional conduct. See 2:54 in t his video
My Info @jonwoock🔁@Lawrence_n_DC @thehill Larry. Get a clue
Ursidae @Ursidae19🔁Why do you believe this conversation is taking place?
Lawrence @Lawrence_n_DC🔁CIA Director Pompeo: “Yes, we have seen Russian activity and intentions to have an impact on the next election cycle here."
Christian Maguire @cmaguire416🔁@Lawrence @debbicreates Ok I agree...but what about @potus @realDonaldTrump the buck stops with him!
World News Breaker @WorldNewsBreakr🔁Breaking News: Harvard's next president will be Lawrence Bacow, formerly of Tufts and M.I.T. He replaces Drew Gilpin Faust, the first woman to hold the post.
Taggart Rehnn @TaggartRehnn🔁Small wonder 45 loves him: liar, racist, how many more other virtues...?
Bufshuf @Bufshuf🔁@OregonBrady @NicolleDWallace @chrislhayes @Lawrence It might run in a special election...
David James @ClintJames6372🔁Mmmm maybe. I can’t believe it’s the bulk of the issues. ICE like the IRS has a mission sanctioned by the government. It too makes mistakes, but I find for the most part they are competent.
Kopernikus1966 @Kopernikus1966🔁: we have evidence that self replicating molecules exist. one of them is called dna.
i bet you are glad th at you learned something new today, aren´t you, ?
Patricia B.L. Super Stable Genius @LymaByrnes🔁 @NickKristof Thanks so much for your attention to this and advocacy. From his hometown of Lawrence, Kansas #FreeSyedJamal
Matty's Paradigm @matty_lawrence🔁They are rather abundant.
Ryan Group @RyanIntlGrp🔁Highlighting a truly commendable performance by the U/14 girls’ team from St. Lawrence High School, Borivli. They’ve won the 2nd place in MSSA Tournament 2017. Wishing the best of luck for their future
minnie newman @minniefirst🔁@JoyAnnReid @Lawrence @BostonGlobe At least his good at lying
JB @4RealLeft🔁 And No1 responded 2? abt derelict nonSANCTIONaction ofTrump‼️
Trevor Burns @BurnsieMN🔁When my boss says that to me, I cringe and suppress my need to dump a coffee on their head. In this case though, I echo the sentiment. Perfection but it Judd!
Hannah Blue English @HannahEnglish95🔁I love babies but when I see Seb, I see Bex and the damage she has done to ...I would love them to have a kid but not like this. I haven’t seen the point of Bex since she arrives and even more so now Chrissie and Lawrence are gone. Give me Chrissie over Bex any day 😒
Gary M @garym9999🔁Would you stop loving people and be thankful that you have a life if hypothetically tomorrow we find out fo r 100% sure that god don’t exist?
Ashley @photografitti90🔁@Lawrence Kelly will resign
Ursidae @Ursidae19🔁The fact that you disagree with what a transitional form is only serves to highlight how little you understand about biology.
Josh Powers @powersj_tx🔁It looks like investigations produce results, even if it goes slow, thank goodness this isn’t a television show.
Nicole Gimson @valika3456🔁Direct snap to the RB (Lawrence Phillips) trap. 1995 Nebraska vs Oklahoma
SollySantana @Mortodella🔁Christopher Alder died in 98 in police custody age 37. Police made monkey noises as they left him semi naked dying on the floor. Same as Stephen Lawrence, his family were put under surveillance as they fought against institutional racism to get justice. No officers prosecuted.
Lemon 🍋 @yrdlan🔁Iskra Lawrence rocks smallest crop top of all time so will i be in the Guinness book of world records now?🧐 lol


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