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Cozy @ovoletticia🔁 Everytime I see a Hispanic or Latino call other Latinos “Spanish”
Latino GARNERBARRO @garnerbarro🔁Cyanide & Happiness – Book (Fandub Latino)
Latino Please Donate @charityplease🔁Cyanide & Happiness – Book (Fandub Latino)
LatinoLatino Anitta Cobertura @AnittaCobertura🔁📸| Anitta ontem no redcarpet no evento especial do Spotify para Grammy Latino
Latino Saduj Toiracsi @sadujtoiracsi🔁Cyanide & Happiness – Book (Fandub Latino)
Latino Fiona Taylor @fetaylor91🔁Cyanide & Happiness – Book (Fandub Latino)
Latino readablogaboutit @readablogabout1🔁Cyanide & Happiness – Book (Fandub Latino)
LatinoLatino Jefferson 🌳 @Jefersonanitter🔁 📸| Anitta ontem no redcarpet no evento especial do Spotify para Grammy Latino
Mark Dice @MarkDice🔁What about all the Latino groups working as foreign agents? Encouraging a literal invasion of the United States, a nd colluding with Democrats to do so.
The Guardian @guardian🔁Why are half of Latino immigrant TV characters portrayed as criminals?
Spotify @Spotify🔁¡Viva Latino! The latest, greatest, hottest Latin tracks and videos.
Listen on repeat.
TheTruth @PCsucks66🔁You say you’re not a democrat yet seem to be very anti GOP. Economy is doing well and will be much better after tax c uts.
⭐Bad JoJoke⭐ @lxnerr🔁'josé' is literally 'joseph' in spanish. 'joe' is a nickname for joseph just as 'pepe' is for josé. and 'estrella' is star. so is joseph joestar was latino he'd be josé pepestrella. ur welcome
Radio OndaWorld @RadioOndaworld🔁Sonando Ahora Martin Garrix & Dua Lipa - Scared to Be Lonely en
Adrian J Salas @adrianss74🔁@Morning_Joe speaking of diversity. I am many latinos sit on trumps panels?
Classic Hits Radio @classichitradio🔁The Best songs #rock #pop #dance #latino #np Lene Marlin - Sitting Down Here
Gonzalez @iakovleva4106🔁EU approves economic sanctions including an arms embargo on Venezuela via
Ferret @ThaDufus🔁I think that peeps who never leave their tribe are susceptible to racism and buy into stereotypes of peeps of color, latino,muslim,blacks./2
Classic Hits Radio @classichitradio🔁Your favorite songs #music #rock #pop #dance #latino " Alpha Blondy ": Sweet Fanta Diallo
Rawburt Martinez @fossil_shark🔁We shouldn't treat Afro-Latinos any different than Latinos. The same goes for Latinos that don't know Spanish. We are all Latino ✊
Jay Lu @Jay_Lu🔁That anti-Ed Gillespie Latino Victory Fund ad with the pickup truck chasing the kids? It was based on the real-life experience of the ad’s creator growing up Latino in Broward County, Florida.
Dianna Hunt @DiannaHunt🔁 Green's retirement means Houston could send first Latino to Congress via @HoustonChron
Erika Kitzmiller @erikakitzmiller🔁NEW research brief: Latino parents, esp immigrants, have unpredictable schedules, w/ short notice of their hours.
Classic Hits Radio @classichitradio🔁Your favorite songs #music #rock #pop #dance #latino " Smokey Robinson & The Miracles ": Doggone Right
R.I.P. Rafiki 😔🙏🏽 @Blackest_Latino🔁 Must've missed the singing & dancing...
Andrea Giuffrida @agiuf🔁Learn about the challenges faced by Latino kids @UTHealthSA @SaludAmerica
Raquel Ríos @RaquelRiosPhD🔁“We continue to talk about Latinos in the education world as if they are a subgroup and a minority but they are absol utely the majority,” said Ryan Smith, executive director of The Education Trust-West.
Raquel Ríos @RaquelRiosPhD🔁California’s students attend some of the country’s most schools, lack access to early childhood education, are ofte n pushed away from college-prep
WesternPAJon @WesternPAJon🔁What about all the Latino groups working as foreign agents? Encouraging a literal invasion of the United States, and colluding with Democrats to do so.
natan🦄 @najatan🔁Anitta Feat JBalvin- Downtown live in ¡Viva Latino!: via @YouTube


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