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#LasVegas Keely Rose @Keelyroseee🔁Counting the days until April #TheCosmopolitan #LasVegas
#LasVegas Sushi Burrito Bowl @SushiBurritoLV🔁#Healthy doesn't have to be boring, it has to be a #SushiBurrito #LasVegas #Vegas #Sushi #Food
#LasVegas timbersgaming @timbersgaming🔁A lucky player won $14,000 at Timbers Lake Mead! Who's ready to win next? 💰🤑✨ #Jackpot #lasvegas #Vegas
#LasVegas Remedy @RemedyYourself🔁 Saying goodbye to the ladies on death row. It’s harvest day. @RemedyYourself @SSW_LV #lasvegas
Shepard Fairey @OBEYGIANT🔁I’m incredibly honored that this year, the Plaza Hotel Murals Project in Downtown, won the Mayor's Urban Design Awa twitter.com rds for Public Art! Thank you , , and .
📷: Jon Furlong
Sec. Sonny Perdue @SecretarySonny🔁Nice coverage of our visit to Gilcrease Orchard near yesterday. It's absolutely true that we always get our best id twitter.com eas from talking to farmers & ranchers who are out on the front lines of agriculture.
Sec. Sonny Perdue @SecretarySonny🔁Great tour of in with a long history. Begun in 1907, it started with 10-15 cows. Back then without refrigeration, m twitter.com ilk was delivered by wagon 2X a day. Searles & Coon families bought it in 1934 and still run it today.
Alex Cole @alexcolerocks🔁I’ll be rocking in Vegas at opening for Moby Dicks! twitter.com
Fairway Jay @FairwayJay🔁How is the Olympic hockey handle & other Sports books? Winter Olympics wagering for 1st time in 20 years at Nevada twitter.com
UNLV Medicine @UNLVmedicine🔁Dr. Abraham “Jim” Nagy, who was named chair of the UNLV.edu department in July, is a native who chose to return to his twitter.com roots to pursue his career.
Nick Franklin @nfmethod🔁Manziel Bipolar, Making Comeback; LaVar Warns Lakers; Coke-Pushing Pitcher | Out of Bounds Follow me Now! See it here twitter.com
Ron From Las Vegas @RonFromLasVegas🔁 . 2 -1 favorite & Total goals they expect are 5.5 goals plus and if Calgary plays defense and this young Takes twitter.com care of his Buisness and Tuuka Rask takes care of his Buisness as a well I can't see 6 goals scored MY decision is made on DM
KSNV News 3 @News3LV🔁. announces he’s running for Clark County Sheriff — we are talking with him about shooting investigation, police use of force & solutions to the valley’s violent crime problem
All She Things @allshethings🔁Did you know more than 43,000,000 tourists visit Las Vegas every year? If you want to be one of them & want to know w twitter.com hat else is there except for the casinos, then check out fun things you can do in Las Vegas for free -

Sparky Daily🐬 @sparkydaily🔁Uncovering the truth in is dangerous.

I had coffee w/ , the news director at . She told me she thinks I do a great job investigating. Now the corrupt powers in have FIRED HER for talking to me and covering my undercover video !

Nathan O'Neal @NateNews3LV🔁. announces he’s running for Clark County Sheriff — we are talking with him about shooting investigation, police use twitter.com of force & solutions to the valley’s violent crime problem
R.J. @datsofunky🔁Mardi Gras Party tonight with !! Come on down to and dance with us!
Doug Aldrich Net @Dougaldrichnet🔁I’ll be rocking in Vegas at opening for Moby Dicks!
VegasStripClubLimo @stripclublimo🔁Ready to see some sexy Vegas adult Entertainers tonight? Get Free Limo service to and from the Strip Club of your cho twitter.com ice & Free Club Entry with 2 drinks! Make reservations or Call for a fast pick up👉🏽 702-997-5246
marvinjr @marvinjr🔁The latest The marvinjr Daily! paper.li Thanks to @MB__Montgomery @StrackWebDesign @A_l_e_x_405 #leadership #lasvegas
Paul Almeida @AzorcanGlobal🔁Looks like is getting a nice new ballpark after getting a new arena for and a proposed stadium for the
More r twitter.com easons to visit Fabulous
The Toff Dog @TheToffDog🔁I was going to book a holiday to glorious ... instead I'm booking extensive dental treatment... on the plus side... I twitter.com 'll at least still feel numb with the amount of money I'm chucking down the drain!
Ron From Las Vegas @RonFromLasVegas🔁 . POLL Just a few and it's all but I would be cautious this Rookie Goaltender David Rittich is a good Backup to twitter.com Mike Smith David has been in 16 games 464 minutes played 5 _1 _ 2 .927 SV% and 2 .20 goals against Avg.
NPRI @NevadaPolicyRI🔁Troubling news here in : The Clark County DA's office would rather throw innocent people in prison than admit a mistake.

Tim Gerhardt @SlyThai🔁My daughter Bella making me proud at tournament in 😊❤️She won 1st place in her & divisions!👊🏻💥
VegasStripClubLimo @stripclublimo🔁Tonight Take a Limo ride to Hustler Las Vegas Topless Club- Make Reservations or Call for Pick Up> (702-997-5246) FRE twitter.com E LIMO PICK UP and FREE CLUB ENTRY
BaM Marijuana @BamMarijuana🔁SinMint Cookies
Up close and personal.


Las Vegas Domain @LasVegasDomain🔁Avoid my Tweets promoting the Free Pass. They are being denied by Club Mgrs, take your business to any other Gym!
I twitter.com will pull down repeating ads ASAP!

LittleDarlings LV @LittleDsLV🔁HAPPY ! It's FREE Tuesdays at ! Free admission before 6pm! Come down and party with our gorgeous Showgirls!

Michael Bible @michaelvbible🔁Relocating to ? Need help finding a ? I can help! Contact me today for a .
Drew Johnson @Drews_Views🔁Troubling news here in : The Clark County DA's office would rather throw innocent people in prison than admit a mista twitter.com ke.

WreckVisuals♨️™ @WreckVisuals🔁LAS VEGAS LINK UP! atlvenues … instagram.com
7HILLS_CLOTHIERS @DennisAshley17🔁Check out the details 😀 #🎥 @sevenhillsclothiers Custom Leather & Exotic Belt 💯Visit our store TODAY 📞702.341.99 twitter.com 95
Clinicspectrum @ClinicSpectrum🔁Come to where the connects & . Visit at . twitter.com
hershey08 @Leizer08🔁💖Tour day 125 ~ Feb 14, 2018

keith lyle @funnykeithlyle🔁When they were trying to come up with a new name for the Fontainebleau Hotel in #LasVegas , they DREW a blank. #branding
Boxing Fix John Sig @BoxingFix🔁Drum or Guitar Lessons!
For over 2 decades, I have taught music to thousands of musicians! Studio, House Calls & On-l twitter.com ine lessons available ...please call for rates.
United Van Rentals @LasVegasVans🔁LVMS, Dream Racing to provide e-sports lounge for NASCAR fans in Neon Garage on race weekend twitter.com
United Van Rentals @LasVegasVans🔁Groundbreaking set for new Las Vegas Ballpark unitedvanrentals.com #LasVegas lasvegasnow.com
United Van Rentals @LasVegasVans🔁Las Vegas Deals, Special Offers unitedvanrentals.com #LasVegas treasureisland.com
United Van Rentals @LasVegasVans🔁Officials to break ground on Downtown Summerlin ballpark unitedvanrentals.com #LasVegas fox5vegas.com
United Van Rentals @LasVegasVans🔁American Marketing Association of Las Vegas unitedvanrentals.com #LasVegas amalasvegas.com
Ignite Funding @IgniteFunding🔁The 2020 openings would lead to the the largest year-on-year increase in rooms on the Strip since 1993, when the MGM twitter.com Grand, Luxor and Treasure Island opened for business, boosting the number of Strip rooms by 10,000.

United Van Rentals @LasVegasVans🔁SLS Buyer Alex Meruelo Could Also Acquire Lucky Dragon unitedvanrentals.com #LasVegas vitalvegas.com
United Van Rentals @LasVegasVans🔁Las Vegas Shopping Stores unitedvanrentals.com #LasVegas #Vegas bellagio.com
Some_Dude @some_dude04🔁To my in , your favorite , , experienced is ready to show you how Week should be celebrated...I am available until 17th....email me today
United Van Rentals @LasVegasVans🔁Red Rock Canyon is fee free for Presidents Day on Monday unitedvanrentals.com #LasVegas reviewjournal.com
Enter Productions LV @EnterLV🔁Calling all Volunteers!! We need YOU! Head over to theroadshowtour.com to register and learn more!! Coming up SOON! March 1st at the Hen twitter.com derson Pavilion.
United Van Rentals @LasVegasVans🔁Here's Where You Should Stay in Vegas This Valentine's Day unitedvanrentals.com #LasVegas vegasmagazine.com


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