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Laquan McDonald ABC 7 Chicago @ABC7Chicago🔁No more indictments in Laquan McDonald shooting, special prosecutor says:
Vernice MillerTravis @HarlemGirl59🔁 was killed by the over three years ago. Four officers have been charged for their role in his death, and it’s long past time for their trials to proceed.
Chicago Sun-Times @Suntimes🔁Special prosecutor announces no more Chicago cops will be charged in the Laquan McDonald investigation.
Chicago Tribune @chicagotribune🔁No additional Chicago police officers face indictment for their handling of Laquan McDonald’s fatal shooting as speci al grand jury completes investigation and disbands.
gchpaco @gchpaco🔁As a reminder of how corrupt Chicago is, we're supposed to just accept that EIGHTY-SIX mins of footage of Laquan McDonald's murder is MISSING.

EIGHT cops lied about the murder.

And Rahm & City gov hid the video for over a year.

Bullshit. here we come

sparkletone @sparkletone🔁The grand jury hearing evidence in the fatal 2014 shooting of Laquan McDonald has been disbanded, with charges against just four officers. The city inspector general recommended firing 11 officers, including higher-ups, for lying to cover up the shooting.
Just K @kismettruth🔁For those keeping count, in the last 2 weeks:

1) Two investigators state Anita Alvarez doctored the dashcam footage of Ronald Johnson


2) No more charges will be filed against remaining 5 cops or city officials who covered up Laquan McDonald's murder.

Join !

Sarah Chambers @Sarah4Justice🔁Just announced: No more indictments against cops in handling of Laquan McDonald shooting

This is why we ask you to join us on for a !

8 cops LIED. 15 minutes of CCTV coverage is MISSING. Rahm, McCarthy & Anita ALL are guilty!

Bre @butterfliesblue🔁It looks like Rahm Emanuel won't face criminal charges for covering up Laquan McDonald's murder. That said, he will be run out of this city in 2019.
Jen Connic @jenconnic🔁Laquan McDonald grand jury discharged; No more cops to be indicted
A Sidd @bebeembop_a🔁We are supposed to be satisfied that three low level cops have charges brought forth when in reality, this was a multi level, multi dpeartmental collusion in covering up what was in essence a City government approved public execution of 17 year old Laquan McDonald.
newsR @newsr_IN🔁No more indictments for Chicago police in Laquan McDonald shooting: CHICAGO (Reuters) - No more Chicago police..
Cathy A. @catmandu13🔁People admitting they’ll vote for a child molester rather than cast a vote for an eminently qualified Dem. Now Chicag o cops won’t face any more charges over the OBVIOUS Laquan McDonald coverup.
What👏🏼has👏🏼happened👏🏼to👏🏼justice👏🏼and👏🏼decency?! I feel sick.
Brookie @Brookes641108🔁 is still happening! Ex-Superintend McCarther on down covered up the execution of
This is another example of gross injustice! COPA is IPRA & let killer cop off the hook!



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