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Landon Collins Zesty NY Giants News @zesty_ny_giants🔁Giants Eli Apple, Landon Collins earn high PFF grades in win over Broncos
Andy @AndyVsTheWorId🔁 Landon Collins is the best safety in the NFL. Debate your messy roommate.
Wally West @cuntrocity🔁 Landon Collins is the best safety in the NFL. Debate your messy roommate.
LGM @awittenberg11🔁 Landon Collins is the best safety in the NFL. Debate your messy roommate.
Landon Collins Thomas Brad Ivy @ivyice21🔁 From Giants safety Landon Collins:
Landon CollinsLandon Collins Mahrez @Jeshurun__🔁 Landon Collins' Louboutin-inspired cleats look ... sharp. (via @darrenrovell)
Landon Collins Erin Kraus @bama351🔁 Landon Collins with the Interception #BuiltByBama
Landon Collins Tory Westbrook @ToryWestbrook🔁 Landon Collins tonight 🔥
Landon Collins ParanoidCrazyLeftist @quartknee103🔁 Landon Collins apologized for his hit on Emmanuel Sanders after the game:
Landon Collins Dion Hicks @dionlhicks🔁 Landon Collins, on Emmanuel Sanders' ankle injury:
Landon Collins Pro Football Focus @PFF🔁Landon Collins tonight 🔥
Landon CollinsLandon Collins Darren Rovell @darrenrovell🔁Landon Collins wearing these Louboutin-inspired cleats today, custom from @MACHE275
Landon CollinsLandon Collins NFL on ESPN @ESPNNFL🔁Landon Collins' Louboutin-inspired cleats look ... sharp. (via @darrenrovell)
SerpentWings @SnekWings🔁 #NYGiants Landon Collins "[Siemian] was just holding it [the ball] too long and not letting it go." @1043TheFan
SerpentWings @SnekWings🔁 Landon Collins "After 1st 3 series we shook him (Siemian) because he wasn't expecting what we were doing."
Brennan Weissenbuehl @BrennanLW🔁 "He was just holding it too long and not letting it go"

Landon Collins on Trevor Siemian.

#Broncos #Giants

Dion Hicks @dionlhicks🔁 Landon Collins apologizes for injuring #Broncos WR Emmanuel Sanders


BIGGBLUECREW @biggbluecrew🔁Top 5 graded Giants from last night via
Eli Apple-86.9
Landon Collins-86.0
Damon Harrison-84.3
Darian Thompson-84.1
Colorado_Sports @TheRealFan02🔁To everyone that though that Landon Collins hit was intentional... it wanst. Collins is a good guy much respect
Broncos on Scout @BroncosOnScout🔁Landon Collins apologizes for injuring #Broncos WR Emmanuel Sanders


JC @jcinok🔁Landon Collins said Siemian wasn’t expecting what they did.”We watched a lot of film.He was just holding it too long & not letting it go”
Joshua Bell @BellJoshuaBell🔁Demaryius Thomas said that Landon Collins came up to him after the game and asked if he would apologize to Emmanuel Sanders on his behalf.
DJ MetiMajor @DJMetiMajor🔁@jimmy_coppa @TheHumble_21 @ESanders_10 Sean Taylor (who Landon Collins looked up to) is rollin over in his grave
Shavy 👽 @Shavrolet🔁 Coming into the game, Landon Collins had 9 stops in the pass game, which was tied for the lead for all safeties.


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