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Javier Lopez @tweetonthelopez🔁 Lamar Jackson: “Sure, let me go get my receiver gloves from my gym bag real quick”
Buddy Ass @CoolAsBari🔁 Lamar Jackson on just being a QB and thinking it’s crazy anyone would think otherwise
Lamar Jackson King Ekko Trillmonger Calrissian @rjlavergne🔁 These throws from Lamar Jackson over the middle were money.

Lamar Jackson D @iamyoDaddy_🔁 Lamar Jackson isn’t playing with y’all.
Lamar Jackson solo dolo @solothagodd🔁 Lamar Jackson (@lj_era8) showing off his accuracy at the #NFLCombine! @UofLfootball

📺: @nflnetwork

Lamar Jackson King White @King88_X🔁 Lamar Jackson isn't switching positions for the NFL.
Lamar Jackson SportsCenter @SportsCenter🔁Lamar Jackson isn't switching positions for the NFL.
Robert Littal @BSO🔁Lamar Jackson on just being a QB and thinking it’s crazy anyone would think otherwise
247Sports @247Sports🔁Lamar Jackson shuts down every report of him playing any position other than quarterback.

"Whoever likes me at quart erback, that's where I'm going. That's strictly my position."

Crooklyn @SwanlynnTaze🔁 Lamar Jackson is better than Carson Wentz right now, and under DougP would easy be the best qb of all time, please do not @
♚KING♚ @YuppKingNIke🔁Lamar Jackson threw for 9043 yards and 69 touchdowns in three years in college. He ran for another 4132 yards and 50 touchdowns. He caught ZERO passes for ZERO yards. He’s a quarterback not a wide receiver!!
Ben Arellano @Bennylava913🔁Real question: If Lamar Jackson had grabbed his crotch and cussed at an opponent, planted a flag on an opponent’s field and was caught on video being tackled by cops while intoxicated, would he even be drafted? 🤔
Zach Gelb @ZachGelb🔁Coming up 2-6 AM EST on we talk: Lamar Jackson, NFL QB Draft Prospects, Kirk Cousins, NBA MVP and college hoops. and will join the fun

Rez_115 @rezurrection115🔁1st: Lamar Jackson
2nd: Billy Price
3rd: Orlando Brown Jr
5th: Maurice Hurst
6th: Shaquem Griffin

Let’s play.

MOKEY @RONHALL11🔁Lamar Jackson and his future in the NFL is exactly why this country continues to have issues as they relate to race and bias.
OchoNoHoez @DavidZMacias🔁Power Move by Lamar Jackson. LOVE IT
▲ Timbo ▲ @Timbo_Montana🔁Lamar Jackson should’ve stayed for another year.
SLAUGHTER 😎👑🐶 @flyguy_502🔁It amazes me how ppl can watch Deshaun Watson literally kill it in this league in half a season, then tell Lamar Jackson go play WR??? Y’all don’t see any similarities? At all? Am I watching a different sport? At least give the Heisman winner an opportunity. 🤔🤯😂
ryans barn @rybar93🔁Yo am I the only one that wants us to draft Lamar Jackson. Give him a couple years behind cam.... just saying
NOAH ⛵️ @Ayoo_Noah🔁 I would love to see the patriots draft Lamar Jackson and have him sit behind Tom for 2 years and unleash him
Darnell Parker @NellyNell_39🔁Lamar Jackson said he’ll do all the throwing drills but he’s not running the 40 or lifting. He says film shows his speed and elusiveness. He feels he needs to show more of his throwing skills.
Sports Fanatic @DJTheGameHead🔁Lamar Jackson NFL Combine Performance: via @YouTube
💲 @angeljovanny_🔁Lamar Jackson the best QB in the draft. Y’all sound dumb.
ABE FROMAN 🅱️🅱️🅱️ @Abejhash🔁I just wanna know how Lamar Jackson can’t be a QB...but Nathan Peterman Can 😂😂😂


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