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#LailasWisdom EConA @EconAlchemy🔁Listening to @rapsody newest album #LailasWisdom #incredible
#BlehArt @Bl3h_🔁 #LailasWisdom | @rapsody | 9.22
Available for pre-order now
#LailasWisdom Noah @NMartzzz🔁 #LailasWisdom on ITunes!
#LailasWisdom Jae Starks @ImNotStarks🔁... @rapsody #LailasWisdom is straight 🔥🔥🔥 ...
#LailasWisdom Monica LeWhiskey @Incognitah_🔁Fuck. Y'all need to play this shit
#LailasWisdom 🎤🔥
#LailasWisdom freeznutz @zfree🔁 Listen to @rapsody's #LailasWisdom 🌹
Available now!!
9th Wonder @9thwonder🔁#LailasWisdom fact;
There is another version of "Power", different beat, with Rapsody, Kendrick, and someone else....👀
9th Wonder @9thwonder🔁#LailasWisdom Fact;
We stopped recording "Laila" back in October to record "Crown". Crown took us 3 weeks from start to finish.
9th Wonder @9thwonder🔁Available on , , ....bruh....everywhere...
Dusky Literati @duskyliterati🔁Available on , , ....bruh....everywhere...
Bob Banda @bobzinka🔁When said "I never been lazy, but I(eye) seen a plenty Forest, Whitaker, wit of her, good Lord"🔥😂

#ScrupulouslyMe @MitZfit100🔁I LOVE @rapsody new album!! So phuckin dope!! #LailasWisdom #HipHop #RealMusic
The Soul Man @BIONICSOULMAN🔁 what an album !! You Just keep getting better queen. This is another…
Kenneth Nicholson @nicks_ol_son🔁 My second album #LailasWisdom || OUT NOW
Features singles #YouShouldKnow + #PayUp
🌹🌹🌹🌹 🌹🌹🌹
DJ Joe Cool @NYCDJJOECOOL🔁Jesus Coming is Painfully Soulful. Respect to @Rapsody & @9thwonder on a Phenomenal Project #LailasWisdom
M O S A @MosaBule🔁 #LailasWisdom Fact;
I sang on this album....3 times..... 🤷🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️ #9thWondross
killa manjaro 🇰🇪 @muthaiga_🔁 Fact;
We stopped recording "Laila" back in October to record "Crown". Crown took us 3 weeks from start to finish.
Thabo Nongogo @Thabo_Nongogo🔁 Fact;
There's also another version of Rollercoaster, a long version of U Used To Love Me, and 2 other versions of the intro...
MostWanted @BenadyInady🔁. breaks down the politics of and her favorite tracks @ CNN. Check out my intv:
Nesta Adu @wherevaimat🔁sooo afta runnin #LAILASWISDOM str8 thru, i get 2 Knock On My Door RITE..lotl..& im GRINNIN frm tha Effortless G bein dripped n my ears..smh
I Am...🤔 @riktik613🔁Good Morning!!!

@rapsody #LailasWisdom
#GymMusic #NowPlaying #DontSleepCauseYouMightSlip

On my Chris Gardner @MrBanker12🔁@rapsody - Jesus Coming feat. Amber Navran #LailasWisdom
Devon Hayato @BlacknAction🔁 #LailasWisdom fact;
There is another version of "Power", different beat, with Rapsody, Kendrick, and someone else....👀
KZA @UltKBliss🔁Black & Ugly x @rapsody #LailasWisdom
GEN.EX @THeINKGOD🔁 Just left @rapsody album release party feeling like I had my chakras cleansed 😩🙌🏽✨💯💕 #lailaswisdom
Darin $tewart @givenchymelo🔁@rapsody thank you Queen for this Beautiful, HARD, Klassic you just gave us. #LailasWisdom #RocNation
J. Gamb @hayzeuswalks🔁Did @rapsody take out time to actually respond to my tweet? That just made my day, week, month, and year. #Respect #LailasWisdom #AOTY
nxekana evidence @NxekanaE🔁I can wait for y'all to hear this album !! Just remember I told you she is the now & the future! 9/22
🅰️🅰️ron from Chi @aarontor🔁🔥Congrats to on the release of her new album, , prod. 's . Out now @ all platforms
Nicholus @below_heavens🔁Man..i gotta listen to that new @rapsody album..the craving is mad real..#LailasWisdom
Kabelo @idashKB🔁 That you should know on #LailasWisdom is UNGODLY AMOUNTS OF 🔥🔥
BIG130th @resteasymanie🔁I know #LailasWisdom is out but I’m still Jamming out to #Crown 💯🔥
SenSagius™ @SenSagius🔁I'm #LOVING these tracks @rapsody @9thwonder #Rollercoaster #UUsed2LoveMe #KnockOnMyDoor so real and smooth #Replay #LailasWisdom
Heather Victoria @HV_sings🔁When they hear that "Ridin" verse from @FindingIsaiah_ for the 1st time... #LailasWisdom
Gamba Asante @GambaAsante🔁Man I need some collaboration between @rapsody and @illcamille, two of the dopest lyricists out! #LailasWisdom
Heather Victoria @HV_sings🔁Listening to #LailasWisdom with mom dukes...she's LOVING it.... 🌺🌺🌺😍😍 #LifeMusic #ShareWhatYouLove #WithThoseYouLove
Lennox @Lennox63🔁Bout to get into some late night jogging with this @rapsody album. #LailasWisdom #Tryingtogetfit
Tiara Sturdivant @TiaraSturdivant🔁

on dec
The lady …
G$K•AKA•Teez™ @DaRealTLH97🔁 Congrats To Rap Rap @rapsody !! New Album Out Now ☔️☔️⚡#LailasWisdom
MaFi La Familia @BlacklistHustle🔁 (get_repost)

on dec
The lady …
King JohnTheOriginal @Ilive4Purpose🔁Now listening to #LailasWisdom by @rapsody 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Tony Rignola III @ajr_three🔁@rapsody #LailasWisdom is definitely one of the BEST albums of #2017 fuck gender, Rap is one of the best emcees spitting these days. PERIOD.
SirWilliamChillin'™ @will6foot5🔁@GhettoBasquiat Whole album dope.
Lafayette Hicks @HicksLaf🔁What I'm trippin on did this Vulcan engineer so even when I turn it ALL THE WAY UP in my car...
This Is Kevin Durant @CainMcCoy🔁@cthagod with the @rapsody shoutout! Yes! #LailasWisdom #iHeartFestival
Uzi LeVert @Ashtonakaleegle🔁SASSY!!!!!!!!!! @rapsody got one with this album. #LailasWisdom
Anne de Vivonne @ennasuite🔁Check out ’s first-take listen to ’s highly-anticipated album available now!


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