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Lady Bird Brandon Wainerdi @ActuallyBrandon🔁Mom went and saw Lady Bird. Currently (and carefully) seeking clarification on the phrase “sex poop”.
Golden Globe Awards @goldenglobes🔁Congratulations to Saoirse Ronan - Best Performance by an Actress in a Motion Picture - Musical or Comedy - Lady Bird () -
Lady Bird Golden Globe Awards @goldenglobes🔁Congratulations to Lady Bird (@LadyBirdMovie) - Best Motion Picture - Musical or Comedy - #GoldenGlobes
Lady Bird Vick✌🏼️❤️ @vickgemme🔁 “Lady Bird” portrait for #GoldenGlobes
The New York Times @nytimes🔁In most films, girls exist to be looked at. But in Greta Gerwig’s "Lady Bird," the girl is the one who looks. From in 2017:
New Year New Zoey™️ @itszoeybud🔁 Ex-Googler James Damore Ejected from 'Lady Bird' Screening after Repeatedly Shouting “What About Gentleman Birds???”
Matt Neglia @NextBestPicture🔁There’s a world (And we forever have Spotlight to thank for this) where Lady Bird only wins two Oscars: Best Picture & Laurie Metcalf. All possibilities are still on the table.
~Wa^.._..^Su~ @PLAZANAKA🔁

⒍ The Shape of Water
⒎ Lady Bird

Kandis @queenkandis🔁@RillaCuthbert THIS is why I was so meh on Lady Bird. I forgot I’d already seen it, but better.
cat🌹 @catsaldivxr🔁I love call me by your name & lady bird
vrianna @vriannalurie🔁@uglytrashgirl what Jessica really wants to say is what man wants to take her to see Lady Bird...
gameofregans @regregregan🔁 Oprah tho.❤️
Lady bird tho.❤️
Frances tho.❤️
graceee @fuckbeaconhills🔁lady bird actually has been praised by a lot of sociologists for its representation of the middle class and its poetic description of how the family youve been raised by determines your future and privileges but go off for retweets
Austin Heath @aus10h3ath🔁Ok since I forgot to include it, I'll put lady bird in a tie for 10th with wonder woman. I think that's fair
britney em 2007 @socamilamesmo🔁@weirdkid_wii ALSO lady bird, asap
jennifer @oioilouehh🔁margot didnt win anythin for i tonya, dunkirk didnt win anything, call me by your name was WAS ROBBED. lady bird & saoirse winning was the only thing worth my time. They r all skinny, fuck everyone else.
SirNarwhal @Sir_Narwhal🔁Ok so, I've seen no one talk about this, but in Lady Bird was the priest molesting Lady Bird's friend? The movie play s it like she is, but then never brings it up and there's no discussion at all.
rebecca.paige @rebeccaxpaige🔁Natalie Portman with the jab: "All male nominees."

No women were nominated for Best Director even with highly lauded works by

Patty Jenkins "Wonder Woman"
Greta Gerwig "Lady Bird"
Dee Rees "Mudbound”

Christopher Cole @333cole🔁This week on The Canon! The 2017 call-in face-off: LADY BIRD vs. FLORIDA PROJECT vs. GET OUT vs. LAST JEDI vs MOTHER!
柴本寛 @st_h_n_🔁Perspective: "Lady Bird" makes the case for reframing female stories as epics on a par with ‘male’ genres
kelsey 🦖🦕 @yolofitzheming🔁okay so i’ve seen: I, Tonya, CMBYN, and The Disaster Artist
I just need to watch: Three Billboards, Lady Bird, The F lorida Project, and The Post right? (and probably Coco)
Sasha Stone @AwardsDaily🔁@NextBestPicture Get Out isn't winning screenplay if Lady Bird is winning Picture.
Austin Heath @aus10h3ath🔁I FORGOT LADY BIRD WHAT HAVE I DONE????
m Ⓥ @emme_ily🔁i think a huge problem is that female directors are way less recognized than male directors (per natalie portman’s po int). for example: the female director of lady bird (which won best picture and the main actress won best actress) wasn’t even nominated for best director...
The Sacred Wall @SacredWall🔁Chalamet is better in Lady Bird, don't @ me, stanners (and I LOVED CMBYN).

Also, fwiw, you are right that Oldman gi ves the best performance of the year, outside of maybe Dafoe

Teek @its_teek_yall🔁I’d imagine this is his face every time he hears say the movie “Lady Bird” as “Larry Bird” as well
DeAnna🍀 @deannascofield🔁In my opinion best Director should have been Get Out, Dunkirk, Shape of Water, Lady Bird and Three Billboards. Of tho se...Shape of Water would win. After that I would give it to Get Out.
Charles Menzie @charles_menzie🔁I am very much looking forward to this meeting. It promises to be an exciting, illuminating, and fun event. Just saw Lady Bird and will view Sacramento through an additional lense.
柴本寛 @st_h_n_🔁"Three Billboards" and "Lady Bird" won the top movie awards at the Golden Globes, and Oprah Winfrey jolted the crowd with her speech
Mimi M Bullock @BullockMeegan🔁i LOVE saoirse but if anything, she should've won a golden globe for brooklyn (2015) not lady bird. i think margot's performance in i tonya was way better and that she was robbed from that award... it's a PREFERENCE, in no way am i saying saoirse is a bad person or actress lol
Azurae @azurraer🔁National Society Of Film Critics Name ‘Lady Bird’ Best Picture Of 2017 - So, thought you could take a break from awards for just one day? Guess again. Last night, the Golden Globes handed out the hardware, and “Lady Bird” took home two big prizes — Be...
jesus irma christ @TD_Zelios🔁because Disaster Artist and Lady Bird > Get Out
me @m_e_p_i🔁I like how Lady Bird illustrates to us that boys who read, Rangga AADC equivalent, etc, were basically as bullshit as other boys.
Beatriz 👁 11 @beuhhhtriz🔁 i don't even have words for how much I love lady bird
Patrick Fisackerly @fisackerly🔁She talked about it more in-depth on Fresh Air, and it led to a discussion about how women are both criticized for no t saying enough or when they do speak out, for saying the wrong thing.

Ruby Hamad @rubyhamad🔁@SakakiIsCute Lady Bird.
LarissaYYC @LarissaYyc🔁@iusumith @TheMOofMo @TeenVogue Greta Gerwig was the director of Lady Bird - which won best movie comedy/musical. Not enough merit?
Nick Taylor @NickT00783🔁I recently rewatched Whip It, which got grossly short shrift back in 2009 but is basically Lady Bird’s spunkier, heartier big sister. There are honestly few things that would excite me more than Drew Barrymore’s directorial return.
abel⚡️ @choloabel🔁i just lady bird because it won so many awards and this boring is so fuckin boring n mildly entertaining, how did get out lose to this??
Mizenower? @settroit🔁 Lady Bird > Man Fish
Shaun Clayton @doctorfailure🔁@purekatherine Sacramento is currently just known as the place the main character wants to escape in Lady Bird
Knight Raiosaurus @dekrazee1🔁I just saved a lady bird. :D
Zuben @zubenseven🔁Saoirse Ronan wins 'Best Actress in a Comedy/Musical Motion Picture' for her role in Lady Bird

Léo @leoberrr🔁Congratulations to Lady Bird () - Best Motion Picture - Musical or Comedy -
alex @ghadir_life🔁Watched lady bird yesterday
Three billboards outside .. today
Call me by your name tomorrow
Schneebs @schneebs🔁Ok so you personally didn’t like Lady Bird and haven’t heard of Mudbound that immediately disqualifies them. Got it.
orian @oriansage🔁i tonya, the florida project, lady bird, the disaster artist were all great.. i still need to see good time
𝚁𝚘𝚜𝚎𝚗𝚍𝚒𝚝𝚊 𝙻𝚊 𝙰𝚐𝚘𝚛𝚎𝚛𝚊 @la_agorera🔁No sé cual ver entre Three Billboards, Lady Bird, I Tonya, The Disaster Artist, o Call Me By Your Name 😱


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