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BTSARMY Leadership Center @LeadershipArmy🔁#LYTearPureMillionSeller Celebrating 1mil! Congrats to @BTS_twt AND ARMY! :D Both have worked SO hard!
Luke Waltham @lukewaltham🔁Kings of Music. Kings of Greatness. Kings Bangtan Sonyeondan setting records, breaking records and making history! C twitter.com ongratulations
18army2000 @18army2000🔁 true ARMY won't ever forget this moment. Tell me why.


lydia @lydiapnh🔁 TALENT

#ChoiceFandom #TeenChoice #BTSARMY #LYTearPureMillionSeller @BTS_twt

🌸faeesionate_ARMY🌸 @sweet_faee🔁➡Best Selling album on Gaon of ALL TIME! (1,750,117)

➡Best Selling album on Hanteo of ALL TIME! (1,232,911 as of July 8th)

➡Best Selling K-album in the USA in HISTORY! (164,000 pure sales)

➡1st K-album to reach #1 on the Billboard 200

INKAR @Gbx5YsUPMUl9GsB🔁Tear is at nearly 2M sales. if we get to 2M, we've outsold as the only korean boy group to ever achieve this. if we want the most historical sales in korean history, our goal would be 3.3M, beating out Kim Gun Mo. We can achieve this by the end of 2018.

🐯 TaeMim 🎀 @TaeMim305🔁Congrats for being the first Korean artist 2 be certified as a million-seller by KCIA 😱🎊😱

PLUS, LYT is also 1 of the 10 best-selling physical albums in the US 4 the first half of 2018 & it's the only Kpop album included in that list)

R S @sxmx_r🔁🎉 🎉

has become the very 1st artist to receive official Million certification from Gaon, with 'Love Yourself: Tear'!

Use the # to celebrate this wonderful achievement!

Miss Cookie @BTS_MissCookie🔁PS: is this ’s next album colors? 👀

Pink/ Purple/ Blue?

[from their performance of DNA @ KBS Music Festival, 29 December 2017 ]

You know they love teasing..


Hadia @hadia__m__🔁BTS becoming the first Korean act to be certified as pure million sellers on Gaon with LY: Tear is the solid proof that social media isn’t their reason for success AND all these irrelevant people’s opinions don’t even matter. BTS are 10 steps ahead

Jungkook's Wife @Miss_Right_Ruby🔁BTS are the only Korea act in history to ever sell 1M pure copies on Hanteo without repackage, they have done it twice with LY Tear & LY her & now LY Tear is the best selling album in both gaon and hanteo chart.
🐾°•••°🐥 @boogloeywamaiok🔁BTS is the first artist to receive a Million Certification from Gaon with 'Love Yourself 轉 Tear' album. This is such a huge achievement and not to mention this is pure million omfg congratulations 🎉 im so proud of you guys!!
K&C 💜| 🎉Happy 5th Anniversary!🎉 @letterstoKC🔁🎉 ARMY!

is the first artist to receive Million Certification from Gaon for LY: Tear.

Trend and stream:

🐝Apple Music: 

R S @sxmx_r🔁BTS started from just 70,000pcs or less of selling now it’s 1M++ already. no one saw it coming, not even them.

YooNix @Yoonix12🔁It must be such a great feat for to see themselves amongst the roster of legends in their own country. I am proud of what they have accomplished and equally proud of what the ARMY has done - create history.

Ummu ✨석진✨ @Kookie_umu97🔁bts became the first Korean artist in history to be certified as a pure million seller on gaon with LY: Tear in less than 2 months and roaches still out there whining about how they are only successful due to social media to console their pressed asses.

Galinka @Galina62083731🔁
Here are my morning shazams. I will do more later.

Rei BTS supremacist 🐨 @snow_vanish🔁Congratulations legends for !! 🎉
ARMY was, is & will always be immensely, overwhelmingly proud of you, our ARTISTS OF THE CENTURY ! 💜
K&C 💜| 🎉Happy 5th Anniversary!🎉 @letterstoKC🔁 Congratulations!! BTS!



Silvia @nallely_sly🔁@billboard @JohnCena would be the best bodyguard that BTS could have.
#LYTearPureMillionSeller @BTS_twt
Justin Seagull @KhoenKkukie🔁Congratulations for becoming the first artist to receive the OFFICIAL MILLION CERTIFICATION from GAON!

Sold 1,750,117 albums! 👑

정국🐰🍒🍒 @btsforevers97🔁CONGRATULATIONS TO for being the first artist to receive the “MILLION SELLER CERTIFICATION” from GAON with 1,750,117 album sales!

Cha || OT7 💜 @sunshinebunnyjk🔁You wanna know what I find wild? The fact more men don’t openly support BTS! Society will never make me run and hide the feelings I have because being a stan of a “boy band” isn’t cool for a guy. I will always say screw the normal, I refuse to conform!

cc__bts💭💙 @cclovesbts4ever🔁So proud of , the 🔥

Gaon: We certify you, million-sellers
John Cena: I've
TM88: Yo BTS!
Forbes: They're the 9th best-selling album in the US!

Meanwhile, BTS:

Young forever @hoa5017🔁Congratulations for becoming the first artist to receive the OFFICIAL MILLION CERTIFICATION from GAON for ‘LOVE YOURSELF 轉 ‘Tear’ 🎉🎉🎉 Well deserved!!!🏆

JO3YT9N @JO3YT9N93🔁SNS celebrities did that! Kings with no hits SNAPPED!😤

These wouldn't have been possible if it wasn't for Yeontan's videos👊

Sold 1,750,117 albums, BUT remember they're just sNs IdOlS wItH nO hItS wHaTsOeVeR!!!

BIIIIITCH TØP IS BACK @poutyyoongiii🔁╔══════ ≪ °❈° ≫ ══════╗
Will we be able to overcome?
This miracle
Did we make it?
I was always here
You came to me
╚══════ ≪ °❈° ≫ ══════╝

Yasmin_Jikook♡ @amijarquin🔁Congratulations to being the first to be certified as an official Million Seller on Gaon for their full length album Love Yourself: Tear 🔥

Here's to many more achievements to come

[ ]

มันเน่จองกุก [แอคหลุม3]🇹🇭🐰❤ @KookV_BtsArmy🔁❣️ Congratulations ❣️

has become the 1st artist to receive official million certification from Gaon with Love Yourself 轉 Tear!

What an achievement! So proud

STREAM FAKE LOVE @Dulce75866286🔁To celebrate the Official Million Certification of LOVE YOURSELF 轉 `Tear`.

Let's use → /

Gaby💜BTS-FAKE LOVE🎶💜 @bts_gaby🔁HUGE congratulations to for becoming the FIRST artist to receive Official MILLION Ccertification from Gaon with ‘LOVE YOURSELF 轉 ‘Tear’ 🎉👌🏼



BTS Jiminssi @Sanchez54130904🔁Congratulations to for being the 1st artist to receive million certification from Gaon. Proud of y'all.

K&C 💜| 🎉Happy 5th Anniversary!🎉 @letterstoKC🔁a huge congratulations to Bangtan for being the 1st artist to receive Million Seller Certification from Gaon Music Chart with Love Yourself 轉 Tear. Oh well deserved boys👏

tinytheDest Destiny @tinythekpopper🔁
Now we only using this Hashtag dont use others lets celebrate the boys achievement Tear is an amazing album with amazing depth and a mix of so many genres. congrats my boys you worked hard 💜
STREAM FAKE LOVE @Dulce75866286🔁 has surpassed +12,000 tweets!↗👍

➡We need much more tweets if we want to trend! Use your back-up & keep tweeting the hashtag🔥

R S @sxmx_r🔁 I'm so proud of BTS for coming this far. Ppl told them repeatedly that small company idols can't make it but look now, they're holding the whole industry up.
Yasmin_Jikook♡ @amijarquin🔁Not to be that person, but bts has already snatched that Album of The Year from all award events. Congratulation in advance 💜

Farah ChimChim 🇱🇧 @frhbtsisbae🔁

The Reason we are trying to trend the above hashtag is that all the mediaplay in Korea doesn't give the attention to BTS and their achievements as they really should.

So trending the hashtag will help to gain the media's attention!


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