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#LTAB2018 The postman @Jaypostofficial🔁Told my truth this festival .#LTAB2018
#LTAB2018 PeteRabbit @scubakouba🔁@j_art_iz runnin @LTABmidmo #LTAB2018
#LTAB2018 Haley Baby 💕 @haleybaaybee🔁 Told my truth this festival .#LTAB2018
J.PERIOD @jperiodBK🔁The God brought it outta me.

#LTAB2018 #JPERIODLiveMixtape #TheRISEUPProject #CrazyJuice

#LTAB2018 PeteRabbit @scubakouba🔁@Indie_POETS showing support for @LTABmidmo Brian starting the poetry off right. #LTAB2018
#LTAB2018 PeteRabbit @scubakouba🔁@LTABmidmo second preliminary bout #LTAB2018
#LTAB2018#LTAB2018#LTAB2018 CPSuccessChicago @CPSuccessCHI🔁 W time. #LTAB2018 Team Finals!
#LTAB2018 CPSuccessChicago @CPSuccessCHI🔁 @GBrooksHS Jerome killing it. Slaying. Burning. All the things at #LTAB2018
#LTAB2018 Brian Goines II @vildezgoines🔁 @Indie_POETS showing support for @LTABmidmo Brian starting the poetry off right. #LTAB2018
#LTAB2018 @YoungChiAuthors🔁 The God brought it outta me.

#LTAB2018 #JPERIODLiveMixtape #TheRISEUPProject #CrazyJuice

#LTAB2018 #LTAB2018 @YoungChiAuthors🔁 I appreciate @JosephChilliams for co-hosting #LTAB2018 with me last night.
#LTAB2018 J.PERIOD @jperiodBK🔁The God MC & His Disciples last night.

#LTAB2018 @YoungChiAuthors #JPERIODLiveMixtape #TheRISEUPProject

jamila woods @jamilawoods🔁i’ll be bout managing at Team Finals tonight! we have a very very special guest coming thru so get your tix... twitter.com
wikipedia "Killmonger, But Make It Feminist" brown @eveewing🔁y’all Rakim is our special guest here at finals and he is working the front of the stage shaking the hands of all th twitter.com e youth poets 😭
Maya @mayadasti🔁in honor of the parkland shooting victims and survivors, my poetry team performed this piece at entitled “TRIGGER WARNING”. please share because congress is doing nothing otherwise.
☁️ Jin @namedKee🔁Yesterday I got to DJ the finals at the Auditorium Theater and it was one for the books.

Thank you to for believing in me and providing nonstop opportunities.

Salute to ALL the poets that performed throughout the festival.

I love y’all 🙏🏽

DJ Ca$h Era @DJCaShEra🔁The God MC & His Disciples last night.

DJ Ca$h Era @DJCaShEra🔁“See the block ain’t KKK but it became a white hood.”

“This is for the shooters who scared of they mamas.”

“This can’t be reclaimed because it wasn’t ever took from us.”

“This is a real Chicago party, Spike Lee can’t get in!”


Ekere Tallie @SageEkere🔁Young Chicago Authors is the best organization for youth in Chicago. Make a donation to keep YCA supporting/working with our youth
James Bloyd @j_bloyd🔁Congrats to Gwendolyn Brooks Academy for winning first place in finals with their piece about !

We say a resounding NO to Rahm Emanuel's proposal to build a new $95 million cop academy on the West side!

Learn more here:

CPSuccessChicago @CPSuccessCHI🔁 Darius has the first 10. I’m at loss for the words to describe how amazing your performance was.
CPSuccessChicago @CPSuccessCHI🔁While politicians talk about arming teachers, the actual teachers are out there fundraising for paper for young poets.
CPSuccessChicago @CPSuccessCHI🔁 Huge congratulations to @RobbinsHistory and the @GBrooksHS #LTAB2018 team!
CPSuccessChicago @CPSuccessCHI🔁 Congratulations to Gwendolyn Brooks for winning #LTAB2018 !!!! #swoopswoop
CPSuccessChicago @CPSuccessCHI🔁thank you & salutes to ALL the poets, teams, schools, teachers, parents, audience members & staff of - an amazing year & it don't stop
Jenaro Gallegos @jenaro_gallegos🔁 What's more black & capitalist than going to prison for trying to eat? #LTAB2018
namjena @WildeeSpirit🔁 "I see my heart as a ticking time bomb instead of a sign that Im going to be okay." -Whitney Young group piece #LTAB2018
7/25 was for me @aminatakwest🔁 “is it racist or homophobic to still want to suck the soul out of a white man to get my blackness back” #LTAB2018
Jey💯 @khaleesijey🔁 “Toxic masculinity. America’s favorite pastime. And you have season tickets.” #LTAB2018
CPSuccessChicago @CPSuccessCHI🔁Congrats in taking 1st place !!

F.U.B.U @Just_Azaria🔁"here's for the man who told me I spend too much time in the sun, and I said (hair flip) 'baby, I am the sun.'"

chima ikoro • louder than a bomb university

F.U.B.U @Just_Azaria🔁 "first of all, I didn't come from no man's rib."

- jennifer ogwumike • #LTAB2018

namjena @WildeeSpirit🔁"I ate the scolding glances for lunch and they'd weren't fulfilling."
josé olivarez @_joseolivarez🔁Negro Modelo the album coming soon. photo by senseishutter #LTAB2018 en Auditorium Theatre instagram.com
Haley Baby 💕 @haleybaaybee🔁 #LTAB2018 Champions.
Kara Bryant @KBryantVLA🔁Come to the emergency youth summit for THIS SAT!
Sign-up here:
H. Lynne McPhee @Heather70036339🔁Brooks College Prep are superstars - so much talent! Still can't get over how amazing the whole night was. twitter.com
Nevs @jjaynenevaeh🔁 “I can’t call you dead if you’re just giggling someplace louder” #LTAB2018 🙏🏽
The postman @Jaypostofficial🔁 Chicago is the most talented city on Earth


The postman @Jaypostofficial🔁"You ain't too big til they mad at you." - Jerome, The Big Boy's Code of Conduct
black daria. @pocket_life22🔁“My grandmother spends her money on the lottery. And I don’t understand that, because isn’t being a black woman in America already a gamble?”
Desiree @Desikobe🔁The God MC Rakim approached me and let me know how impressed he was with my work and that I should NEVER stop doing what I do.....I have nothing to say about that, I’m still amazed by his words & performance.

Thank you Rakim 🙏🏽

Desiree @Desikobe🔁And I want to say a HUGE thank you to everyone that congratulated me on my performance, everyone that all shows love in all forms possible (cheering, RTing my work, taking a sticker, etc). All of that means the world to me and I appreciate y’all more than you know.

Spartacus Speaks @SpartacusSpeaks🔁 #LTAB2018 The place is jumping.
Helen Gallagher @Ms_H_Gallagher🔁.@oprfhshuskies Our group piece #LTAB2018 twitter.com
Donald Davis @ddteachpaz🔁young people at - I adore you and admire you and am so proud of you. Thank you to everyone who blessed the stage. Thank you to all of you who came up to me and said hi afterwards. You inspire me endlessly.
nneoma✨ @_nneoma_o🔁I wanna laugh so much that I forget that theirs a death attached to it/ I wanna out live will Smith because so many haven’t
Surviving the Mic @SurvivingTheMic🔁Join Surviving the Mic in celebrating as we honor Audre Lorde's work & the power of the erotic within ourselves. Th twitter.com is workshop will focus on feeling, creative power, & harmony.
dani. 😎 @EpitomeOf_Khewl🔁Brooks school just did a poem about ! & they compared policing, and prisons to slavery! Called out for using $95 million for police instead of community revitalization!
semi-finals with !
Tha Aqua Fien @FrshWaters🔁“ I told my cousin never to do anything just for money because his wallet will become a casket and a dead body is a lot of weight to carry” Ariel from Crane
Tha Aqua Fien @FrshWaters🔁“I want to outlive Will Smith... I want to watch the episode where Will convinces Carlton to put down the gun. Then rewind to watch how neither of them were put down by the gun.”
Tha Aqua Fien @FrshWaters🔁If you think I cried loudly when I heard “TELL THEM WHO YOU ARE!” during Black Panther, think about my emotions hearing it from Whitney Young at
Vashon Jordan Jr. @vashon_photo🔁"I wanna live long enough to understand how a couple of guys who were up to no good started a tv series and not a news report"


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