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Bree Baronet @BREEBARONET🔁 Now THAT is a sendoff! Thanks to the best fans in the country. #LSUnstoppable
Patricia Facquet @PatriciaFacquet🔁 Now THAT is a sendoff! Thanks to the best fans in the country. #LSUnstoppable
#LSUnstoppable#LSUnstoppable#LSUnstoppable Inside Gymnastics @InsideGym🔁 Saturdays are FOR THE GIRLS! 👸
#LSUnstoppable Reaia @Reaia_lael🔁 YES! She delivers AGAIN! Freshman @ReagzC with a 9.875!
#LSUnstoppable#LSUnstoppable#LSUnstoppable#LSUnstoppable Patricia Facquet @PatriciaFacquet🔁 Here Come The Tigers! #LSUnstoppable
Thomas Marlar @CoachMarlar🔁An epic ending to an incredible season. Watch all of the highlights from the Tigers' school record Super Six score!
Alexia Tsiropoulos @AlexiaT_12🔁 finishes 2018 with a 197.8375 for the highest Super Six score in school history to finish fourth nationally!
Patricia Facquet @PatriciaFacquet🔁The Tigers posted a 197.475 for the second-highest NCAA semifinal score in school history to advance to the Super Six!

Patricia Facquet @PatriciaFacquet🔁The Tigers are Callin’ Baton Rouge! Thanks to fans across the country for the support all season.
Patricia Facquet @PatriciaFacquet🔁The Tigers punched their ticket to the program's seventh NCAA Super Six with a team score of 197.475!

abby carlson @abbyycarlson🔁GALLERY | ends a great season with school record high Super Six of 197.8375!

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Tyler Muse @tylermuse45🔁The best is yet to come for ! Proud of these Tigers and how they represented all season long. Honored to get to work twitter.com with such an incredible group of athletes. Thank you for making my 1st season memorable!
David @tigersmike13🔁You ladies are truly amazing and make us proud to be LSU fans. It was classy to see all the tweets from the girls thi twitter.com s morning.
Sarah Finnegan @sfinnegan37🔁THE closest and most thrilling championships ever. Read the final recap from the highest Super Six score in school history!

Kennedi Edney @kennediedney🔁I love this team so so much! They literally have the biggest hearts and kindest spirts....hands down!
Emily Bailey @emilybaileyy🔁Your Fighting Tigers CLOSE IT OUT and are SUPER SIX bound for the seventh time in school history!
LSU Gymnastics @LSUgym🔁The Tigers are Callin’ Baton Rouge! Thanks to fans across the country for the support all season. twitter.com
John Guillory @kajunjon🔁@LSUgym #LSunstoppable What was LSU highest score last night and who got it?
Motivational Speaker @KMFelder35🔁 I spy with my little 👀 my sweet & fierce @kennediedney ! #LSUnstoppable twitter.com
Matthew Clark @MirohanI'm bout it! 🔁 LSU isn’t gonna win it it all until all of and are all there to witness it with me. Didn’ twitter.com t feel right without all of you.
Donna Churchill @doc_wyatt915🔁It’s truly remarkable what has become and how much they mean to fans far and wide. Great season and even better to come.
Mike Gaither @MikeGaitherTV🔁Shoutout to Me & capped off the weekend in St. Louis with your favorite IMO’s Pizza. twitter.com


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