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LDS Church Scott Fulmer @fulmer_pi🔁No PI work today. My church gives me the opportunity to volunteer. Good for the soul. #LDS #volunteering #fulmerpi
LDS Church McKay Coppins @mckaycoppins🔁LDS Church calls on political leaders to create protections for Dreamers:
LDS Church Mary Holden @cabrinimh231🔁 LDS Church calls on political leaders to create protections for Dreamers:
LDS Church Larry Rasmussed @LRasmussed🔁LDS Church calls on national leaders to create policy aiding 'Dreamers'
The Salt Lake Tribune @sltrib🔁In the first major policy statement under newly installed LDS Church President Russell M. Nelson, the Utah-based fait h urged Congress on Friday to act quickly to protect from deportation the so-called “Dreamers.”

EnGedis Gate @EnGedisGate🔁A New Prophet Chosen for the LDS Church
Cindybin2002 @Cindybin20022🔁Using drugs to have "fun" is not what TRUE fun is! That's what makes it immoral and just plain immature! Can't you se e that? The LDS church is the true church, restored on the Earth in the latter days by Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. It has the fullness of the gospel, the
Johnny Johnson @jray_redfever🔁Hold on..
Guess Sen. Jeff Flake's past after he completed LDS Church missions to SouthAfrica. A US Lobbyist for Sou thAfrica Uranium mining and nuclear interests. Africa is/was a supplier to Iran.
Egalitarian❄🌊 @LoveEachother14🔁Right On re: Dreamers: "... These individuals have demonstrated a capacity to serve and contribute positively in our society, and we believe they should be granted the opportunity to continue to do so."

The Pursuit of Happiness @JuneSaidF🔁You’re full of it. LDS is corrupt to the core. They import the illegals and refugees to Utah in droves to pad their c hurch coffers and rosters. LDS is a cult.
Moana OReilly @mo221mo10🔁If you drop someone as a friend because they had premartial sex you're the reason many people hate the lds church and you aren't being christlike at all
Don Adams @AssemblyRoomUSA🔁I applaud the support for an immigration bill. Here is my reaction to the LDS Church statement today:

Ahmadiyya Muslims GA @AhmadiyyaGA🔁 members took part in a setting up a training conducted by county health dept. at church in today
Nate Nichols @natesnichols🔁 LDS Church shows sympathy for Dreamers #utpol
Resa LaRu Kirkland @WARCHICKUSA🔁So young. Welcome Home Brother -LDS Church general authority Elder Von G. Keetch dies at 57 via @KSLcom
Stephanie Sidley @StephanieSidley🔁@MrsBombastic98 The links will be provided by the LDS Church, but thanks anyway. Have a good weekend. ❤️
Author Bill Wylson @BillWylson🔁The LDS Church has helped 5 million+ people in 4,500+ communities obtain access to clean water sources.
Mrs. Fantastic @MrsBombastic98🔁Just someone who gets annoyed with factually inaccurate information lol. The LDS Church gives Millions upon Millions upon millions of dollars to non-members on a very regular basis. I can provide you many links to prove that claim if you're interested.
Hope your weekend is good.
richard barkman @ndrick🔁LDS church calls on leaders to back 'Dreamer' immigrants - KIFI
Brian 🌱 @BrivnE96🔁Upset that a Christian Church would actually follow Christ and not split up families over individuals’ immigration status? Then you might not be a true Christian after all.
Dread Pirate Bob @IdahoRoadapple🔁👍💙LDS church calls on leaders to back 'Dreamer' immigrant s
Frank Kelland @magisterfrank🔁LDS Church statement on DACA calls for 'hope and opportunity'
Jeffrey Hunter @JHunt13b🔁 Why u ask!? The LDS Church has very large missionary program & majority of converts R fm. South America. Current p lan would hinder ability to convert. Similar plan when gave the Priesthood to blacks in 1978 as most converts where from Africa at time.
emma spaghetti @EmmaFiletti🔁I cried when I first read the LDS Church's statement on The Dreamers and then I cried again when I read it to Sandy.
Desperada @dsprada🔁@mckaycoppins A big voice - the LDS church announces support for the Dreamers.
Jeffrey Hunter @JHunt13b🔁 thanks hope-and-opportunities-for-dreamers/amp/. Why you asks?! The LDS Church has a
Tennyson Welbourne @tenman_13🔁BTW, I grew up in and served a mission for the LDS church. And I'm also no longer an active member. !!
Cade @ceid_donn🔁That's because they prey on latino immigrants and poorer Latino communities for converts and milk them for tithes. I know because I live in one such communities. Also, the LDS church is more of a mega-rich cult than a church but whatevs.
Brittany @Brittany_Leonar🔁For everyone who assumed I was conservative and pro-Trump just because I am LDS(Mormon), I hope that some of the recent things the church has spoken out on will shed light on how "personally conservative" and "politically conservative" are completely different things.
🍷Tilly📚Fifle☕ @TillyFifle🔁The LDS church is great about supporting refugees and immigrants because that’s about the only people joining their church. But they continue to shame & demoralise their own youth, especially LGBT youth and outright banning of children with gay parents.
Hypocrites & homophobes!
Shari Fisher @fisher_shari🔁‘(They) have demonstrated a capacity to serve and contribute’: church releases statement on
TJW @LuckyTJ00🔁@bronte_forsgren The LDS church needs to get out of politics
Gov. Gary Herbert @GovHerbert🔁Saddened to hear of the passing of one of the great advocates for religious freedom, Elder Von Keetch. Our prayers o ur with his family.
Smijims @smij123🔁 No small thing for the LDS Church to make this statement.
Lance a lefler @Cover_da_spread🔁@russlindquist1 LDS church in El Cajon
Scott Weaver @dswslc🔁In the first major policy statement under newly installed LDS Church President Russell M. Nelson, the Utah-based faith urged Congress on Friday to act quickly to protect from deportation the so-called “Dreamers.”

ALYSSA @lyssaland🔁Question #7 to receive a temple recommend in the LDS Church.

It specifically asks if you…

✞IMO✞HY @TME291310🔁Read, listen to, and search the scriptures of God from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, including the Holy Bible and Book of Mormon.
Daniel @dnlrntr🔁 The @LDSchurch released the following statement Friday morning on DACA.
Jared Christensen @jareddvm🔁LDS Church statement on DACA calls for 'hope and opportunity'
Emily Thompson @emilyt804🔁If you're interested in reading other positions from people who know the ins and outs of the theology and policies o f the church:
Emily Thompson @emilyt804🔁My heart breaks for the children, but, in truth, none of this needed to happen, if only the LDS Church had been hones t with themselves about the fact that people cannot change their sexual orientation.
Emily Thompson @emilyt804🔁Again, trying very hard not to editorialize, but this is my crystal ball: The LDS Church *will* excommunicate Josh W eed (although the process may take a year or more). By intending to live as an out gay man and find a partner, he is committing what is, in their terms, apostasy.
Jared Christensen @jareddvm🔁LDS rock star wants to be voice of change from inside Mormon church
kas💋💖 @kj_kas🔁 I wish people would just worry about themselves instead of bashing on the LDS church..
SCHOL GREBE @slogoodson🔁Check out this statement reflecting by the LDS Church, advocating protecting DREAMers.

Why doesn’t support a clean DREAM Act? Is she loyal to Trump or Utahns?

Scott Robbins @Bajecco🔁They love that stuff here in Utah. I’m surprised the Feds let the LDS church get away with it. Search “Aversion Thera py” and prepare to be horrified
Gephardt Daily @GephardtDaily🔁Elder Von G. Keetch, LDS Church General Authority Seventy, passes away after brief illness via
Ravi Dias-Jayasinha @jayasinha🔁I'm saddened to hear about the death of General Authority Elder Von Keetch. My thoughts and prayers are with his family.

JMDelgado @JorgeDe36371120🔁BREAKING: LDS Church on Dreamer debate “Our hope is that, in whatever solution emerges, there is provision for strengthening families and keeping them together.”
The Salt Lake Tribune @sltrib🔁Mormon general authority Von Keetch, who worked as LDS Church’s chief attorney, dies at 57 after a brief and sudden i llness

Cris Coleman @CrisColeman1🔁FamilySearch 2018 doings
mike_mcdonald89 @mkmholdings1989🔁“His loss is deeply felt,” Hawkins said. “We extend our love and prayers to his wife Bernice, his children and loved ones, and pray for the Lord's blessings of peace to be with them at this tender time."
AllaRayofLight @AllaRayofLight🔁"These individuals have demonstrated a capacity to serve and contribute positively in our society, and we believe they should be granted the opportunity to continue to do so."

KSL Newsradio @kslnewsradio🔁Elder Von G. Keetch of the LDS Church’s Seventy died Friday evening after a “brief and sudden illness” at age 57, acc ording to a church official.


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