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#LAGalaxy Tristan 🤙🏻 @Ginga_Fire🔁 Sigi Schmid on Zlatan's red card in the #LAGalaxy's 1-0 win. #MTLvLA
HighlightHub @HighlightHub_🔁#Zlatan slapped the guy for stepping on him 👋😂
| 🎥 via: @mls | #Soccer #LAGalaxy
Blood&Rust 🏰🚀 @BloodRust88🔁 Alessandrini seems upset... #MTLvLA #LAGalaxy #IMFC
peweeangeliedolor @paintpiwi🔁 You can’t scuff Zlatan’s kicks, bruh. 👟 🦁 #LAGalaxy #MTLvLA
#LAGalaxy ND.COSTA🥋🇨🇱 @NadsonJr11_🔁 @ModeloUSA Emrah Klimenta makes his #LAGalaxy debut in Montreal! laglxy.com
#LAGalaxy Guys In Shorts FC @GISSoccerShow🔁 Coming this summer to NBC.
#LAGalaxy #zLAtan #MTLvLA
#LAGalaxy Morgan @chris_bonilla11🔁 FT: 10-man #LAGalaxy earn all three points!
#LAGalaxy LA Galaxy @LAGalaxy🔁@ModeloUSA Emrah Klimenta makes his #LAGalaxy debut in Montreal! laglxy.com
#LAGalaxy LA Galaxy @LAGalaxy🔁FT: 10-man #LAGalaxy earn all three points!
LA Galaxy @LAGalaxy🔁#LAGalaxy Starting XI | @ModeloUSA


antoine jarjour @antoinejarjour🔁Slack Jason Vargas Andre Iguodala Brandon Smith Aaron Donald …
Jon Berry @jonberrydesign🔁The latest Obs. the jonberrydesign daily! paper.li Thanks to @sllambe @teamtrace @donaldpartyka #lagalaxy #update
Josh Aldrete @JoshAldrete🔁Sigi isn’t wrong in terms of the order of things. PRO has to defend themselves on this… Because it doesn’t make sense.

He’s not arguing the red card in this quote.

Bradley D'souza @BradleyDsouza🔁Another replay of red card. Yes, Petrasso stepped on his foot, but didn't appear to be intentional and slapping him in the head was a major overreaction. Probably taking out his frustration with 's struggles, but he should know better with VAR.
...Rachit @rachit_g2🔁The LA Galaxy stole 3 points after defeating Montreal Impact by 1-0, and Ola Kamara drove the getaway car!

DSport @DSportINLive🔁The LA Galaxy stole 3 points after defeating Montreal Impact by 1-0, and Ola Kamara drove the getaway car!
Hitesh Jethani @hjethani49🔁 gets his 1st red card!!! Michael Petrasso stepped on his foot off the ball, and Zlatan slapped him in the head. Absolutely had to be a red card, based on precedent of other players getting sent off this season for much less. down to 10 men.
SCMP Sport @SCMP_Sport🔁From hero to zero: Zlatan #Ibrahimovic sent off for head slap as #LAGalaxy beat Montreal Impact in MLS sc.mp
Ram Jyothula @RJyothula🔁What you did was shit Ibrahimovic???
Such an asshole!!!!! Have some fuckin dignity...... No respect......#Ibrahimovic #LAGalaxy
ATV @atvpakistan🔁 was sent off by the video assistant referee for slapping an opponent as beat in twitter.com
Tobias @Hellqvisttri🔁When you go down to try to fool the referee but realize that they’ve got cameras now... #LAGalaxy #Zlatan twitter.com
Anirban Paul @anirpaul🔁#BBCSport - Zlatan Ibrahimovic sent off as #LAGalaxy beat #MontrealImpact bbc.com #soccer #football #sports #MLS
Corner Of The Galaxy @GalaxyPodcast🔁Podcast: The LA Galaxy stole 3 points, and Ola Kamara drove the getaway car!
Kal-Ali H. Jesse @KalJes88🔁A 14th career red card for - never one to live in the shadows for long!
Pete @Pete514z🔁 has gotten away with a lot of things off-the-ball, in his short time in so far. This time it was an easy decision to send him off after Video Review. Impulsive and foolish to blatantly hit Petrasso in the head, really hurting his team.
documax @documax🔁Zlatan and shorter opponent coordinate a kneel down and a little contemplative prayer together. It is really quite b twitter.com eautiful.

Kayvan Akhavan @AkhavanKayvan🔁 @BinghamDb Ola Kamara gets the goal, David Bingham saves the #LAGalaxy in Montreal.


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Mount Royal Soccer 💜 @MtRoyalSoccer🔁Recap: vs

"Another home game, another defeat, another disappointing result for the fans, the players, and manageme twitter.com nt."

Trey Durst @TreyDurst🔁I don’t like working on Monday either, Zlatan.

But I don’t go around whacking people on the head.

LA Galaxy @LAGalaxy🔁@BinghamDb Ola Kamara gets the goal, David Bingham saves the #LAGalaxy in Montreal.



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