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4.19 @Thatnigga_Fritz🔁 Kyrie Irving when asked about potentially being reunited with LeBron👀

Kyrie Irving 1 News Net @1_newsnet🔁Kyrie Irving on Reuniting with LeBron James: "We'll See What Management Decides"
#dachasers💰🏃🏾‍♂️ @wadupbee🔁 Kyrie Irving when asked about potentially being reunited with LeBron👀

CASGaming1214 @CasGaming1214🔁 Kyrie Irving when asked about potentially being reunited with LeBron👀

Adam Kaufman @AdamMKaufman🔁Kyrie Irving: “Exciting part about all this is when you’re shaping up to be a championship-caliber team for years to come - which I think Danny [Ainge] has echoed. I’m just appreciative to be a part of [the ] and see where my career can take off."
Brian Robb @BrianTRobb🔁There is plenty of speculation swirling about Kyrie Irving's future but the point guard told that he's excited to b e a part of a championship-caliber team in Boston for 'years to come.'
Calvary's Sequoia 🔥 @Belalynch🔁 Kyrie Irving on his reaction to the Finals: “The Warriors are just that great.”
E.🤴🏽 @EricYGdoe🔁Here’s what Kyrie Irving means when he says an extension "contractually, financially... just doesn’t make any sense” (per ):
Carson Brader @CarsonBrader🔁According to a poll, 96% of Laker fans expect them to add Chris Paul, Russell Westbrook, Kyrie Irving, Paul George, LeBron James, Kawhi Leonard, Aaron Gordon, Anthony Davis, DeAndre Jordan AND DeMarcus Cousins this offseason
lukinhoo @dvdluque🔁Kyrie Irving said he’s happy everyone got to see how special the other Celtics are.

Just cracked into a big smile when he mentioned getting Gordon Hayward back healthy.

“Now we have championship pedigree.”

Wannn Stark @__Wannn🔁Kyrie Irving won't consider signing an extension this summer.

"Contractually or financially, it just wouldn't make any sense"

L 🇩🇴 @luisdakid🔁Kyrie Irving doesn’t plan on signing his extension with Celtics this offseason, reports .

Kyrie: “Contractually, financially, it just doesn’t make any sense.”

Darius Anderson @D_Ando99🔁Kyrie Irving on if he’d be open to reuniting with LeBron. "In this business, I've experienced it all and I've seen a lot so we'll see what management decides." Kyrie said he has not had any discussions about LeBron with management.
matt wrong @matt_wrong_🔁So lebron didnt chase kyrie irving?
So kobe didnt beat the team that beat lebron in 2009 & 2010? man is so full of h imself. at the end of the day Lebron needs to get it done,he's playing in the weaker conference that's why he's always in the finals.
Monkey Viral @monkey_viral🔁New on MonkeyViral! Kyrie Irving says signing contract extension with Boston Celtics doesn't make sense,
Joseph @dachoseone34🔁 Kyrie Irving on what team did without him in the playoffs: "They went to friggin' Game 7 of the Eastern Conference" ... (said he hoped to be back from nasal surgery to attend game but wound up being with his daughter & father).
#1 Hayward Stan @JustinCondo🔁Kyrie Irving is looking forward to some cutthroat practices in training camp: "Nobody’s going to be going at (Jaylen) as hard as Gordon is, and nobody’s going to be testing Gordon when he’s coming back and integrating himself back in like (Tatum) is."
Tyler Giuliani @tylergiuliani🔁 Kyrie did not definitively answer whether he would be willing to reunite with LeBron
Alex S @YouJustGotSerbd🔁@joethomas73 @cavs Kyrie Irving or LeBron James Cavs Jersey would be sweet Joe.
That or one of your jerseys signed would be rad 😎


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