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Maya McGuigan @mcguigan_maya🔁 FACT: About 3 horses DIE every day on racetracks 💔 The drugging must stop! #KentuckyDerby #KyDerby
sabine @sabine99643159🔁 FACT: About 3 horses DIE every day on racetracks 💔 The drugging must stop! #KentuckyDerby #KyDerby
#KyDerby#KyDerby Gael McGear Sweeney @GaelMcGear🔁 #KyDerby winner Justify poses for the media this morning at @ChurchillDowns.
#KyDerby Jeffery L Monaghan @JeffLMonaghan🔁 This is the place photo. It’s actually on the @ChurchillDowns website. #KyDerby
#KyDerby Katie Knute @Knutesdaughter🔁 Tonight! These puppies predict who will win the 2018 #KyDerby! #FallonTonight
#KyDerby blessed mom @awhitham20🔁 Waking up a #KyDerby Champion with a crowd.📸👀🌹🏆
#KyDerby Gina Manzano @GinaManzano29🔁 We had SO MUCH FUN singing the National Anthem at The @KentuckyDerby today!! #KyDerby
#KyDerby NBC Sports @NBCSports🔁Private jet parking at the #KyDerby. 👀
#KyDerby Pentatonix @PTXofficial🔁We had SO MUCH FUN singing the National Anthem at The @KentuckyDerby today!! #KyDerby
PETA @peta🔁FACT: About 3 horses DIE every day on racetracks 💔 The drugging must stop! #KentuckyDerby #KyDerby
Will Morgan @mwmorgan21🔁WHAT ABOUT ? Ok tell me this...is celebrating the a relegation of history and culture of Kentuckians to just mint twitter.com juleps and horse racing?
Thierno @StillThierno🔁“You’ve got to get used to this” Baffert explains to Justify! 📸

The is just the beginning.


BraillecatRacing @lisakayemundy🔁We will be cheering for the dazzling Skye Diamonds. Go Team

Donna Bernhardi @dbernhardi🔁 157,813 attended @KentuckyDerby while enduring wettest #KyDerby in history. twitter.com
Cop 🏇 @Copizzle🔁Mendelssohn and Ryan Moore had a rough trip... two years in a row the 14 post got compromised by the auxiliary gate horses coming over... I can’t wait to see him come for
Sandy @realtj49er🔁When Mike Smith and Justify win the !!!

Darrell Haire, Mike Smith’s agent Brad Pilgram, Mike Smith’s Fiancé Cynthia Naanouh and Bob Baffert’s assistant Jimmy Barnes.

Briana DeRonda @BrianaRonda🔁Congrats to Justify for winning & especially his jockey, Mike Smith, who gave a pair of goggles to my son Maddux at Santa Anita. We didn’t ask for them and he didn’t know me from Adam, but he just saw a chance to make a kid happy (and maybe a fan)
Equine Info Exchange @EquineInfoEx🔁Thank you ! We’re incredibly grateful for your support and contributions to the future of the animals we love.
Nick Hines aka SARGE @Hinesite🔁So proud of the extraordinary team effort yesterday from TV to marketing, to product, tech, ops and customer service—record day!
Joshua Huff @jhuffshamu🔁Despite record rainfall, all-sources wagering sets record as unbeaten Justify wins the 144th presented by before 157,813 at Churchill Downs ...
Joshua Huff @jhuffshamu🔁Wagering from all sources sets record as 157,813 brave day-long rain to witness dazzling victory by unbeaten Justify in 144th Presented by )
Gael McGear Sweeney @GaelMcGear🔁Even on week, comes through with a brand new edition of Cute Foals! Enjoy, everyone.

Gael McGear Sweeney @GaelMcGear🔁Chad Brown says runner-up Good Magic came out race well, flies to Belmont tomorrow. Not saying yes/no to yet. "I want to get him back to Belmont... I don't know what we're doing yet, I just want to get the horse back home & evaluate his energy level."
RugDoctor @RugReinsberg🔁Hangover Day... fallout. Opening future book prices at Johnny Avello's racebook on top three finishers: Justify 300-1, Good Magic 100-1, Audible 200-1
Gael McGear Sweeney @GaelMcGear🔁 He is the second oldest jockey to win the #KyDerby.



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