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Colton Putman @colton_putman🔁 Jason Jordan to Kurt Angle:
Adam Pacitti @adampacitti🔁Triple H managing to bury Kurt Angle as an authority figure and father in under sixty seconds there. Nice. #RAW
Ryan Satin @ryansatin🔁Jason Jordan to Kurt Angle:
Josh The Great @chosenprophet🔁 When Jason Jordan called Kurt Angle Dad. #Raw #SurvivorSeries
Cageside Seats @cagesideseats🔁Raw men's Survivor Series team, by age:

Kurt Angle - 48
Triple H - 48
Samoa Joe - 38
Finn Balor - 36
Braun Strowman - 34

Jennifer McCreath @Jenn_McCreath🔁After tonight, I wonder if Kurt Angle is going to sound like Mickey !@#$%^ Mouse next time I speak to him. Completely castrated again tonight. Bro--Kurt is a pros-pro---just deserves better than the CRAP they are writing for him. My opinion.
Jennifer McCreath @Jenn_McCreath🔁this Jason Jordan angle sucks. the fans can't stand Jason.. oh well, at least maybe this will open the door for a Kur twitter.com t vs HHH match at Mania.. the only way to save this sad angle..
Zafar Khan @EkBhartiyMuslim🔁Randy Orton, John Cena, Kurt Angle, Shane McMahon and Triple H are ALL competing in the men's Survivor Series match in 2017. A truly incredible nostalgia feeling. I'm so hyped.

Jesse Quero @JESSE_Q🔁 Triple H managing to bury Kurt Angle as an authority figure and father in under sixty seconds there. Nice. #RAW
Sherry VonBartheld @svonbartheld1🔁@WWE @QueenKairiSane @JasonJordanJJ @TripleH Why did Kurt Angle let that happen to his son
Kieran Finnerty @KieranFinnerty7🔁Kurt Angle 🔴
Triple H 🔴
Finn Balor 🔴
Samoa Joe 🔴
Braun Strowman 🔴
John Cena 🔵
Shane McMahon 🔵
Randy Orton 🔵
Shinsuke Nakamura 🔵
Bobby Roode 🔵

In one match. Survivor Series.

EndTimes @ClaudiusNero666🔁 time for shane o mac to take wwe over fully now..triple h and stephanie are known racists look on youtube del rio-ot twitter.com hers says it..triple h messed up with stephanie bad on raw they jump kurt angle black son on live tv that racists,going be boycotts or drop in stocks
Selene #TeamRed @khalroman🔁Triple H is 48, Kurt Angle is 48, Joe is 38, Finn is 36, Braun is 34.

Shane is 47, Cena is 40, Roode is 40, Orton is 37, Nakamura is 37.

They really didn’t want Jason Jordan in the match because he’s under 30.

Josh The Great @chosenprophet🔁You know what really sucks? Jason Jordan's a great athlete who did literally nothing wrong.

He was handed garbage, buried by bad creative & bad acting by Kurt Angle, and now WWE is sacrificing him to build up a match between two guys who are collectively 96 years old.

Brandon Marshall @Marshall_B17🔁So they built Jason Jordan as Kurt Angle’s son just so Triple H takes his spot?!
Tele-K666 @TeleK666🔁You realize they are booking for the future man. Angle Vs Hunter at Mania is what is going to happen. Making Kurt loo twitter.com k like a puppet makes that match more intriguing. Slow Burn Brother
EndTimes @ClaudiusNero666🔁 you need get on raw triple h look racist and his wife stephanie they going jump kurt angle black son on live tv wh twitter.com ile kurt was in the ring,,kurt son was hurt but wanted to fight at the ppv..del rio-other been saying triple h and stephanie are racists
Umar ALi @Ur3739471Ali🔁Stephanie McMahon questions Kurt Angle's leadership: Raw, Nov. 13, 2017 youtu.be via @YouTube
Rider @Ref8720🔁@prowpodcast Sets up Triple H vs Kurt Angle if Jordan doesn't turn also sets up Jordan beating the Game at Summerslam
Cowboy From Hell @MilitiaMaliceJo🔁I don't wanna be that guy, but the big set piece Survivor Series match featuring Triple H, John Cena, Kurt Angle, and Shane McMahon is a symptom of WWE's problems
UmmU @SDVJ_0786🔁 Raw men's Survivor Series team, by age:

Kurt Angle - 48
Triple H - 48
Samoa Joe - 38
Finn Balor - 36
Braun Strowman - 34

FLEETW❄️❄️D SM🎄CK @zhahnruh🔁Honestly it's not a good look for WWE that you got Triple H, Kurt Angle, Shane McMahon, and John Cena needing to make up your Main Brand Teams.
G Holmes @RealSilentG🔁Star Power. Didn't see Triple H returning so soon. but That means The power couple could be making Kurt angle Job wor twitter.com st. forward Jason Jordan vs Triple H.
he wants to prove to his dad.
Kevin Berge @TheBerge_🔁The Authority refused to let Kurt Angle control #Raw's future just before #SurvivorSeries. My 11/13 review: questionablecritics.com
BK Kid @SonnyJason2🔁Stephanie McMahon just asked the VERY SAME QUESTION that I proposed on my Review last week. Why didn’t Kurt Angle choose John Cena knowing he was a FREE AGENT over Jason Jordan
Troubled Psycho @TroubledPsycho🔁 2017 now features
-Brock Lesnar
-AJ Styles
-Shinsuke Nakamura
-Braun Strowman
-Finn Balor
-Charlotte Flair
-Randy Orton
-John Cena
-Kurt Angle
-Triple H

Aaliyah Fernandez @AaliyahFernan12🔁I was shocked when triple h pedigree Jason Jordan and Kurt angle did nothing because he can't attack triple h because twitter.com if you does then he is going to lose his job.
Jeffreymorales31 @Jeffrey69225781🔁Thank you Stephanie McMahon for did it the team Triple H Kurt Angle manager Monday Night Raw SmackDown control by Joh twitter.com n Cena 84 John Cena thank you Stephanie my mind arango Triple H the team bro strowman Jonas Throw Some Mo Jo
JAMES @513JWM🔁 results: Stephanie McMahon goes to fire Kurt Angle, gets interrupted by The Shield f4wonline.com


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