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TMT 💰 50-0 @TBE50And0🔁 Sergey Kovalev says he's considering training himself moving forward. Says JDJ gave him nothing.
Frank Figs @Naveed4am🔁 Andre Ward, in what is now his last ever fight, lands a huge right hand on Sergey Kovalev...
Kovalev Ringside24En @Ringside24En🔁 ringside24.com Duva is the best promoter in the world
Savage Viking @Jmoney22106🔁 Andre Ward, in what is now his last ever fight, lands a huge right hand on Sergey Kovalev...
The Economist @TheEconomist🔁Andrei Kovalev's message is grim: Russia, as never before, is a danger to itself and those around it econ.st
The Economist @TheEconomist🔁In “Russia's Dead End”, Andrei Kovalev offers a piercing criticism of Vladimir Putin's misrule of Russia econ.st
The Economist @TheEconomist🔁The central argument of Andrei Kovalev's book is that Russia has returned to the dangerous stagnation of the 1980s econ.st
Kyle Thomas ॐ @Kyle_Volt🔁Andre Ward has retired!

32 Wins
0 Losses
Olympic gold
Unified world champion

Incredible resume includes:
Kovalev x2

🌊iNM🌊 @INMayanja🔁Kovalev has to take over again twitter.com
Slevin Kelevra 🇺🇸 @ToeKnee2GX🔁Nah this is some BULLSHIT... Need that Kovalev runback
King ReTweety @King_ReTweety🔁 People hype and rate the killers like Kovalev & GGG whist the boxing technicians like Ward retire 😔 sad times #SOG
Paul Cassidy @Paulcass10🔁Andre Ward retires after winning the 1st Kovalev fight by a bad decision & 2nd after a ton of low blows. American boxing is doing great. 😂
Lucid @AlexHawke7🔁2004 Olympic Gold medalist
Unified Super Middleweight Division
Beat Kovalev twice for 3 LHW Titles
Retires at 32-0. Smart move Andre Ward
5StarBoxing @5starboxing1🔁Kovalev-Shabranskyy NY Press Conference Shown Live on Facebook 5starboxingblog.wordpress.com
marko suutari @sgtmake🔁In “Russia's Dead End”, Andrei Kovalev offers a piercing criticism of Vladimir Putin's misrule of Russia
Boxing News @xboxing2🔁#boxingnews Sergey Kovalev says he’s ‘clear headed,’ will be better than before goo.gl
AceMcPlayboy @boxing_addict80🔁I think Kovalev-Shabranskyy can end up being a fun fight (HBO 11/25). From what I gathered, Sergey is still the lone wolf w/o real trainer.
J A K E @PocketLuhhy🔁A year ago:

1 Roman
2 Ward
3 Kovalev

Dom HT @DomHThompson🔁@garyb_avfc @andreward I wanted another Kovalev fight, almost as much as I need a GGG Canelo rematch.
/iː.ən ˈʃoʊn/ @JesusKong82🔁Smart move for Andre Ward to retire IMO. Nothing left to prove, and stopping Kovalev is an amazing note to go out on.
J🌞 @1983jayson🔁@FrontRowBrian Has he fought anybody other then kovalev twice
Jonathan Saxon @J_Saxon91🔁I remember watching @andreward last fight against Kovalev live, a master class in body work.
Ozman X @OzmanOOS🔁#AndreWard Retiring? Seemed like he didnt enjoy boxing, wasn't a big draw for someone considered P4P.
Olympic Gold
Super Six
Joe Habeeb @jhabeeb1🔁@R_Rated_Musik @KrusherKovalev @mixedcombatnews @BoxingMD1 Yeah I agree Kovalev has lost the eye of the tiger.
craig killin @ckger147🔁Andre Ward, a man that humbled Froch, made an idiot of smigga and showed the world that the monster Kovalev was a myth... what a guy
🦅🐐🐐Canelo🐐🐐🦅 @LEXXX_RUGER🔁Why did GGG/Loma/Kovalev/MAGA Boyz hate a a young talented AMERICAN fighter so much? He literally represented the USA & MAGA 🤔 doesnt add up
schwan humes @blakjordanbreen🔁 And mental toughness, which was essentially the difference between him and Kovalev. twitter.com
Young Fidel Castro @BigPoppaFreezie🔁@BiggAnt21 Yeah you must not know who kovalev is lol
BobeMalbus @chrisbobe🔁First Kovalev was lurking and Ward was avoiding him. Now Ward retires and insert another euro he's hiding from.


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