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POOH @shad_deriyona🔁 Kyle Korver knocks it down off the screen!

@cavs 101 | @Pacers 95 with 1:18 remaining.

📺: @NBAonTNT

Korver Cody @CMSplash🔁 Thoughts on Korver tonight...
POOH @shad_deriyona🔁 Fourth Korver was in full effect in Game 4! 🎯

#NBAPlayoffs | #WhateverItTakes

O goiaba @Gramosants🔁 Fourth Korver was in full effect in Game 4! 🎯

#NBAPlayoffs | #WhateverItTakes

NBA @NBA🔁The go into Indiana and win a pivotal Game 4 behind 32 PTS, 13 REB, 7 AST from LeBron James!

CLE takes it over 104 twitter.com -100 to tie the series at 2 games apiece!

Korver: 18 PTS, 4 3PM
JR Smith: 12 PTS

Victor Oladipo: 17 PTS, 6 REB, 5 AST

Skip Bayless @RealSkipBayless🔁Don't tell me LeBron doesn't have any help: Those two late Kyle Korver threes changed the game and the Eastern Conference playoffs.
DeMarre Carroll @DeMarreCarroll1🔁In case you all forgot Kyle Korver is Deadly from 3 🤔🤔🤔
Alex Carter @_MisterCarter13🔁@lowkeybrent I been trying to figure out why Korver is starting this whole time.. IMO the lineup should be Hill, Hood, LBJ, Green, Love
Qad Hampton @QadeemTweets🔁LeBron’s next best player is a 37 year old spot-up shooter. No disrespect to Korver but just remember, you said it here.
Shut up lil buster @Cam_Zodd🔁Why do people compare Lebron to MJ? We all know Kyle Korver is the GOAT
Broward Gator @BrowardGator🔁LeBron James and Kyle Korver combined for all but two of Cleveland's final 13 points Sunday as the Cavaliers escaped twitter.com with a 104-100 victory at Indiana to even the series at 2.
Sandra @SAB730077🔁The go into Indiana and win a pivotal Game 4 behind 32 PTS, 13 REB, 7 AST from LeBron James!

CLE takes it over 104-100 to tie the series at 2 games apiece!

Korver: 18 PTS, 4 3PM
JR Smith: 12 PTS

Victor Oladipo: 17 PTS, 6 REB, 5 AST

jane💫 @_thatsjane_🔁 37 year old Kyle Korver is LeBron’s last hope.

Yikes. twitter.com

Gregory Adam Richens @gregrichens🔁Yeah it’s like weird. LeBron definitely wasn’t shaking double teams for crazy lazyups and wasn’t setting up those sho twitter.com ts for Korver with great passes.
Larsen the Raptors Fan @larsen_griffeth🔁@_colegriffeth__ Haha you right you right. Korver saved him tho
Ross Anderson @andersonross27🔁I’d also give minutes to Tristan Thompson over Jose Calderon, especially considering Indiana’s size advantages. But that’s somewhat assuming Korver, Hood and JR can make open shots and stay out of foul trouble. Sooooo we’ll see.
Rob Anderson @_robanderson🔁Highlights of so many of the good things from Creighton grad Kyle Korver in tonight's Cleveland Cavaliers victory: twitter.com
C. V. @GrayscaleTurtle🔁Me when I see Jimmy Butler, Derrick Rose, Nikola Miroric, Jamal Crawford, Kyle Korver, Rajon Rondo, Thabo Sefolosha, Dwyane Wade, Aaron Brooks, Pau Gasol, Joffrey Lovurgne, Tony Snell, and E’twaun Moore in the playoffs and none of them are in a Bulls uniform:
TheProfessor @professorploom🔁@RealSkipBayless Not to mention Love with a staggering 5 point game just imagine if both Love and Korver get 15+ each
Monger 🇯🇲🇧🇧 @KinggMelaninn🔁Lebron 32 pts and second highest score is Korver with 18 bron can’t do this shit alone it’s looking like 3 years ago
_Fssk_19 @BabsPrstrka🔁FINAL: The Cleveland Cavaliers beat the Indiana Pacers 104-100!

LeBron James: 32 points, 13 rebounds, 7 assists, 2 blocks
Kyle Korver: 18 points, 3 rebounds, 2 blocks
J.R. Smith: 12 points, 5 rebounds

Billy Gene @HolbertBilly🔁 Fucking have faith in my boy korver!!!! 🔥🔥
Hoops @donniehoops🔁 Kyle Korver is LeBron's most reliable teammate, let that sink in.
Chad Ramsey @ChadleyTheGreat🔁Rhetorical question. Korver is not quick or elusive, takes almost 80% of his shots for 3-pt range, and is one of the best shooters in the history of the sport. How do you ever lose track of him?
thm23 @thm23🔁@txhotboi @warriors Same thing Lebron did before wade, Bosh, Ray, Kyrie, love, Korver
quavo . @_Nottiaaa🔁[STATS]

LeBron James: 32pts, 13reb, 7ast, 2blk
Kyle Korver: 18pts, 3reb, 2blk
J.R. Smith: 12pts, 5reb
Jordan Clarkson: 12pts, 2reb
Jeff Green: 8pts, 4ast, 4reb, 1blk

cary crosby @crosbycary_cary🔁@Schultz_Report Korver STILL making all of IOWA proud!!! Deadly 3s....running on D....he's still a force on the hardwood!!!!
pepelongstocking 🍆 @pepelindsay🔁Curry is at 43.6 from behind 3 Korver is 43.1 so curry is better and shoots more 3 then Korver so curry is better in twitter.com every way behind the arc
LBJ 23 (Team Cavs) @LbjKyrie25🔁NBA - The go into Indiana and win a pivotal Game 4 behind 32 PTS, 13 REB, 7 AST from LeBron James!

CLE takes it over 104-100 to tie the series at 2 games apiece!

Korver: 18 PTS, 4 3PM
JR Smith: 12 PTS

Luis 🤓 A Very Stable Genius 🤓 @pjmexihero🔁Hey @RealSkipBayless that's whay Korver is suppose to do. Hit open shots when his number is called. twitter.com
Tay @alvinlikesfries🔁Bron is not getting every rebound, bron is not getting every point. You need a team. He has a team. If korver don’t h twitter.com it those shots the pacers would be up 3-1 right now.
Dee Stegall @DeeStegall🔁Which was trash 😂😂. Kevin Love has disappeared. Hood is possibly the worse defender I've ever seen, Korver can lite twitter.com rally do one thing, and JR is just now getting over 4.20
Tyler @WonderSpurs🔁Did I seriously read something that says Kyle Korver is the Cavs second best player? BLASPHEMY twitter.com
Larry Thompson III @_positivegrind🔁Very hard to predict what will happen in this series/playoffs. But those Kyle Korver 3-pointers could end up having a little corner in history.
POOH @shad_deriyona🔁 Kyle Korver sends the @cavs in front with two big triples!

@cavs 99-95 with 2:10 to go on @NBAonTNT


Michael Baker @TheRealBakeShow🔁 Well Korver steps up and Cavs defense comes to the rescue ,well home court back to Cavs ,good night GoCavs


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