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Knicks Fabián 🍦👽💶🌸Ⓡ @fabiancruzrivas🔁 .@TJMcConnell Triple-Double Helps Spur Win Over Knicks

via @brianseltzer,

Michael Gallagher @MikeSGallagher🔁Emeka Okafor is starting, and the Knicks are starting two centers and Jarrett Jack. What year is it? @Ballislife🔁NBA Dunk Contest contestant Victor Oladipo with 30 PTS, 9 ASTS, 8 REBS, 6 STLS & 3 dunks including a 360 in a win vs the Knicks.
NBA @NBA🔁Michael Beasley makes it look easy!



John @Biggestnyfan🔁The Knicks are 6-20 since Christmas, the worst record in the NBA.

They have a combined 21-58 post-Christmas record over the last two seasons.

Enes Kanter @Enes_Kanter🔁 How did @Enes_Kanter wind up on an episode of @truTVjokers?


lhcoug @lhcoug🔁They doused him with water on the court. They did it again in the locker room. T.J. McConnell deserved the whole celebration, even if he wouldn't admit it. :
Rob Neagle @captainduchesky🔁Over the Knicks current seven-game losing streak, Tim Hardaway Jr. is shooting 25.8% from the field and 64.3% from the FT line.

He has missed 40 of his last 45 3-point attempts (11.1%)

TheHeartbreakKid123💔 @_supremesk🔁My God. Leave it to the . Draft a player. He fails. Ship him to Atlanta who builds him up to a respectable player & we overpay to get him back & he regresses. Maybe some guys aren’t build for NY. Stop looking for Choir boys & get a few more junkyard dogs in here.
Tom @TomGernhart🔁TJ McConnell messed around and recorded his first career triple-double in a win over the Knicks! He also tied a career-high with 6 steals.

Dre @threeletterman3🔁That album was..sooo how bout them Knicks thou
The Process @TheProcess10🔁ICYMI: joined the Postgame Show to talk win over the Knicks, Markelle Fultz and burner accounts!

Eric Koch @EricDKoch🔁@joelmsiegel If he can fix subway and Knicks he gets a parade of his own
perpetually accidental gaslighter @GrillieBeamen🔁i remember that stretch for the Knicks where Amare was a heavily favored MVP candidate lol good times, good times
@Small_Sports2 @Small_Sports2🔁Always happy to win both today! Both the and / came up clutch to make that a reality

Also, 2H Picks continue to kill. West Virginia and company were awesome in getting us a nice cover there late! Let’s get some more catch tomorrow!

David Knicks @david_knicks🔁It's Game Day!

🆚 Wild
⏰ 8 pm
Pre-Game Report ⬇️

Meme Theorist @DTenenbaum🔁I'm loving watching the Knicks play Ntilikina and Mudiay all game long and losing by 15. I can taste those draft lottery balls already!
Tribune-ReviewSports @TribSports🔁Former Chartiers Valley and Duquesne star T.J. McConnell made history last night — first player to score triple-doub le off the bench — against New York @TribLIVE🔁Former Chartiers Valley and Duquesne star T.J. McConnell made history last night — first player to score triple-doub le off the bench — against New York
Outshine NYC @outshinenyc🔁Incase you missed it last night TJ McConnell had a triple-double against the Knicks, (10 pts, 11 ast, 10 rebs).
LilPit @Knicks_NYK🔁It feel nice to have a shawty but honestly all yal Be under cover hoes
Menina NBA @meninanba🔁(23-35) 92
(29-25) 108

Destaques 📊

Beasley 22p, 5r; Kanter 17p, 13r; Jack 11p

Saric 24p, 4r; Redick 18 p; 17p, 6r; Simmons 13p, 6r, 6a, 4s, 3b; McConnell 10p, 11a, 10r, 6s

Sport Mountain @SportMountain🔁Sport Mountain - T.J. McConnell's triple-double off bench makes 76ers history: T.J…
EmmaNYuel Mudiay @st3phof2k🔁their stories don’t kill the Knicks that’s a myth but sometimes they fabricate and try hard for clicks can’t blame th em for doing their job
4 The Record Sports @4TRSports🔁Introducing, GM in 10!
Coming every Tuesday, we will attempt to make a team contend (or rebuild) in only 10 steps.
T his week, Michael takes on the New York Knicks! (Lord knows they need the help)

EmmaNYuel Mudiay @st3phof2k🔁Say what you want about the Knicks interior defense without KP, if all you need to do is show a pick to blow past the guards, there are bigger problems
Mr. HEAVY Handles @HEAVYHandleHoop🔁@CHC3 He tried to help the Knicks out by guarding TJ. Still didn’t work smh...
Joseph Gumalo @jgumalo_62🔁The Knicks really have taken 2 of the biggest L’s this NBA season 😔😡

1. Lost Kristaps Porzingis to a torn ACL

2. Let TJ McConnell drop a triple-double on them last night

Jonathan Macri @JCMacriNBA🔁As a Knicks fan, I have no read on whether the majority of the fanbase wants SVG this a split opinion? Do mo st want him canned? Canned as POBO but still in as coach (not that that's really an option, but still...)?
Avi Mend @AviMend99🔁@7boomeresiason dont get why your colleagues have to talk about the knicks who are terrible and dont let u talk about the hockey
Plush Tyson @chinmoomukube🔁Porzingis will attack rehab; Knicks to refocus
Steve Popper @StevePopper🔁@BigRock9150 Now don't make the Knicks players go through your comments and see if you've been critical of them. Then they'll blame you.
Knicks Nation @knicksnationnet🔁 Tim Hardaway airs his frustrations with NSFW response amid his shooting struggles #Knicks

Shamon Willis @_shamon29🔁WARNING, COMPLAINT TWEET:
I understand the SLC, Utah market, but if The Knicks or the Lakers had Donovan Mitchell and a 9 game win streak, you couldn't turn on ESPN without hearing about it.
Knicks Film School @KnickFilmSchool🔁Trey Burke has played 11 minutes since the Knicks acquired Mudiay. What is missing is his efficiency as a shooter off the pick where he has shot 22-38 (57.9%)

Frank + Mudiay have combined to shoot a dismal 3-15 as ball-handlers in PnR over the last two games

DarkChild 🎭🦄 @IamMidnight38🔁 Big loss for Orlando in Chicago. Knicks creeping up on the Bulls now.


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