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KlanKlan Antifa del Norte @EponymousKid🔁 just a history reminder that the KKK's titles & behavior began as a "joke" psmag.com
Raw Story @RawStory🔁Teacher suspended after asking 5th graders to come up with reasons for joining the Klan rawstory.com
The Associated Press @AP🔁Elementary school teacher who asked students to role play as Ku Klux Klan members placed on administrative leave. apne.ws
Vann R. Newkirk II @fivefifths🔁The Google manifesto guy went from "women are genetically inferior" to "actually, the Klan is cool" in like a month. I won a bet.
Danny Takhar @DanTakhar🔁Elementary school teacher who asked students to role play as Ku Klux Klan members placed on administrative leave.
Saynsumthn Blog @Saynsumthn🔁Margaret Sanger’s statue still at Smithsonian. She was a founder of Planned Parenthood + spoke w/ Klan.
Austin @BIastHardCheese🔁the fired google guy is just asking if there's maybe something cool about the klan. totally normal employee behavior everyone.
Stanley Berard @spberard🔁The women fighting for white male supremacy vox.com via @voxdotcom
Georgia🌟MIKU 10TH🌟 @Ankhtheodd🔁The Klan designed all its iconography to make it easy for white folks to laugh them off. You're a dupe if you fall into that trap.
Blue Girl Resists @BGinKC🔁@jbouie I schlepped my kid & his bestie all over the county to Magic tournaments. I knew where they were & neither joined the Klan.
Papierowy księżyc @czerwonyrower🔁 i got clowned on occasionally for being into magic the gathering as a kid but that like, didn't make me want to join the klan
BIRTHDAY BRITTER @herrobrit🔁@Sahvor Rip myth klan
Rüya @cloudwanderer3🔁Damn, I already lectured on the 1920s Klan this morning, but without the benefit of his deep insight. Such a shame.
Saynsumthn Blog @Saynsumthn🔁Why does PlannedParenthood have the name of a Klan speaker on building??
< liveaction.org a href="https://twitter.com/i/web/status/910588597312483328" target="_blank">twitter.com
Right Side Lookout @RightSideLook🔁Malcolm X meets with Ku Klux Klan regarding a separate nation for black Muslims ref.gl
Sex Killerson❤ @Kittenfish87🔁I can't ever think it's sad you can't compliment the Klan without getting roasted because I think that criticism is l twitter.com egit.
Antifa del Norte @EponymousKid🔁4. Many of these groups still exist. If it’s the titles that appeal, there are ways to scratch that itch without joining the Klan.
Antifa del Norte @EponymousKid🔁1. The Second Klan’s titles were typical of fraternal groups of its era, not a distinctive aspect of its appeal:
Antifa del Norte @EponymousKid🔁Klan titles were created by theatrical Southern aristo fancy lads as a self-conscious joke. Can't believe Fired4Truth thinks they're cool.
1Gr8ful1 @Yo_Martinez🔁St. Louis police officer called Black Lives Matter "the klan with a tan" and "domestic terrorists" | Via

Ian Hess @Cookiehess24🔁 The violence and terror the KKK inflicted on African-Americans cannot and should not be justified.
twin peaks season 4 @apepsibath🔁yeah let's not judge the guy whose handle used to be Fired4Truth, became famous for saying women are inferior, and lo twitter.com ves the klan
Evan Welch @evan_welch🔁 Fact:Nathan Bedford Forrest joined the klan because Oliver Howard banned D&D in Tennessee in 1866.
Nessus @GaryMil26845169🔁@burgessev @elianayjohnson Time for another Secret GOP KLAN meeting
Gene Believer @Kristinmedd🔁ME: yeah I play the tuba on weekends
GUY: huh, weird choice of instrument, haha
ME, NOW WEARING KLAN ROBES: ah shit look what you did
Lara Littlefield @laralfield🔁Oh yes, there's always the *context* that is soooo much more important for Nazi sympathizers than those murdered by N twitter.com azis and the Klan. K.
twin peaks season 4 @apepsibath🔁he literally said that denying people D&D titles would make them join the klan

i don't think he's a nazi, he's just twitter.com too stupid to be alive

theBitterFig @thebitterfig🔁 When the Klan hits your eye like a big pizza pie, that's Damore.
Kevin Walsh @Walshmobile🔁“He’s standing up for ideological diversity!”

:: a month later ::

“The Klan sure does look cool, and not agreeing is why there’s a Klan!"

SunDevilinCA @Bweiser87🔁@ChristiChat @realDonaldTrump It's just odd that the leader of the Klan would lead a luncheon for the African nations.
Laurent Weppe @Laurent_Weppe🔁And the Nazis, asinine race theories and blithering idiot dictator and all, were still less of an obvious joke than the doofy-ass Klan.
Commie Cat @artimus2015🔁So, if you know anything about nazis or the Klan, the last thing you should be running around saying is "yeah but th twitter.com ey look cool."
PorcupineEeyore @PorcupineEeyore🔁it seems like society should be able to do better than "You must respect the Klan or people will join the Klan"
Ali Baba @alibaba5826🔁all that Damore prick's done is inadvertently point out the Klan started the whole LARPing white supremacist thing 150 years before Spencer
Disabled Veteran @cj_disabledVet🔁 @cj_disabledVet Good Lord, the Trump Klan are seriously jacked up!
MichaelLoBurgio @MikeLoBurgio🔁 KLAN SPEW that doesn't APPLY to THEM FEEL SPECIAL ABOVE LAW FINISHED as HAVE any POSITIVE accomplishments
FarRightWatchers @FRE_watchers🔁Ku Klux Klan Hood, 1920s | National Museum of American History ref.gl
Political Toons @PoliKartoons🔁The Donald and the Klan... who'd 'ave thunk it?! One of my old cartoons from last year.
New Jersey Nick @newjerseynick🔁@JamesADamore Are you seriously upset that people don't want to say nice things about the Klan?



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