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Kizer j boogie @justinbulldogs7🔁happy new years everyone god bless y’all -kizer
KizerKizer allyson but festive @allyson_kizer🔁 Watching bill nye with my favorite nerd💖
KizerKizerKizer Braiden Liebmann @Dawg4lyfeBL23🔁 DeShone Kizer sharing a piece of history with a young fan 😂
Ed Puskas @EdPuskas_Vindy🔁 And down goes Kizer ... again ... and again. #Browns
Kizer Adam Cabral @adam_cabral🔁 DeShone Kizer: I have Tom Brady’s brain in Cam Newton’s body
Bill Barnwell @billbarnwell🔁Corey Coleman drops a pass which consigns the Browns to 0-16. Deshone Kizer says “You’ve gotta be f-----g kidding me” , which might as well be the official name of the 30 for 30 on the Browns now
Matt Franciscovich @MattFranchise🔁DeShone Kizer to Corey Coleman:

"The 15 other games we lost were mostly my fault but this one's on you, and you're g oing to have to live with that."

NFL Research @NFLResearch🔁The have sacked DeShone Kizer 6 times today, giving Pittsburgh 56 this season.

That sets a new franchise single-sea son record. Previous record was 55 in both 1994 and 2001.

colin.gribbenn @colingribbenn🔁 #Browns Live: DeShone Kizer at the podium following #CLEvsPIT
Allen Richardson @bigAllen77🔁The have sacked DeShone Kizer 6 times today, giving Pittsburgh 56 this season.

That sets a new franchise single-season record. Previous record was 55 in both 1994 and 2001.

Tom Di Benedetto @Producer_Tom🔁Kizer did just enough in Week 17 to bump the passer rating up to 60.5 for the season and avoid this infamous distinct ion.
Benjamin Philpott @tigerinarmy🔁Corey Coleman drops a pass which consigns the Browns to 0-16. Deshone Kizer says “You’ve gotta be f-----g kidding me”, which might as well be the official name of the 30 for 30 on the Browns now
Nicole ✨ @Nicole_Kizer🔁 Sound like a gta citizen after you pull the Draco out
Scott Krupp @ScottClev33🔁If Browns take Barkley I become a Bengals fan. I will not watch another overhyped & under talented self involved part y boy QB the Browns. He doesn't have the talent or mindset to take the job from Kizer & turn the Browns around.
David Ecton @David_Ecton🔁DeShone Kizer to Corey Coleman:

"The 15 other games we lost were mostly my fault but this one's on you, and you're going to have to live with that."

Aaron Merriam @Zam_721🔁Watching this game legit makes me think of ‘08. All kinda of guys making plays to lose the game. It sucks...Coleman will forever be haunted and unfairly labeled now, along with Kizer....
iTeach @BernieNofel🔁@Steponice I also don't recall a ton of apologies either. Kizer apologies more for just going out one night!
Jill Wiley @skwjeb2016🔁2 QB have 8+ games w/ Pass Rtg below 70: Cam, Kizer

3 QB have 5+ games w/ Pass Rtg below 60: Cam, Kizer, Hundley

6 QB have 3+ games w/ Pass Rtg below 50: Cam, Kizer, Hundley, Hoyer, Petty, Siemian

3 QB have 4+ games w/ 3+ Giveaways: Cam, Kizer, Jameis

Jill Wiley @skwjeb2016🔁So he is better than breese and Ryan? He makes it to the SB and almost got shut out... He does the very most by overt hrowing or underthowing receivers stats don't lie he is as bad as kizer and Winston this season...
Jim Judge @SWAJimmer🔁@finkn23 Really? Kizer has done his fair share of stupid shit but that wasn’t his fault
Caleb @VermillionCaleb🔁Why does Kizer look so big in this pic. Looks like he's sitting next to a little kid in shoulder pads lol
Koris Cromartie @KorisCromartie🔁 Kizer throws 22 INTs in coach-sabotaged year
JLG (AKA) YOUNGSHURD @youngshruD330🔁Keep kizer as third string QB tho but after 1st & 4th pick CB needs addressed SLOT CORNER to guys to small on D can' t tackle need guards cuz joe Thomas is gonna retire soon + 1 tall fast WR.
HarrisonWWEfan @dobson_harrison🔁 DeShone Kizer has thrown for 310 yards today, the first 300-yard game of his career
Duerr Face (90-61) @BBN_Forever🔁 QBs Ravens have beat:

Andy Dalton
Deshon Kizer x2
EJ Manuel
Matt Moore
Brett Hundley
Tom Savage
Matt Stafford


PipPip @Pipolboy🔁@BigJigglyPanda I mean. Better than kizer. Besides Big Ben is fat so I think you'd do great
Nicole ✨ @Nicole_Kizer🔁 we fucking get it it’s new years not the fourth of july stop w the fireworks it’s overkill & you’re scaring my dog 🙄
Nicole ✨ @Nicole_Kizer🔁Does anyone panic themself on the fact that after you die you're literally gone and in a billion years the earth will die out and the sun will explode or possibly we go into a black hole and nothing will ever matter at all? Like this is our only life and after that, we're GONE.
Sidney Kizer @sid_kizer🔁Had my very first New Years kiss ever! New Years in Las Vegas with the loml was one of the most amazing moments in my life ❤ @DPW3454
RondoNumberNine @ThaTruth_Kc🔁@Brannon_Logan28 @ChiefsTBLTwins @mjlexicon55 @Chiefs @Titans He's 2nd in int this yr behind kizer lol he's sucked this season for sure.
Jason Hartman @jasonhartman72🔁@heathcummingssr She deserves better.... like Kizer
Josh Potter @J_Potter🔁Every SJW blogger: 2017 was obviously a nightmarish year...."

Deshone Kizer: Hold my beer.

Wesley Robertson @twofive99🔁@hughhewitt Kizer is Manziel 2.0, Coleman can’t hang on to the ball, and Gordon can’t stay clean sadly
jeff gordon @calvinheinous🔁{if I ran the Browns} Hire Del Rio immediately. Move Hue to OC. Sign Kaep, keep Kizer as a backup. Draft Lamar Jackson.
Daniel Kaiser @Danny_Kaiser🔁@kizererik @kizer_29 @kizer4pack @PeterTurano New Year New Me
E Allen @kizererik🔁 seems like I haven't seen you since last year the way I'm famished, I haven't eaten since last year...
Cloyce Wolfe @dukeof420🔁Hahahaha, the only guy to take the record of turnovers away from Kizer. That is if he can survive the hits he is gonn a take. Just say no to the PAC 12 Qb
Joshua Snyder @Snyderator55🔁You can draft QBs all day, but they aren’t nothing without a team around them. Put in Darnold, Rosen or Mayfield unde r center and they’ll have the same rookie year as Kizer. The Browns need to put a team around Kizer and let him develop
Jakob Dylan Huber @jakob_huber36🔁 @ZachOnCST I feel as if I’m the only Kizer believer left
David Vorhees @CleveFan4ever🔁i hear that. so question though if Dorsey believes Kizer is the Guy but he geta a vet QB to mentor him does he still draft a QB?
Shaquira Speaks @shaquiraspeaks🔁Really hope the Browns dont go get another QB.. i think Kizer can help the team win. Front office has to address the offensive line and run game
Andrew Spicer @Andrew747x🔁Around Kizer and draft Barkley and another top WR and build secondary and get a few free agency pickups like maybe La ndry, or Decker, or someone to help out the kid has a lot of promise none of these QBs are day 1 starters so not worth top 10 picks.
Eleanore Craider @EleanoreCraider🔁Josh Gordon was better with Brandon Weeden while being cross-faded than he is with DeShone Kizer.

Shows how bad Kizer is.

Andrew Spicer @Andrew747x🔁Plus for Kizer being thrown into the fire he's kinda had to learn on the fly especially not having a veteran quarterb ack to bounce things off of. He's showing good things needs to work on consistency, and sometimes take what they give or run and work on not throwing ints build
Andrew Spicer @Andrew747x🔁Exactly, Hue isn't the only problem Dorsey already confirmed he's hiring a which we need . And part of the reason K izer struggled is because of all the drops early on a lot them were caused by no help from his offense others he was making with turn overs penaltys and fumbles
🇺🇸Dr.Kaco of SCV @Dr_Kaco🔁 @Dr_Kaco @vikkin24 @morris_kr @SBValleyWriter @allanasdad @FOXSports @ColinCowherd Yep Kizer is BAD
Dominic Connole @Karlbacca77🔁@bautista_lucho @DDot4 @ESPNNFL He's talking about deshone kizer idiot
Brian @ibaz99🔁@bushby_daniel Huge mistake to give up on Kizer after 1 season mate. Genuinely hope you give him another chance and draft Barkley or Chubb
Sam Osterling @SamJO1991🔁I feel no shame. I thought Kizer would be better. And even with him - a 21-year-old - playing horrific football, we l ost all six of our one-score games. There’s talent here.
Cloyce Wolfe @dukeof420🔁Weed man was the worst, mangina is a close second. Kizer needs work, he will be damn good if he get the right tutori ng! Brown need to quit shooting from the hip at qb and develop somebody.
Mark Wood @browns_brewer🔁@SportsBoyTony Kizer is terrible. he's Brett Hundley who has had had 3 years under Rodgers, @baker_mayfield or bust.
Scott @ScottHarriman_🔁Kizer is honestly 2nd on my list of dumbest Qbs in the league and Winston is 1 due to off field allegations stowed aw ay from his college days
M.T.M @joesmomlover🔁@Dr_Kaco @vikkin24 @morris_kr @SBValleyWriter @allanasdad @FOXSports @ColinCowherd Yep Kizer is BAD
Eric Farminer @EFarminer🔁 DeShone Kizer has the most rushing yards by a Browns QB in a season. Also has 5 rushing TDs.


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