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tanner c @tanclevenger🔁 DeShone Kizer took a huge hit..
Damon Kecman @DownWithDamon🔁You really gonna tell me there’s no delay of game on the Lions for pulling and holding DeShone Kizer on the ground..? Ok lol wtf
Damon Kecman @DownWithDamon🔁DeShone Kizer took a huge hit..
asap kelli @kellibaegraham🔁 DeShone Kizer took a huge hit..
Ian Rapoport @RapSheet🔁#Browns QB DeShone Kizer went down after a hard shot to the ribs and he’s now on the sidelines. Backup Cody Kessler is going in
Sean Huber @seanhuber_🔁If I’m not mistaken Kizer had a nice run and was chirping Diggs afterwards. We know who had last laugh
All22ChalkTalk @All22ChalkTalk🔁In my mind yes. PA or Sprint Out so Kizer can throw away the ball or take it in himself if he can't find an open rec eiver. With that said, I understand Hue's reluctance to throw the ball there based on Kizer's previous history.
basq 🌴 @JoeyDwyer14🔁Running list of starting NFL quarterbacks who Colin Kaepernick is better than:

-CJ Beathard
-Drew Stanton
-Blake Bortles
-Brett Hundley
-Tom Savage
-Andy Dalton
-DeShone Kizer
-Brock Osweiler

Tim Demchuk @Villain22384🔁@NathanZegura who in the "young core" were you impressed by?? Aside from kizer.
Daddy 💕 @__pinkeater🔁Kizer could be the guy for them if they gave him help but theyll end up drafting anotherQB and give him no help at al l and basically tell him to survive and make plays like always lol I’m not too worried about QB for the saints though rn I️ think we got 3 more years of drew
Derek Mosley @DMOSTMAN🔁Watson has Hopkins, Fuller, Miller, Ellington and more.
Kizer's lack of help can't be understated. Wait till Coleman and Gordon are back in the offense at the least.
rickyhawktiger @rickyhawktiger🔁Kizer looked good except for the audible at end of 1st half.. Crow Duke Britt & OL played well.. I thought Hue called his best gm of yr
Tcoff @tcoff6🔁You can’t when your first run plays are for 1-2 yards. You have to have 5-10 yard run plays on first or second down t o commit to it. Kizer made those deep throws on the sideline stretching the defense also. YPC mean nothing. Ask joe Thomas which stat you look for in the run game.
Joe HDogg Lucarelli @joelucarelli4🔁 ICYMI: Jackson says Kizer played his best game despite #Browns 38-24 loss to #Lions
Phuc Dat Bich @3dollarbag🔁At least your honesty, brother. Always next week. Waiting for the screenshots of the "pros" that dominated with a Kiz er Burkhead Ekeler lineups. Probably 1of 150 lineups and just as a WTFEVER lineup
Alberta @albertheon22🔁 Injury Update: QB DeShone Kizer is questionable to return (ribs)
Corwin Chomay @IAmMoLarr🔁That play where DET wraps up Kizer to run the clock never happens in the . Writers like Banks or , who have some inte rest in the CFL, need to take up the cause to switch to our clock rules. too. The game would be better.
michael bode @mgbode_WFNY🔁I wrote about it today, but I cannot fathom how Kizer didn't do a count of defenders. He had the numbers to the offen sive right if he "had to run" with him or Duke.
Kyle Gottschalk @HumorousLlama🔁Positives For the today.
1.Hue called a good game
2.Kizer played well
3.Ogbah - great game
4.Britt sighting
5.Crow -Best GM of season

1. End of 1st half- wasted TO, Sneak
2. Greg Williams game plan
3. 2nd unit DLine
4. Njoku
5. Kizer's ribs

DeShone Kizer Soze @Mattfobrien🔁There's plenty of room for debate. I'm just laughing at people going "Why are we going with this guy, he sucks! Look at X!"

And X is worse than Kizer. Research people. 5 minutes. Not hard.

Brent Sobleski @brentsobleski🔁A thread on QB sneak that failed ... Hue Jackson gave the sneak option if DeShone Kizer was sure he could score. Kizer thought he could. Clearly was wrong.
Cooper7 @Cooper7r🔁Shame we don't know, as the initial reaction was to blame Hue for the sneak. As you know turns out Kizer was to blam e for that. But if Hue called a run there, isn't it kind of the same issue?
j🦃e 🍁🍂🍗 🇺🇸 @PlacidiJoe🔁Kizer looked great pre injury. I think he's got a ton of potential. Brissett is a high tier backup/low tier starter.
D sol🎈 @dsolpower🔁@finkn23 Kizer is the guy.
Mary Kay Cabot @MaryKayCabot🔁ICYMI: Jackson says Kizer played his best game despite #Browns 38-24 loss to #Lions


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