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#KissPitch Donna Carbone @PIXY727🔁 HOW EXCITED ARE WE? A quick reminder before the #KissPitch window opens IN 30 MIN.
Red L. Jameson @RedLJameson🔁Meeting the perfect guy for the perfect hookup? Check. Wearing sexy-as-hell lingerie? Check. Breast cancer? Oh…fu--
Laney wants one wild ride before a lumpectomy. Biker Joe's more than willing to give it to her and so much more.

Gwynne🚶🏼 @gwynnejackson🔁Suuuuper late jumping in to today! If I like your pitch, send me your query, synopsis, and the first 20 pages at
Trysh Thompson @trystsandtales🔁Actual footage of me refreshing my inbox for those #KissPitch manuscripts. :)
Kortney Price @kortney_price🔁Suuuuper late jumping in to today! If I like your pitch, send me your query, synopsis, and the first 20 pages at twitter.com
Janine Rosche @JanineRosche🔁
A young widow seeking to save her family’s struggling Montana resort must rely on the help of a mysterious stran twitter.com ger with secrets of his own. But when a powerful man wants her for himself, the chance for redemption may be lost
Nikki Rose 🥀 @AuthorNikkiRose🔁After being attacked outside a local club, Rachel falls hard for the man who saved her. When her childhood crush turn twitter.com ed BFF needs help dealing w/ being a newly single dad unresolved feelings ignite & jealousy peaks but she will find out both men are hiding secrets
Kathryn Polemikos @kpolemikos🔁Sophia's marriage is days away.
She's pregnant.
Shotgun wedding?
Not quite-
An arranged marriage
Her fiance isn't the father
#KissPitch #own
Gwynne🚶🏼 @gwynnejackson🔁 Loving these pitches! If we like your tweet, please send query letter to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. #KissPitch
Heather M. Gardner @hmgardner🔁Small town cop has stalker ex-GF & drug-dealing cult problems. He shouldn’t get involved w/ the intriguing new brew m twitter.com aster but now he’s put a target on her back. When a disastrous chain of events threatens all that he loves can he overcome the odds & save them?
Sara Dobie Bauer @saradobie🔁 Snarky goth chick hunts thieving ghost and falls for ghost's alcoholic, motorcycle-riding widower. Ghost, not amused twitter.com . Enemies to lovers.
Stephanie Neal @StephNealTweets🔁Assassin meets girl. But she's no damsel in distress, and he's no flawless hero. With enemies waiting around every c twitter.com orner, the desire to protect one another will test them both.
Angela Merlo @AuthorAngMerlo🔁 DEVIL'S LAKE
Only he can cure her fears.

Suicidal Alison meets and falls for man with power to cure her anxiety dis twitter.com orders, but his mind control powers might offer more than she wants.

Bienvenue Press @BienvenuePress🔁Loving these pitches! If we like your tweet, please send query letter to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. #KissPitch
Queerly Reads @Queerlyreads🔁Will and Cian's favorite dance club is being sold. To save Licentious, they need spread awareness with a sexy charity twitter.com calendar. Intimate photoshoots lead to troubled Will revealing more than just his panties.

Negeen Papehn @NegeenPapehn🔁A secret. A past. An affair.

Twisted in their lies of deception, Bea and Will must face the repercussions of their twitter.com actions, deciding if having what they’ve always wanted is worth the price they stand to lose?

David Lee Howe @DLeeHowe🔁I.C. voice major Julie Christianson has talent but needs Hunter Watkins lyrics to break into the music industry. What twitter.com she doesn’t know is she will quickly fall in love with him. The Devil wants their music but an angel needs her wings to deliver a HEA ending.
E.B. Gula @Emmbeve🔁UNTEACHABLE & GABRIEL'S INFERNO. Falling for her professor improves a biology student's chances of academic success, twitter.com but dating him could ruin them. Which is her priority?
Hadar Badt @HadarBadt🔁28y/r smarta@@ Juliana is certain love is dead in hipster Berlin: ppl are too busy loving themselves. But then a gorg twitter.com eous guardian angel arrives in town and tries to prove her wrong.
Joscelyn Smith @Specksus🔁 Take one immortal English knight, one witch’s curse, and one sassy NY waitress. Mix ‘em together with monsters, mayhem, and Merlin. Ingredients for insanity or recipe for love?
LA Bryce @LABryce_author🔁For a man who’s on the run, is finding love a good enough reason to stop. And for a man who doesn’t want to leave, i twitter.com s a secret reason enough to walk away? In His Eyes is a M/M Contemporary Romance with a splash of Suspense.
Natalie Hyde Collins @sunflowrscience🔁A fiercely independent French woman, fighting to help people fleeing Hitler's regime, finds help- and love- in the m twitter.com ost unlikely of places.
Laura Brown 📚 @AuthorLBrown🔁 Clueless meets Switched at Birth. When Deaf Kay inherits her ex-step-father’s house, she gets one sexy ex-step-b twitter.com rother/teenage crush living there. As their connection deepens, Kay must choose between the money she needs and the man she’s always loved.
Bella EllwoodClayton @BEllwoodClayton🔁UNREAL + Sophie Kinsella. Fed up w/ being a "career extra," Kit sets a plan in motion. Get fired or get noticed? She twitter.com finally gets her chance at fame but only if she can avoid falling for the Filipino-American heartthrob, Josh. Damn near impossible. ❤️
Joshua Kawuuzi @KawuuziJoshua🔁 Audrey, a heart patient, has a mysterious mentor, an anonymous columnist in a local newspaper who one day writes a s twitter.com tigmatizing article, prompting Audrey and her handsome lawyer to unmask him, eventually discovering him as a devil from her past. 80k words.
Allison Mullinax @allsnmllnx🔁Food blogger + celebrity chef + a hurricane = a whirlwind food-fueled romance in Cooking Up A Storm.
S.T. Journie @STJournie🔁#ontheporch momma! Rockin' this manuscript! #KissPitch #a #HR #RS #LGBTQ twitter.com
Cornelia Brand @Cornelia_Brand🔁An agoraphobic with debilitating anxiety Eden hasn't left the safety of her house in three years, but when her sexy n twitter.com eighbor rescues her from a fire that leaves her once again homeless she is catapulted into a world she is disastrously unfamiliar with.
Jaqueline Snowe @JaquelineSnowe🔁RUTH WARE w/MORE ROMANCE
When Liz barely escapes death, she becomes the target of a deranged killer. Enter the broodi twitter.com ng detective. They pair up to track a killer online and sparks fly--and so do their clothes. Forced proximity leads to tough decisions.
Erin Parisien @erin_the_author🔁 Grace Smith is using her new job at the Triple C Ranch to catch her breath and save some money. It should be easy. twitter.com Until long-lost son, Mason returns. He brings out feelings she thought long dead.
PaperSteel Press @PaperSteelPress🔁If I <3 your pitch, submit at QueryMe.Online #kisspitch
Carrie Zimmerman @thebookgirl🔁The small town that once made Charlotte feel stifled now feels restorative. Old friends, sexy cowboys & a hot romance twitter.com has her wishing she had come home sooner. Will gossip and jealousy ruin her homecoming or will she find everything she wanted in Bliss, TX?
Elle Stephens @AuthorElle🔁When a socially phobic woman moves back to her small hometown, she unexpectedly finds herself on a blind date with h twitter.com er high school crush. Will she let herself fall in love or run back to the anonymity of the city.
Erin Parisien @erin_the_author🔁 Paranormal investigator Kaden Pierce's job is to protect the Oracle. Problem is, she refuses to co-operate. Now, twitter.com he has to find a way to keep her safe. Along with his heart.
Rebecca Carvalho @cavalcar🔁The bakeries Salt and Sugar have always had a feud, but 17yo Lari and Pedro will do their best to undo decades of bak twitter.com ery wars. Rivals turned allies at a cooking contest, they know that together they can find the perfect recipe.
Bronwyn Stuart @bronwynstuart🔁Bastion Club-treason+opium. When dirt and death spills from The Dials, London's sons must stem the flow. #victorian #kisspitch #hr
Kayla @caughtbtthepage🔁Enemies fall in love in the midst of a war between witches and humans. This Rapunzel retelling is filled with magic, twitter.com murder, and forbidden romance as a powerless witch disguises herself as human to survive--and assassinate. It's a choice between kiss and kill.
Erica Lucke Dean @ericaluckedean🔁For Kennedy Beaman, punching her v-card isn’t priority #1 until someone finds her list of potential dehymenators. Now twitter.com her secret plan to lose her virginity isn’t just the talk of the whole school, it’s trending on Twitter!

Leslie Snow Acord @cptcaimansgirl🔁THE RED QUEEN+SILVER SILENCE Human Lexi unravels that her new man is an ET hiding in plain sight. Knowledge of his r twitter.com ace could get her killed...or worse. Drive her insane. But, then again, she isn’t necessarily human either.
Corinne Trueblood @ck_trueblood🔁On the last thread of her unraveling romance, the fiancé of an English prince turns to her personal bodyguard to help twitter.com escape her own fairy tale.
AJRieser @AJRieser🔁JHU freshman Lacey Day has married her vision and passion with an enduring work ethic. But after meeting Ed Weston, s twitter.com he's struggling to keep her thoughts on track--threatening to make things more interesting.
Nicole White @nicole_m_white🔁Ensconced in academia since fifteen, Professor Blake defies the department dean, gains a hunky boyfriend, and spends twitter.com her days on the slopes. At twenty-six, Beatrice will finally prove she’s more than just an autistic child genius.
Kate Belli @Kate_Belli🔁Gilded Age NYC society girl turned journalist sleuths after reclusive millionaire who may or may not be the notorious twitter.com Robin Hood of the Lower East Side
Joshua Kawuuzi @KawuuziJoshua🔁 Audrey and Billy then embark on unmasking this man so that he can listen to her own argument, eventually discovering twitter.com his true identity as a devil from her past.
Jodi Vaughn @JodiVaughn1🔁When a soccer mom discovers her unfaithful husband and gets turned into a vampire in the same night,she realizes lif twitter.com e as an undead housewife just got a whole lot harder #KissPitchPrn#PRN
Rebecca Duval @rebecca_duval_🔁Heartbroken Elva is back in her hometown to celebrate Christmas. When a face from her past appears she thinks she may twitter.com have found the perfect rebound guy, but when a storm hits all her plans are blown apart. THE CHRISTMAS STORM
Sarah Smith @teamechavarre🔁Emmie is as tough as the power tools she writes about. Too bad it's fake. Tate could be the one to break thru. Too b twitter.com ad she hates him. 1 kiss changes everything...& could destroy their work relationship. But the sparks that fly may be worth the damage

Victoria Sue @Vickysuewrites🔁 Take one immortal English knight, one witch’s curse, and one sassy NY waitress. Mix ‘em together with monsters, ma twitter.com yhem, and Merlin. Ingredients for insanity or recipe for love?
Kyra Jacobs @KyraJacobsBooks🔁I've got my eye on today! If I like your tweet, please send your manuscript, query letter, and synopsis to my attention here:

Good luck, every! I'm excited to see what you have for me!

Angelina M. Lopez @AngelinaMLo🔁“The Billionaire’s Prince”- Billionaire CEO will give prince enough $ to save his small European principality. In ret twitter.com urn, she just wants 3 nights a month in bed. Just 3 hot nights a month for a year. And a baby
James Damron @thepunkdroet🔁“The Celtic Thistle” is a novel set in modern Fort Lauderdale, Florida. It’s about two childhood friends’ struggle twitter.com with fate, family, and love.

Samantha Lienhard @SamLienhard🔁As a condemned witch, Amara's chances of survival are slim. Working with her would-be executioner gives her a way to twitter.com save her life - but risk losing her heart.
From The Heart @FTHRW🔁: I'm looking for ( or ) (m/m only)

If I favorite your pitch, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with:
- a link to your pitch tweet
- story synopsis or summary
- (optional) sample chapters

Submission details at:

Joshua Kawuuzi @KawuuziJoshua🔁 To Audrey, this man's articles feel like letters that he sends straight to her sick heart, until one day when he wri twitter.com tes stating that sick people are an impurity. That it breaks the laws of nature if you donate an organ to the terminally sick.
Janet Walden-West @JanetWaldenWest🔁 😘Caleb Wright had no idea what to expect on a date with a silver fox Dom. What he got was the attention he craved. Caleb’s past is murky, but when it all comes to light, Adam is still standing proud by his side.
Adrienne E. Fraser @AdrienneF1181🔁The ring of the doorbell, and Melodie's father walks back into her life. Travel to unknown places, meeting new people twitter.com ; it's all too much for this shy bookworm. Colin's soft hand and a warm smile, Melodie meets her own knight in shining armor.
Joshua Kawuuzi @KawuuziJoshua🔁 Billy falls in love with Audrey, an environmentalist in the terminal stage of heart failure and their hearts are kno twitter.com tted together by powers above their control. Audrey draws her strength from a man she’s never met, an anonymous columnist in a local newspaper.
Kristy Brown writes. @KBrownauthor🔁Cinderfella. Role reversal.Two evil stepbrothers, a fairy godfather and a broken glass slipper. #YA with a twist. #KissPitch
Adrienne E. Fraser @AdrienneF1181🔁The music called to Alaina through the partially open door of the dance studio. She hightailed it back down the hall, twitter.com until she was yanked back by the teachers' voice. She was exactly who they were looking for, in more ways than one.
Brookie Cowles @brookiecowles🔁PICKING THE PROM KING
Taryn’s goal: The best fundraiser ever

Her solution: Pre-choose the winner

The catch: Charlie twitter.com and his quiet charm making her want to throw her solution out the window

The problem: More than one person loses if she messes up

Laralyn Doran @LaralynDoran🔁Addy Woods has made a living off casting Finn Mulligan as a villain in her novels. He wants a "do-over" with her but twitter.com a vengeful ex-wife, their secrets & even the paternity of his child hinder them. Can they have their HEA or will she write him off?
Adrienne E. Fraser @AdrienneF1181🔁A lost job is just the breaking point for DJ. An unexpected gift from her dying grandmother leads Deanna to find whir twitter.com lwind romances and even love on an amazing cruise. But not without a little bed hopping, first!
Shayna Grissom @ShaynaGrissom🔁If I miss any of my followers and I didn't retweet you, let me know so I can give you a RT! Trying my best to stay o twitter.com n top of it and support y'all.
Jessica Carter @HaleJessi🔁Charlotte is a senior in college. She has a plan keep her grades up, stay out of trouble and make it into PRCA, In o twitter.com rder to do that she has one simple rule No Guys. But when the dorm rooms are filled to capacity, she has to stay one semester at a frat house.
Darlene Deluca @darlene_deluca1🔁A children’s book author gets crosswise with a young reader’s guardian over a story the boy shares. She thinks it’s p twitter.com ublishing gold. He thinks it’s exploitation. Will their mutual love for a six-year-old bring them together?
Paula Ottoni @paula_ottoni🔁If you find yourself with a Crusader knight in your room after a mission, DON'T:
A) Let him stay while your folks are twitter.com in NY
B) Let everyone you know meet him
C) Promise you'll stop his brother from trying to make him never be born
D) Fall in love with him

C. E. DeRosier @CEDeRosier🔁Alice finds herself immersed in a world of Magi & family secrets & caught between her feelings for the handsome, secr twitter.com etive mayor & the gorgeous, sweet Cherokee man that consumes her thoughts. This wasn't what she anticipated when she moved to help her grandpa..
Elle Thorpe @ellethorpebooks🔁So good! I need this sitting on my shelf stat. #kisspitch twitter.com
Kerrie Starbuck @KL_Starbuck🔁Hometown hero returns, hell bent on revenge. But his childhood sweetheart, now the mayor, is just as determined to s twitter.com tand in his way... & steal his heart
Jaqueline Snowe @JaquelineSnowe🔁Kylee has three rules: no feelings, save money, no commitments. When she meets Chicago’s most eligible bachelor, the twitter.com rules become harder to follow. This rom-com is a mixture of Friends only if they had Tinder.
Chess Kendle @ChessKendle🔁GREY’S ANATOMY meets THE ROYAL WE.

After a British surgeon finds her fiancé shagging her sister, she can either tie twitter.com the knot with her Prince Cheating or toss crown and surgical gown to get lost in the woods with the lumbersexy ex who fractured her heart.

Gabrielle Vizcaino @ellieviz91🔁Iris's healing powers could turn the tide in the war, but she'll die before she lets the dark prince make her a weapo twitter.com n. With nowhere left to run, the only option is Earth. Outcast and on the run, love is an inconvenience she didn't plan on finding.
Jeneva Rose @britasweet🔁A social media manager falls in love with an internet troll. However, all is jeopardized when they find out who the o twitter.com ther really is...online. In real life, they're a match. On the internet, they're enemies. Can their relationship survive offline?

When her brother relapses—again—Darcy will do whatever it takes to g twitter.com et the $$ needed to pay for his rehab. Even if it means teaching some rich boy to play guitar.

Sarah Fischer @SarhAlexander7🔁Meeting his mom is always stressful Now imagine she’s a queen who wants you to convince her son to take back the crow twitter.com n he rejected for the simple life. When this debutante makes the wrong decision, will her prince take her back, or will she be royally abandoned
Charlene Groome @CharleneGroome🔁Struggling fashion model & consignment clothing shop owner, Madison buys a gown that’s deemed unlucky & doesn’t belie twitter.com ve it until the next customer returns it. When her ex shows up, she thinks he’s there to apologize, so she puts the dress to the test. 75k
Melissa Alexia @MelissaAlexia17🔁Retweeted Lynnette Novak ():

If I don’t see your pitch, send query & 1st 5 pages in...

Trisha Grace Kelly @TrishaGKelly🔁A-lister secretly battling anxiety + aspiring screenwriter who lands a job as his PA aren't expecting their relations twitter.com hip to get , much less romantic. But when the press notices, they're forced to confront their feelings or risk losing a Hollywood ending
Kerstin Wolf @Kerstin_Wolf🔁Oh! You won me at “food”! #kisspitch twitter.com
Elle Rush @elle_rush🔁After learning thieves stole their identities and got married, a country girl and a city boy fall in love while tryin twitter.com g to annul their fake marriage. Lots of love, laughs, and a rescue dog.
Malle Vallik @MalleVallik🔁Hey, , 2018 is happening RIGHT NOW!

If I or ❤️ your pitch, I’d love to read your MS. Check guidelines to sub allthekissing.com mit: Ask for Daphne.

Jaqueline Snowe @JaquelineSnowe🔁Lana Reyes is an awkward tomboy desperate to earn a soccer scholarship. She pairs up with the All-star QB--the unlike twitter.com ly duo working together in secret. W/social stigmas, HS drama, and scholarships on the line, romance blossoms until their secret is spilled
ALL THE KISSING @allthekissing🔁Friendly reminder from the Admins. Be kind. Don't pitch agents/editors directly and do your research before sending y twitter.com our materials. Don't ❤️ pitches if you're not an industry pro. Show support for your friends by using Quote Tweet instead!
Carrie Pulkinen @CarriePulkinen🔁When Emily meets Sean at a New Orleans masquerade, his supposed ability to talk to ghosts drives a wedge between them twitter.com before she even learns his identity. But if he can’t convince her spirits are real, an evil entity will destroy them both.
Elle Thorpe @ellethorpebooks🔁😍 This one has me hooked in the first few chapters. Can’t wait to read the rest! #kisspitch twitter.com
Seege @SeegeVega🔁1953. Blaze Monroe is at the top of her game. But Detective Tommy Polisi is out to stop the Queenpin running Vegas n twitter.com o matter the cost.
Elizabeth MacKinney @Elizabe62668090🔁HAIL TO FOREVER. Secret societies, Immortals, a fight to the death, Parallel worlds, love that blossoms from the pain twitter.com , suicide, ancient rules, dark forces, eternally eighteen.
E.B. Gula @Emmbeve🔁A miserable biology major just trying to survive college never expected to take a class she enjoyed, let alone fall f twitter.com or the prof. Her secret crush encourages her to pursue her passion for French, but social & academic boundaries could ruin them both
Louisa Bacio @Louisabacio🔁Mistaken identity – Vegas-style: Fresh off a Stripper class, Jazz gets propositioned for a private show. Griffin seek twitter.com s info on his missing sister, and discovers so much more during this wild weekend.

Sarah Richmond @SRichmondWriter🔁Home Fires + World War I
He needs her in his life, but he hasn't been honest with her. She thinks he's an honorable m twitter.com an, but she couldn't be more wrong.

Charlene Groome @CharleneGroome🔁Shopaholic meets Cinderella She borrows a pair of heels to impress a celebrity fashion blogger, but loses the heel i twitter.com n a state of emergency and the guy who finds it is on a mission to find her. 78k
RusWornom @RusWornom🔁Two rebels face death to be together forever. It’s a redneck, 1970s Beauty and the Beast x ‘Salem’s Lot, with a splas twitter.com h of Dazed and Confused.
Hadar Badt @HadarBadt🔁After the worst love confession and a meltdown at work, 28y/o Juliana is ready to declare a bloody war on love. Her p twitter.com lans change when she meets a to-die-for guardian angel who is determined not to lose another believer. OF LOVE.
Megan Van Dyke @MeRCy_eMVy🔁Lia's plans didn't include her sister's kidnapping, discovering the world of Faery, or landing in the bed of the powe twitter.com rful Fae Lord Riven. However, Lia is determined to save her sister, even if it means losing her heart, and possibly herself, in the process.
Taylor Sorenson @tm_sorenson🔁It’s true, all of it. Selkies, werewolves—shifters in all shapes and sizes—are real. And our government knows. In a f twitter.com astpaced Navy SEAL drama, Mak and selkie Chris face off with their enemies and friends alike, as they uncover the truth of her job and themselves.
Harmony Williams @harmony_writes🔁She needs the illusion of a husband to keep her off the marriage mart—and he can't refuse a challenge. These childhoo twitter.com d friends are all grown up. Who will lose the wager and fall in love first?
Kelsey McKnight @KelseyMMcK🔁Rose has three things on her Highland vacation to-do list.
1. Be the best MOH ever
2. Pick up some souvenirs
3. Find twitter.com out what Scotsmen really wear under their kilts
But when it comes time to let loose, she might get tangled up with the wrong hot Scot.

Everly Lucas @everly_lucas🔁I'm kicking myself for not having anything ready for 😭 But good luck to everyone pitching! Go !! 🙌 💋

((maybe if twitter.com I try real hard, I can get a few rounds of edits in by 9pm....))


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